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Personal Protection Dogs are highly skilled in dealing with modern day threats and protect using intensive training provided by reputable dog training facilities.
Dogs trained to show controlled aggression will respond automatically when their handler is at immediate risk of attack, if their property is invaded or when the handler puts the dog on alert.  They remain sociable at all other times.
         GSD PPDogsPersonal Protection Dogs


Once the aggressor is neutralised or the immediate threat removed, the dog will return to friendly status and if given the appropriate command will even allow the aggressor sociable contact.


All dogs undergo an assessment for suitability – courageous and preferably even tempered.  A sound mind and good physical abilities .  Training usually lasts between 6 and 8 weeks.



Personal Protection Dogs could be categorised as a weapon therefore it is very important that companies behave responsibly, taking all steps reasonably possible to ensure that such dogs do not go to the wrong people.


GSD PPDogs2  

*All levels (4) of Protection Dogs are trained in on/off lead obedience, aggression alert and if the threat continues, attack, release and return to handler on command.




Protection Dogs make great family dogs, and are ideal for new and inexperienced handlers, whereas Elite Protection Dogs are the “Ultimate security.” They are selected only from dogs with working titles and from ring sports and retrained for protection work.


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