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Tonight’s January Full “Wolf” Moon is the second Full Moon this month and the biggest and brightest of 2010. It is 14% wider and 30% brighter than Full Moons at any other time this year. For some it will seem close enough to reach out and touch. 

We see this month’s Full Moon as being so big, because the Moon does not orbit the Earth in a circle, but an ellipse. One side is 50,000 km closer to Earth than the other.  When this side is approaching close to Earth it is known as “Perigee” and this applies to tonight’s Full Wolf Moon.

The Full Wolf moon will not be alone, sharing instead its star-world with the brilliant red planet Mars which will appear in the skies of Earth as a bright star-like object.  Through a small telescope Mars shows a bright white Northern polar cap and several subtle dark markings.

Mars has returned to prominence for 1st time in 2 years. It is at it’s brightest on 29 January when it is in opposition to the Sun, when it will lie 62 million miles (100 million km) from Earth and 153 million miles (247 million km) from the Sun.

At this time Mars is outshone only by Sirius “The Dog Star” (to its R) and Jupiter (motherworld of Icewolf homeworld – Europa) which sets in the West not long after Mars, which rises at sunset.


This is because we see the Moon as “full” when it is most directly opposite our Sun. (Opposition) At this time of January 2010 Full Wolf Moon, both the Full Moon and Mars are in opposition with Earth’s Sun, so the two worlds will slip silently through the night sky in unusually close proximity.  Mars lies just to the left of the Moon.








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22 responses to “2010 Full Wolf Moon and Mars

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  1. Hello Wolfie Girl. I noticed last evening how large and bright the moon was. I was on cub patrol to boot. She slept very well and I will do the same tonight. I wonder if the configuration in the sky could be a portent for a major earth event. Give it six months and we may have an answer. No howling for me tonight….. Where’s my den. "Whine" xx

  2. Moon an’ Mars..Moon an’ Mars.Hooowwwlllll :)). Remember Dec. 2008 when Venus was in conjuction with the full Moon ?Yep Mars don’t twinkle like the other stars. Glad that you caught the view, it’s very frosty and clear here tonight :))) well done on the blog front EIW. LABW LABW xXx

  3. Natalia: I too was on cub patrol! (yesterday)…2 cheeky little rapscallions…lol who have this Wolfie wrapped right round their 4yr old fingers 😉 As to your den…lol…Exhausted Wolfie is in it!!! Snoring happily!!! Believe in the reality of that major earth event and it CAN happen… xxLABW: Hello "Scully"!! 😉 Yes…Dec ’08…another nit to remember…oh…and we did have clear skies in the end last pm ;))) I was moonstruck by your astounding Moon an’ Mars HooOOOWWWwwwLLL!!! It was SOOOOO loud!! ;)) Awe inspiring LABW LABW!!EIW dancing on moonbeams ;)) xx

  4. Hi, Wolfie…the moon looked lovely last night, so big and clear, and Mars appeared first, as it was above the moon. I was wishing for the flock of geese to fly across it (the moon) just like a couple of years ago…I just stood transfixed…full moon, whisp of cloud, then the geese…it was just like some Disney cartoon…magical…(wanders off in a daydream…)

  5. Oh, I wondered what that snoring was, I thought it was Cherno. ;o)

  6. Oi, cheeky!!

  7. Natalia: Cherno’s snore is like his howl is it not? 🙂 It echoes and resounds thru the very bowels of the Earth!!:D My snore by contrast is most melodic!:))Sandi: How kind of u2stop by 🙂 Thanku! I 2was transfixed…but by THIS Full Moon &the fire of Mars. U c it2nit? I very much a ‘Moon Wolf Watching’and having bn Mars watching2 2nite I also am dy dreaming:D

  8. If I go outside and look the Martians won’t get me, will they?

  9. "CHERNO THE FEARLESS" enters the room."HEY" you….I don’t snore, never have, never shall. But after Kenny has been feeding me fresh sheep’s tripe, then a thunderous sound sometimes can be heard emanating from a different orifice. This sound alone can blow the leaves off the trees. But my Howl can blow the trees from the very earth they stand in. "HOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWEEEELLLLLLLL "WOOP’S"…there goes another secoya..

  10. It was perfect, very suitable for a quick fly by on Brromstick

  11. CHERNOOOOOoooooo! Now look what you’ve done! That was the very tree I was hanging onto so I would NOT be blown awaaaaaayyyyyyyy…. 😉 I can only hope Cherno, that Kenny did not feed you fresh tripe before you entered the illustrious presence of Timid one…you know how sensitive the wolfie eardrums are not to mention our sense of SMELL! ;)) Natalia…"Sheep’s Tripe Alert…Code Red!"…Be sure to have the pegs and earplugs on hand…we need the extra large ones 😉 And look! Cherno reckons he doesn’t snore??…LOL…must have been Kenny then!! 😉 SNOREOooowWWWWLLLLL!! ;))RM: How can I break this to you gently…the Martians have already got you!!! You wanted "to return to the homeworld"…and one thing led to another…you met up with Simon and WIG…you thut SJF whacked you with a skillet…as if…and you thut Sandi and Karen were making you cups o’ tea…they were all Martians! And that’s when they got you!!!Rosemary: It was you and Cleo on the broomstick then!! Thut there was something familiar about that strait jacket flapping in the moonlight…lol…it was the MSN one I lent you last time you visited me in my MSN padded cell ;))

  12. I just knew no good would come from trying to think. The headaches were a dead give away!

  13. As you should know Wolfie, "there are more things in heaven and earth, * I will leave you to finish quotation.

  14. Rosmary: "…..Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy"?….Hamlet?…William Shakesphere? Getting a bit technical for a Europan Ice wolf aren’t we? ;))

  15. Mars and moon ..Hmmm would this be an indicater for angry lunartic’s ? I’ll just stay in bed i think

  16. Simon: Do not go to sleep on my blog page!! And I hope you were not thinking of Wolfie when you referred to angry lunatics ;))

  17. Excellent blog! It was quite a sight to see wasn’t it?

  18. Siempre tu blogo deja cosas preciosas.Besos Muaaaahhhhh…..muuuuaah

  19. Wolfie, do not think I could get too technical for an IceWolf, judging by the standard of Blogs, you write.Technical is just another Bone for you to devourluv R

  20. Eddie: Hey! Thankyou! Yes…it was a fantastic sight! Kept me up howling all nit!! :)) Vento: Gracias! Su comentario tipo trae belleza y el placer a mi día…Beso de lobo de hielo!! 😉

  21. You have the most interesting information on your blog. I always send at least one of your posts, per read, on to my son. Quite impressive really~

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