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 Wolfy Mating Season!

Mating season only occurs once yearly. with the alpha female having only five to seven days of oestrus. During this time, the alpha pair may leave the pack temporarily to avoid interruption from other pack members.


In the north they mate late March or early April.  In the southern regions of a wolf’s range mating occurs between late February and mid March.  They are usually sexually active by their second year.

In a wolf pack only the leaders – the alpha male and female wolves mate.  This promotes birth control keeping the pack numbers in balance with the available food base.


Usually the alpha male has dominance over the entire pack including the alpha female. However during the mating season the alpha female takes total dominance even while the pups are still in the den. This is so the rest of the pack will know that she is the one to serve. She is also the one to decide where the den will be located. Consequently, the pack goes in search of food and brings it back to the den either for the hungry female or for the pups. 

If a lower ranking female shows signs of sexual activity the alpha female represses the urge through psychological intimidation.  Lower ranking males are in turn inhibited by the alpha male, from returning to seek out the female.


If a lower ranking male is determined to mate and won’t be intimidated by the leaders, it will leave the pack rather than submit and if it doesn’t find a mate rejoins the pack at the end of the breeding cycle.



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  1. Great marriage guidance- thanks 😉 To add- the other females are ‘enforced’ into nanny care of the pups – if I’m not mistaken? – also a great idea that young parents should note…..(in principle at least)


  3. sounds like they’ve got they’re priorities right to me 🙂 love the pics on this blog luv Karen x

  4. Hey there Simon, Not so much of the ‘enforced Nanny Care’ we do it out of our own free will and for the love of the new little pups which are our future! (pups staying overnight this weekend, expecting to feel exhorsted!)Great blog Wolfie, puts everything into perspective – love the pictures especially the black and white wolvesLove Suki x

  5. He who runs faster than the wind… " LEADER OF THE PACK "

  6. Does that apply to IceWolves too? Spaces had nothing to do with you being quiet

  7. He who runs faster than the wind….wise and all-powerful pack leader…..! So! I see that as the illustrious alpha male you have dominance over the whole pack?…..including the alpha female?…. That last bit was news to me! Whatever happened to lupine equality! ;))Icewolves have their own agenda Rosemary….there are no seasons on Europa it’s frozen all yr round…so no pressing need to be restricted to one particular time for mating season….unlike on Earth…..and spaces had everything to do with my being quiet thank you!! lol 😉 Pup-sitting wise….it’s instinctual and natural and for the record, the males get involved too. Pups get very boisterous….need a male influence along the way!

  8. Female Lupine Liberation…"oh" dear, what is this world of ice coming to ! you will be demanding that I pup sit the pack next. However, considering the fact that it is the mating season. Would you like me to peel you a rabbit. 🙂

  9. Well great pack leader. ;)….Since you are mine to command for this happy season…lol…you can certainly start by peeling a rabbit for me! ;)) And as my wish is your command for the moment…pup sitting the pack wouldn’t be such a bad starting point now you mention it…lol!! Off you go then….that’s just no 1 on my list of requirements for the day!! lol…..;))

  10. Flaming hells fire, I wish I hadn’t said anything now. Dare not ask what requirement no 2 is. :))

  11. Let’s make this clear…no one’s sitting on moi..and be careful with those rabbit peelings…they can be very slippery under paw. ;))..thought that I would just mention that.

  12. I find it just as easy to peel a lower ranking male Wolf, as it is to peel a rabbit. Just thought to make "that" clear…….. lol

  13. ROTFL!….;)) ;)) !!…It’s good to see you two are getting along so well !!…;)) lol!… ;)) ;))I would prefer not to find the pups in the pack being peeled tho! ;))

  14. Ken ..Monty..Razzer…are you really a wolf…or a wabbit in disguise..lol..nothing down in the book for peeling puppies…eeerr let me think about that one..ROTFL..;))

  15. ROTFL ;)) Why do I get the feeling LABW LABW that I might just be getting my first experience of a peeled pup before very long!I think your wulf pup paws on treading on very dangerous territory!! lol ;))

  16. labw…Bald wolf……..You are a magnificent specimen and certainly a great boon to the pack. Your hunting skill’s are second only to my own. But, "He who runs faster than the wind"…He the Born leader of Wolves Say’s. " just don’t try sucking my sweet corn".EG: A baldy wolf shall be seen shivering in a storm of ice ! :))

  17. Woooo…that told me..wolfs with the trots…mmmm….an’ you can keep your sweet corn..lol..me shiver..ice…. don’t think so…errr Bald LABW…ROFL :))

  18. This is no joke, when it comes to the rut, I take NO prisoners. Beware my wrath ! 🙂


  20. ROTFL ;)) A BALD LABW!! :)) ;))…lol!… I think you’ve got your wulf pup paws into VERY hot water LABW LABW ;)) lol…He who runs faster than the wind…..mighty leader of the pack….have you considered that a BALD LABW ‘shivering in a storm of ice’ mit catch a wulfy cold?…and pass it on?….to the WHOLE pack! lol…masterful leader of wolves ;)….you mit get the wulfy FLU!!! ;)) lol!

