Raven’s Mystical Magic   28 comments


Magic of the Dark Raven

Swift, swift, you dragons of the night, that dawning 

May bear the raven’s eye ~ Cymberline, by William Shakespeare



They slept until the black raven, the blithe hearted

proclaimed the joy of heaven – Beowulf

Raven is the Great Mystery of the Void both the symbol of the sun and the symbol of a moonless night. It is the light thimageat is the giver of life at the centre of our galaxy, and the black hole in the centre of the universe, to where all energy is drawn to before it’s release as new creations.


Ravens’ glimmering black feathers shimmering in blues and greens represent night especially the dark New Moon when her deep magic is very powerful. In China the three-legged Raven lives in the sun, representing the sun’s three phases. In Greece Raven is the messenger of the Sun gods, both Helios and Apollo.

In Native American cultures black is a colour of magical power. Raven is the guardian of both ceremonial magic and healing circles, and is deemed one of the oldest and wisest of animals, intelligent and adaptable. Her element is air, and she is a messenger spirit. Whilst Raven is said to represent the irreverent, the devil, evil spirits, the trickster and thief, war and destruction, death and disaster, the void, none-the-less in many societies such as Native Americans and Norse Shamanism Tradition Raven also represents profound magic, the mystery of the unknown, death and transformation, creation, healing, knowledge, protection, and foresight.




Ravens are carrion eaters; and they have a symbiotic relationship with oldest enemy of man, the wolf…

“craving for carrion, the dark raven shall have its say, and tell the eagle how it fared at the feast, when, competing with the wolf, it laid bare the bones of corpses.”~ Beowulf Anglo Saxon poem

Raven represents winter, because of their ability to endure the cold. Likewise wolves also thrive during this time, being equally well equipped for the brutal conditions.image



Raven was connected with the Celts Triple Goddess, Morrigan, Chooser of the Slain and Protector of Warriors flying over the battlefields in the shape of the Raven.  

When the Welsh God, Bran the Blessed Protector of Britain was decapitated, during battle with Ireland, he asked to have his head buried in the what is now known as  “Tower Hill” in London. His Ravens are kept there even today, as protection against invasion. During World War II, Tower Hill was bombed, and the ravens vanished. Mindful of the ancient legends Winston Churchill, immediately arranged for replacement ravens to be brought in, which they were from the Celtic lands to London’s Tower Hill .

28 responses to “Raven’s Mystical Magic

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  1. What a superb posting this one is Icywolfy of the Icy Realm, it is very informative and has some brilliant graphics to enhance the richness of the script, this is definitely another one of your best offerings and I thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

    The Raven is Dark and full of Mystery and also a most beautiful bird that Mythology has captured and used it’s Magical edge through Symbolism and Legend.

    A wickedly orientated blog that adds creativeness and a fine touch of adventure through an enlightening representation…

    Have a lovely weekend Icywolfy of the Icy Realm
    oh yes, and do try to be good okay, or else? lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • Wicked Weekend Greetings Androgoth 🙂 Thank you! I thought this one might have a slight hint of the dark Gothic edge to it…the mystery of the Raven…the Messenger winging dark and silent through the shadows of the Gothic Realm, sprang to mind…And I’m sure the Gothic Realm could make good use of the dark Raven’s magical edge…especially if it involved the demonic lids Icewolfie is doomed to polish from dawn till dusk!! lol 😉

      • Yes the lids are still lacking the ultimate shine but you’re getting there… Of course with the ‘Zombie Pledge – A Guide to Polishing’ there’s only room for even more improvement so grab your copy now and get reading… lol Actually, while we’re on the subject of cleaning and inventiveness maybe a few lessons in Origami Styled Red Silk Lining Techniques will help you in yor quest to perfection? Just don’t get too carried away and fall inside or there’s no telling what could happen? lol Hoooooooooooooooooooooooowl

        Androgoth XXx

      • BTW – Yor is just Zombie Lingo
        for Youuuuuuur… It’s a reminder
        to check the comment before one
        presses ‘Post Comment’ lol

        Have a Ghoul Evening Icywolfy…

        Androgoth XXx

      • Ah yes…there are some truly dreadful typos out there aren’t there? lol…Icewolfie is guilty of the most disgraceful array of un-checked typo’d comments you could ever wish not to find on W/P!

  2. Well then that’s interesting, I didn’t know the tale of the ravens in the tower, you learn something every day, I used to read a little Norse mythology when I was a child, but can’t recall this, sometimes I think it’s a shame we have to grow up and don’t have time for these lovely old tales, but, are we fortunate to have the lovely Wolfie to bring them back to life, thank you Have a lovely weekend.

