Fear The Heat Of The Sun   20 comments

Fear the heat of the Sun


The Ice Is Melting Too Quickly….. The Climate Is Changing Too Fast…..

Glacial zones around the world are retreating with increasing rapidity. When they have gone, rivers will not flow, sea levels will rise, and millions will die from famine or ‘water wars’.

The world’s glaciers are melting faster now than at any time since records began, threatening catastrophe for hundreds of millions of people and their eco-systems.

Soot pollution from vehicles and industry may be playing as much a part in this as global warming.  Clean white surfaces reflect sunlight and enable it to remain cool.  The soot polluted ice soaks up solar radiation and so the glaciers melt much faster. The smaller they become  the quicker they melt.


The latest report from the World Glacier Monitoring Service adds to the growing alarm about the rise in sea levels and increased reports of flooding, avalanches and drought.


As the climate warms so the glaciers melt, sea levels rise, and the risk of catastrophic fires icreases

Based on historical records and other evidence, the rate at which the glaciers are melting world-wide is faster than at any time in the past 5,000 years.  It is not possible to prevent further increases in atmospheric CO² but even if we could, within a generation the planet’s glaciers will be gone completely.


The only exceptions to this are the currently reasonably stable Antarctic glaciers.  It would be good for them to remain in this condition as if the South Pole loses it’s ice, sea levels will rise by a daunting 70 m (230 ft) and the remaining space left by the mountain glaciers would be the only areas still above water.


This is ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ In trying to get a grip on global warming, we will need to use every tool that is available to us.  Global warming is not a political issue, but a moral and global issue.  For our children and for the future of the human race, it may very well be an issue of survival.

20 responses to “Fear The Heat Of The Sun

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  1. Man clings to a thin crust of land between the sky and hell. Delicately balanced, in tune with Nature and it takes just one bum note then the melody of life is lost. Has that note already been struck, I wonder.There exists a school of thought that insists the Earths climate change is Natural. At present I myself am unsure of the truth. Ask me in about 50 years time and I may have formed a fact based opinion on Global warming. Mind you… the forecast for the weekend dose suggest the temperatures are rising :)I must be feeling my old self again, spouting off like this so early in the day. BTW. If god made the earth for man to walk on, then why did he make so much water ?

  2. Hi Wolfie,, I was havinga good Day, afraid I tend to side with the view Climate change is natural. The Winter’sin Tudor England were much colder, even the Thames froze. :They could not blame man made pollution then.The :Dinosaurs were also innocent, yet an Ice Age destroyed them.luv R

  3. "WHAT"…ME "Fear the Sun", NEVER. I am CHERNO~THE~FEARLESS. I fear nothing… Phewwww…it’s getting warm in here, I would give the world for a lick of that ice cream. HHOOOWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLL

  4. CHERNO!!!….Hooooowwwwwlllll!!….Keep those paws AND that greedy tongue off the ice cream!! Hooooowwwwwwllllllol!!….What is the world coming to?!! ;))!

  5. Fear the heat of the sun? Never!! Global warming a natural occurance! Does not mean we should not respect the earth. How can the mere mortal man be so arrogant to think he can change the Earth’s natural cycle?Give me a sunbed and a chilled white wine please and I will contemplate global warming!!Suki x

  6. The question of global warming is a certainly a debatable issue Suki, but there is also worrying evidence to suggest that our actions are indeed having a negative influence on our planet and it’s environment. Must admit though, it would be preferable in some ways to think that suggestion was mere arrogance on our part. But what if it isn’t? Can we afford to ignore the possibility?Sunbeds?….Skin cancer alert!!! Chilled white wine…..umm! Yes please!! ;))

  7. A very fine ‘spout’ Kenny! Timid one is most impressed with your finely worded early am thoughts! 😉 In response to your question and hopefully in context with the blog: 1)God undoubtedly knew, one day a young Kenny would appear on Earth and at some point desire the deep peace of the sea and copious quantites of water to fish in! 2) Liquid water is essential for life on Earth as we know it. It is very likely that life on Earth began in water and that a watery past has influenced our appearance and functioning. Giving valid reasons to believe this would also be true for potential alien biology. 71% of Earth’s surface is water of which 97% is oceans. If these oceans were to boil away it is unlikely life could have begun, or if it had, to survive. Likewise if Earth was a frozen ice ball!… In either scenario…definately no fish! ;))

  8. Sooo…. on Europa to actually find a book entitled ‘ Fly Fishing ‘ by JR Hartley would be a very rare find indeed ;PEIW you have done two very well researched and informative blogs..I raise my piece of chewed grass to you in salutation of your efforts and look forward to more. I think the pic’s are rather stunning too ( a picture paints a 1000 words ). Eyes to the skies…………….. LABW LABW :)) xXx TMS 0 ….still !!!!!!