  21. Good bit of info Europa !!! 🙂

  22. She who hunts by the moon and stars displays great wisdom. Indeed the pack could well do without a nasty virus running through it.labw…She who hunts by the moon and stars has just saved your skin. But, he has yet to acknowledge my position in the pack.Until that time arrives his very existence hinges on his own desire to survive. Yield to me now or fur shall fly !!! ROTFL 🙂

  23. hmm sounds like someone might be leaving the pack until hes cooled off lol only joking kr really interesting blog if you look in my pics you will see heidi shes poorly just now but getting over it xxjen have a fun week

  24. The Hunt Has Begun..The Stealth Of A Wayward Vampire CanStifle The Wild Influences Of The She Wolf..Beware As The Moon Is High.. For In The Shadows There Are Untold Horrors Lurking..A Very Informative Blog Europa Icewolf..A N D R O G O T H XXx

  25. Jag kommer at jaga e Whitby den kommande helgen, och hopas atervande till flocken med nogra saftiga steaks. lol

  26. Svenska! På min blogg? Mycket uppnosig! ;))

  27. Jag uppnosig…aldrig I livet ! 🙂

  28. Vad är det för fel med engelska på din blogg? Uppnosig är mitt andra namn 😉

  29. I concur wholeheartedly Simon, nothing wrong with the Dutch language. Who started this nonsense anyways.

  30. It’s all greek to me

  31. Nothing wrong with it at all He who runs faster than the wind….. 🙂 Indeed it is an honour to have such a fine delectable language gracing my blog page!!….lol… She who hunts by the moon and the stars was wondering…great bi-lingual pack leader…. 😉 do you also hooowwwwwwlll in Swedish?? lol ;))

  32. He’ll be telling you next the Sun will rise in the morning…sooooo " He who states the obvious."..Google translator’s good BTW ;)…Waaayyyy Aaaayyyyy LMAO

  33. Sunshine ! whats that…labw may need to use a translator. But after 37 years of hunting in the frozen fields and forests of Sweden, He who runs faster than the wind, needs no such aid :))Timid one. YLLLLLLLLLAAAAA. 🙂

  34. YOU ARE THE DUDE…I acknowledge that you are are the leader of the..pack..any body that goes orf into the frozen wastelands of Sweden for 37 years………..is most certainly some fair skin.Gud skills ken..hard core..keep it up …LABW LABW

  35. Well….actually….he did tell the Sun will rise in the morning LABW LABW…..but I didn’t believe a word of it! lol 😉 37 years of icy Swedish hunting He who runs faster than the wind….you’ve had a little bit of experience then!…lol…..I knew you had connections with those ‘frozen wastelands’ but I didn’t realise it had been for that long….no wonder your Swedish howl is of such resounding and impressiv quality! lol ;))

  36. So…:)) You two have established the packing order at last! And not even a hint of fur flying…..lol…I am surprised! 😉 However! I think it’s hi time you both remembered exactly who IS in charge around here during this season of wolfy happiness….MOI!! Moi moi moi MOI!! He who runs faster than the wind…..it’s about time you provided me with some dinner….I’m very hungry! lol..so if you could just toddle off down to the river…In fact you can go too LABW LABW!…be a good male pack bonding exercise for you both!…Just don’t take too long about it! ;)) lol….!….Timid one ;)))

  37. Wolf Matriarch speaking so listen well !! All this growling and grunting and you only had a 5 day window ….. I think there will be no pups this year!!Hoooooweeeeelllll x

  38. All hail the great Wolf Matriarch!! No pups this year?!! Not necessarily….if an alpha female is willing to play away from home….lol! It is after all wise Wolf Matriarch, the males loss if they do not yield to the charms of their alpha female! Is it not?!! 😉 x

