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  ~Fish Tails~


Fish turn up in the most unexpected of places…like the Moon! There is of course a Full Wolf Moon so it is only natural that there should also be a Full Fish Moon. The “Sturgeon” can grow to 20 feet long, weigh 1500 lbs and live for 100years+!! It is a very good candidate for the title of “The Big One!”  Unfortunately it could also carry the title of “The One That Got Away!” as it is a critically endangered species that MUST be released after catching…happily it is probably safe to assume this does NOT apply  to a certain hungry Ice wolf out on a fishing expedition!



Alternative Names for the Full Fish Moon


Rainbow Fish Moon and Flying Fish Moon also Parriotfish Moon

‘Fish Spoils Easily’ Moon!

‘Soaproot Dig for Fish Poison’ Moon!

Salmon Moon

Frozen Fish Moon


‘Moon When the Wolves Run Together’

Alternatively for those who like to howl at the Full Moon as is customary(!)at this time it is also known as the ‘Dog Moon’ or the ‘Dog Days of Summer Moon.’ This refers to a time when the Sun shares the same space in the sky as Sirius the ‘Dog Star’ which rises at the same time as the rising Sun. Caution should also be exercised however as the Aztecs referred to it as “Slaughtering of the Dogs” Moon!!!










9 responses to “Fish Tails

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  1. It has to be said- seems a bit fishy to me

  2. Don’t worry, Simon. I’ll get a shot of the Harvest Moon next month and she’ll forget all about all this fishy business.

  3. I like your use of words Europa. I have a whimsical smile playing around my lips at this moment but I will refrain from saying why. ;o) x

  4. Hhhhhhhhoooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllllllllllllll……… thinks ..AF EIW..that you have left two very important fish’s ( 😉 )orf your fish’s Moon list ..these being…The Babel fish full Moon of Alpha Centauri..(.choice of Moons ) and of course the Venezuelan Hamster fish..two very intrest’ Full Moon fish. But I tell you wot… that wer a damn intrestin’ blog.Harvest Moon …Niel Young on the truckski’s CD methinks woo hoo…. Must go… smoke me a kipper I’ll be back fer breakfast. LABW LABW xXx

  5. Did someone mention breakfast ?……..I am so hungry I could eat a scabby headed horse. As for you Nat’s. that was a nice refrain.and for you Susan…errrrrm duno really, your an enigma. But a clever one !!!Yes good idea Batman…nothing sweeter than a smoked in oak Whitby Kipper. Talking of Whitby, it is a full moon tonight. I wonder if Androgoth and his good lady will see it ?No doubt Cherno will be lurking about somewhere. OOOOOOOooooooooooo

  6. Gosh, you do know a lot of ‘fishy’, stuff, ever hear of the Full Fur and Feathered Fish who is a denizen of the great kennel in the treetops, Tango visits them often, and shares tea and cat cakes with them.

  7. "He who runs faster than the wind"…I suspect Androgoth and his fair vampy goth lady will be fishing the "Blood Moon" seas for bigger fry….of the non-scaley kind with the sweetest bite!LABW I will be dodging werewolves2nit whilst trawling the ‘net4Babel Fish;)so if u wan smoked Whitby Kipper4b-fst u’d better speak very nicely2"He who runs faster than the wind" and hope he’s in a generous mood!Natalia…you can tell Wolfie…;)!!…Timid one’s ear is flapping gently in the breeze!!RM and Simon…the Harvest Moon is not big enuf bait2tempt this wolf away from fat juicy fish!!…The irresistable presence of Cherno on the other hand…..;)))

  8. Morning Miss Wolfie,Flapping you say?? I wondered what that draft was. I’d better close the window or you’ll get an earache. Nor do you want flies in it, all that buzzing will make you think you have a bad case of tinnitus. Nope, sorry my lips are sealed. Not even a stick of Whitby rock could prise them open.

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