Moon-Wolf Watching on a World of Ice   46 comments


Welcome to the New Europa!

This is a very strange new world we find ourselves catapulted into, and through who’s icy moonscape we find ourselves roaming. It spins much faster on its axis that is for sure! It’s day is considerably shorter than the Old Europa’s!  But our icy hunting ranges are rich with good wholesome prey and though somewhat alien in appearance also reassuringly fat and juicy! Unfamiliar moon winds drift through our Ice Wolf fur and new stars glint in unknown patterns in an alien sky. And in the coolness of the night the Ice Wolves of Europa call the song of the moon wolves to a sky with different stars.

As we experience the changes that have swept us into this new world…slipping between different realities we are reminded that all too often in life we cling onto the very thing we cannot keep hold of and even when we know it is lost to us our lives are shaped by that longing for familiarity. The fierce refusal to give into the process of adaptation serves only to ensure that we are trapped in an unchanging form because we fear to change. In dreaming of cities in the sky~worlds beyond the stars we embrace these changes and reach out to the new future that is ours to claim.

 May wolf ever walk beside you, and grant you rest in his shadow ~ Europa’s Ice Wolf  2010


Posted October 3, 2010 by europasicewolf in Wolves (Canis Lupus)

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46 responses to “Moon-Wolf Watching on a World of Ice

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  1. Welcome aboard Europa. Yes the browsing speed is but a blink of an eye now, which must be a plus. I haven’t made the transition as yet, but the new year might be the right time for me.

    Look forward to reading more of your blogs. 🙂

    • Nat.
      How can you “Welcome Timid one aboard” when you are NOT aboard yourself. lol….. just press the button for goodness sake.

      • Ohhhh….this is how you’re supposed to post replies to people is it? Silly Timid one 😉 Been getting it all wrong haven’t I…nevermind tho! Learn somthing new every icewolfie day 🙂

    • I’m a bit late in finding you Wolfie, sorry, but I think I got a bit lost in the Icy realms. Your background is beautiful, but is making me shiver a little with the thought that winter is just around the corner. I feel like a fish out of water amongst all your learned WP friends, but I’m trying hard, though I’m becoming a bit more familiar with Blogspot, or is that a forbidden word n here LOL, anyhow do come and visit me there as I have given up on my WP one for now. Tango is making the tea to-night as I’m busy, but I best check he hasn’t eaten all the bikkies. Be good

      • Well done Arlene! Lovely to see you…Tango must have proved a very good tracker dog to lead you to me 🙂 No need to feel like a fish out of water you’re very welcome and as one of my longest standing friends you should always feel at home anywhere where Wolfie is. I have logged out of here 4 times now…lol…with the intention of heading over to Blogspot for catch up but every time a nice tantalising must be read and approved comment appears and I have to log back in to approve it! 🙂 Be sure Tango prepares enough tea for Wolfie too as I am on my way over now!! 🙂

  2. Welcome to New Europa with it’s untouched ice and snow shining pure and white like Wolfie in the sun! I know you haven’t made the transition yet…what’s keeping you?!! Life jacket on…and JUMP! Why wait for New Year? Your space will be “read only” by then in prep’ for the March shutdown…so might as well you do it now…immediately! 😉

  3. As more and more ex-Spacers wander over this way it’s really starting to feel like home. A year and a half ago I was just starting out on WLS and learning the ropes with the help of those who had been there longer. Now I get to return the favor 🙂

  4. Well alright then…! 😉 Great to see you in my shiny new world of New Europa…lol…expect an email with 10,000 questions right?! Hmm…you could start by telling me how I can remove that little thing at the top that claims I like my own blog! That is plain embarrassing!! I’m not even sure how I did it 😉

  5. I read – I liked – got to go now. Pat, pat, pat, scratch.

  6. hello Wolfie, found you 🙂 can’t see your pics tho 😦 off for an explore x

  7. Kenny (present display name “me”) and RM… 🙂 Any clues as to why you two have popped up with no links to your titles or avatars? Are you both in the naughty corner or something? lol 😉
    OoooH!…Ahhh! That’s lovely Pat! lol 😉 A good scratch behind the Icewolfie ears! Wonderful thank you!!
    Karen…don’t know why you couldn’t see the pics 😦 Maybe you got snowblindness due to the sparkly freshness of this pristine new world! Hope you’re settling into your new virtual home…kettle’s on for a nice reassuring cup of tea 😉

  8. Hi Icewolfie! True to blogging, it is a new horizon filled with adventures and challenge. Those who are here together those who are still boarding the Starship…we have each other. We can do it!
    I am learning new things everyday, feeling flustered, sometimes thrilled and other times lost. I believe it will be alright. Glad you are here now.