  39. That’ll explain the late nights…lol… ;)) xx

  40. New blood will certainly strengthen the pack, I have no problem with playing away if the Alpha Male is not doing his bit!!!Suki x

  41. You lot can be so ‘inhuman’ at times.

  42. LABW LABW….NO! That does NOT explain the late nights! lol ;)) All powerful wolf matriarch…..it is not for nothing that you hold this supreme title…..! You are indeed a very wise wolf matriarch blessed with much wisdom and insight….lol 😉 It is very good that you understand the problem of the unobliging alpha male!! lol!! and the advantages that playing away can bring to the whole pack….well apart from the unobliging alpha male maybe ;)) lol…!! What else do you expect Simon?… We are wolve kind! ;)) x

  43. Europa Icewolf..I sense that there is a mist.. A Red Mist Forming And Within It.. The Evil Vampire Ready To Strike – Perhaps The Pack Is In Jeopardy? Only Time Will Tell.. The Mist Beckons The Wolves That Hunt..Be Well Europa Icewolf..A N D R O G O T H XXx

  44. And the Prophets of Doomed, are doomed to be prophets (giggle)

  45. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…………. good Goth almighty…….I am prepared to EAT YOU dead or alive. I posses this power Beware .

  46. btw Simon. quite like your latest comment.

  47. Take heed Androgoth: Dark Goth Prince: Do not cross the Moon Dogs Of My Soul….The Wolf (Madadh-alluidh) is a cunning, intelligent creature, capable of out-thinking hunters. It teaches how to read the signs of nature in everything, how to pass by danger invisibly, how to outwit those who would cause harm, and how to fight when needed.Wolf spirit is Teacher…Pathfinder….Friend and Guide.Madadh-alluidh: Moon Dogs Of My Soul.

  48. Yeah..I could give you a very very vicious suck..so there..uugghh.. betcha you won’t do that agin..lol ..that’ll show you. ( Did I ever tell you about the time I got bit on the paw when I was with Blashers in S. America )…thought not…..lol.

  49. That should have read ..bit on paw by a vampire bat…BTW

  50. I like your comment too Simon! Do you mind if I use it …. just drop it into a conversation somewhereOh poor paw LABW how did that hapen? tell us more ??Suki xSuki x

  51. Europa Icewolf..A Vampires Work is Never Done..Perhaps I Will Invade The Pack & Learn MoreBefore Showing My Teeth As It Were? lolI Hope That You Are Having A Wild EveningAnd That The Red Mist Has Not Enveloped Your Pack.. Just Yet? Have Fun Now..A N D R O G O T H XXx

  52. Bit on the paw by a vampire bat LABW LABW!! lol….Poor little wulf pup paw!…. And what was a wulf pup doing roaming unsupervised in S America btw? Without your towel no doubt!! lol….I am waiting patiently….(a rare occurrence!) to hear all about it…. ;)) EIW xx

  53. Hello Androgoth! How did you manage to pop up ahead of my comment?!! You most definately were NOT there a moment ago when I posted it!!! The wiles and ways of the goth realm! Most concerning at times!! lol ;)) You think you will get away with ‘invading’ my pack for such dark reasons my friend?? lol! I do not think I can allow that to happen! As to the red mist…you mean the one that will be clouding the eyes of that vicious vampire in it’s dying moments as it thrashes in it’s final death throes?? ;))…..it will indeed be a wild evening when the pack looses it’s wrath on it’s most well hunted prey!!! I hope YOU are ‘having fun….for now’…… ;)) xx

  54. He who runs faster than the wind, can hear the sound of swiftly flapping bat wings.

  55. Europa Icewolf..Vampires Never Run From Anything.. Too Busy Biting Virgins NecksAnd Enjoying The Blood Red Claret.. I Androgoth Am Here As.. ShallWe Say An Observer? To Learn More Of The Wildness Of The Pack..In Doing So My Vampire Hunting Skills Will At Times.. Perhaps Seem A Tad Overpowering Although I Will On This Single Occasion Honour The ‘Alpha Male’ But I Still Soar High And Strike With A Deathly Blow..The Red Mist Is Approaching Faster Now.. The Hearts Of The WolvesAre Beating As The Prey Reaches Its Climax.. The Vampire Is Still AThreat But Recognises The Powers of The Many Against The SolitaryVAMPIRE.. I Shall Look Forward To Embracing The Experiences ofThe Wolf Pack As I Wander The Nights.. Hunting Down My Prey..BE WELL EUROPA ICEWOLF.. The Time Is For Creative Invention..A N D R O G O T H XXx

