Fukushima Fallout–Radiation on the Nation   26 comments

Fukushima Fallout

Radiation on the Nation – The Truth and the Lies

“The story that the world forgot, and that everyone wishes could just be buried under a 10 foot lead plate, not only refuses to go away but is getting worse by the day. “

“The Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster has 5 nuclear reactors burning, 2 in partial meltdown and 3 in full meltdown- and they’ve all been uncontrollably burning since March 11th. It’s been over 3 months and this nuclear disaster remains completely out of control.”

Fukushima Fallout–Radiation on the Nation


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the ‘federal environmental safety agency arm of the US government’ fearing that the American people will learn the TRUTH as regards the exact amount of lethal radioactive fallout afflicting them, has hurriedly shut down the vast majority of its radiation detection monitors. But the food chains and water tables of the nation have already been contaminated by significant amounts of plutonium, strontium, cesium, uranium along with a wide range of other highly radioactive particles. Best not to let onto US residents about that though.

Reports from Japan including one by the Ministry of Science ~ The ABC quoting NHK news, say that concentrations of radioactive strontium 90 has been found in soil samples from 11 sites in Fukushima prefecture, including in Fukushima City, with a citizenship of 290,000 residents, about 60 kms from Japan’s stricken nuclear plant far exceeded the level that triggered compulsory resettlement ordered by Soviet authorities following the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine.

Strontium 90 is the result of of uranium fusion in nuclear reactors fuel rods. It has a half life of 29 years. It builds up in bone and bone marrow, causing cancer and leukaemia.

Four locations in Fukushima city, outside the nuclear evacuation zone, showed that all soil samples contained caesium exceeding Japan’s legal limit of 10,000 becquerels per kilogram (4,500 per pound). . “Soil contamination is spreading in the city… Children are playing with the soil, meaning they are playing with high levels of radioactive substances. Evacuation must be conducted as soon as possible.” ~ Kobe University radiation expert professor Tomoya Yamauchi

Plutonium from the stricken Fukushima No. 1 reactor has been detected in the town of Okuma, about 1.7 km away from the plant’s front gate. It has a half-life of 24,000 years and some other radioactive elements such as uranium have a half-life of 4.47 billion years. So let’s hope that you’re not one of the statistical 1 in 2 unfortunates who will contract cancer in their lifetimes…

Evacuee Radiation Checksjapanese-child-screened-radioactivity-fukushimaRad_check_point

The latest news from Fukushima is that the highly radioactive water has started leaking from Reactor #2, into a trench which is located just 180 feet away from the sea. The Telegraph reports: “The water seeping into a trench outside the Number two reactor at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeast Japan had a radiation level of more than 1,000 millisieverts per hour.” (100,000 times the normal level)

TEPCO, is of course here to remind us that this is perfectly normal and 1 sievert water is nothing to be at all worried about:

“We do not believe it is leaking into the ocean. We are now working out where the cause of the leak is and finding ways to remove the water as soon as possible.”

Luckily, nobody believes the lies out of Japan anymore: Too bad they still believe the lies out of the US government.

“In terms of radiation leaking into the sea, this would be diluted very quickly and there would be no particular risk to fish for example ” ~Yoshiaki Oka, a professor at Tokyo’s Waseda University, told The Telegraph.

Besides the 22 samples of seaweed tested in May, 10 of which were contaminated, with five times the legal limit of iodine 131, and 20 times of caesium 137, high levels of radioactive caesium (half life of 30 years, making it extremely toxic) have been found in fish off Japan’s east coast, in Ibaraki prefecture about 80 kilometres south of the Fukushima plant.It is believed to have its origins in the overheated fuel rods at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, Also found, radioactive iodine 7.5 million times above the legal limit in seawater near the facility.

Daily Yomiuri reports: “Fukushima Prefecture began checking the internal radiation dose levels of selected residents Monday, the first step in its plan to examine the health of all its 2 million residents amid the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. About 28,000 residents of Namiemachi, Iitatemura and the Yamakiya district of Kawamatacho were to receive the initial checks.”

120 randomly chosen people will receive examinations by the National Institute for Radiological Sciences in Chiba. The remainder will be checked via questionnaires which will be used to estimate suspected dosages of internal radiation in their bodies.

