Is There Life On Other Worlds?   11 comments

Does Life Exist Elsewhere In The Universe?


The presence of water is absolutely vital to the existence of life no matter where it may lie in the universe.  In searching for the best habitat to harbour life, the essential criteria could be viewed as a rocky planet with a liquid surface ocean – plant and animal life living near the surface would need to utilise the sunlight.  An atmosphere would also be necessary to prevent the freezing or evaporating of the ocean and it would offer protection from potentially lethal ultra violet light. 


Tidal Heating is an important factor in ensuring water is kept warm in multiple-moon systems such as those orbiting Jupiter.  Three of Jupiter’s moons – Europa, Ganymede and Callisto show indications of possible vast oceans beneath thick icy crusts.  Tidal heating prevents the oceans from freezing and heated water bubbling up from the ocean bed provides energy for the beginnings of life’s processes.



Although largely an icy frozen world it could provide a suitable environment for life to form.  Its surface is one of the brightest in the galaxy, and also one of the smoothest. Surface images show strong similarities to thawing pack-ice on Earth’s polar seas, and there is strong evidence suggesting the existence of a subsurface global ocean, sustained in liquid form as a result of tidal heating.



Saturn’s largest moon and 2nd largest in Solar System is composed of rock and water ice, and has a nitrogen-methane atmosphere with a reddish cloud layer above the surface.  Liquid methane can produce the same effect as water on Earth in terms of cloud formation, rain and liquid pools and possibly even lakes and oceans.



Saturn’s moon and the shiniest in the solar system.

The part of the atmosphere over its south pole consisting of water vapour gives rise to the notion that below its icy crust could be a hidden ocean. The newly discovered surface geyser, “Cold Faithful,” jetting water ice and vapour out of the fissures backs this theory.



2001-2002 Mars Odyssey found evidence of water ice near the surface. Polar ice caps are underlayed by caps of water ice. 2008 Phoenix Lander confirmed the existence of Martian water in frozen soil.  September 2008 snow was detected falling from Martian clouds. Whether any reaches the ground before evaporating remains to be seen.


(Related photos in album “Europa(Homeworld Of The Icewolf)And Beyond”)

11 responses to “Is There Life On Other Worlds?

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  1. Europa…..frozen Iceworld………oooooooo there’s a place  you would have to double xx

  2. Yes of course. I cannot wait to find out. Why should Captain James  T Kirk have all the fun.
    luv R

  3. Yes an interesting take on the possibilities of life on other Planets… I rather like the notion that snow actually does fall onto the surface of Mars… Excellent studies my great friend and once again you have managed to capture the imagination, all we need now is a couple of Guinea Pigs in Spacesuits to test out this theory… BTW – How long does it take to get there? lol Be Good Icywolfy… Androgoth XXx

  4. Androgoth The Goth Prince…I said I changed my themes a lot! Congratulations on your reading of barely discernable text and no pics! And thank you for your kind comment :)Based on current rocket technology a trip to Mars would take in total aprox. 21 months…9 months to get there, 3-4 months wait for Earth and Mars to be correctly aligned for the return journey and 9 months to get back to Earth.

  5. Well thank you for that… lol You do realise that if we’re all going to Mars that I want to be in the Pilots seat… Okay so I know YOU will be fliying us there but WE VAMPIRES like to be in the driving seat… lol Well that’s my excuse anyway, besides that Wolfy keeps pinching Jen’s bottom so I need to be in good Fang range… Just kidding… Okay when are we all taking it off… Nooo, In the Rocket & For Mars I Mean? lol Androgoth XXx

  6. LoL 😉 Well you did ask! Re how long to Mars…you should expect a long and wittery techie answer to such q’s!! We will be "taking it off"…lol…when Earth and Mars are lined up properly so we land in the right place…on Mars! Do behave…lol 😉 That only happens every 26 months…or was that days…don’t think it was years! Not at all sure I will be flying us there knowing what you Vampires are like! lol…and how dare Wolfy pinch Jen’s bum and not mine!!! BAD Wolfy!!! 😉

  7. I think he was reaching over to yours next… lol That Cheeky Wolfy… lol Twenty Six Weeks? let’s hope it’s just twenty six days instead then I mean we’ve got our inflatable coffins ready for those Mars oceans we read about… Well not visible yet but after a few digging up extravaganzas I’m sure that we will find a suitable place to launch our Vampire boats… lol

  8. Don’t worry we’ve got some blow-up one’s for you too.. Hey not those, just a couple of Wolfy canoes… You get worse you do Icy… lol Androgoth XXx

  9. Inflatable coffins?! lol 😉 Floating across the Martian oceans in Vampire boats!!! I think I’ll make do with an inflatable vampire bat thanks! 😉

  10. Actually yours is an inflatable Carrot… lol But I guess I can sculpture it into a Vampire Bat if need be? lol I Vil Attempt To Add Zis Only Ze Vunce… lol Have A Wicked Icywolfy Friday Icy… BTW Get Your Polishing Done Pronto… Androgoth XXx

  11. An inflatable CARROT?? 😉 What on Europa is an Icewolfie supposed to do with an inflatable CARROT!!…Floating along the oceans of Mars on an inflatable CARROT will not be at all good for my Icewolfie reputation you know? lol! 😉

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