Europa…Ice-Wolves Home World.   31 comments

Jupiter’s Moon Europa-Home World of the Ice-Wolves

The Ice Wolves of Europa layer into this, the concept of alien evolution, the search for extra terrestrial intelligence, and the cool softness and also the harsh ruthlessness of life on an alien world.

Calling the Song of the Moon Wolves  Icewolves In the Sunset Shadow of Jupiter  Jupiter Moons Family inc Europa

According to Greek mythology Europa was a beautiful Phoenician princess abducted to Crete by Zeus, who had assumed the form of a white bull. Zeus later re-created the shape of the white bull in the stars which is now known as the constellation Taurus.

A unique and fascinating world Europa is one of a rare number of locations in our galaxy with an environment where it is possible that life may exist.

Europa is largely an icy frozen world. Its surface is one of the brightest in the galaxy, and also one of the smoothest. It is a unique and fascinating ice world and to date is unlike anything else found in the inner solar system. It is possible that beneath Europa’s surface ice there is a layer of liquid water. If this is so, it would be the only place in the solar system besides Earth where liquid water exists in significant quantities. The evidence is now strong for a subsurface ‘ocean’.

Beneath Europa Europa's surface showing 2dark features Jupiter's Moons_Io_Europa_Ganymede_Callisto

Water is an essential ingredient for the existence of life on any world. Combined with heat and organic-rich molecules there is a heightened possibility of life originating.


Wolves are one of the world’s most fascinating animals and the wild beauty of these haunting creatures of the night captures the human imagination in a thousand different ways. As the wild ancestors of domestic dogs, wolves seem both familiar and exotic to humans, which might explain their continuing fascination

Arctic Wolf-ProfileEarth’s wolves are found in a wide variety of habitats: Mountains, forests, plains, deserts, tundra and taiga. The largest North American wolves live in: West Canada and Alaska.

Native Americans revere the Wolf Totem in a different light. Within the Native American cultures, wolves are considered to be Pathfinders and Guardians. In parallel to this the Ice Wolves of Europa have long been regarded as Guardians of the Wolf Gates and Pathfinders of the Wolf-Ways. They are the celestial wolves, the star chasers, the ‘moon dogs of the night’ – the most direct descendants of the original Pathfinder – the one known as ‘Star of the Celestial Wolf,’ their haunting howl echoing across the wolf ways and through the rifts in time and space.

PathFinder  OneSong_OneEarth  Jupiter's moons surface comparison

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31 responses to “Europa…Ice-Wolves Home World.

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  1. Icewolf, I am I admit, constantly curious which is probably why I have a wide range of interests. Some are long term, some are not. But the process of discovery is always fun.
    Cape Town is in windy turmoil today, the sea is choppy and windswept, every new day provides a changing landscape..
    Take care and thanks for visiting.

    • Hey Kate…a curious mind is a wonderful thing! Life has so much to offer a questing mind, and no doubt leads to some fascinating and enlightening conversations when enjoying “Coffee with Kate!” That’s a very appealing coffee you have there btw 😉 Cape Town sounds wild and beautiful today…Enjoy!

  2. Good post, Wolfie! I learned something, too. Now I know the story behind mt astrological sign.

    • Ah ha! That must make you…Taurus the Bull? lol…Well…alright then!! 🙂 Does sound about right now I think about it!…yes Wolfie does do that occasionally…lol…have to keep the one remaining intact brain cell active somehow 😉 Btw…do you use the term “like a BULL in a china shop” on your side of the pond? lol…it usually leads to whacka whacka bangy bangy with the cast iron skillet 😉

  3. Härlig blogg Wolfie..
    Hoppas du får en fin kväll..
    Kram Nicki

    • Tack för denna generös kommentar Nicki.
      Och jag måste säga att du har en fantastisk
      nya virtuella hem på din nya webbplats!
      Det är visuellt vackert och bloggar är fantastiska ..
      Jag älskar det!
      Kram Ice wolf 🙂

  4. Icywolfy there are some fangtastic visuals on this new blog of yours, it is without a doubt one of your finer offerings and with that said I shall call back and read it again, and offer a more detailed comment, besides I need to check up on your rota, make sure you know what jobs need doing around My Gothic Realm… lol I hope you are feeling okay, no colds and shivers or anything? I bet you are planning your weekend of wickedness (The Girlie Night Out… lol) maybe even a Party? lol Well I will be back to comment very soon… NO… Not on your Girlie Nights Out… I mean this blog Icywolfy of the Icy Realm…

    Androgoth XXx

    • High praise from the Prince of Goths! I am honoured by the kind words the Master Vampire of the Gothic Realm. It will indeed by a weekend of great wickedness…lol! The rest I will leave to the imagination!! 🙂

  5. To me the Wolf is probably the most endearing creature in the Universe, they have a calming affect as do most canines. Perhaps that is why they are Guardians.
    I find it exciting that Europa may have Oceans beneath the surface which I did not know (thank you my teacher) Being a water sign…Pisces this has me in dolphin form flipping and jumping all over the sea.
    A beautiful read and informative as always my friend.
    smiles from across the pond xox

    • Lovely expressive comment Raven 🙂 Creates beautiful imagery thank you! Europa’s sub-surface ocean is a looooong way (20-25 km!) beneath the surface! It will be necessary to drill many km through the surface ice of Europa to reach it but a mission to do is in process…The new page I added “Europa Icewolf Homeworld” has a video explaining more about Europa itself should you wish to follow it up. I also have one to add regarding the planned underwater probe… 🙂

  6. Your world seems fascinating! I can picture you all now running over plains of snow and ice, under vast star-filled skies.

