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Fire in the Sky

Great Solar Storm of 1849
250 years ago fire lit up the skies of our predecessors world, turning night into day, wreaking havoc with the technology of the time.  Now, in the  closing days of the year 2009 and as we roll inexorably closer to New Year 2010 we stand on a pinnacle between worlds, a centre-point between past and future.  As in the year 2349, if humankind still inhabits the Earth, they, the children of the future will see once again that fire that will light up the skies. Because when 500 years of our time has passed the Great Solar Storm of 1849 is set to return to that future world…

This spectacular event was caused by a period of intense solar activity….

London saw curtains of light dancing in the skies above the Houses of Parliament.  In Cheshire newsprint could be read by its light. In Manchester people throughout the city had curtains of fire.

·         Two massive solar events; Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) sent millions of tonnes of supercharged solar gases hurtling towards Earth at 2,000+ km/sec.  Arriving in less than 18 hours they struck with enough force to throw our protective magnetic field into chaotic fits.

 ·       This magnetic disruption caused the readings on worldwide scientific instruments recording changes in Earth’s magnetic field to go completely off their scales. The communication system of the time became inoperable.

Night became day in the Northern Hemisphere and the resulting lights in the sky were reported by half the world as far South as the Caribbean and Venezuela……


The Coronal Mass Ejections may have been triggered by flare events resulting in a massive ejection of plasma from the Sun’s atmosphere (Corona)


Since we live in an electronic society the effects on modern society would be disastrous.  

·         Satellites would fail and potentially fall out of orbit



  • Electricity grids would be overwhelmed
  • Country-wide blackouts
  • Global communication systems would simply stop working


Following the Solar Storm the magnetic field was so distorted and overwhelmed that the Northern Lights appeared all over the planet.  This happens every 500 years or so. Next Storm expected in the year 2349.

15 responses to “Fire in the Sky

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  1. Are you sure it wasn’t just a certain Wolfie using a defective wall socket?

  2. "GOD FORBID"….wait a minuet, did not god "design" the sun to react in this destructive fashion.

  3. I’m finding this one rather hard to google but it’s not out of the question that excessive activity on the sun might cause problems with modern technology. I should think that by 2349 we’ll see it coming and have something worked out or else (and just as likely)we’ll be back to throwing sticks at each other. Interesting but we’ve got 2012 between here and there.

  4. Don’t like the sound of that Wolfie :S…. maybe I’ll just ignore it for now 🙂

  5. PC wrapped in tin foil and earthed- I’m ready 🙂

  6. At the speed that we’re destroying the planet and all the gradual destruction of natural resources plus the also gradual destruction of species of flora and fauna, as man is just another species I don’t think that we will be here by 2200 so no worries.

  7. This is a facinateing piece of history that I have never heard before! I love your images to go with it, infact the description reminded me of ‘The Day of the Triffids’ which was broadcast Monday and yesterday! I remember seeing the first version in Black & White TV back in the 50s ….. well there I go showing my age again! Seriously facinating stuffTake care and hope you see the New Year in in style lots of love health and happiness for 2010Love Suki x

  8. Hi Europa,Happy New Year 2010 to you too. Thanks for your comment, yeah its a full moon tonight. Lots of People in some parts of the world had the chance to observe partial lunar eclipse.. I saw it and it was amazing. Lasted around 45 min. The sky was partly cloudy but still I was able too see. I hope you had the chance to observe from your location,and again Happy New Year 2010 :)PS: nice blog you’ve got here…especially this back later to read

  9. Snifffffff….Sniffffff….Sniffffff…..Hhhhhooooooowwwwwwllllllllllllllllllll….. it’s all an illusion.

  10. A really enjoyable article Wolfie. wish you would stop hiding your writing talents.luv R

  11. If it does happen, I am sure this time it will have far reaching consequences. Mankind is heavily relaint on technology as it is. However, it is possible by that time science will have advanced so far that it will be possible to usurp a mal de force. Fab Blog Wolfie Girl and I am pleased to see you have returned to doing what you do so expertly. :o) Happy New Year. :o) xx

  12. The last year 2009 wus abit slack as regards sun spots>>bigger>>> CME ..Critical Mass Ejection>>>> which seems to alter the weather on Earth….has I am not home on the No. LT I am not sure wot is the out come of 2010…but at Xmas there wus alot of Sun spot activity……….but it strikes me ..if it aint full on catchs Earth..just on the out may blow..wot we was expecting can I… say ..bollox … I find the best way of a force hitting a circular objcect…is water on a paint roller..head on under the force of flowing water…it stops….toward the outer edgse it speeds up….moving what cloud/high /low …we seem to be on the edge of the roller….did I mention EAP birthday…….Blllllllllloooooooooouuuuuuue Moooooooon……. SLATFTF …..Sully LABW LABW xXx

  13. Europa-Always-Naughty-And-Wicked-But-Sometimes-Angelic-Icewolfy..Not going to be able to write a long comment here now but I really like this addition to your blogs, yes I know it’s been here ages and I have not read it, however it’s a stunning piece and wickedly told.. I shall have to read back further and discover what treats you have added.. Wicked.. Androgoth XXx

  14. Androgoth Goth Prince of the Dark and Shadowy Goth Realm…So…! You have delved far back into the mists of time into the distant and frozen reaches of the Icy Realm! How wickedly thoughtful of you…when the connection allows I must pay a visit into the shadows of times past in the Gothic Realm…ooh err! lol 😉 Thankyou greatly for your wolfishly generous comments and I do hope you didn’t suffer frostbite of the script-writing fingers! E-A-A-B-V-O-N-A-W-I-W!! 😉

  15. Hi Europa:) Back from the future..
    Thanks for the link.. I remember reading this post in MSN Spaces…(Peace be upon her 🙂 )
    anyway, this post looks great while viewing it in mobile phone.. no font issues..

    So our star..the Sun gets mad every 500 years.. 🙂

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