The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean   20 comments

Sky Blue Moons

“We began as wanderers and we are wanderers still. We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean.

We are ready to set sail for the stars”

~ Carl Sagen


Sky blue moons rose on a bright early-morning, alien-world horizon, lighting up the spring sky of another world. Songs of the sol-light wound through the rarefied atmosphere drifting through the sol-lit Europan moon wolf. She walked in star dreams, future wolf fired with gold-the burning fire of the cosmos. Born of burnished, cold star-fire, guardian of the wolf gates, and interstellar traveller from galaxies far distant, daughter of the stars and dreamer of the moon dream. Caller of the star song and lunar-light dreams, fired by the consuming power of the star-streams and the call of the cosmos.

High on a plateau over- looking the frozen ice deserts of Europa and the darker shadowed regions of Thera and Thrace Macula, flashes of the wolf ways etched in fiery star-lit eyes, the Europa’s moon-wolf stood still and watchful at the gateway to worlds, head thrown high into the soft plains wind ruffling her coat, lifting it lightly in sol-fired strands of moon dreams. She gazed out into space softly spangled ears, pricked forward, damp nose scenting the cool morning air drifting across the cratered region below-the frozen Plains where Europa’s Wolf Gates are located. Glowing gateways between worlds. The galaxies space ways, negotiated by the wild star wolves, finely honed instincts guiding their safe rite of passage between galactic worlds. An elusive natural phenomenon well known but little understood. Surrounded by mystery.

Alien wolf on an alien world, calling the unfathomable song of the stars. Guardian of the wolf gates and path finder of the wolf ways. All alien off-worldly star dreams. Cosmic dreams swam in burning wolf-eyes the whispering call of the highest ranking alpha wolf, swirling on the borders of the consciousness of the star wolves attuned to its dream-like call. Caught in the surging whirlwind of the powers inherent within her, she stood still and tall foreseeing all in the dreams of the star-bred moon wolves of Europa, eyes distant and gazing, already at the horizon of another world beyond the wolf gates, seeing what wasn’t yet there. Dream chaser, night wolf, runner in the shadows.

Following the call of the rift wolves she flew along the wolf ways engaging the power of the star streams, gliding in azure ribbons of crystal light along the blue-bathed wolf ways negotiating the wolf gates with the ease of the true Pathfinder, drawn across worlds by the power of the stars, crystal blue eyes alight with a sense of purpose that burned interstellar fire, as star-paths swept by in a blur of scenery, here and gone in the blink of a space dog’s azure eyes. Leading ever onwards to her destiny and the call of the rift wolves, answering an ancient call of the stars.


Rift wolves_Thru the Wolf Gates

She stepped out into a new world of fathomless winds, throwing up the desert red sands in billowing wind formations whipping the thin atmosphere into forming alien landscapes, a running ghost in the rising dust clouds and the valley peaks and troughs. Windswept as a sulphur-tinged breeze lifted her silken coat into the alien airways. Dim infra-red moon light filtering through her coat and her spirit till she became one with the world and stood proud and free to survey her kingdom across the endless canyons.In the Eyes_of a Star Wolf


“The Wolf’s spirit burns bright as the fire of the sun.

I looked into the eyes of a wolf and I saw my own heart…

I looked through the eyes of a star-wolf

And I saw cities in the sky, worlds beyond the stars…”

~  Know Me!, Europa’s Icewolf 2010


Earth’s sea hung in the alien sky, a heartbreakingly beautiful globe of intransient sky blue and frothing cloud-white. Bright blue sea geysers shot into the void with a burst of azure spray and the dolphins of marine Earth plummeted into the water and sky celebrating all that life was and would be and bringing with them the hope of the future for Extra Terrestrial Life.

Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

“The surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean”

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we would go nowhere.” ~Carl Sagen

20 responses to “The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

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  1. Wow, that really does take one to new realms very skilfully written Wolfie, Also loved the graphics.

