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“SETI  Project”
The Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence 
There are 100billion trillion planets that can host life.  Researchers have studied the conditions necessary to support life and calculated there could be between 361 and 38,000 ‘intelligent civilisations’ on other planets although what  form they would take remains unknown.  It is ‘inevitable that Earth-like planets exist and that we will find a planet able to support life, possibly within the next 4 years. 
The chances of finding intelligent life are only fleeting because in terms of the universe it only exists for a fraction of time.  Extra Terrestrial life could be living unnoticed amongst us right now because it would consist of microbes and DNA structure that humans would not recognise.

SETI researchers aren’t actually looking for the Extra Terrestrials themselves; they are hunting for evidence of their technology.  They do this by scanning the skies for radio or light signals that would tell us that creatures of high enough intelligence to build a transmitter on a high-powered laser, exist out there.  These experiments try to detect intelligence hundreds or thousands of light-years away, and because of that considerable distance any immediate concerns that the SETI quest might be dangerous can be ruled out.


The reasons for doing this, given that any signals discovered would be from life we will probably never meet:


            • We might learn something.
            • We would know we are not alone – of great philosophical importance
            • Knowing there is other intelligent life out there would also answer the question of how likely is it that a planet with life that would produce intelligent life.

SETI@HOME:  The SETI home project has been running since May 1999. It was the first project to analyse a vast amount of data, in this case gathered by radio telescopes around the world, by cutting it into packets of data (work units) and sending to millions of idle computers connected to the Internet, where it is analysed by downloadable software that operates on your computer as a screensaver. 

  SETI@home screen saver at work


Once analyzed results are sent via the internet back to the project HQ in Berkeley and another work unit is down-loaded onto your PC.  The screen saver looks for signals of various narrow bandwidths and pulse rates, and signals that might drift slowly up or down the dial.  If it’s your PC that finds that signal, then you will be the first person in all history to prove the existence of intelligent beings.


To get involved in actually doing SETI research log on to Fill in your details and take a few moments to download Uni of California at Berkeley’s popular screen saver, SETI@home.



The next generation SETI@home is 500 times more powerful than anything anyone has done before.  That means we are 500 times more likely to find ET than with the original SETI@home.  




13 responses to “SETI Project

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  1. Believe me dear Wolfie they are here amongst us, we meet them every day, quite a few have managed to get jobs in govenment. Some are working at the DVLA, I am sure others have come across them, because they are not green and hairy they manage to blend in……..any one else met them? tell us about it!Love Suki x

  2. I LOVE S.E.T.I. ! there is said to be more star systems than the total number grains of sand on planet Earth (someone worked it out , rather than actually counting). SETI as a system is up there with largest computer computations (worked out in terra flops- or floating points per second.) The big magnet ring thingy in switzerland ( forgotton it’s name!) cames close behind it. however there is a thereotical risk of being plugged to seti. In that you are online when away from PC- some hackers have used that as a point of entry or ‘flag’ to vulnerable PC users. Whilst that risk is minimal (berkely univ work hard to prevent it) ansd odds are more likely that web cruising is more risky, I thought i should at least point it out :-~. If you go for it (it’s worth it just for the geeky screen) – but make sure your anti viral is working !

  3. Really enjoyable Blog. Would they not be better searching for intelligent life at MSN or Windows Head Quarters.( Sorry Wolfie I could not resist) I know the chances are if it is out there, they will find it some day.The soonerthe better in my viewluv R

  4. "Chances are, when we meet intelligent life forms in outer space, they’re going to be descended from predators."

  5. What an intriguing idea to just be sitting at home and suddenly one’s computer discovers ET. Thanks for post.

  6. get blog with good info! have a great weekend!

  7. “The aliens don’t want to communicate with us. Look at what we’re doing to the planet!” GGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  8. Aliens probably WOULD BE predators, and we as humans have always had a fascination with dangerous predators. Those who didn’t were rapidly removed from the gene pool….probably because they were eaten! Animals, unlike plants are mobile, and can collect the energy needed for a large brain very quickly. Meat meals have highly concentrated reserves of both energy and proteins which fuel the brain for longer. Therefore alien intelligence will be animals of some kind and have at least some sharp teeth for eating prey. Carnivores usually have forward-facing eyes. Two eyes facing the same direction give 3D vision which helps estimate distance when stalking prey. Prey is better served by side-facing eyes for the best view of the landscape around them and for escaping hungry predators!

  9. Your logic for man eating aliens is more science fiction than science fact. However the chances of finding a species who are at the same point in universal evolution is too great to calculate. They will be either, too advanced to bother with us or too unintelligent to realise we exist.

  10. LAIRD. Was not the idea of man walking on the moon, considered to be science fiction ! I take your point re: intelligence levels.

  11. Greetings LAIRD and thank you for your visit. I see you were suitably impressed by my train of thought…not!…lol 😉 But it is worth remembering that much science fiction has it’s basis in science fact. Essentially the whole concept of alien intelligence could at this point be regarded as science fiction. But if we do not dream and we do look, how will we ever know?

  12. Regarding intelligence levels….Intelligence requires a large brain since a lot of neurons are required (or their ET equivalent) to think. In the last several million years, human brain size has increased rapidly. But brain weight growth has stopped. Human intelligence has not increased for about ten thousand generations, and this may not change. As it is not just the outstandingly intelligent who are successfully raising offspring, we have effectively stopped evolutionary selection based on intelligence. So maybe we should not become too confident about our perceived status on the scale of ‘universal evolution.’ We may find ourselves much lower down the scale than we expect, should intelligent ETs prove to exist.

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