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  The Babel Fish Full Moon…

                    (The tail end of “Fish Tails”!)



“In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.”

Language is often a barrier to so much. The Babel Fish is a fictional species of fish in the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. A small, yellow, leech-like fish it functions best as a biological universal translator at the time of The Babel Fish Full Moon. At this time it is particularly zealous about translating from one spoken language to another simultaneously.



When it is inserted into the ear of its hopefully willing host, it then converts sound waves into brain waves, via its nutrition processes. As a convenient consequence the Babel Fish has created an end to the language barrier between any and every species in galactic space. An important point for an interstellar hitch hiker.



“You’ll need to have this fish in your ear.”


 “I beg your pardon?” asked Arthur.

 Ford (Prefect) was holding up a small glass jar which quite clearly had a small yellow fish wriggling around in it…He gasped in terror at what sounded like a man trying to gargle while fighting off a pack of wolves.”

 Arthur Dent, a surviving Earthling, commented only ‘Eurgh!’ when first inserting the fish into his ear canal. It did, however, enable him to understand Vogon Poetry – not, necessarily, a good thing.”


From The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Published by Harmony Books in 1979



The name Babel fish’s connects to the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, in which events resulted in God introducing different languages into the world.



The Babel fish has proved very inspirational providing the title for AltaVista’s online text translation service. And also for another non-affiliated translation service Babel Fish Corporation.



And one other thing….





The HHGTG Official DVD WebSite



23 responses to “Babel Fish Full Moon

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  1. Yes I know where my towel is. It is in the bathroom hanging over the rail as it should be. Are we all present and correct Sergent Major Sir??

  2. My towel is also on the raiil where it should be. Where can i order me one of them fish? I followed the link but had to switch over to the US site because I don’t speak Brit.

  3. I have a few towels. Always within quick reach should any Vogon construction fleet arrive. I also find at least 3 pints assists greatly in the actual interstellar travel. (and Both orig Uk TV series and ‘recent’ remake, and some of the radio series…Well it’s good to research the hidden codex of these things) Never knew about the web site though TA 🙂

  4. Not tellin’ ya RM! Ya’ll prob throw a grendade at ’em!!…Don’t forget the peanuts Simon! You must always eat peanuts when embarking on such ventures ;)…’Towel’ blog available somewhere in the depths of the blogsite bit if anyone requires enlightment and further education on the subject! (can’t fig. out how to put a link to it in….anyone know pls tell;)) )

  5. Of course- peanuts. Now these mice you wanted.. It was dead ones wasn’t it?

  6. Say, Simon, old pal. old buddy…..I just happpen to have a brand new 2lb jar of Planter’s Dry Roasted peanuts sitting on the table right next to my command chair. I’ll trade you half for the co-ordinates of the fish. Mr. Data prepeare to lock transporter on these co-ordinates……….My Worf, lock phasers on the same co-ordinates.

  7. Rocket Man – Spherical or Cartesian Coordinates ? Shall I use Messier reference or will you be using the Improbability drive….

  8. I of course assume you are using Minkowskian, not Euclidean geometrics of space and time co-ordinates from your own four fold positional reference…….

  9. Or play the early game? (all words no pic’s) the Atari games PC, Commedore 64 – if so youre an old fart like me… but enough hitchhiking of your blog Wolfie…. Back to my Futurama film

  10. AF’s cold ,overcast and drizzling……..BUT the Sun in my mind is blazing awaay….and my face aches with larffing….very ..very good blog. But what happened to the Venezuelan hamster fishski ???? may I be so rude as to enquire..loooooool.Forsooth fair maiden…I am at TMS O…BION. BTW :))) LABW LABW xXx

  11. Simon…review of mice situation necessary! They’re a race of hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings who commissioned construction of the Earth to find the Question to the Ultimate Answer of Life, the Universe, and Everything. As such, they are the most intelligent life form on the planet. ;))RM…you are hopelessly lost in the Improbability Drive if you think you will get the co-ord’s for the Babel Fish!! Peanuts!!

  12. LABW…lol…I could not find the shy and elusive Ven’ ham’ fishki anywhere!!! Likely it’s in the improbability drive! There is the previously unknown to science,Venezuelan Fish. A tiny fish with a blood red tail. Also "The Salmon of Knowledge" (Irish myth) A Salmon ate 9 hazel nuts that fell into the Well of Wisdom gaining all the knowledge in the world. ‘Fionn’ whilst cooking the Salmon which he caught it on a fishing trip burned his thumb on a drop of hot fat containing all this wisdom. He sucked it immediately to relieve the pain and from then on had merely to bite on his thumb to gain instant access to all this knowledge! BTW…May the tooth of an Algolian Suntiger mix favourably with your PGGB…May it "spread the fires of the Algolian suns deep into the heart of the drink." !! AF EIW…TMS 0…xx ;)))

  13. Oh man ! I was here yesterday.. why has this time travel paradox gotta be so unpredict.. <poof>

  14. ‘Cos it ‘aint been discovered yet does not mean it does not excist does it now ….;))LABW LABW TMSO xXx

  15. Lol.. I’m so glad my boss isn’t in, I’ve been chuckling away reading all this!(Wolfie can I use cashews instead of peanuts please?)

  16. Indeed it does not LABW LABW….I am working on the ‘existence’ problem rit now…the interstellar fishing bait is at the ready with a bag of peanuts and a stiff PGGB attached! Stand by! AF EIW xx TMS 0 ;))

  17. TMS ? ? ? ? you lot are into some weird stuff. I’m going to have to go off line and watch a film or something ! Note just because there isn’t a conspiracy theory, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one …

  18. AF EIW I think you need to put a full TMS 0 thru 7 and perhaps beyond…or is it more fun if its hush,hush,nudge ,nudge,wink,wink,know wot I mean..say no more squire ;)) LABW LABW LLAP xXx

  19. Does that mean LABW that I have permission to poach a certain blogski then?!! lol 😉 As to the other bit…I am admitting to nothing on a public blog space!! ;)) xx AF EIW!Simon pls get out of the Infinite Improbability Drive this instant! ;)Eileen NO! You can’t use cashew nuts instead! Only peanuts will do ;))

  20. I would, but it’s somewhere improbable. Hey rather than looking for it if i ignored it it may increase the improbability and appear in your hands/paws? TMS 0 – everytime.

  21. Arrggghhhh!! Get that fish out of my ear!!! It’s telling me to do baddddd things!!!!!

  22. My fish didn’t work so I tossed it in the neighbor’s car…..3 days ago. His car is starting to smell BAD! Now I’m using the See N Say thing Laura had as a child. The cow says meow…..the duck says YABBA DABBA DO!….the voices in my head say CLEAN THE GUNS!

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