    • Hi Arlene 🙂 Thought I’d never get here! Been a nightmare trying to get online at all last couple of nights 😦
      Congratulations on being the first kind hearted visitor to this post! lol Sorry to be so slow acknowledging your lovely comment but it is greatly appreciated and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And also the graphics… 🙂
      But for anyone who wants to see some REAL TRULY SKILLED ARTWORK, check out Arlene’s great website at:

  2. loved reading this icey very dark and mysterious you can be hope you have a fantastic easter and hope someone buys you a choccy egg with lots of wolfy licks and sweet hugs aww gone all gooey on you lol xxjen

    • Aww thanks Jen 🙂 But no-one does dark and mysterious anywhere near as well as a naughty vampy goth!!
      Hope you and Androgoth enjoy a reallygreat and gooey gothic easter 😉
      Gooey, sticky wolfie hugs! lol xx 🙂

  3. This is most certainly your best Script to date our excellent Icywolfy friend and I am almost speechless… Well not entirely as I have this to add yet…

    What a beautiful interpretation of the Moon Wolf, a delightful story that is rich in the wonder of all things. Cosmic Waves and Distant Planets, Etchings between the Stars, of a romantic intermission within a world of enchanting awe, and the belonging in a Universe so vast that even infinity cannot hold back the finest purity of the Wolf.

    Do have a wondrously fine rest of day, a superb evening and a fangtastic Easter weekend too… Oh and don’t forget to be good, not tooooooooooooooooo good, but good nonetheless… lol I really do like your posting Icywolfy of the Icy Realm, it is indeed brilliant…

    Androgoth XXx

    • Androgoth…I think I might be coming over a little howly-speechless my wolfie self! I am humbled by such words from the Gothic Master of the Written Word…the Master Vampire of the creative and artfully crafted script. My thanks to you for your kindness in taking time to read these words of the cosmic wolf and from your beautifully worded comment, to understand the voice of the Moon Wolf…such scripts were my original reason for opening my blog on WLS but as you will be aware blog life has taken a rather wider-ranging track most of the time! However there are times when the howl of the wolf- within demands the call to post the odd one be answered 😉
      I will be very good over Easter as I am visiting family up N…but when I return….lol You and Jen have a ghoultastic gothic easter and I think perhaps you should TRY tho not too hard lol to be good!!! 🙂

      • You need to start adding more of these fine examples our wicked great friend, I know that you write with a passion on your Moon Wolf theme, as it is very personal to you, but you know lots of visitors to your Space will enjoy reading these as I do… Right it’s time to hop off now so have a think about it Icywolfy of the Icy Realm (Maybe you could dedicate just a series of extra Pages to this idea?) Be good now

        Androgoth XXx

  4. Actually, lol from the stat’s not many visitors to my space do in fact enjoy reading these types of posts! lol But not to worry, I am aware of this point when I slip them in and the kind and thoughtful comments that I have been fortunate enough to receive on this one more than make up for any lack of interest from other quarters. Just one quality sincere comment whether it be in favour of or critical of, is feedback that will always be welcomed and valued 🙂 I like the idea of a series of extra pages, even if only for my own self indulgence lol 😉 This is a very good idea of yours Androgoth, thank you 🙂

    • Of course it’s a good idea but not because I have suggested it, it is good because it is something that you really enjoy writing about and that is what your own Space is all about… You know I don’t think that it’s about peeps that are NOT interested in learning more about the Moon Wolf or Wolves in general, I think that sometimes we add Scripts and they are not fully understood and so even though it is a worthy effort, peeps don’t always add a comment…

      How do you mean how do I know that? Well Icywolfy try looking at your hit counter in the dashboard area my wickedly fine Icywolfy friend and you will be amazed of how many peeps actually call in to read and yet do not comment… Maybe it is because they feel like a stranger and cannot add anything for fear of being criticised or it could be that they simply enjoyed the posting but chose not to comment?