  9. Don’t worry Icywolfy I’m sure that ALL of us would add that we like our own postings if we knew how? lol Well I for one really like your NEW ICY REALM… Yes that sounds like I’m creeping for your Icywolfy Polishing, Hoovering and General Tidying up of My Gothic Realm… lol Actually I was thinking that but I still like your New Icy Realm and of course this excellent posting… Hope you find that elusive Toe? lol Androgoth XXx

    • This is not funny! It is very embarassing! lol 😉 Obviously I must have pressed the Like button but why and when?!! Is there no way to get rid of it now it’s there? lol 😉 I don’t like this post THAT much!! lol And even if I did I would never be arrogant enuf to “Like” my own post like that! Oh deeeeaaarrrr!!! Red faced Icewolfie! lol 😉
      I think it is time, despite your generous comments to do penance in the Gothic Realm polishing…scrubbing…hoovering….eating ghoul cakes… ;))))

      • I bet I have pressed that button too, let me know by checking my Scripts… lol Anyway it’s all a bit new here and I think we get a bit button happy (Trigger Sounds Better… lol) Well not to worry anyway we’re all friends here Icywolfy and let’s face it we all make these little errors, you have no reason to feel embarrassed over it, besides once you get polishing that lid you will soon forget ALL about it… lol Have a lovely Monday and be Good… Androgoth XXx

  10. Duh, I get Pat’s comment now…LOL. He was petting and scratching Wolfie….. I am ready for the Pre-Senior Home…yes get me my walker and reading glasses here I come!!! Is psssft a bad word? It was a slobbery laugh to me.
    What a dork I am !

    • Happy to see you’re still around Raven 🙂 Missed you. Now if you’d like to scratch my other Icewolfie ear for me that would be very cool! No Raven…not Pat’s ear…lol… don’t be silly 🙂 Of course you’re not a dork…that’s Wolfie’s middle name at the mo lol 😉

    • No… I Agree With Icywolfy you’re Certainly Not A Dork… Actually I Rather Like That Wording, Perhaps I Should Adopt It? I Mean WICKED Must Get A Bit Boring For Everyone After Seeing It One Million Or So Times? lol Be Good Now Raven… Androgoth XXx

  11. It may be because I was not logged in when I posted the comment. RM. May also not have been logged in. Errrm RE: Nat. Well she just isn’t in this icy world !!! she is still on another planet. Or it could be that we are doppelgangers. OOOOOOooooooo00!!!!

  12. Yep. If you are not “logged in” then you don’t get a link. Quite understandable really.
    Right I am orf back to my cot, don’t quite know what I am doing walking round the house at this time of morning. “Oh dear” just looked out of the back window, a big black Bat is hanging from my washing line. MMMMmm…. !!! lol

    • Ahhhh You Spotted Me Good and Proper There Kenny2dogs, I know that your Wolf-Like senses are good but that’s just ridiculous… lol Have a wicked one today… Androgoth ; )

    • 🙂 Yes…lol…but Timid one was flapping around the house like a headless chicken about to be eaten by a vampire bat, when faced with no links! 😉
      However! thank you for reassuring me that W/P isn’t broken 🙂 And you really mustn’t lose anymore sleep over not logging in! This 4am viewing of a big black bat is a little worrying!! Especially when it’s hanging on your w-line! lol 😉

      • And what exactly were you doing hanging on the washing line of “Sir Kenny2dogs” at that time of the morning Androgoth? lol 😉 You will catch a vampishly nasty cold hanging around like that!

