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 BreakHeart WolfHOWL – FEW WILL KNOW YOU’RE CRYING….“A message to the stars, A million miles away…

A message to the main, Written in the stars”

(Written in The Stars – Tinie Tempah)Solitary glacial-silver star wolf glowing with fire and moonlight blending over heartless shards of icy snow. Lone Ice-wolf. Lost in a world, a myriad of lost dreams shimmering across the toxic wastelands of a broken heart. Break heart Wolf….Dark shadowed eyes pleaded with the malevolent night, mournful howl expressing the sadness of break heart wolf in a cold broken cry to a world that didn’t care.Break heart wolf, softly silvered breed of the stars, running wild and forever across the empty wastelands of a myriad of mortal wounds that pierced the heart and ultimately drew from bared throat the harrowing haunting howl of break heart wolves. A desolate cry that when heard in the minds of man and beast raised hair and hackles and an unspeakable sadness. The tears of an ice wolf separated forever from its mate, destined to be forever lonely wolf, chasing the shadows of its lover across the hostile starscape of lost and broken dreams….wolftearsB

Posted September 2, 2010 by europasicewolf in Wolves (Canis Lupus)

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51 responses to “Message to the Stars

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  3. 😦 sad Wolfie? Or just feeling poetic 🙂 x

  4. oohhh icy wolf!!! hugging you!!!k☼

  5. sweet Wolfie…better to have loved and lost than never loved at all". Wolfie is still loved by many and some she may not be aware of…

  6. sweet Wolfie…better to have loved and lost than never loved at all". Wolfie is still loved by many and some she may not be aware of…

  7. Hi Wolfie,The stars feel your howl and see your tears because they’re light. The light that let’s one see life and love. The light that heals, the light that grows; the lighter side of life that let’s you know you can go on. Live, Love, and Laugh again. Smiles~

  8. Sooooooooo many hear a sad and lonesome call…………. Spirit touching spirit and we are here … for you!!! Hugs for you,Ravenxox


  10. So mournful, that it pulls at my heart strings. Your poetic prose has the desired effect. It is very visceral and provokes empathy from the reader without them fully understanding why. xx

  11. HHHOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLL…“Some say love it is a razor that leaves your heart to bleed” and even Ice wolves “Sleep with a broken heart” but if “It’s the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance” then it is the kindness of your words and the understanding of your hearts that brings a measure of peace to the turbulence. Thank you my friends and I wish you all peace in your hearts… “The Caller of the MoonSong on a World of Ice” 🙂 x

  12. On empty wastelands the call of the lonesome Wolf cries out in sadness… It’s mate forever lost and yet from the silence there is a never-ending resonance, a timbre of a heart so pure that all that hear it recognise the calling of a roaming spirit lost in the confusion of a lifetime… A very nice offering Icywolfy of the Icy Realm… Androgoth XXx

  13. Very moving and poignant.Can relate, been there,done that, then made the usual rebound in haste, stuck with it now. Ho hum such is life!

  14. Yours also Androgoth 😉 The literary ‘arm’ of the Gothic Realm is in fine voice….and demonstrates an expressive understanding of the Icy Realm’s Icewolf spirit. Respect to the Gothic Realm…Icy of the Icy Realm "Calling the Song of the MoonWolf" 🙂

  15. Curiosity…lovely to see you 🙂 re such is life…so long as you have your relationship it can change and become better…it’s only when a relationship ends and there’s no hope of going back that change has to evolve and become something different. I hope yours will become all that you wish for it to be and that it brings you all the happiness you deserve in life 🙂

  16. Hmmmm… kind of lost for words. Some lovely prose from you and Androgoth.Hugs, pats, and howls from me.

  17. Hey Pat! Good to know you are safely here in the blog pages of WLS 🙂 I trust this means you are now out of the way of in-flight engine fires for now?!! And that you have a reassuringly large fire extinguisher on hands for future flights?!! Icewolfie hugs and thanks for your visit 🙂

  18. Sad.Cold. Reminds me winter is coming. Hauntingly beautiful. Peace

  19. Vickie…Peace to you too. How kind of you to pay a visit 🙂 I did not know it was here till now but thank you very for your thoughtul words. Feel free to stop by any time…stopped by your profile page to leave you a note…but it won’t let me 😉

  20. Beautiful my friend, I love it… and can relate to it. Big Hugs,and thank you for your wonderful friendship.

  21. Sherrilynn…I am so glad to see you here 🙂 I shall have to chain you to WLS if you insist on disappearing with such frequency! I howled for you many times but you did not answer!Thank you for your comment…your own posts are beautiful, and skillfully worded also…so I am particularly appreciative of your thoughts my sweet friend. Big Icewolfie hugs! 😉

  22. Poignant, full of sadness, tears at the heart strings, Wolfie. Remember, when some things are not meant to be, somethingmuch better is usually round the corner

  23. Hi Wolfie, enjoy your weekend. Are you still enjoying Google Chrome, see what I meant. Only problem is my Page is a messon Google, but perfect on IE, but I am leaving well enough alone.

