The Story of Amazing Grace   35 comments

The Story of Amazing Grace


“John Newton was a slave trader. He trafficked thousands of men, women, and children from Africa to the Auction Blocks.

In 1748 a violent storm threatened to sink his ship, and he fell to his knees and prayed to God for mercy.

It was said that night that John Newton sensed that there is a God who hears and answers prayer even for the worst of men.

Over time he repented… as a preacher and writer of hymns.

In 1772 he wrote a hymn called “Faith’s Review and Expectation.”

A song that you know as “Amazing Grace”

It became perhaps the most popular song in history.

A song that with a few notes lifts the heads of the hopeless, softens the hearts of the hardened.

Amazing Grace was sung by both sides of the Civil War.

And used as a requiem by the Cherokee Indians on The Trail of Tears…

Civil rights protestors sang it defiantly during freedom marches

And on that sweltering August day when Dr King shared his dream.

Amazing Grace rang out when Nelson Mandela

was released from prison…

And when the Berlin wall came crumbling down

On September 11th Amazing Grace was sung to comfort a mourning world.

It was sung when the Saints marched back into the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina reviving the spirits of a fallen city.

Grace has the power to transform, to right the wrongs,

and turn a man who once traded slaves into one who fought for their freedom.”

“Through many dangers toils and snares

I have already come…

Twas grace that brought me safe thus far

And grace will lead us home.”

~ John Newton

35 responses to “The Story of Amazing Grace

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  1. Very nice Timid one, but does not make me want to believe in god. Or any other illusions. Give me Darwin everytime !!!

    • 🙂 Illusions “He who runs faster than the wind”? 😉 But you believe for example in the existence of time, do you not? And yet time is merely “an illusion caused by the passage of history”…or is it? 🙂 And there is always the possiblility that Timid one is also an illusion 😉 … but that would be just too silly wouldn’t it?!! lol …Timid one 😉

      • There you go talking in riddles again…
        Icy there is a few lids to be polishing next
        so how about you pad your way over and
        get some grafting done… Pronto… lol

        Now where is that duster and polish got to,
        perhaps that too is just an illusion? lol

        Androgoth XXx

      • Yes and my grammar needs a bit
        of polishing too after reading that one… lol

        Hope you are having a wicked evening Icy…

        Androgoth XXx

  2. That was very interesting Wolfie, and how uplifting, even for an unbeliever like me.

    • No requirements to be a believer in order to enjoy something that lifts the spirits 🙂 Always good when the “chains are gone” for a while, and we feel free and alive isn’t it? I hope that can be so for you this weekend and the for the week ahead 🙂

  3. On this day when we pause to honor those who have given their lives for this country this post is especially poignant. This song has been played at just about every funeral I’ve ever attended, Wolfie, and I’ve attended far too many in my day. Here in the rural south Go Rest High On That Mountain by Vince Gill has also become a standard at funerals. I hope this link works for you:

    • As you pause to remember on this day, your country’s Memorial Day…Honor and respect to those who have given their lives for your country. I hope also for the people of Japan and those who are battling with the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor, that grace will also lead these people safely home. The link did work thank you…I have watched the vid several times since you posted the link! 🙂

  4. i dont think believing in god is an illusion its a personal belief just like darwin no one will know how we got here how the earth began until we pass on either we learn the big mystery then or we are no more and never learn personally im hoping theirs a spirit world and we all learn the big lesson there great blog icey nice to see your visits xxjen

    • I agree with you on this one…funny though, how so many people believe in the spirit world in so many different ways, and the supernatural as a whole, and yet find the notion of God and a related afterlife is apparantly so utterly bizarre and unbelievable that they dismiss it as non-sensical rubbish! Believing in nothing at all makes more sense! At least to this rather wierd and wonderful Wolfie mind! (Now where’s the wolfie strait jacket gone to? lol 😉 ) x Icy!

  5. Truly an inspiring song and one of change

  6. Wolfie this is such a beautiful song and the story behind it …I did not know, this gives it even more depth to me. A song I have always loved.
    Growing up over shadowed by alcoholism a voliatile father and absent mother …faith pulled me through it.
    I remember seeing Martin Luther King speaking, marching. The Freedom Riders amidst all the violence these people endured this touched me, inspired me deeply.
    I have watched these things and many others unfold that you blog of and I must say …. I know there is definetly something to be said for human spirit.
    Still with the enchantment of the Universe and our beautiful Mother Earth and all it’s creatures there is sooooo much more unexplained. If this isn’t some kind of “Amazing Grace” well then….???