  56. Greetings Androgoth……It is good to see that this solitary vampire is learning some respect…… it is most unfortunate that there now also appear to be vampire bats on the loose however….none the less the pack has a strong and powerful Alpha Male who is more than a match for both vampire and bat….. ;))

  57. Europa Icewolf..I Beg To Differ.. But As I Am Being A Friendly Vampire I Shall NotShow My Sharpened Fangs And Instead I Shall venture Forth IntoThe Moonlit Night And Hunt.. Vampires Excel At Hunting You Know?Be Well Europa Icewolf.. Beware The Darkened Edges Of Reality..A N D R O G O T H XXx

  58. Let it be known throughout the realm of the Ice Wolves.That, Androgoth the great hunter of the night sky’s, has been accepted and embraced by He who runs faster than the wind. I the "Alpha Male" recognises that the friendly vampire only drinks the blood of his prey.The rest of which can be gorged upon by the pack. Thus, he can be of great benefit not only as a provider. But as a guardian against any that would attack from above.I trust the leather winged one takes care where he defecates, whilst circling above. As I often gaze up into the night Sky’s 😉

  59. I been trying to get this guano from between me paws for yonks….. now I know where it came from. ;))

  60. well guano is a fertilizer…more greenery more Rabbits. Get the picture !

  61. The Matriarch welcomes new blood! Especially with different and diverse skills, also providing good rich in blood fertilizer! (More green more rabits) but I for one will still keep a couple of steaks close by maybe seasoned with a little garlic!!Suki x

  62. The Alpha Female also welcomes new blood….so long as it’s not her own and her throat is still intact! She who hunts by the moon and the stars…..she who is the most direct descendant of the one known as ‘Star of the Celestial Wolf’ welcomes you cautiously Androgoth…..for I see the red mist that lingers in the night air and the blood lust that smoulders in your hunters eyes…..your skills are indeed welcome and the pack will ensure your blood lust is kept under control….but this icewolf proceeds with great caution…led by her wolf spirit..for she perceives ‘the darkened edges of reality’ and senses the dangers that others do not….but for now the night calls….let us answer the call of the hunt and run together as one pack…..

  63. LABW LABW….You are going from bad to worse! lol…go down to the river and wash that guano out of your paws immediately! And next time stop moongazing and start looking where you’re putting your wulf pup paws please!! ;))A reminder to He who runs faster than the wind…..superb wolve leader and protecter of the pack….NO sitting on the wulf pack pups! I don’t want to find them squashed! And dark Goth prince….fanged hunter of the night blood….I do not wish to find bite marks on the necks of the pack’s she-wulf pups…or with or without the consent of He who runs faster than the wind you will feel the full force of my wrath! In the mean time Timid one looks forward to the increase in the presence of fat juicy rabbits on her territory……well sprinkled with very strong garlic!!

  64. Europa Icewolf..It Is One That Is Indeed Extremely Wise as Thou Art.. To RecogniseThe Inner Strengths Of The Solitary Vampire.. Sharp & Bloodied FangsThat Feed On The Nightly Offerings.. Often Taking That Final Bite.. ThatIn Depth Fear That Haunts The Minds & Souls Of The Waiting Prey.. TheHypnotising Gaze Just Before That Wanting.. And Then As The PiercedFlesh Is Gouged Within An Effortless Deepening Bite.. The Vampire HasOnce More Replenished The Lifeforce.. Into The Pit Of Hell All Kinds Of Prey Are Reduced To Puppets For The Solitary Vampire To Enjoy At Will.. Into The Void But Always Ready To Grasp The Devilment Within The Pack & As The Hunt Develops There Is An Understanding.. Be Very Well Europa Icewolf.. BTW – Did Someone Mention Bats Droppings? lol Just Kidding..A N D R O G O T H XXx

  65. Fear not My furry females, He who runs faster than the wind stands ready upon the bridge. With flashing fangs ready and waiting for any that should transgress against his beloved pack. His ice blue eyes sees all that moves, his erect ears can detect the sound of falling feathers ( and bat droppings). None can pass undetected and none can survive the onslaught of his powerful and deadly attack. Fear not the flapping rodents plastic teeth, he is no match for the fighting force that is the alpha male.The pack is safe and can sleep easy with bellies full of rabbits, berries and rump of careless vampires.In the cold light of day the nights activity is revealed. A torn and blood splattered cloak lays crumpled upon the grassy verge.He who runs faster than the wind hears somewhere in the distance the familiar howl of the great and fearless CHERNO. He makes his way to join the pack. A massive beast of a wolf who takes much joy in the disembowelment of his prey while it still breaths. Then and only then dose he administer the coup de grace. Beware all that would threaten the peace and harmony of the Europa ice wolves. It would be a very unwise vampire that betrays the trust that has been placed in him. For his very existence is balanced delicately upon the pendulous swaying of my moods. Beware all that stray into the path of the Europa ice wolves, we eat anything that dose not howl. Including bat fat.