  9. Once again I’m late into the debate. But that gives me an advantage too. I can look at all the other comments and have food for thought. Frankly all that food has given me a little indigestion.But one bite at a time and I have a (temporary and changeable) postition on the matter. There most certainly is EVIDENCE to suggest Man made stuff is involved in current changes. That said the debate is – are the changes natural cycle or causal. I think BOTH. Global Climate Changes have and continue to occur. This one however has ‘new ingrediants’ that will bake a different cake. That is to say- our input may excacerbate,accelerate the process. As such the worry is – just how much more violent, and therefore threatening, will the changes be. As we have not yet fully understood the chemistry of the enviroment – debate continues. However I applaud your blog and it’s excellent graphic considerations (I looked at the pictures more that the text- how shallow am I ?) . There IS increasing evidence that ‘it ain’t gunna be good’ – in which case we all have a responsability to pull out those new ingrediants into the chemistry of eniviroment. NOW another difficult blog would be- how we do that……. Love to all who can get it. Simon

  10. Oh quick link for LABW (hope this one works ?) first hit on Google Search- No fly’s on me http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fly-Fishing-J-R-Hartley/dp/009177909X

  11. Thanks for the link simon……but I have read it..about 5 years ago..a certain Capt. Morgan.. when I was B&B in Tenbury Wells..had a very fine collection of interesting books in the bathroom..that was one of ’em. Gud skils. LABW LABW :))

  12. Rosemary….sorry about your day! lol…The mass extinction of the dinosaurs was most likely due to a large asteroid impact (Chicxulub) rather than climate change or volcanism, which would have taken place over a much longer period. Tudor England – The Great Frost 1683: Between 1640 and 1710 there were almost no sunspots. This period coincided with a period of very cold weather on Earth known as the "Little Ice Age." There was also a slight reduction in the average brightness of the Sun which caused the climate to turn cold. But it is a controversial issue as to whether the amount of energy coming out of the Sun could change Earth’s climate due to the complexity of the climate. http://www.londononline.co.uk/history/thames/4/ http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/extinction/dinosaurs/asteroid.html

  13. Hey! Simon! Glad you made it over here! Hope you’ve got over your indigestion?…lol…;) I think you’re quite right, we ‘have not yet fully understood the chemistry of the environment.’ And it is very much a matter of concern as to exactly just how threatening our own environment is going to beome to us both now and in the future. As a matter of interest re: another difficult blog….how would you suggest ‘we pull out those new ingredients into the environment’s chemistry’? 😉

  14. LABW LABW! Good to see you and you’re piece of chewed grass! Europa IS a frozen ice world but it is also made up of silicate rock and there is now strong evidence of a sub-surface saltwater ocean existing beneath the ice. Around 100km deep it is kept liquid by tidally generated heat. Combined with organic-rich molecules deposited during comet and meteorite impacts there is a strong possibility that this ocean does harbour life. So don’t be too surprised if you find a closely guarded copy of ‘Fly Fishing by JR Hartley’ being chewed over in the dark recesses of Europa’s Icewolf dens! Or for that matter a hungry icewolf or two out fly fishing at an ice hole on Europa! 😉 xx EIW… still languishing at TMS 4 btw!!! ;))

  15. I’ve just had time to catch up on your blogs Icy, so sorry most inconsiderate of me as you always have time for mine, but I’m not exactly very conversant with your world of NASA and other world science, but having read a little about these things, and the replies you have etc, like Rosemary, I am and always have been of the opinion, that this ‘global warming’ is a natural phenomenon and is simply ‘the way of the world’ it has probably gone on ion the past many times and in many guises, but we weren’t there to witness it, I don’t believe there is a great presence who watches over and governs it all, but that’s JMO. lotsa luv, but you’ll probably say that Tango talks more sense.

  16. Arlene, it’s great to see you here and thank you for your comment. You talk perfectly good sense and I appreciate you taking the time and interest to share your views…any comments are always gratefully received! lol ;))

  17. Global warming is a real threat and very scary!

  18. Very very good post Europa, well done …

  19. Just passing by to say Happy Sunday can’ remember my photobucketn p/word so no pic, sorry

  20. Stunning pictures aside, this is really frightening, I don’t expect I’ll be around to see it, but I think either my grandchildren or theirs will witness these things first hand, but can we really do anything about it? maybe to stop the accelaration, but I wonder if it’s inevitable and the pleanet has just run it’s course, or am I talking through my hat.

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