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Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Pacific Ocean’s  waters are home to 10m (44,000 tonnes) of plastic debris swirling ever-more destructively in the ocean’s currents. Not only is it the largest collection of plastic debris in the world, but it is also completely trapped by North Pacific’s whirling Gyre Currents. Growing incredibly fast and presently covering an area twice the size of the US, it is a prime example of our excessive and thoughtless use of plastics in our everyday lives, and a sad reflection of our hopelessly inadequate methods of dealing with plastic waste.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme over one million seabirds yearly die from plastic and 100,000+ marine mammals are lost to it. There are approximately 46,000 floating plastics per square mile of ocean. It is known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”.

  Plastic Destruction  Death by Plastic ocean-pollution-human-trash


The World of the Plastic Beach – Recycling to Save the Sea

1. The research project currently in the design phase was created to look at alternative greener ways to transform the floating plastic into an island – an urban habitat or floating city for around 500,000 people – It is predicted 200 million people will be homeless within the next 30 years due to climate change.

RecycledIslandHabitat recycled-islandBeaches

2. The proposal (by Dutch architects WHIM Architecture funded by The Netherlands Architectural Fund) is looking to create a non-polluting island of approximately 10,000sq/km, be built and to convert resources, on the site of the plastic garbage itself. This would reduce clean-up and building costs, creating a new area for agriculture, recreation, tourism and urban living. It would be built on foundations consisting of hollow floating blocks and would lie between Hawaii and San Francisco in the heart of the Pacific Ocean’s currents.

3. Electricity would come from renewable resources like solar, wave, and wind energies.  It would be a great place for Seaweed cultivation farms, providing food, fertilizer, bio-fuel, medicine and fish food increasing the fish population around the island habitat. Composting toilets and other crops would help the population living on it to be self-sufficient producing all of its own resources.

Seaweed CultivationAgriculture

4. If the project is to step beyond the design stage and become a reality it will have to function effectively as a sustainable island habitat and it is yet to be decided if a permanent habitable island could even be built from plastic. Would it be solid and strong enough to hold the weight of a population and its crops? And when storms hit what safety measures would need to be in place? This is a fascinating green ventures to consider and stretches the imaginations of architects who will undoubtedly dream up more new ideas as time goes by and enthusiastic designers continue to weigh up the prospects for future habitats using as a base Earth’s vast oceans.

29 responses to “World of the Plastic Beach

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  1. This is an excellent posting Icywolfy of the Icy Realm, it just goes to show how ridiculous we have become in the world of technologies, if only peeps would think before throwing away such things as plastic containers, wrappings, bottles and the like.

    The wildlife always suffer at the hands of humans, it’s crazy, if one is not able to dispose of plastics then surely we need other, more planet friendly and of course degradable products, at least something that cannot harm our wildlife would be a step in the right direction.

    I’m not so sure about an island of plastic, but I suppose it’s something worth considering, well it’s either that or an expensive and most dangerous alternative, such as living on a Space Station, or Planet of the future… Hope it’s not of a plastic design though, or it will be the Clangers for real… lol

    Have a wickedly fine rest of evening Icywolfy and thank you for adding yet another exciting and interesting posting, I wonder what your next offering will be? I will add the weapon cleaning duties alongside the Wasteland scavenging list… Have a ghoul time now… lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • “The Clangers…!!!!” lol… that’s one point I hadn’t thought of 😉 I would prefer to be living on a pristine “Planet of the future” than on a floating plastic island in the middle of the sea it has to be said…strikes me as a lot less dangerous than the risk of getting my Icewolfie paws wet! And definately NO PLASTIC…lol…”Conservation Conscious” only welcome…the “wasters” can stay put in their “Plastic Realm” 😉

      Still…struck me as an innovative idea and a positive slant on what is often a somewhat negative issue.