      I think that you should add more Pages because there is a definite interest for everyone that visits your Space, even if the comments are not always forthcoming… Wow this is a long comment… lol Right get your Choccy Easter Egg out next and by the way… Don’t be getting up to too much of your Naughty Girlie antics over this weekend lol

      Yes I am only joking, but you couldn’t be good if you tried Icywolfy of the Icy Realm… lol Have a lovely day now

      Androgoth XXx

      • HOOoooOOOoLLLooooo Androgoth…thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject. Been out of action for a few days after being afflicted with the dreaded back problem again. The medication has caused a zombie-like stupour and a permanent lop-sided grin lol and rendered icewolfie incapable of operating a small bean let alone a laptop! Re “a definate interest”…while I am very proud of my hit counter stats 😉 the site stat’s page gives a clear indication there is NOT a definate interest in this type of post!! Not a problem as I like them but it does list how many hits on individual posts and these are right down at the bottom of the ratings lol 😉 No problem tho and it’s useful and interesting to know where people most share my interests. Comments are great too, but ultimately so long as I’m happy with my posts and they get the odd view along the way Icewolfie is happy 🙂

    • Stop eating all that Chocolate Icywolfy of the Icy Realm I mean you have to save ME some you know? lol Yes and I bet you’ve been scoffing all those Bunnies too… lol Right I will let you finish them off next and return to My Gothic Realm…

      If you’re quick you might find that Easter Egg i hid in the bushes by the Zombie with three legs… Well I think it’s his leg? Hey… lol

      Have a Fangtastic Tuesday now Icywolfy…

      Androgoth XXx

      • Hope you too had a ghoulishly chocolaty eggifed easter! No I wasn’t scoffing bunnies 😉 Too busy scoffing happy pills so I could hobble round like a li’l ole icewolfie with a zimmer frame without giving in to the evil back attack! Enjoyed a wicked time up N though and stayed an unplanned extra day…so have a wonderful 2nd bank hol weekend and don’t drink too much champagne with Wills and Kate lol 😉

  5. hi icey have you reached for the stars this weekend hope you had a great weekend and a bank hol next weekend too xxjen

    • Certainly reached for something! Not sure about the stars though 😉 Hope you stayed in that nice air-conditioned coffin lol Vampy’s aren’t supposed to get sun tans you know? I’m sure you had a fine stash of choccie necks to bite into and awesome supplies of sparkly red stuff! Have fun this BH weekend x 🙂

  6. Blessed season’s greeting to you, I trust you have done well not to o.d. on many a chocolate bunny?
    My though, that Carl’s sure on to something there with imagination, it makes life more interesting definitely and with the Winter we’ve had – all that white stuff and the cloudy grey skys it just helps to add some colors. I’ve not written much that way only I do find myself imagining a certain amount when photographing what I see, who knows though I could get inspired with your posts here, way words tend to give it an exercise up there… thinking about other realms(“-“)

    • I have a stash of frozen chocolate bunnies in my freezer! Didn’t want them to melt in the sun 🙂 Interesting that you picked up on Carl’s statements. Quite a complex character that guy, involved with the SETI project (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) I think photos can speak a thousand words without a word ever being written or spoken…they can encompass a whole world of hidden imagination 🙂

  7. Oh Icewolfie…do accept the well deserved comments. This is a dreamy piece with phrases like “dreamer of the moon dream… Caller of the star song and lunar-light dreams” I loved those and much more. the Graphics are great as ususal too! I love Shakira…she must be an Alpha Female of another Realm. LOL
    Good to see stopping by Ravenwood. I hope you are getting things worked out.
    Warm feathery hugs, Ravenx

    • Lovely comment Raven 🙂 And very kind of you to fly by. I know someone who would definately consided Sharika to “be an Alpha Female of another realm!” lol 😉 Amazing what an effect she has on the male population! Hope all is going well in Ravenwood…Slobbery Icewolfie hugs!!

  8. Beautiful descriptive writing Wolfie, it calls to the inner wolf in all of us. The ice wolf is part of your inner self, you write to please yourself, not other people. love Rosemary

    • Thank you Rosemary 🙂 I do write to please myself first and foremost but it’s also good to get feedback to reach out to others who may be like-minded who know how to run with wolves and enjoy the sometimes restless, yearning of the inner wolf, that touches the mind and spirit with the mysteries of the stars. 🙂

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