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Hello world!   17 comments

 Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Welcome to the Icy World of New Europa! Homeworld of the IceWolves of Europa 🙂

MoonWolf World

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Message to the Stars   51 comments

 BreakHeart WolfHOWL – FEW WILL KNOW YOU’RE CRYING….“A message to the stars, A million miles away…

A message to the main, Written in the stars”

(Written in The Stars – Tinie Tempah)Solitary glacial-silver star wolf glowing with fire and moonlight blending over heartless shards of icy snow. Lone Ice-wolf. Lost in a world, a myriad of lost dreams shimmering across the toxic wastelands of a broken heart. Break heart Wolf….Dark shadowed eyes pleaded with the malevolent night, mournful howl expressing the sadness of break heart wolf in a cold broken cry to a world that didn’t care.Break heart wolf, softly silvered breed of the stars, running wild and forever across the empty wastelands of a myriad of mortal wounds that pierced the heart and ultimately drew from bared throat the harrowing haunting howl of break heart wolves. A desolate cry that when heard in the minds of man and beast raised hair and hackles and an unspeakable sadness. The tears of an ice wolf separated forever from its mate, destined to be forever lonely wolf, chasing the shadows of its lover across the hostile starscape of lost and broken dreams….wolftearsB

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