      Guess I’d better go checkout the weapon cleaning duties and the Wasteland Scavenging list… I would appreciate it if you didn’t open fire whilst I am doing so! Can’t have you getting too carried away with all this heavy artillary you’ve armed yourself with! 🙂

      • Yes and I am really handy with a catapult too so just you remember that one while you’re busy cleaning the underside of those lids… lol Getting back to your posting I agree, it’s a positive notion but can a plastic island really be taken seriously? Right it’s time to think up a new Script, maybe something ridiculous like a screwy invention could be the theme or is it better to stick to the Vampire genre, well only time will tell on that one I guess? Have a funtastic rest of evening Icywolfy of the Icy Realm and watch out for those Ghoulishly Wicked Robo=brains, I think they are trying to take over the Wastelands… lol

        Androgoth XXx

      • A catapult???!!! How ghoulishly wicked and naughty of you to suggest such a thing! You’d be surprised what I found whilst on wasteland scavenging duty today for dealing with such “Resident Evils!!!” Then again…from the pot-shots you were taking at my fine banner-like Icewolfie tail whilst I was happily scavenging amongst the Robo-brains…lol…maybe you wouldn’t be! In theory I think the Plastic Island is a noteworthy idea. It does no harm to give it a try don’t you think? We waste far more time and money than would be used on that on far less worthwhile “causes” after all…like the Iraq War…I’m sure you could incorporate a “screwy invention” theme into a vampire genre…perhaps out in the wastelands…? Well 😉 Could be interesting!! 🙂

  2. it sounds like thinking in the right direction. i doubt my country’s government would be interested unless money and power can be gained from it.
    perhaps the palstic can be weighted down, and used to help creat more coral reefs.

    im guilty of not recycling my plastic bottles … perhaps i can find a better way to dispose of or reuse them …

    • One day, no doubt when it is far too late, the governments of the world will wake-up to reality and face the fact that money and power cannot save the planet from humans wanton destruction.
      It would be great to create more coral reefs 🙂 But first we must put a stop to the poisoning of the ones we already have. They are dying in front of our noses and yet we allow it to continue 😦

      Do you have recycling centres where you dispose of your plastic bottles? There must be somewhere!! If not…new project for you! Plastic recycling resource! 🙂

  3. All the garbage being thoughtlessly thrown away is now becoming a huge concern blasted all, how can we let profit/convenience just trump what we are doing to our beautiful enviroment including creatures that depend on for sustainance!?! Thanks for sharing article and raising more awareness to this problem Wolfie. Perhaps the ideas for interesting projects will catch on and everyone’s efforts will pay off. Anymore it seems nearly every product store bought is packaged of plastic, all this has had me rethinking purchases more and more we do alot of recycling already.

    • Yes…it does seem we have one of those “can’t live with it but can’t live without it” relationships with plastic doesn’t it? There have been some attempts made here to reduce the use of plastic packaging and also the use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets but it’s also about changing the way the consumer thinks…many of our number seem to walk hand in hand with the profit mongers on this one…in the name of convenience. However…with the birth of new and innovative ideas hopefully people will begin the slow process of changing the way they think to a more positive end 🙂

  4. what will they think of next ! personaly I think “it will never float”
    Those dutch architecs spend too long in the greenhouse 😉

    • Where there’s a will there’s a way! And just think how convenient it’d be for you fishermen 😉 Hope you are continuing to go from strength to strength on your road to recovery. And that very soon you will be enjoying the pleasures of the spring time sun 🙂

  5. Horrible to see those fotoos icewolfy
    i saw a documentary lately with seabirds dying cos of the fact their stomach was filled with plastic rubbish.
    so sad..
    I always say Keep the world clean but start with urself no??Everyone has the responsibility ….

    tc my friend

    • Absolutely we should start with ourselves. And yes the all important “responsibility” word! So much easier to hand all that to our governments than take it upon ourselves…unless of course you don’t have a government! lol…yes?!!
      Since we currently do not seem capable of living without plastic in our lives…and it would seem lack the basic capacity to dispose of or recycle it in a responsible fashion, the notion of a “Plastic Beach” doesn’t sound like such a bad option till we can dream up a more satisfactory arrangement 🙂

