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Splishy~Splashy~Salmon Snacks!


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Although the wolf has traditionally been viewed as a ferocious pack animal that hunts and kills deer; and indeed wolf food usually does consist of big game such as: deer, caribou, and moose; researchers are finding that Alaskan wolves actually prefer to eat salmon. As do the Ice Wolves of Europa 😉 as any good ET Research will show~”Timid one”/”(Ice)Wolfie”/”AF EIW” being no exception 😉  In late summer, even though deer are still available, when “pink and chum” salmon are running, wolves actively go fishing rather than hunting – catching, killing and eating salmon.Although they’re not as skilful as bears at fishing the wolves target fish in shallow water and isolated tidal pools. If they are already well fed they will simply bite the salmon heads off to eat and leave the rest.  If at home on Europa Ice wolves will have to dig through 10-50 km solid ice to catch fish ;(( so will gannet the lot and leave nothing whether hungry or not!!!…;)) On a good day this will be followed by Ice cream and Fishtails…!! :)))  


Fishing makes sense from a safety point of view and involves less energy. Hunting deer often incurs serious and frequently fatal injuries. Not good news for “AF EIW”/”(Ice)Wolfie”/”Timid one” if that happens to be the Alpha Male! 😉 Fish also provide better nutrition in terms of fat and energy. Salmon is also especially important for the pups. The chance to fatten up on the late summertime fish can be the difference between life and death in the winter.

Wolves’ fishing for salmon has been happening for centuries, but it will not be around forever. Salmon systems are under threat as fisheries overexploit them and spawning habitats are destroyed, whilst the exotic salmon aquaculture is introducing disease. Collectively this has led to coastal-wide declines of up to 90 per cent over the last 100 years.None-the-less salmon continue to surprise us, showing us new ways in which their oceanic migrations eventually provide food and nutrients to entire terrestrial ecosystems. clip_image004


23 responses to “IceWolfie’s Dietary Delights

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  1. hope you use strong toothy paste icey lol xxjen

  2. Interesting that you should mention disease caused by aquaculture. Here in the State we’re dealing with Chronic Wasting Disease, similar to Mad Cow Disease, in the deer/elk/moose population. CWD has been traced back to commercial deer farming operations where the animals are raised for private hunting preserves. Will man ever learn to stop screwing around with nature?

  3. I like Salmon Wolfie, alot…. and for many differant reasons. I wonder why it is that the head is consumed and the rest is left behind. Perhaps there is more nutritional value in fish brain. It has also been my expereince to witness this horrible disease that you mention in a place called Lynton and Lynmouth. Though sick and dying these atheletic creatures still course through the rapids, surging upstream to their spawning ground. Just goes to show, the urge to procreate is far stronger than the need to die.Fabulously fishy blog. I enjoyed…… Alot.xx

  4. Perhaps the stomach/intestines taste too bitter- unlike the head? anyway- I’m turning in for the night , but here’s a Vid all wolves can enjoy- maybe ?

  5. Interesting fishy tail, sorry tale

  6. Jenagoth…Using the strongest garlic toothy paste I can get my Icy paws on! LoL ;)RM…I have heard about CWD, it’s spread across many states as well as yours by all accounts. It’s very sad when we interfere with nature and cause these horrible problems. I understand it’s not known to be transmissible to livestock and humans but that’s no consolation to the deer/elks is it?Natalia…A wolf would consume the lot if it was actually hungry! Perhaps the poor Salmon head is the natural "1st port of call." before general consumption. Not an appealing thut to a human either way! The joys of the wilder side of nature!Simon…Cool vid’ 😉 Should put a grin on wolfie snouts…lol ;)Rosemary….See you fished your way thru the dangerous cross-currents of the Walter Virus then! That will be a tail worth hearing! 😉

  7. It is apparent that you have a compulsive obsession with wolves, and I can only imagine the neuroses that must give rise to such a condition. If you truly wish to overcome your unhealthy, unnatural obsession, might I suggest closing this Space. It would certainly be a positive step in the direction to recovery, although I’m not sure how much you’ll be able to recover. Worth a try though!Best of Luck,Charlie W

  8. Wolfie, and Garlic is good against Vampires too. By the way afraid I did not do too well in the ratings myself, referingto previous comment

  9. CHARLES WODEN: Get the hell out of my space and that of my friends you sick twisted individual. You are not welcome and you have no rights to be here. Get out and stay out!!! And do not cross the Alpha Female of the Europa Pack! It is in my nature to be kind, gentle and loving, but know this….When it comes to protecting my Pack I am the most powerful and relentless creature you will ever know… EUROPA’S ICEWOLF – ALPHA FEMALE OF THE EUROPA PACK.

  10. Europa-Naughty- Icewolf.. (Angelic I Mean).."Charles It Is Apparent That Your Grammar Is Hopeless, Also That YOU Are An Arsehole So Bugger Off Back To Trollsville Where You Belong".Androgoth

  11. I have returned in the hope of stumbling upon something that might alleviate my perplexity at this bizarre Space. I wished to understand, but unfortunately, I no longer care to. It is abundantly clear to me that this is some sort of rallying point for a twisted, probably neopagan cult. As such, I’m afraid this will have to be the last time I venture to this Space. Hopefully you will all come to your senses.All the Best,Charlie W

  12. What kind of weird person is the Woden creature..? What is wrong with pagans, neopagans, wolves, Goths, vampires and generally crazy people. I he does not like such people he can bugger off back to his own sad little world…!!

  13. ah salmon! my favorite!k☼

  14. Yeah…I love a nice juicy bit of salmon…any going spare around here…?

  15. Cor! how lucky are they, I had salmon to-day it cost me £2.45 for a tiddly little tin, any chance of being invited round for a wolfie tea? I’ll bring the choc chip muffins.

  16. Europa-Never-Naughty-Ever-But-A-Tad-Angelic-Icewolfy..I Will Bring The Ghoul & Zombie Cakes.. lolAndrogoth XXx

  17. Yo!! Y’all come on over! Meet y’all by the river….and let’s paaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! 😉

  18. Very interesting. The lovely Ms Kes Sidhe Woluf is also very fond of salmon, only the lack of it in the local river means she has to go off to the local supermarket and buy it smoked in nice neat packages.

  19. Such Arrogance of the man, it knocked me sideways. Good repost Wolfie Girl. We mature humans know the worth of your creative writing skills.P.s Got any tips for "Dropping the dead donkey?" xx

  20. That looks a tad cold and as the grandmother here the old choppers aren’t quite what they used to be I think I will just pop around to Sainsbury’s and get a nice fillit or some smoked to have with cream cheese, nice and soft for me to sup!Suki x

  21. Suki…Lovely to see you back!…Ummm! SluuuRRRRRppppppP!! ….. Share with Wolfie?!! ….Generous….kind-hearted friend Suki!….You know you want to share with Wolfie!!! 😉 xNatalia… It is unfortunate…but if I’d known you’re site was open I’d have warned you in advance there was a jackel on the loose. Sandy…How nice of you to stop by…I hope you enjoyed the cup of tea I left on the side of the blog page for you ;)) Ms Kes should come fishing with Wolfie…lol…she mit have to pick out the bones tho…so maybe she should bring along neat smoked packages to for Wolfie to sample?!! 😉

  22. Gorgeous animals!!

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