      • Well I was taking a breather of course, I mean all this loop-the-loop flying is okay when the Moon is bright but when confronted with a washing line in mid swoop… Well it’s frightening stuff even for a fearless Vampire… lol

        BTW – That rancid toe has gone for good, but there’s a hairy leg with attached foot missing now, no idea where it is but someone mentioned Icicles so it looks like it is somewhere in your Icy Realm…

        If you find it just stick a tag on the toe… and maybe the owner can re-connect with it later? lol Have a wicked Tuesday Icywolfy of the Icy Realm… Androgoth XXx

      • It is almost the time of New Moon! It will be very dark…looping the loop with a washing line trip wire in the vicinity is not to be advised even for a fearless vampire!

        A hairy leg?…In the Icy Realm? lol…I think not! Not unless you tossed it in when you thought I wasn’t looking 😉 Oh…yes…! Do you like the smileys and dots I took such care to add in for you? lol 😉 A wicked night’s in-flight hunting to you my friend 🙂

  13. Nu har jag dig Wolfie..
    Kram Nicki

  14. Don’t you worry ’bout a thing sweetie…many of us are just off track a little. In time this ‘new’ element in our lives won’t seem so new anymore. Great blog; go Wolfie!!!

    • Thanks Eddie 🙂 this new icy world is spinning so fast the days are getting shorter and shorter! So many new things to learn about and so few hours in a day to do so…lol…Wolfie is developing a nervous twitch and pulling clumps of fur out at the mo!! Great to see you tho 🙂

  15. Hej Wolfie!
    Blir alltid så glad när du tittar in till mig. :).
    Du har det fint här på din sida.
    Sköt om dig. Kram Ann

  16. Hey Wolfie, hope you are having a warm tuesday. I like those flicker photos…beautiful.

    • Thanks Raven 🙂 I saw you flying leisurely across the autumn sky today! Watch out for vampire bats tonight though! We don’t want any ariel collisions do we? 😉

      • No collisions lately…I did crash into that flock of seagulls though last month when I dislocated a body part…ouch. I am good now. LOL. Those big giant bats that eat out of human hands in Figi Islands wow…kind of a cute bunch. Life can be a facinating place to be.
        warm and fluffy hugs,

  17. Icywolfy are there no limits to your wickedness? lol Stupid question – Of Course There Isn’t… Yes I can see some really nice smiling blobs instead of dots now, how Ghoul… lol I also see that you are an expert in Swedish lingo too, how wicked.

    As for my flying skills, well I do have a Vampire First Class Swooping Certificate, awarded by Count Jugular himself so don’t worry I might appear to have lost my marbles, I mean my flight path but I am in full control so no problemo… lol

    Have a wickedly chilling rest of day now Icywolfy in your Icy Realm… Androgoth XXx

    • No…no limits! lol 😉 So glad you like my “smiling blobs!!!” 🙂 Here are some nice friendly little dots for you too………………….seeing as I know you are partial to a few of those too 😉 (……..!) A “Vamp. 1st Class Swooping Cert?” lol… but do you also have one in “Detangling From Washing Lines After Crash Landing Whilst Looking For One’s Lost Marbles” I wonder!!! lol ;)….Oooooops! “Flight Path” that should have read!

    • Dear Mr Alumni of the Count Jugular’s College of Caped Blood Sucklers
      FYI….I have a Raven’s First Class Swooping Certificate given to me by the Grand Pooba of Avian Pilots himself Master Corvine of THE Black Plumage Flock.
      Impressive, although I will now have to retake my Master of Flying Upside Down Exam over.

  18. Hi there first time for me to watch these awesome fotoos u have here”
    ill be back Icy ‘
    have a wodnerful weekend


  19. I can think of only one wording for this new habitat that is the new home of the Icewolves of Europa and that is ‘Awesome’, what a fangtastic background graphic that you have found and added here, breathtaking and adds such a wondrous touch to your wicked Space… Yes I like it very much… Have a lovely rest of evening Icywolfy of the Icy Realm… Androgoth XXx (And Not One Mention of Polishing My Lid Now How About That For Wicked? lol)

    • Androgoth – Prince of Goths…Thank you…In the profound dusk of shadows you arrive…and you have endowed on Icewolf a great honour with your words. From the Icy Realm to the Gothic Realm…Peace to you my Dark Gothic Friend and for yourself and your Goth Princess a Dark and Exciting evening also : )

  20. Your home land sounds interesting, but very cold! I’ll have to try and find a very warm fur coat before I consider visiting.

  21. Don’t forget the thermals marky! 😉

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