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Free Energy! But At What Cost? 



Forty years after man first walked on the Moon the people of Earth are now considering their options for making a new and potentially devastating use for our nearest neighbour “The Moon” running the risk of destroying one world in the name of saving another.

Just three space shuttles full of lunar soil heated to create Helium-3, could power the whole planet for years…BUT AT WHAT COST?  The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 says no-one owns the Moon.  It is free for both exploration and for use.  As such this leaves plenty of opportunity for the world’s super-powers to exercise their plans for mining the Moon.


Mankind the Destroyer of Worlds


Helium-3 is a potent, safe fuel which could be used to power nuclear power fusion reactors to produce clean electric.  It is created by heating vast quantities of lunar soil (regolith).  One ton of Helium-3 currently valued at $5billion (£3.27billion) and could power New York for one year.  Three fully loaded space shuttles could meet the entire planet’s annual energy needs.

China leads the way followed by India and Russia, and US plans to build a Moon Base by 2021.  Private investors are also funding missions.  Gerald Kulcinski, director of Fusion Technological Institution at the University of Wisconsin, is convinced it’s the future.  “Very small environmental impact on the Moon is far outweighed by the impact of green-house gases and having proliferation-free power sources that could last 1000 years.”

Mining the Moon


It takes one million tons of regolith to produce one ton of Helium-3.  Large scale mining will scar the lunar landscape.  Fundamentally changing the Moon’s atmosphere and destroying its surface.


The Moon also has other areas of important scientific value – it will be from here that future missions into deeper space, will launch, and there are also those who seek to use the ‘radio quiet’ zone on the Moon’s far side to build long-range radio telescopes…. it is not inconceivable they may find signs of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.


If we start mining one world where will it end? 


  We should use the Moon but not exploit it.  The Moon is only a three day trip away, likely one day we’ll call it home…..



Remember! The Moon and the Earth are  intricately bound together. The Moon has much influence over the tides and seas of Earth.

Damage the Moon….and who knows what damage we may do to the homeworld and the future of the human race?….


34 responses to “Mining the Moon

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  1. These plans may be a boon to mankind or the beginning of the end. As you said, the moon’s gravity directly affects tides here on Earth and possibly other aspects of our day to day existence. Just last night I had a program on one of the educational channels about the Universe. I didn’t pay close attention because I was Space surfing at the time but I was listening. Two items that stuck in what’s left of my mind is that the moon is slowly moving away from the Earth at a rate of about 2 inches per year. As the distance increases, the speed of the movement increases. At one point the two bodies were so close together that the cycle between high and low tides feet per cycle but yards……1,000 yards between high and low tides before the continents began to separate. A 1,000 yard high tide would put my home at or very near the tide mark……and I live on a mountain!Sorry for posting a blog on your blog, Wolfie but it’s your fault. This great blog got my attention and made me THINK! That is the mark of a truly remarkable post. Thank you.

  2. And who says we have the right to do such things? After we have damaged our beautiful Earth so severely, we don’t know if we can put a bandage on her. Could we begin mining resourses of the Moon, before finding out consequences of doing so? I would love to find Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, how marvelous! I am sure it is out there, probably hiding from us. Great blog….Wolfie.I was passing through.Love well

  3. I so agree with this post! Its no wonder that any other intelligent life forms anywhere in the Universe never ever come near us! I wouldn’t either! We have already damaged this planet by our selfishness and greed, and now they want to do the same thing with the moon! Then they’ll no doubt find some other wonderful ‘must have’ to sustain our selfish lifestyle’ ingredient on another planet, and off we’ll go again to tear that up! Yes I am all for exploration of other planets and other worlds but not at the expense of its natural habitat and resources. Remember the mining ships in Aliens? Not so far fetched were they???