  6. Great post Wolfie, not sure it is possible what they hope to achieve

    • Nothing venture nothing gain Rosemary! I don’t see we have anything to lose by trying and if that fails, hopefully it will none-the-less go on to act as a spring board for further and hopefully more effective ideas. Of course not slinging our garbage wherever we choose because we’re too lazy to find a bin or recycle it would probably be the best solution in the long term! Tho it doesn’t solve the existing problem does it? Good to see you here my sister wolf from Europa! 🙂

  7. Oh how wonderful it sounds, but do you think it would ever happen before we destroy ourselves, cos I can see that’s where we are heading, if it’s not through pollution, it could be the unrest that’s hitting the Middle East will escalate and spread worldwide.
    Don’t know about the Pacific but the amount of junk that gets washed up on my local beach is pretty disgraceful.
    We live in an increasingly selfish and destructful world Wolfie, and I can’t see any salvation for us, Lor’ don’t I sound a right doom monger. sorry.

    • Hi Arlene 🙂 Seaweed salad on the side of the blog page for you…and seaweed bones for Tango and Ruby 😉 No need to apologise…I believe in freedom of speech and opinions on my blog as far as possible. I don’t know that it will ever happen in time for us to save ourselves and our world…there are so many issues in our world now that we have no control over. But I do believe we must never give up. We have a responsibility to this planet and ALL life on it. And perhaps if even just one person cares enough and dreams up just one seemingly impossible idea…and has the courage to fly with it…maybe there can still be salvation for us. But we have to believe in that hope. A little like in the Middle East. “Power to the people!!” We must also fight! And not grow faint of heart and give up 🙂 “Walk like an Egyptian!” We have to be eco-warriors! 🙂

  8. hi icey great blog this one yes live n let live as long as not in my wardrobe lol have a great friday icey xxjen

  9. Fascinating post and floating settlement ideas.
    Why not? Though out in the middle of the Pacific would be ambitious.
    Some mates of mine encountered people in South America living in huts built on artificial islands – remote settlements, not super modern at all.
    The whole idea reminds me a little of that Kevin Costner film Waterworld.

    • Yes but out in the middle of the Pacific…lol…is where it most needs to be! Our garbage does seem rather attached to that particular stretch of water 😉
      Those people in S America have the right idea…If we had BEACH huts built on our own Plastic Pacific Waterworld it’d be a great tourist attraction, boost the flagging economy…provide a nice little escape for those wishing to extract themselves from the clutches of the likes of a certain mad-dog Libyan dictator…and a great little holiday home for those lucky enough to be allowed to retire before they’re worked into an early grave 🙂 Oh…and not of course forgetting it’s green credentials!

  10. Intriguing to say the least Miss Wolfie. As for the Dutch spending to much time in the green house…. Tee! Hee!

  11. years ago before my time people didnt have the rubbish we have now not really our fault as manufacturers wrap and pack more than ever its a sign of the greedy times and as like everything else it wont be dealt with until theres a disaster we tried helping the starving they still starve like the rubbish not enough take notice so another human lost battle xxjen

  12. We continue to wreck this beautiful earth of ours, when will we ever learn?

    suki x

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  14. So disgusting….We are crossing The Sargasso Sea for the second time very soon. No littler anywhere!!!

  15. Oh what a jolly good idea! Wonder if it’s finished yet?

    • The speed we humans progress at? Probably not! lol 😉 Thank you for visit and your interest…I padded over to visit your blog but you seem to be saying you’re closing it? That’s a shame if so, I liked your style of writing and your last post was very much in tune with my own views. Maybe you will have a change of heart? 😉

      • Thank you very much. Not so much closed…I add bits on the ‘In Whose Name’ page now and then and, of course, log in to check my what my fave bloggers are blogging 🙂

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