  66. Cherno the Fearless enters the realm of the ice wolves.Greetings He who runs faster than the wind. I Cherno the fearless brings new blood to the pack. If blood must be spilled then it shall be I who does the spilling. At your command of coarse, He who runs faster than the wind. You and I have fought many battles side by side and remain unvanquished. All for one and one for all is my cry and to hell with those that, do not heed the warning.Cherno the fearless is most impressed with your new Alpha female. Her indomitable spirit is well documented throughout the annals of the Europa ice wolves. Suki the fine Matriarch who possesses a cunning wisdom, who can outfox the fox. I look forward to greeting the other members of the pack. in time. Cherno the fearless stands at the side of He who runs faster than the wind.Any who fear the wrath of our dislike shall never pass through this fire.Oh dear what is this I have just trod in.

  67. Europa Icewolf..More Threats from The Alpha Female.. Alpha Male & Now The Pack I See?A N D R O G O T H XXxHe Who Runs Faster Than The Wind.. Observing is becoming very interesting but do not underestimate the Solitary Vampiresability to obliterate ALL that opposes him.. The Fearless Vampire Hunts Alone.. Devours thePrey HE Alone entices and with a stealth-like approach brings a Deathly Immortality into …………………………………….THE REALMS OF DARKNESS……………………………………….. He Who Runs Faster Than The Wind need not Fear the Horrors of the Solitary Vampire..But respect is earned.. And not just given away.. There are two elements running alongsideThe Pack Now.. He Who Runs Faster is The Alpha Male but do not press the Solitary Vampire orThe Pact of Friendship will be lost in The Depths of all Damnation.. The feeding of the Vampireshall always be so.. He Who Runs Faster.. Retract the Claws.. Hunt Freely but never dare to Opposethe Solitary Vampire once the boundaries of his own friendly pact have been accepted.. Only The Demons Within The Chasm of Hell Can Judge The Intentions Of The Dark One.. Let us now hopethat the Solitary Vampire can become as one with the Europa Icewolves as The Hunt continues? Be Well.. To ALL The Wolves in The Europa Icewolf Domain..A N D R O G O T H

  68. He who runs faster than the wind, understands, respects and responds thus to Androgoths words.Androgoth The Dark prince of the Goths, is welcome to hunt alongside the Europa Ice Wolves. That fact has long been established.But if one of the pack should growl, it dose "not" mean she wants to tear out your jugular. It means, she dose not wish to bite you, but, she will if she has to.It is Natural that some fear what they do not understand, I understand you Androgoth, and I am most honoured by your presence hear. I trust you understand that.Now, as the moon appears from behind a cloud, we hunt as one. BTW. I backed Darkness in the National as well. lol Farewell winged one.

  69. He Who Runs Faster Than The Wind..There Can Be No Goodbyes When There Is Good Hunting To Be Done..Be Well.. He Who Runs Faster Than The Wind..A N D R O G O T H

  70. Europa Icewolf..The Feast Of Plenty Is Nearing The Red Mist.. The Sign Of A Very Good Night For Hunting..A N D R O G O T H XXx

  71. I am of no real threat to you Androgoth Prince of the Goth Realms….or to your goth princess Jenogoth. On the contary Timid one is a shy and timid ice wolf typical of her alien kind. And as with all direct descendants of Europa is, unlike the Earth wolves in the pack feeling very intimidated by the level of male aggressiveness and dominance within the pack at this time.