  4. I see a large rock.-Assuming we don’t remove enough moon to effect Gravity. I don’t see any other effect on this planet? Sounds like a fair use to me. I SAY we have the right for ‘responsible’ use. Listening to the concerns of fair minded folk will be a check or balance to what is reasonable. So keep up the pondering. As to scarring the moon- Uhmm- isn’t all those pot holes on it from millions of years of ‘enviromental damage’ ? Though it would be sad to lose ‘the man in the moon’ image. Would that take more than a few mountains to be moved ? Also a great place to practice ‘TerraForming’ Next thing you know we’ll be sucking methane from your home. I hear there is a lot of it about your way 🙂

  5. Well, the problem I see with that, Bus Driver, is the responsible use portion. We’re talking about our leaders; the people that gave us Bhopal, nuclear weapons, mountain top removal, open pit and strip mining. The energy companies like Appalachian Power in my neck of the woods. Their latest rate increase request is to cover rising fuel costs to produce our power and offset losses because of reduced demand for that power. THEY WANT TO CHARGE US MORE BECAUSE WE’RE USING LESS?? Do we actually expect THESE PEOPLE to use responsible mining techniques on the moon where we can’t keep a close eye on them?THIS JUST IN FROM CNN; THE INNAGADDDAVIDA SPACE PROBE, LAUNCHED LAST WEEK FROM CAPE KENNEDY, MADE A STARTLING DISCOVERY AS IT CIRCLED THE MOON TO GAIN VELOCITY FOR IT’S SLINGSHOT OUT OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM ON IT’S WAY TO ALPHA CENTAURI. AS THE PROBE CIRCLED AROUND TO THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON LIVE VIDEO FEED SHOWED THAT THE DARK SIDE IS NO LONGER THERE! MINING OFFICIALS WERE QUOTED AS SAYING “WELL, DON’T LOOK AT US!”

  6. Suck methane off my world and answer to the wrath of the She-wolf!! GRRRRRRRR!!

  7. Sounds to me like the bus driver may have need of his concrete wardrobe. Simon, wolves don’t play nice when you get ’em fired up. Better you than me, son!

  8. If we strip-mine the moon we could do irreparable damage, have a massive impact on tidal forces and cause other serious environmental consequences. Ultimately there could even be wars on Earth over resources on the Moon.Exploiting the Moon and making it into an open-cast mine would also involve a large financial input. This could be spent on developing renewable energy sources and wiping out world debt . It is not just about using He-3 to create large scale electric supplies. Should we not first ensure that everybody on Earth has clean water? To date this is not so.

  9. Wolfie, I agree with you but the problem with your solution is that it makes sense and politicians refuse to do ANYTHING that makes sense. I say let’s gather up all the politicians, hate mongers and terrorists and send THEM to the moon……strapped to the rocket boosters………..without space suits!

  10. Hooooowwwwwwwwllllllllooooool!!;) Now that is one solution I could live with!! If I could just add my line manager to that list my day would suddenly start to make some kind of sense!

  11. By the power vested in me by an over active imagination I hereby appoint your line manager Minsister of Bull S*** and Stupid Answers which carries a head of line pass on the first rocket. Start the countdown.

  12. Testing …testing …one… two………..

  13. Aahh…..Fundamentally changing the Moon’s atmosphere and destroying its surface…….Have I missed something ear…but it would be abit of a bugger if man in his ( and hers ) infinite wisdom wos to do away with that bright silver thingy in the nite sky which only shines when I need to howl..and to think of all the clever people who have stood and wondered at the Moon (The Moon.the.Moon..)Not forgetting all the romantic fools who have written songs / sung about it glorious beauty from afar…ALL together now…Blooo Mooon….. Lol LABW LABW xXx

  14. Not in our lifetime will they manage it. Future generations will have to solve their own problems, by then they willhave more knowledge, and hopefully more sense. Mind you if the Mayan timeline is correct, none of us will beworrying about it either. Cheerful though for the day, ?luv R

  15. LABW LABW….what about when I need to howl then??!!!! Anyway….you are a BW….not good for you to overstretch your vocal chords at such a tender young age!….BLOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo Moooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnn!!!! EIW xx ;))

  16. EIW..why do you thinks I’m chew’in grass…. ( has per advice given in Culpepers complete Herbal …Dogs Grass…Triticum Repens )got to keep them vocal chords ready for Thursday…Nice howl by the way. LABW LABW xXx :))

  17. C’s Comp’ Herbal?!!! Dogs Grass????!!!!! lol ;)) and there was this EIW thinkin you woz chewin grass in the absence of a brewski!!!! Silly me!! Btw….what exactly is a little young BW doing still up at such an unearthly hr of the nightski?????? No trying to wriggle out of it pls….I saw the comment at around 6:30am today so i know exactly what time it was!!!! ;)) Expect the Pup Sitter tonight my son!!!! BW’s need their beauty sleep if you’re going to be hooooowwwwwwwlllliinnnnnng at the Moooooooooon aaaaaaalllllllll nightski on Thursday! The Alpha Female has spoken! And I expect to be OBEYED!!!!! EIW xx ;))

  18. Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find money cannot be eaten.~ Cree Prophecy

  19. Puny humans better not go eating up all the fishies. This beast needs tons of fishies every day. It takes a lot of energy to smash cities and stomp on bad guys!

