White Wolf Moon

White Wolf Spirit Guides

White Wolf Moon

Against the backdrop of a rising Moon, glinting satellite monitors watching galactic space as intently as a star wolf listens for the call of the moon-song on a cold winter’s night.

A milky Full Moon glow casts a hazy silvered aurora in mystic shadowed magic around the White Moon Star-Wolf. Magic of the Moon-song. White wolf mysteries of the Full Moon Rising over an enchanted nightscape. The song of the Moon wolf echoing eerily into the night sky, casting its sound to the sphere of 1000 stars.

White wolf waits, watching for you from the enchanted forest that is your mindscape, calling to you, unseen, unfelt, but for those for whom wolf is spirit guide, the haunting call of the moon-song will let you know he is there. Bold and space silver. Caller of the star song and the moon dreams, fired by the consuming power of the solar streams and the call of the cosmos.



  • The White Wolf:

The white wolf is the phantom, the spiritual wolf, the wolf between worlds, existing simultaneously in both effectively                    bridging the gap between them. White wolves show us the way, the art needed to build bridges that span the divide                          between the spiritual and physical worlds that exist in our lives. In doing so the white wolf teaches the art of bringing                      balance to our lives and helps us to make sense of the meaning and purpose of events and issues that inevitably occur in our            daily lives.

  • Brown Wolf:

    Is the medicine wolf, teacher of the ways of health and healing. In order to maintain a healthy balance between the mind/body/spirit we must understand and learn the ways in which we can successfully combine nature’s healing abilities with our existing earthly knowledge of medicine.

  • Grey Wolf:

    Is the hidden one, the shadow hunter, slipping ghostlike through the veiled mists and the swirling fogs, of natural world sight into the mysteries of the spirit realm. The grey wolf is the teacher of spirit connections and communications. How we can balance our path with information from our spiritual teachers and guides.

  • Red Wolf:

    Is the earth-forest wolf, guardian of earth and nature, hunting amongst the Redwood forests, and all lands of our world, at one with the life-force of the Earth They teach us the great art of communicating both with the natural world around us and the very Earth itself that is home to nature. Red wolves teach us also how to communicate in these spheres on both a physical and spiritual level, for example, in our dreams

  • Black Wolf:

    Our guide and teacher in the physical dimension. The black wolf helps us to bring balance to our physical and material natures, our everyday erotic and sensual and sometimes carnal desires! When we need to focus our minds on such matters, questions and concerns as the disputes of our earthly, worldly existence, black wolf is there to help us to do. Spiritual lessons learned along the way are good for helping us to evolve. They allow us to progress onwards and upwards till we reach the next level of our spirit lives.

These are top level colour categories from which the whole variety of shades in the wolf kingdom flow. These create sub-categories, eg wolves of lighter colouring, would fall into the White Wolf category etc.

Depending on your life circumstances, one particular animal may stand out as the most prominent at any one time. This is because when working on a certain area of your life that animal’s specific energy is the energy you need to help you progress and move forward.

If you marry, your dominant animal also gains a mate. In fact it is likely that your dominant animal will be the first of the two of you to find a mate, and their romantic energy will in turn impact on your energy leading to you attracting a mate of your own.

31 thoughts on “White Wolf Moon

    1. Hmm…me too 🙂 He is a particularly fine wolf…the all-seeing one…Have a lovely weekend, and be sure to plaster suntan lotion on those glinting silvery scales if it’s anything like the sunburnt UK!

    1. Ah! The Lizard…also symbolising change and new beginnings…helping you to go forward to new stages of your life with confidence and assurance…the one dropping silvery scales all over my blog post you mean? lol 😉 Yes…so much sweeping up to do when silverylizards flyover it’s unbelievable!!

  1. I really like your in depth descriptions of these Wolves, their colourings and their meanings as it opens up a world of wonder for anyone that has no knowledge of the sheer power of the Wolf… As always you have given your reader base a feast of information giving awareness, which helps widen the experiences and so further enhance the learning if one wishes to gain a better understanding of Wolves. In the wild they are such magnificent creatures, and one can truly link with them in order to generate a higher plain, and as the sumit is reached, then a vast universe of pure learning can be achieved…

    Have a wonderful rest of day Icywolfy of the Icy Realm and thank you for sharing this fine posting our great friend…

    Androgoth XXx

    1. Always good to see you and your cape flying through the Icy Realm Androgoth 😉 Left a goblet of “the Red” on the blog page side panel for you 😉 Thank you for your thoughts and observations on this post, your feedback is always very welcome…I hope you are enjoying a wild and thrilling Friday night in the Gothic Realm!