  24. Roseeeeemmmarrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Hey….Yes I did see your comments despite WLS being its usual unhelpful self and not providing any notifications or updates…unfortunately I was locked up in the WLS padded cell with my strait jacket on 🙂 I did respond to it via email but looks like WLS let me down …again ;( Humblest apologies for that…will sit in corner of den and eat worms… 😉

  25. Any wolfie-way…it was great to see you back in your rightful place…on the Wolfie blog page…lol…and thank you for that lovely comment and your as ever, wise words. Also for taking the time out to do so 🙂 Google chrome I am enjoying but mostly forget its there and carry right on battling with IE! I guess I miss the battle ground!! 😉

  26. Move over Wolfie, in the padded cell, WLS is now giving me updates from last year, must be in a timewarp

  27. PS I think a permanent stay on Europa is called for.

  28. PS I think a permanent stay on Europa is called for.

  29. PS I think a permanent stay on Europa is called for.

  30. Hey Wolfie, I was looking at th British Institute of Protection Dogs (may have the name incorrect) also the video on training the 7 mo old GSD/Belgian mix, Matrix how very intelligent to only attack when prompted and attack the arm with weapon. Dog does not make the decision. Then on to the part where the white Huskie mix is learning with Matrix and the baby is part of this too!

  31. It was very impressive, but it shows how intelligent these creatures are. Unbelievable what one is capable of from being a service dog, not only for the blind but also for Diabetics and people with Epilepsy. In top of all that, they are intensly loyal. thanks for sharing your love and devotion to these creatures.

  32. I will be back for more. Smiles, Raven xox

  33. “Wooops” sorry I am lost. lol hope you like your new planet Timid one.
    loads and loads of stuff to keep you occupied during the long winter nights.
    well a change is as good as a rest as they say in the Dordogne. Pleased you bit the bullet and pressed the button. First time I have been transported from one world to another. What next one wonders !!! Take care and good hunting in your new grounds.
    Peace !!!

  34. Thank you Kenny 🙂 It is most reassuring to find you here …this is a very strange and inexplicable planet I find myself having to hunt on! Unfamiliar moon winds drift through my Icewolfie fur and the stars glint in unknown patterns in an alien sky… Enjoy your planet hopping also 😉 It is a wonderous experience is it not?!!
    Timid one 🙂

  35. It is indeed a most wondrous experience Timid one. But one that I wish I had been given the option of experiencing and not just been bulldozed into. however no use complaining now. we already have lift off !!! “OH” and thank you for the mention on your header pic. ok I am off back to the centre of operations to try and figure out just where i am. i wonder what part of the universe they want us to walk to next ! 🙂

  36. We have lift off alright Kenny!! I’m just wondering who’s at the controls ~ we seem to be in warp drive floundering in a very dark black hole somewhere in the depths of space! It is, I assume a natural consequence of being hauled unceremoniously into this experience by the Timid one tail snarling and biting all the way 😉 Now where’s the centre of operations teleported off to this time I ask myself curiously!! 🙂

  37. Icywolfy… At Last I Hear The Tapping On The Lid, I Like This New & Most Wicked Icy Realm, It Has An Elegantly Alluring Banner, The Wickedness Is Still Here… So Too Is That Icywolfy Naughtiness of the Icy Realm… Yes This Is Definitely A New & Most Exciting Adventure To Behold… BTW – I Hope You’ve Remembered To Bring That Polish With You As This Lid Still Requires Some Icywolfy Elbow Grease Applying To it… lol Great To See You Here Icywolfy & Now It’s SHOWTIME… Have A Wondrously Exciting Rest of Evening Now Icywolfy of the New Icy Realm… Androgoth XXx

  38. Just Giving Kenny A Vampiristic Wave (Not Sure If That Is A Real Word, But It Should Be? lol) Have A Ghoulishly Wicked Night Sir Kenny2Dogs Hutch… Androgoth

  39. Deep peace of the running wave back at you, Androgoth Prince of Darkness.

  40. hi icey so pleased to see you here thought i was going to have to go thirsty lol great space and clean too must have your marigolds on my coffin needs a clean out xxhugs jen

  41. Androgoth there is no wickedness in here…never was! lol…neither is there any polish! 😉

    • Of Course There Is… lol I Have Seen the Wickedness Ate Every Step… However You’ve Hidden The Polish From View Sooooooo, Best To Grab Hold of That Next As I Have Some Exciting New Challenges (All To Do With The Manipulation of the Common Duster… Cheeky… lol) Okay, Okay… Kidding But If You Like There’s Still Some Wicked Inventiveness Lurking Around Here and There So Watch Out For That… lol Be Good, Be Angelic… Hmm.. No Chance of That But More Importantly Be-Have Yourself… lol Androgoth XXx

      • Yeeesss….I see I have been making a pigs ear of replying too! Finally noticed there is an alternative to the WLS method 🙂 I am taking great care to look out for that wicked inventiveness lol some of it is no doubt hidden in that rancid toe you hid away… 😉 No I haven’t found it yet…it’s probably rotted away and needs replacing by now…one of your own toes maybe?!! 😉

  42. jennyozzy 😉 such a friendly sociable sounding comment till I got to the bit about thinking you’d have to go thirsty!!! There’s no polish left in the new Icy Realm so…lol…you’ll have to do it yourself!! 😉

  43. I was lost in the Ice Mountains but now I have found you I feel happy again! Beautiful poety

    Love Suki x

  44. Likewise Suki 🙂 Only trouble is we are both now lost in the Ice Mountains of this brave new world!! But at least we are smiling!

    Love Wolfie x 🙂

  45. Oh my how beautiful your space looks now

    Suki x

    • Thank you! It is greatly improved by your presence in it tho! 😉 It is lovely to see you….pop back for a spot of Europan Sea Surfing…lol…it’s a real splash at this time of year in Icewolfie world! HoooOOOOOWWWWLLLLLL!
      Wolfie hugs x 😉

  46. Mournful and beautiful. Just how I like it! You have a real nack of creating powerful images with your words.

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