    • HooOOOWWWLLLLoooooo Arlene! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post 🙂 Been a while since a mythology-orientated one appeared in the Icy Realm so thought it was about time :)Did you find the box of Black Magic choccies I left in the comment box for you? lol…I sent a shiney black Raven winging it’s way to you with a message to that effect but if they mysteriously disappeared…as if by magic…lol…don’t blame Wolfie!!! It was Tango!!! 😉

  3. i have always liked crows and ravens, and magpies. they are songbirds that can learn to imitate sounds, like the parrot does. they are highly intelligent, social birds. as well as beautiful, i think.

    winter birds … no wonder i like them so!

    i have heard there is a woman working with ravens or crows, teaching them to do search and rescue. its worth looking into.

    wonderful post on the mythos of this delightful bird.

    • Hey! Great to have you fly-by 🙂 And those silvery scales you scattered around the Icy Realm when you winged your glittering way over are awesome!

      Ravens/Crows learning to search and rescue?!! Wow! I would love to know how they are teaching that! Yes they are beautiful and intelligent birds…alive with dark mystery and magic! 😉

  4. Interesting species also how cultures relate to mythologically, religion and parts of history there I did not know this about the Winston Churchhill replacing ravens at Tower Hill. Images well indicate their dependence on wolf’s enablement of carnivorous habits.
    Speaking of birds I saw many out today red headed woodpecker, yellow colored finches(?) as well. Could not zoom in close enough being they were so high up in the trees. As I Gazed tiny birdy footprints imprinted in the snow by creatures practically light as a feather I marvelled at how they stay on the surface and they seem to always manage to find some food too!
    Maybe it is going by fast but I hope you’re enjoying the weekend(“-“)

    • Snowy Greetings from The Icy Realm! It should feel quite seasonal here for you 😉 The Ravens at Tower Hill have been a tradition in London for a long time! Always we must ensure they do not leave and we have none or we will be doomed!! You have such beautiful brightly coloured birdlife in your part of the world. Rarely do we see such stunning variety of colours so it’s a real treat to see yours 🙂 It is amazing how well they survive the harsh conditions when often they appear so delicate and waif-like in their feathered structures. Then again…when we remember the mighty dinosaurs they descended from…!! Hope you don’t become buried under all that snow and that it clears quickly as spring approaches 🙂

  5. Fascinating Blog Wolfie, really enjoyed this

    • Wolf-sister Rosemary!! Thank you 🙂 As always it’s great to see you…but I really think it’s high time you set up over here too and join the WordPress Pack!!! Come on over…you know you want to 🙂 😉 🙂

  6. Thought I’d drift in on the tide and say Hi. For me Ravens signify change and the next time one flys up onto my roof in front of me I think I will take much more notice. Still, can’t change what has passed we can only look to the future. Take care Wolfie. xx

  7. Good to hear so much about these dark and misterious birds, the tale of Churchil and his replacement with Celtic Ravens could this be a good omen that Celtic Earth magic has been protecting us ( well we havent been invaded! at least not by an army!)

    Suki x

    • If we continue to invade other countries when they don’t want us there, in the name of oil then our Celtic Earth magic might just run out!! Our country’s persistent unwanted and resented interference in foreign affairs will undoubtedly lead to retaliation at some point 🙂

      Great to see you again, and I hope life is leading you towards a brighter and happier springtime, after all that accompanies the dark winter months, with much to lighten your heart and lift your spirits 😉 And the protecting Celtic Earth magic surround you and keep you safe! Wolfie hugs x 🙂

  8. Very Interesting wolfy
    and last year when we where in Ireland we heard a lot of the Celtic history.Very very amazing stories.
    I still have problems reading ur Wp
    and my eyes are oke now Wolfy lol

  9. Oh I thought of this one while I was gone. Fitting I often go off in winter myself…hummmm. My friend tells me it is the Native Hunter Gatherer in me, I wander?
    I love this and found out some facinating things in myth and of Churchill. I love this blog Icey.
    What a charming read…thank you for posting this.

  10. BTW beautiful Graphics…this is what Andro said, “Superb!!”
    Warm feathery hug for you, RX

  11. hi icey very watery place this your trying to drown me lol this vampy doesnt like water only showers and baths when a certain gothman isnt in there doing his smalls lol you would think the washing machine was good enough lol xxjen

  12. I love Ravens so much I would like to own one, I had Jackdaws when I was a kid.

    • Enjoyed that vid thanks Kenny…cool birds aren’t they? 🙂 Listening to their call it has a strangely haunting quality to it…timeless…the call of “The Messenger” across the bands of time…Timid one 🙂

  13. hi icey great blog and i think in years to come they will see what that nuclear plant has done wont be flying over there my wings will drop off the chem works a few miles away bad enough have a good week icey are you all fixed up now hey pc wise lol not well anyway xxjen

  14. This is as beautiful the second reading, I too love Raven’s.

  15. Hi Wolfie, just passing through, not lingering – as it looks too cold for this Leo child, and to say thanks for being ‘you’

    • Aww 🙂 That’s very sweet of your Arlene…thank you 🙂
      Now if you take a quick cheeky peep over there…yes behind the blog list in the sidebar…just peel it back…lol…you’ll find a big juicy choccie easter egg hidden behind it! BUT! and this is very important…you mustn’t eat it till easter and you mustn’t tell anyone else or they’ll be very very jealous!!

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