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January Full Wolf Moon 2009

The Full Moon in January is called the Wolf Moon.  It is named after the cold and hungry wolf packs that in the bleak Native American midwinter in the ice and deep snows would regularly howl hungrily outside the Indian villages.
It is also sometimes referred to as the “Old Moon”, or the “Moon After Yule.”




6 responses to “Full Wolf Moon

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  1. Mmmm Full Wolf Moon…I have never heard of that afore..but it interests me non the less.The Moon /Venus ( Bloody good ship) thingy has been completely unviewable due to the very poor weather (freezing fog) in this parish. It looked good when I saw it Tuesday evening.Every time I mention some celestial gem on my blog it seems to come to nought ‘cos of the weather…lolI hope that you celebrated the New Yearin style ;)) LABW LABWxx

  2. We can’t see anything down here on the south coast either, but a lovely crescent moon holding Venus last week was magical

  3. I never heard of that before. Having an Ice Wolf as a friend, is obiviously very useful to have

  4. In Cree language, the names are January kisepisim andFebruary mikisowpisim

  5. I didn’t know this!

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