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Few animals on Earth evoke such strong emotions as the wolf, “Luh, Madadh Alluidh” or have suffered so much as a result of misunderstanding. In spite of its fierce reputation, it is a shy, intelligent and elusive creature. The wolf so often shown great respect for its extraordinary senses and hunting proficiency, none-the-less became increasingly a threat to livestock, such that intensifying conflicts with humans were inevitable.

In A Sand County Almanac, 20th Century American ecologist Aldo Leopold wrote an emotive chronicle of an encounter with a wolf he shot:


“We reached the old wolf in time to watch a fierce green fire dying in her eyes. I realized then, and have known ever since, that there was something new to me in those eyes-something known only to her and to the mountain. I was young then, and full of trigger-itch; I thought that because fewer wolves meant more deer, that no wolves would mean hunters’ paradise. But after seeing the green fire die, I sensed that neither the wolf nor the mountain agreed with such a view.”

In the hope of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet ~ Albert Schweitzer

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27 responses to “In The Hope ~ Until It Is Gone

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  1. that really moved me Wolfie, have a great weekend x

  2. Wonderful post – beautifully crafted.
    Your site is looking great – well done.
    Pats and scratches.

  3. Lovely atmospheric look about your site.
    I was watching a program yesterday that said the Yorkshire Terrier was the closest relative to the wolf via the Husky!

  4. Hello Timid one. looking good in here. I have no desire to reach the Moon. I just wish to walk bare foot in perfumed meadows, on barmy summer evenings. With the lady I love on my arm.
    take care Timid one.

    • It is my most sincere and genuine hope that in the fullness of time your every wish, dream and aspiration be realised. Take care my friend of the surfy sea and the peace of the running wave ~ Timid one 🙂

  5. wow … that was moving indeed. makes me sad to hear of a wolf killing, no matter what the circumstance. green fire, i have seen it in the mountains myself. its a beautiful thing.

    • I have not had the privilege of viewing the beauty of green fire in the mountains…but when I read the words of Aldo Leopold for that moment I felt that I had. There is great beauty in both the mountains and in the eyes of the wolf…

  6. So touching my dear Icewolfie. This is a subject I take to heart, I have seen the wolves near extinction in US until they put some in Yellowstone National Park. They are thriving with the eco system there…the great Bear, Elk and yes Bison to name a few. And now they are moving into other “PROPERTIES”…the ranchers and farmers want to hunt them down…remove them. I am horrified by this. What will they do put bounties on them like they did the coyotes? I am so angered by these humans…pompous beings!
    I have a friend who says “the only mistake God ever made was to create man”…I have to think about that one.

    BTW…that quote from Aldo Leopold…that brought tears to my eyes. Great blog, good writing.

    Smiles from a Ravenxox

    • You live in an amazing part of the world Raven. I am of course incredibly jealous!! lol 😉 Bears…Elks…Bison!! Wolfie’s favourite lunchtime snacks…in her hunting dreams! So far as the ranchers and farmers go…Man does not take the time to know the animals and “What man does not understand he fears….and what he fears he destroys.”

  7. Excellent post, Wolfie. I hunted once but, as you know, have put down my rifle and picked up a camera. I use the same skills but the end result is much different. The animals I stalk are still alive after the hunt. I’m not saying I will never take another deer or turkey but if I do it will mean times have become desperately hard and will be to feed my family, not for a trophy to hang on the wall.

  8. Well butter my butt and call it biscuit!! If it’s not cool redneck friend RM returned from the hunt! I look forward to the photographic results 🙂 … There is a whole world of difference between hunting to survive and hunting for trophies. When there is need enough we do what we must. It is the sick “sport” of trophy hunting and such like that tears at the very soul….It is great to see you back here RM…Redneck Wolfie hugs 😉

  9. Icywolfy I keep missing your new blogs. Perhaps the Subscribe Button will help? You know I usually just keep up with everyone, but I certainly missed out on this one and it is a very nice posting too My Icywolfy Great Friend…

    I think that Hunting (From A Human Aspect… Nothing To Do with Vampires You Understand? lol) is a rather sad exercise but that vision will be different for so many individuals reading this posting, I guess it depends on where one resides and the way of life in which one lives…

    BTW – for anyone reading my comment, I am neither judging nor being critical in this analysis, it is merely an observation… Have a nice start to the new week Icywolfy of the Icy Realm… Androgoth XXx

    • You haven’t really missed it my dark Vampire friend!…You have been kind enough to fly through the Icy Realm on your flight from the Gothic Realm have you not? And that is always greatly valued and appreciated…thank you 🙂 anyway…wasn’t there a certain F1 thingy going on about the time I posted this? lol…! Thank you for your comment…I think that no matter what peoples visions of hunting maybe, that all would agree trophy hunting is despicable and should not be tolerated. I hope!! Enjoy the new week Gothic One…lol…and I hope the F1 went well 😉

  10. lovely blog icey i saw the wolves captive in flamingo land pacing up and down demented with boredom these animals need to be free and wild as in this zoo they may as well have been hunted for there fate seemed the same xxjen

    • Hello Jen 🙂 What a lovely surprise to see you here! Thanks for taking a moment to stop by on your gothy travels. You are so right…keeping these beautiful animals caged up and trapped, so far from the life they were born for, with no hope of ever experiencing the wildness and freedom that makes them what they are, is no life at all. It is a sad reflection on us that we choose to force this “life” on them in the name of conservation rather than dealing with the perpetrators of this cruel injustice. A very great gothic week to you my vampy goth friend 🙂

  11. What humans do not understand they sometimes fear. once ‘fear’ is overcome better understanding and even appreciation may be gained.
    wolves are an integral part of nature. they ‘need’ to be here just as snakes and insects. they all play a part in this great production known as ‘Life on Earth’

    Thanks Wolfie for this marvelous material.

    • A little late catching up here Eddie…but lovely to see you 🙂 You are very right about them needing to be here…they are part of the eco-system and without them it’s badly messed-up with a knock on effect on all other wildlife in the food chain. But of course humans know so much better than nature….

  12. People are so mean to animals. Apparantly out of all the animals that people think are worse than they actually are, wolves are number one.

    • Hey! Welcome back! Yes…wolves are one of the most misunderstood animals on Earth…trouble is, we as humans have a worrying habit of destroying that which we do not understand just in case it proves to be a threat to us. It is humans not wolves who are the destroyers of worlds. Now my friend, won’t you join the Pack on the hunt tonight? An extra pair of fangs would be a great bonus! Just watch out for low-flying vampire bats who sometimes hunt with us! 😉

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