      1. Yes it’s a bit on the wicked side this evening with
        all those Stripping Skeletons… lol They watched that
        film and now every time Tom Jones starts talking
        about leaving his hat on, they start wiggling their Bones…
        Hey… Nooooooooooooooooooo not those, I meant…

        How do you mean which film?
        The Full Monty of course… lol

        The Hip Bone is connected to the Thigh Bone
        the Thigh Bone is connected to the Knee Bone
        The Knee Bone is connected to the Ankle Bonbe
        the Ankle Bone is connected to the Toe Bone…

        That is all the singing you are getting out of this Jolly
        Vampire this evening so that is hard lines Icywolfy…

        Have a great rest of evening icywolfy and no wiggling… lol

        Androgoth XXx

  2. A little bit of the Hiawatha in here Wolfie, one of my favourite tales I do feel quite mesmerised by wolves, the reason that I chose German Shepherds as my no one dog. nice posting. Have a lovely week end, licks and woofs that sound like wolf howls from Tango,[ well he thinks so anyhow]

    1. Well Tango is quite right Arlene! lol His woofs do sound like wolf howls! But GSD’s being so wolf-like do have a slight edge on the howling front…and they don’t do a bad job of mesmerising Wolfie either!! lol 😉 The wolf is a symbol of the night….teaching us to understand our inner selves, we often shy away from. But in facing our deepest fears, we discover our inner power and strength. We need to learn how to hear our inner voice, which in the silence is as clear as the wolf howling in the night… (Tango told me that!)

  3. Hi Wolf ..I understand why u love the entrie of Shaun The howling cub Its a special world. No? The dogs family is topic nr. 1 these days in my surroundings.
    enjoy the weekend..Hope u have some sun.

    1. We have sun alright! Feels like 100 degrees out there and Wolfie is melting into a little puddle of ice water! I was thinking of buying a desktop fan but somewhat late when Wolfie has already melted lol 😉 It is a very special world…re Shaun The Howling Cub…and what a cute world with dinky howling wolf cubs 🙂

  4. i miss your howling lament icey it was really haunting sound hope your well missed you loads have a great week im one step behind you lol xxjen

  5. Loved this Post Wolfie, my fury friend, interesting the differnt types.. and was so pleased too .. as we have a Native American Indian who comes to speak in our Circle.. via Trance… who is known as ‘Grey Wolf’… :-)… Loved the pictures too.. arrgh Wolves happen to be my favourite along with Bear.. 🙂 Keep Howwwwwling my lovely friend.. 🙂

    1. I wonder if the wolf calls to you, too, my friend 🙂 Either way, may wolf watch over your tracks and guard you from any darkness that may try to steal your light this week!

  6. I enjoyed what you have written here Wolfie, have been meaning to stop by and I don’t know what sidetracked me…but it is a wonderful post. I love the Wolf…such a remarkable creature. I think man since our early cave days may have been taught by the Wolf to survive, be social, and hunt… I know my Native American People respected the Wolf and considered them Guardians.

    My son is a Wolf Spirit…he is a Guardian of animals, literally a (Vetinary Technician at a Vetinary Hospital) always had a way with all creatures, and even the ones they say are unmanageable respond to his magic.

    Big Warm feathery to Icewolfie,
    Raven of Leyla 😀

    1. HooOOOOoWWWwwwLLLLoooooo feathery one! No problem…have been very side tracked myself of late and today is the first time I’ve got round to visiting blogs myself for a few days 🙂 Good of you to stop by anyway, always great to see you!

    1. Wow! How strange! 2 people without any connections both find their way to this particular post on the same day!! I shall have to have a think about that one…perhaps I should be listening to my inner wolf a little more carefully 😉 Got my 1st update for ages from your blog today…be over soon 🙂

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