  20. Destroyers of worlds……..

  21. Urban renewal!

  22. Ok Alpha female..but I enjoy a a good wriggle..I’m cheif wriggler round ‘ere and can wriggle out of most things…lol..I ain’t keen on being sat upon..infact a quick nip on the bum may be in order…But your right about the beauty sleep..boy do I need some of comes to mind though that you are bit naughty staying up so late yourself……;-)) LABW LABW xXx

  23. LABW LABW!! You are planning to nip the pup sitter on the bum are you?!!! ;)) You’ve obviously ‘chewed’ this idea over with careful consideration….however….you will be grouchy if you don’t get enuf sleep! Sooooooo…..I will be sending in the heavy-duty pup sitter tonight….you will be hoooooowwwwwwllinnnnnng for 2 tomorrow…..I have wolfie-kennel cough!! EIW xx ;))

  24. Okay, Wolfie, who did you want me to sit on? Don’t get too close. I think that truckload of sushi I ate for breakfast wasn’t very fresk.

  25. "He who runs faster than the wind" enters the room. "HOWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlllllllll……..the Moon is full this night and "Cherno" has gone missing again !!!

  26. GRRRRRR………i have a hungriness all over my furry body, I am hunting for tasty tender flesh. That Kenny hasn’t fed me today. He has been acting strange of late, stranger than a green giant ! HHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWLLLLLL………


  28. Green Giant! I think it would be wise if you did not sit on anything tonight! But instead took a loooooonnnnng stomp in the forest far from the pack until that truckload of sushi you ate has been rendered harmless to wolfies!!

  29. I’m thinking of going for a moolight swim… tha Arctic Ocean.

  30. HHHOOOOOOOOOOOwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwllllllllll!!!! Lol…..Timid one also went missing last night……!!! It was a most enjoyable experience!!!!The Full Moon has given you a most voracious appetite Cherno! Timid one had thought she had satisfied it….but it is insatiable!!!;))

  31. Yes an interesting take on the unquenchable appetite of Whom, Where & When? Whom, meaning the many aristocratic buffoons that would harvest the Moons energy sources without a single thought of the future, the When being anytime that suits a hidden agenda and the Where significance that simply equates to wherever profits can be achieved at whatever the cost to our Planet Earth… Yes an intriguing addition to your scripts here Europa I cewolf. Androgoth XXx

  32. Thank you for your visit into the labyrinth of the Icy Realm past! Its paths are strange and winding but you have navigated with honed Gothic skill!Do you ever get the feeling there might not be a future? Man’s arrogance and greed is making that a very strong possibility. Looking at the oil spill disaster and the damage and destruction to our seas and sealife, I dread the thought of what we would do to the Moon…

  33. I’d prefer mining Luna as opposed to mining jupiter or saturn and causing untold chaos there. And the Moons Atmosphere is tenuous, ever-changing, and barely present. And you can process the material on Luna and then ship it to earth, Hell you don’t even need humans to process it, leaving the useless regolith there. And it is not possible to alter the moons mass by such an enormous amount as to effect tides, not to mention the fact that the moon is receding from earth. And If we don’t utilize nuclear fusion then we will most definitely continue destroying the earth’s biosphere, it’s not logical to protect one world that is, and always has been lifeless at the cost of a world overrun with life. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Besides Nuclear fusion will allow us to advance other technologies, and eventually we will find other better sources of helium 3.

    • Hi Alex 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts on this post and for your time and interest.
      Interesting response, always good to get a different angle and point of view on a subject.
      Exercises the ole brain cell! lol
      Feel free to stop by anytime…you are very welcome 🙂

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