What One Fears….   12 comments


“What you do not know, you will fear.

   What one fears, one destroys.”


Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means that sometimes you’ll stand alone. Fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, and be the voice of those who cannot speak. Tread Softly….

Timid One

Wolf (Madadh-alluidh): The wolf is a cunning intelligent creature, capable of out-thinking hunters.  It can teach you how to read the signs of Nature in everything, how to pass by danger invisibly, how to outwit those who wish you harm, and how to fight when needed.




Humans have, throughout the course of history, followed the ways of the Wolf.  They have studied the ways of the hunt and learned from the wolves social structure.  And it is from this communal culture, the nature of the Wolf, that humans have learned how to co operate in order to achieve a goal. There is much to be learned from the wolf if only we will listen.

Wolf is the animal guide of true teachers. Wolves are connected to the moon and feminine energy. They teach us to respect our emotions and unconscious urges.  And also to have respect for the wildness of our animal natures, and be prepared to face the darkness within ourselves. Wolves are connected with Sirius the Dog Star, and many cultures still believe that this is where our ancestors and teachers come from.

Wolves are fiercely loyal to those they consider part of their pack.  They often have strong leadership qualities. It is important that they learn to lead the situation gently, without tearing others apart or the pack will likely turn on them.  Whatever spiritual beliefs they may have those who connect with the wolf will feel more at peace when they honor or re-link (the actual meaning of the word religion) with the life force.


Wolf – creation, healing, purification


wolf Pictures, Images and Photos

“If you talk to the animals, they will talk to you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them. And what you do not know you will fear. What one fears, one destroys.”

Chief Dan George

12 responses to “What One Fears….

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  1. Excellent blog! I’m learning to watch the wildlife and learn from them. They are far more accurate at predicting weather than the "meteorologists" and all their high tech equipment. They are also wonderful teachers when it comes to xo-existing.

  2. Some animals ( and birds) are really misunderstood… I love watching the hawks and turkey voltures soaring on the thermal air currents!! They are so graceful…..The other day I went to drop "Fleetwood" off at the disc golf course and this beautiful doe jumps acros the road in front of us….Once in the woods, she turned and watched us for awhile….Gorgeous!! I love looking into the eyes of a wolf….they really are quite expressive….

  3. No doubt about it you can learn alot from animals and birds, if you make friends with one they come and check on you every now and then. Take ARDB for example I feed him and look after him and he sleeps under the table,on his futon or gets some rays on the lawn.He’s allways pleased to see me when I return from varies missions and tell me what his day has been like.But I digress.. AF EIW… I have a sore throat from Moon howlin’.. an’ I’m hungary……….soooo you be’in AF……. wot about trotting offski to get me a snack.LABW LABW :)) xXx

  4. A very interesting and informative Blog. I take it that Europa’s Wolves share the same Characteristics asEarth Wolves.

  5. EUROPA ICEWOLF..A Good Blog That Explains A Lot About The Wolf Pack.. Of Course The Solitary Vampire Still Ventures Into The Realms Of Darkness.. Hunting Alone But In Respecting The Tranquility Of The Hunt.. There Is Still A Dark Force To Be Reckoned With.. Never Lose Sight Of The Prey As The Blood Yields A New Horizon.. Be Well Europa Icewolf And Let The Understanding Between Vampire And Wolf Be Truly Recognised..ANDROGOTH – THE GOTH PRINCE

  6. Greetings ANDROGOTH – DARK PRINCE OF GOTHS…Thank you for your comments here and in the g-bk…also for taking the time and interest to do so. All is well in the world of Icewolf thank you and likewise I hope the same for yourself and the world of Goths. I have read this comment with interest…and consideration to your words…let their indeed be ‘True Recognition for the Understanding Between Vampire and Wolf’…. EUROPA’S ICEWOLF.

  7. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. FEAR NAUGHT and your days shall smell as sweet as Androgoths socks. btw. who ever heard of someone assuming the persona of a "herb" Well Rocket is a member of the Cabbage family !!! Deep peace to all who enter the lair of the Ice wolves, and remember, " the hunt is sweeter than the kill"

  8. your howling or haunting lament called me here as my gothman has wandered into your hunting ground i am always by his side seeing and smiling hope your well as andro s socks will not harm only a cabbage brain would think so xx be well and fear not the sockless wonder lol xxjenagoth

  9. Greetings JENAGOTH…as you have stopped by the blog page I take the opportunity to thank you for your recent g-book visits. Also to say that I hope all is well with you and your ‘vampy goth’ world…EUROPA’S ICEWOLF.

  10. Excellent post Icy, !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deep !!!!!!

  11. Such gorgeous animals & such a true quotation! Kudos~

    • You are stepping back into the mists of blogging time! This one goes back a long way 😉 If I remember rightly I was happily blogging on Windows Live Spaces in those days oblivious to the presence of WordPress! Lovely to see you again 🙂 My connection is very intermittent just now so getting behind again this end 😉

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