    A wonderful and thoughtful posting my friend.
    warm feathery,
    Raven xox

    • Raven my feathery friend, if your beautiful heart and spirit that shines out and warms the lives of all whom it touches, are anything to go by, there is indeed a vast amount to be said for the human spirit 🙂
      And oh yes! “the enchantment of the Universe and our beautiful Mother Earth and all it’s creatures…” is surely “some kind of Amazing Grace!!!” Beautiful thoughts Raven 🙂
      Fluffy Icewolfie hugs x 😉

  7. Yes he definitely travelled the full circle but finally
    chose the right path… A very good posting Icywolfy

    Welcome back to the land of blogeroonies, I thought
    you had left the building there for the moment… Now
    we need more of your Mythology me thinks?

    Be Good Or Else? lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • Oh I dont know…lol…thought I might just post a few more like this one especially for your wickedly gothic self!

      • Well I don’t mind what you post as long as you are good and not a very, very naughty Icywolfy… lol I do like your Mythology postings though, but I will always read whatever you choose to add here, you know that by now…

        BTW –

        I am pleased that you have sorted out your housing difficulty, those Landlords can sometimes pucs the wrong buttons and have the Pack chasing at their heels… Snap, snap.. Ouch lol

        Just kidding I am not meaning to make light of your recent troubles our great friend…

        Be GOOD Now

        Androgoth XXx

      • Pucs? Hmm…
        My Typos Are The Pucs Too… lol

        Androgoth XXx

  8. Interesting information about the song. I wasn’t aware of all that. It’s certainly a powerful song. There was a film about William Wilberforce in the UK a few years ago called Amazing Grace – now I know why.

  9. a most welcome post for me wolfie dearest! i am among women most grateful for grace, the unmerited favor of God on a once fallen, and still stumbling, soul now lifted back into the light and kept safe even from myself. how could i ever not believe in God, when He walks with me, talks with me, and i always have His ear!

  10. Hi Wolfie, I have always loved the Song and it wasnt until a friend recently did a post on amazing grace that i read the song’s history..
    I see illusions have been mentioned above.. now its very interesting for yes Time is one of them.. As History is in the making right now.. or then or lol.. But that would take too long to explain here and Now lol….. We just love our Riddles don’t we Wolfie 🙂 lol
    When I read the history of the then/now Slavers it kind of sent a shiver down my spine.. Why?.. well one of my own past life memories and I have a few.. 🙂 So Sorry to all you non-believers of the Here-after.. But I was on board one of those slaves ships long ago…..
    And so when I first read this, i thought it only right that after all the suffering John Newton knew he’d caused he redeemed himself most Gracefully..

    • Greetings, my friend who wanders in dreams 😉 Just to add to our fun…lol…might I point out that history is also an illusion…caused by the passage of time? 😉 Maybe!!

      Thought you might enjoy this version 🙂

      The Great Spirit guide the paths of your dreams tonight,and thank you for taking time on a dream beam to visit the icy lands of Europa 🙂

      • History certainly is.. I was told long ago by those in the realms of Spirit that History is an illusion as we view Time as linear in a straight line laid out one by one like cards side by side.. When in fact Time/History is stacked rather like a deck of cards and can be accessed through each moment and its still in existence still being created still in progress hard as that is for many to fathom….. Those who Howl and Walk in Dreams understand perfectly And thank you for the Cherokee Version I love listening to that.. 🙂 ~ Dreamwalker ~

  11. Very enjoyable Wolfie. Thanks for sharing this historical treasure. Enjoy every day!

  12. Hallelujah grace like rain falls down on me…
    a kind of recent version I liked Found simple guitar chords for this then frozen shoulder set in… inspired to get back to that now feeling so much better, just got to get and keep that instrument tuned. Play standard version before, also real easy song to learn there’s like 3 chords maybe. I missed that about the original title when the movie came out, but “amazing grace” works nicely too.
    Wonderful amazing history to share, thank you friend as I try to catch up with your thoughtful posts.

    • Thank you so much for dropping by and for the link 🙂 I do hope your frozen shoulder has eased up a littleand you’re able to enjoy your guitar chords properly. Used to play electric guitar somewhere in a dim and distant past. Shame it is no longer a part of my wolfie life but maybe one day in a future time… Take it easy and look after yourself my friend 🙂

  13. Always enjoyed this song. Wolfie.

  14. Kram på dig Wolfie…
    Nicki / Night Lady

    • Hej min underbara vän från Sverige!
      Jag hoppas du är glad och väl …
      Tack, är videon mycket vacker
      och ditt besök varmt välkommen:)
      Välkommen tillbaka till WordPress … Jag kommer att besöka din mycket snart.
      Jag har tre / fyra dagar besöker bloggar för att komma ikapp!!
      Mycket upptagen tid på jobbet: (
      Men nära helgen nu:))
      Ta hand Nicki … kramar, Wolfie:)

  15. Detta är en underbar ny framtid dator Nicki! 🙂
    Nu … där kan Wolfie få en av dessa “rolltops”?! 😉
    Wolfie rullas upp skrattar!
    Kram Wolfie 🙂

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