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Welcome to the Icy World of New Europa! Homeworld of the IceWolves of Europa 🙂

MoonWolf World


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17 responses to “Hello world!

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  1. Hi, this is a comment.
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  2. http://sdisbennett.wordpress.com/
    Hello old friend! Samuel J Frog here! Finally got my wordpress blog to work so I’m sending the link along! See you in the funny pages!

  3. Hi Wolfie, I picked up your link from Anne’s blog, I’m not having alot of success on here, I sent out messages and emails to old space friends with my blogspot link but no replies, I don’t know that I like this WP, everything is so longwinded, and you seem to have to go all round the houses to post and it’s hard finding people, I can’t blog till I get some response, sob, anyhow I’ve done one on blogspot too maybe you’ll have a peek http://4pawsandatale.blogspot.com, but again I think you have to sign in.
    hope you’re OK and hope to hear from you. I do miss the ‘happy weekend ‘ graphics.

    • Relax Arlene 🙂 Wolfie is here!! … yes I know…worrying thought 😉 lol left a message on your blog spot and “happy weekend graphic” will be on its way asap…but we need more hours in a day now!! 🙂 See… all is not lost…yet! 🙂

  4. Hi there My Woolfie friend well done for searching me out so quickly! email on it’s way to you tomorrow!!

    Love Suki x

  5. silvery lizard has been here in wordpressland for some time. i lost track of my old contacts with this new change, so i guess ill explore ‘subscriptions’ and see if thats how one keeps track of ones friends. ay! changes thrust upon us. if you ask me, i think wls muddied the waters more than they could fix … so this is their bail out plan. hah!

  6. Hi there Wolfie. Thank you so much for the weekend greetings and for the new link here on wordpress. I have had to shift my blogs too, rather sooner than later I thought. I’m a bit disappointed I could’nt also transfer my photo albums, but never mind. My new link for Odinwolves is; http://odinwolves2000.wordpress.com . Hope to see you there and wishing you also a very nice weekend, Love Maria, Odin and Banshee xxx

  7. Well I made it.

  8. silverylizard can supply lots of useful tips and help save Wolfie’s frazzled brain cell then!! 🙂
    Thanks Maria 🙂 See you over there…HooooOOOOOOWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLL!!
    Rosemary…Congratulations!! Good to see you here 😉 Do you think they have a W/P padded cell over here at all?…lol…. 😉

  9. Önskar dig en fin helg Ice Wolf…
    Kram Nicki

  10. hi icey ive found you and no hint of a garlic bulb hmm your doors wide open and my coffin lid is too all i need do is follow the pledge lol great space your icey world very inviting hugs a wolfy jen xx

    • Thanks “jennyozzy” 😉 lol…hmm…sometimes it’s good to invite a vampy in…lol…especially when they’re might have been baking and brought ghoul cakes for Icy…lol…The pledge will lead you straight back to your coffin lid where a duster awaits you! Lovely to see you my Icy world…have been caged up in it decorating lately…lol…but will be back in Gothic World tomorrow…So start polishing!! Angelic Icy hugs and a nibble on the ghoul cakes…lol…Icewolfie of the Icy Realm 🙂

  11. Icywolfy I have just noticed a smudge on my lid so I thought… I know let’s get round to Icy’s and hand her a new polishing list, preferably with some polish used on the next trial run? lol Just kidding… I like that Moon Wolf World Graphic, it’s a very Ghoul one that… I have left you a small bag of Andro Rock Buns by your cave entrance, the one with the Cheshire cheese dips is nice but avoid the one with the green streak on it, I think one of the Zombies had a slight sneezing fit and accidentally blew some of his jelly tots over it… Ahhhhh you thought it was something else there… lol Have a fangtastic Wednesday now… Remember… Polish on the duster first and then polish the lid okay? lol Androgoth XXx

    • How ghoul! You know how much I love the Andro Rock Buns 🙂 I threw the one with the green streak on it out for the Halloween Vampire Rabbits…lol and as to the smudge on the coffin lid…you know how the saying goes…LOL…If you want a job doing properly DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!! HoooOOOOoWWWWWwwwLLLLLoooooooooooooLLLL 😉

  12. JUst stopping in to wish you a happy weekend! I’m down with a chest cold and haven’t been on much. Have to wait up until the fair ends so I can get my phone back from my grandson so I’m doing a quick round of all the posts!

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