  72. the pack is very angry and hungry for a kill but i flash real teeth and leap unashamedly at any who threatens my own prince of vampires i too am placid until i smell fear or is it whatever cherno dropped on his way out lol be not afraid of the wind it can build and blow a hurricane but you can get rennies for that europa lets chew a bone together and wonder at the price of meat lol have fun my horse darkness came hirteenth my fav number xxjenagoth

  73. new vampire numerals lol THIRTEENTH lol

  74. Europa Icewolf..There really is no need to feel intimidated.. Perhaps the Solitary Vampire should leave the fold?No Animosity Intended.. It is Just.. Well no need to mention.. I shall retreat & leave your Wolves Intact.. It has been a nice & somewhat interesting journey & I wish your Wolf Pack The very Best..Be Well Europa Icewolf.. Enjoy The Adventures & Brilliance Of The Nightly Hunts.. The Energy OfThe Wild Is Indeed Very Embracing.. Beyond that I Believe I Should Vacate & Move Into Another Plain Of Existence.. Where The Darkness & Obscurity Is Enriched With The Vampires & Demons..It Has been An Experience.. An Insight.. Be well Europa Icewolf & All That Roam With Thee..A N D R O G O T H XXx

  75. Europa Icewolf..But Remember This..Fantasy Is All That It Is.. The Greater Journies Of The Higher RealmsConquer ALL.. Now Where Did I Leave That Coffin Lid.. Ahhh Yes ThereIt Is Over There.. Have Fun Now You Peeps.. The Red Mist Has Gone..A N D R O G O T H XXx

  76. STAY right where you are amongst the Pack that has welcomed you. The Solitary Vampire should certainly NOT leave the fold under any circumstances. The pack needs you and has much to teach you…..Your departure would only serve to enrage He who runs faster than the wind and to upset the whole pack AND it would be rude of you to abandon your new friends so quickly. I too would be deeply saddened by your departure …..You are wrong to believe you should ‘vacate and move into another plain of existence’. And I am sure there is not one wolf in the pack who would disagree with that. As you said ‘There can be no goodbyes when there is good hunting to be done.’ So put all further thoughts of leaving out of your mind and get on with your duties to the pack! Europa’s ice wolves need a vampire in their midst….keeps pack leaders on their toes…..

  77. Ice wolf has learnt a hard and painful lesson and is full of sadness and regret. Ice wolf has been very stupid and lacking in basic common sense in allowing the boundaries of fantasy and reality to overlap to the point where perhaps she lost touch with reality. The consequence is the loss of two friends who I would welcome back with open arms but I know will not return. I hope those of you who remain will forgive my stupidity and give me a 2nd chance before deleting this ice wolf from your profiles.

  78. Even the wisest among us makes mistakes. Someone said in the street this morning as I opened the curtains to let in the light,That the darkest day on Earth was dawning. But I looked in your eyes "Timid One" twas a beautiful sight. xIt would be a dark day indeed if Androgoth not return.

  79. Cherno you have only been here 2 minuets and already you are making eyes at my Timid one. Tread carefully for you are treading on my dreams.If the dark prince has not returned by the next full moon. Then the pack shall hunt him down and drag him back, kicking and screaming blue murder, if necessary !

  80. Thank you Kenny/He who runs faster than the wind….you are a good man with a kind heart…a true friend….all traits which are hard to find….I am so sorry for the stupidity of my ways. I never meant for things to turn out this way. I do not know how to put things right. But I do know that it would have grieved me very deeply to lose your friendship.

  81. Cherno…the Fearless….you a fine and handsome breed of the moon….a true ‘moon dog of my soul’…..I thank you also for your kindness and understanding of a foolish ice wolf. I have loved and admired your breed for as long as I can remember and I would love to be able to add you as my friend….if you will let me….I will send you an invite and leave you to decide….no hard feelings if you decline but Timid one would be very happy if you did xI too hope that the dark goth prince will return….that he will answer the call of the pack.

  82. The hearts of wolves- confusing stuff!

  83. Europa Icewolf.. He Who Runs Faster Than The Wind..All The Pack..As The THIRTEENTH Hour is upon us the Solitary Vampire hasreturned but not in the sense that he has rejoined the pack.. Doenjoy your Hunting extravaganzas.. Use all the forces of the nightand the Wildness within The Realms of Darkness.. Keep the packhealthy and ready to fight all that opposes it.. The Solitary VampireAnd His Beautiful Princess Jenagoth are for the moment.. On a vastJourney where Dragons, Demons & The Nightly Visitors Of Graveyardsare left wondering where they can hide for the Night.. Be Well..A N D R O G O T H XXx

  84. Forsooth..I have not lost a tooth…Have I missed something here…I had the wind the other day but I blamed ARDB aka Minkey Pig Dog..he didn’t seem to mind though. Simon’s a cool dude ain’t he.But any ways..after all this.. Tomorrow I shall have to give a toolbox talk on…… Horse Play Costs Lives…;))) LABW LABW xXx ( HPCL..in the trade 😉 )

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