    • It is a beautiful and mysterious world where Ice wolves run wild and free in the light and fire of another world following the paths of the star-ways…untameable and untouchable…The Callers of the MoonSong on a Frozen World of Ice…HooooooooOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!

  7. Your homelands must be very far away! Another planet, I knew that other planets existed but not that they wer einhabited by animals. Are there hedgehogs on Europa?

  8. You’re right about the distance of the homeworld! Jupiter, the giant-sized planet Europa orbits, is 778 million km from the Sun… Europa itself, just one of Jupiter’s 63 moons, is a further 671 thousand km away from Jupiter!

    I don’t think hedgehogs would survive on Europa! You hedgehogs are very small and those spikes would have to grow big furry coats like an Icewolf to keep you warm! lol 🙂 You’d also need to go hunting! lol…and a liking for fish would be pretty important too being the main food source! 😉

  9. Is it tonight that You Girlie Wolves have their Picnic?

    I really like this blog ofyours Icywolfy but you know I have once again been lacking in my research, so have still nothing worthwhile to add here, actually I just wanted to call by and thank you for your wickedly excellent adds to Our Collective Script, it is coming along really nicely now and I have you and all our other Ghoulishly fine friends here to thank, I think that we should all have a go at this from time to time what do you think?

    Right I shall just admire the fangtastic Graphics that you have inserted into this wonderful posting and then I shall Swoop back to My Gothic Realm for a drink of that nicely chilled Blood Red Claret…

    Be good now (As If You ever Could Be? lol) Androgoth XXx

    • Tomorrow night…lol…some of us Girlie Wolves have to wake up well before sunrise and go to work!

      I think possibly it might be wiser for us to leave the production of the Collective Scripts in your capable hands…you make it look deceptively easy to plan and co-ordinate but without your particular skills in this field, the necessary participants and the time to moderate the input…lol…it would be very difficult to replicate your admirable success in this art 🙂 Non-the-less a good idea in theory Master Vampire of the Gothic Realm!

      Just a note re the graphics on this post…depending on the size of your screen the graphics meant to be in lines of 3 may move below. They look fine on mine and I only saw it when showing my friend the blog site on the library PCs. I have tried resizing for narrower screens but they then look ridiculous on my own! So they stay as they are!! 😉

      • Yes they are in lines of three on mine too and they look wicked… This is only a 19″ Monitor though so nothing too large.. However I could always pug the Tv into it and get an even larger picture… Hmm… Boys and their Toys? lol Don’t be starting me off or Jen will be thinking, erm… This Tv screen has shrunk, now where’s the other one got to? lol

        Androgoth XXx

  10. I shall have to find you some widescree wallpapers next… I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before, but hey I am a Vampire bloke so there you go! lol Have a fun night on the morrow but remember it’s work next so no shorts (Yes I Know It’s Too Cold For Shorts… I Meant In The Spirit Form… No Not Ghostly Glasses of Vodka Either… Hmm) In other words… Just a Coke or an Orange Juice okay? lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • 19″ screen? I shouldn’t think you did have any problems with graphics lining up then lol I presume the library PCs have height rather than width. Widescreen wallpapers would be cool thanx 🙂 It’s an HD screen and shows every flaw that may otherwise be hiding happily and stretching non-w/screen graphics for w/papers can occasionally have some startlingly pixelated effects you wouldn’t notice on a normal screen 😉

  11. Widescreen Too… lol

    Androgoth XXx

  12. im also interested in red Indians culture
    we can learn a lot.Dont u think
    i love the nature Did u ever go to Sulawesi…
    well they use nature in birth and death
    i wrote abt it in 2006 after a trip to that very interesting island
    tx for sharing all this with us
    have a nice week

    • Hey…great to see you 🙂 Is there any chance of a link to your 2006 trip to Sulawesi? I would be very interested to have a read…maybe I will have to pop over to your blog and and see if I can track it down! Much easier with a link tho 😉 Have a lovely week 🙂

      • Hey Icywolfy, while you are busy padding and tracking along why not call by on wolfy56 I have the link on my front page…

        But don’t forget to take his Blue Wig along… I think he’s really missed that wig you know? lol Hope you are being GOOD for a change? Hmm… No Chance… lol

        Androgoth XXx

  13. well icey im not into the planets and stars but your blog is fascinating i think the wonders of where we came from or where we are going is mind blowing hard to believe we are a big round ball in the sky and maybe there are others just like us on some far away planet maybe i have a gothic twin lol twice the trouble xxjen

  14. Wolfie..
    När du har tid kan du gå till min webs sida klicka på members logga in på din ice wolf ge honom en bild och ett namn.. Titta på min members sida så ser du vad jag menar..Ha en fin dag kram Nicki

    • Jag kommer att försöka få det gjort ikväll … Jag har inte glömt det, men jag kämpar för tid att spendera på nätet just nu!
      Det är mycket frustrerande när den “verkliga världen” tar över från den “virtuella världen!”
      Hoppas också att komma till era bloggar ikväll. Önska mig lycka till! Och har en bra dag.
      Kram Wolfie 😉

  15. Lovely pictures as usual.

  16. Hey! Welcome blackwatertown 😉 And thank you! Your visit is most welcome my friend and a very good week to you 🙂

  17. Wolfie..
    Vi får hoppas det snart blir slut på alla klimatförändringar..
    Vi måste vara lite mer rädda om vår jord..
    Ha en fin dag min vän ..Kram Nicki

    • Om detta ska kunna ske måste vi göra det så …
      ord utan åtgärder är värdelös som är våra drömmar och ambitioner för vår värld om vi inte gör de nödvändiga ändringarna …
      Tack för dina tankar … och jag hoppas Sverige är hetare än UK! Kram Ice wolf 🙂

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