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Europa…Ice-Wolves Home World.   31 comments

Jupiter’s Moon Europa-Home World of the Ice-Wolves

The Ice Wolves of Europa layer into this, the concept of alien evolution, the search for extra terrestrial intelligence, and the cool softness and also the harsh ruthlessness of life on an alien world.

Calling the Song of the Moon Wolves  Icewolves In the Sunset Shadow of Jupiter  Jupiter Moons Family inc Europa

According to Greek mythology Europa was a beautiful Phoenician princess abducted to Crete by Zeus, who had assumed the form of a white bull. Zeus later re-created the shape of the white bull in the stars which is now known as the constellation Taurus.

A unique and fascinating world Europa is one of a rare number of locations in our galaxy with an environment where it is possible that life may exist.

Europa is largely an icy frozen world. Its surface is one of the brightest in the galaxy, and also one of the smoothest. It is a unique and fascinating ice world and to date is unlike anything else found in the inner solar system. It is possible that beneath Europa’s surface ice there is a layer of liquid water. If this is so, it would be the only place in the solar system besides Earth where liquid water exists in significant quantities. The evidence is now strong for a subsurface ‘ocean’.

Beneath Europa Europa's surface showing 2dark features Jupiter's Moons_Io_Europa_Ganymede_Callisto

Water is an essential ingredient for the existence of life on any world. Combined with heat and organic-rich molecules there is a heightened possibility of life originating.


Wolves are one of the world’s most fascinating animals and the wild beauty of these haunting creatures of the night captures the human imagination in a thousand different ways. As the wild ancestors of domestic dogs, wolves seem both familiar and exotic to humans, which might explain their continuing fascination

Arctic Wolf-ProfileEarth’s wolves are found in a wide variety of habitats: Mountains, forests, plains, deserts, tundra and taiga. The largest North American wolves live in: West Canada and Alaska.

Native Americans revere the Wolf Totem in a different light. Within the Native American cultures, wolves are considered to be Pathfinders and Guardians. In parallel to this the Ice Wolves of Europa have long been regarded as Guardians of the Wolf Gates and Pathfinders of the Wolf-Ways. They are the celestial wolves, the star chasers, the ‘moon dogs of the night’ – the most direct descendants of the original Pathfinder – the one known as ‘Star of the Celestial Wolf,’ their haunting howl echoing across the wolf ways and through the rifts in time and space.

PathFinder  OneSong_OneEarth  Jupiter's moons surface comparison

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