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Personal Protection Dogs are highly skilled in dealing with modern day threats and protect using intensive training provided by reputable dog training facilities.
Dogs trained to show controlled aggression will respond automatically when their handler is at immediate risk of attack, if their property is invaded or when the handler puts the dog on alert.  They remain sociable at all other times.
         GSD PPDogsPersonal Protection Dogs


Once the aggressor is neutralised or the immediate threat removed, the dog will return to friendly status and if given the appropriate command will even allow the aggressor sociable contact.


All dogs undergo an assessment for suitability – courageous and preferably even tempered.  A sound mind and good physical abilities .  Training usually lasts between 6 and 8 weeks.



Personal Protection Dogs could be categorised as a weapon therefore it is very important that companies behave responsibly, taking all steps reasonably possible to ensure that such dogs do not go to the wrong people.


GSD PPDogs2  

*All levels (4) of Protection Dogs are trained in on/off lead obedience, aggression alert and if the threat continues, attack, release and return to handler on command.




Protection Dogs make great family dogs, and are ideal for new and inexperienced handlers, whereas Elite Protection Dogs are the “Ultimate security.” They are selected only from dogs with working titles and from ring sports and retrained for protection work.


Personal Protection Dogs Chart


23 responses to “Personal Protection Dogs

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  1. Very cool, Wolfie! I’ve always been interested in dogs and dog training. The US military trains their K-9 dogs at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, where I did Basic Training. The K-9 facility was just across the PT field from our barracks and each morning we woke up to the sound of dozens of dogs barking. Apparently they got breakfast at the same time we did 🙂

  2. Great story and great photos.

  3. I’ve never been one for exercise but I can feel a world record sprint (mainly in the opposite direction) coming on as I read this.

  4. Wolfie, When a dog barks at me, I immediately understand the message from the look in his eye and the manner of the Jaw. The Photo of the Alsatian exiting the door is a prime example. He means business. Humans are like that also. On these occasions the appropriate action is to retire to a safe distance, thus maintaining a neutral status between beast and I.

  5. I..wants a big brown dog..who lets me chew his ears…an is pleased to see me….and bites ..xxxxx out of humankind ..or is just meeeeeeee..perhaps..LABIW…..LABW LABW ;))) xXx

  6. Thank you all for your very welcome comments and your interest 🙂 These dogs ARE trained for protection purposes but essentially they are highly trained obedience dogs who are trusted friends and loyal companions. They are beautiful and intelligent dogs who are a pleasure to own and to work with, and there is no cause to fear them unless you are posing a threat to their owner or owner’s family and property. They only display aggression on command from their owner, acting at will only in times of extreme and clear danger…at those times you SHOULD be scared…VERY scared!!! ;))

  7. Mind you I treat all large Dogs with caution, the only exception being St Bernard, I once had one. They tend tolick you to death, or else you drown in their Drool

  8. Well, how nice to see you bloging again Wolfie, I picked this ufrom Rosemary’s page, right nw I’m watching Send in the Dogs,like a bit of bringing blog to life. Very interesting blog and pictures to carry it through, Having owned and trained German Shepherds to a high standard for Competition Obedience I can appreciate the work that goes into the choosing and training of them, Am I right in thinking that the first dog and also is grabbing the trousers is a Malinois? As you say temperament is important, I saw this when I went to the Seiger show, you saw dogs really going in for a ‘kill’ the next they were lying on the benches with kids happily playing round them and allowing you to step over them, All credit to these trainers. Very interesting blog.

  9. Rosemary…it is the little dogs you should be wary of! Appearances can be dangerously deceptive!!Yes Arlene, it is a Malinois (Belgian Shepherd Dog) For the benefit of those who may be interested, the Malinois is a smaller, lighter, highly athletic breed and cousin to the GSD. They are extremely intelligent, alert and loyal dogs that work well in obedience trials and make excellent guard dogs and Shutzhund dogs. They also make excellent Guide dogs and work well as Assistance Dogs for the Disabled.

  10. Yes I agree Wolfie Girl. My alter ego is a little dog who just adores nipping the ankles of gentlemen. It keeps them on there toes, don’t ya know? ;o) Night. x

  11. Executive Protection Dogs – do they come with handler or will the ‘owners’ recieve training? Jus wondering…

  12. Simon…Executive Protection Dogs are professionally trained at the center. The new owner then receives training in the necessary handling skills,on a purpose-designed Protection Dog Handling course usually lasting a few days. This also allows the dog to learn how to respond to and interact with its new handler (owner), and the new owner has lifelong access to a Protection Dog Training professional so assistance is always available if required.Natalia…they should be kept on their toes at ALL times! lol ;))

  13. Wolfie, like Jack Russell’s, but at least you can fight off a small dogl, a big one no chance.

  14. Hello Timid one. One end will wag, while the opposite end has it;s eye’s on your jugular….Yep some women are like that.

  15. Não estar aquiSÓNão ser assim EUSer sem sentirSEITer um viverMEUVoar em plenoSONHOOBRIGADA PELOS TRÊS ANOS DO MEU ESPAÇOOBRIGADA PELO TEU CARINHO E AMIZADEFELIZ FIM DE SEMANABEIJINHOS DA AMIGA___$$$$$$$$______$$$$$$$$§_$$$$$$$$$$$$__$$$$§§(¯`v´¯)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(¯`(●)´¯)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(_.^._)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(¯`v´¯)$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(¯`(●)´¯)$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(_.^._)$$______$$$$$$(¯`v´¯)$$$$$________$$$(¯`(●)´¯)$$___________$(_.^._)$____________$$$$$$______________$$

  16. I much love all animals………i respect working dogs too……..

  17. Thank you my good friends for your much appreciated comments :)KENNY…Timid one is not like that! Unless my Alpha Female position is challenged! OLÁ CEU! …É lindo vê-lo e agradecer por seu comentário 🙂 Abraços e beijos de lobo gelo ;))ROSEMARY…Little dogs think they are huge Lion dogs and can ‘shake it like a Pit Bull!’ At these times Wolfie runs for her life!! MAGNOLIA…Love and respect so important with these dogs. Great to see you here my friend 🙂


  19. hola amiga europa espero que aseptes mi invitacion.kiss

  20. Muy bien … ¿por qué no se puede agregar a mí? Yo os he enviado una invitación! Por supuesto que aceptaría una si usted lo envió! Tu nuevo espacio es precioso … y he echado de menos tú 😉 y me gusta tu foto de perfil! Mira como lobo de hielo! Abrazo y un beso a mi amigo … el lobo de hielo:))

  21. ¡Eh!! Usted Y yo enviamos invita a!! Y han añadido automáticamente nos a los perfiles. Estás a salvo en mi perfil ahora;)) gran lobo de hielo abrazo y un beso!

  22. The World Protection Group ensures the safety of VIPs. We are specialized in Executive Protection, Corporate Security, Personal Protection, VIP Protection etc Executive Protection

    • Ah! Protection PEOPLE!! Seems my Protection DOGS, have competition 😉
      Good site World Protection Group. I enjoyed my visit. It was enlightening. Now…how about adding Executive Protection Dogs to your arsenal?!! Suppliers available on request and a great enhancement to your own services 🙂

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