Estimates naturally being infinitely preferable to knowing exactly.

And just to add insult to injury:

Germany announced it was going nuclear-free. Days later Charles Hendry, the Energy Minister, said the UK will build a new generation of power stations. Very nice of him…Even nicer:

“Government officials launched a PR campaign to ensure the accident at the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan did not derail plans for new nuclear power stations in the UK”. ~ The Guardian

“This highlights the government’s blind obsession with nuclear power and shows neither they, nor the industry, can be trusted when it comes to nuclear,” ~ Louise Hutchins, a spokeswoman for Greenpeace

But nevermind…

Radiation from Fukushima? Don’t worry they’re taking care of it. Nothing to worry about. Just walk on by…..

26 responses to “Fukushima Fallout–Radiation on the Nation

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  1. the crazy thing about humankind is that we do things that we know are harmful yet we do them anyways.
    thank you Icewolf for presenting this post and keeping the dangers of nucleur power in the limelight

    • Hi Eddie…yes, we do seem to have a global mentality pre-disposed to self-harming don’t we? Radiation kills! TEPCO have announced that the accident probably released more radio-active material into the environment than Chernobyl, making it the worset nuclear accident on record. And about 966 square kilometres near the Fukushima Reactor is now uninhabitable. 25 years on from Chernobyl there are still radio-active boar in Germany, and UK government is still subsidising the destruction of lambs reared on the Welsh hill that remain contaminated from the radio active plume that spread across from Chernobyl.

  2. Wolfie, it does not surprise me, most governments when it suits them, do not tell their citizens the truth. Unfortunately the people of Japan will suffer the most, as regards America, never trusted Obama, seemed too good to be true, mind you the American people seem to be reaching that conclusion too. The only thing is the full truth will come out, radiation is not a thing that can be swept under the carpet forever.

  3. Doesn’t surprise me either Rosemary…but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be held accountable for their lies and blatent cover-ups. The truth, as Arnold Gunderson, former nuclear industry senior vice president puts it, is that “Fukushima is the biggest industrial catastrophe in the history of mankind.” AG is also a licensed reactor operater with 39 years of nuclear power engineering experience, managing and co-ordinating Nuclear Power Plants in the US. Also in the US, the Union of Concerned Scientists recently released a report that looked at over 30 government subsidies supporting every stage of the nuclear fuel cycle. Their conclusion was that atomic power makes no financial sense.Of course we now have the phone hacking scandal to distract us from both this inconvenient truth and the UK Government’s plans to build EIGHT new nuclear reactors adjacent to the existing ones. But wake-up world!! Fukushima’s still here and it ‘aint goin’ away anytime soon!!!!

  4. This news doesn’t surprise me at all Icywolfy as lessons are never learned and even though the governments around the world insist that Nuclear Power is completely safe, it clearly isn’t… Human error causes these so called accidents, but as one is quickly hidden out of sight another one is just waiting to happen, each time the scenario around the causes change but all are increasingly lethal and the true numbers of infected are never disclosed, it is a minefield of ridiculousness and nobody is out there listening…

    This is a very good posting that will hopefully be read by many, as one can turn off the news and hide away from it pretending that all is well and yet in real time the crushing realities of Nuclear plant disasters continue to kill innocent individuals, not just for the now, but for years and years to come… Thank you for offering such an important posting and keeping us all well informed…

    Have a delightful rest of weekend Icywolfy of the Icy Realm…

    Androgoth XXx

  5. Greetings Androgoth and thank you for your thoughts. Given the UK governments determination to create a media black-out on the subject probably no need for anyone to pretend all is well though. The prevailing attitude seems to be “Radiation from Fukushima? Don’t worry they’re taking care of it. Nothing to worry about. Just walk on by…..”

    It is very clear, as previous accidents have shown (and there have been plenty of them) that Nuclear facilities are both unstable and dangerous. Responsible countries like Germany and Switzerland have pledged to shut down all nuclear power plants and rely on safe and renewable energy production. That the UK government in its arrogance sees fit to instead build a whole new generation of nuclear reactors shows only that it is self-serving and short-sighted. It begs the question “How many more catastrophic disasters will it take before there is global recognition of the need to dismantle world-wide nuclear facilities?”

  6. if the reactors at harlepool her have a melt down id be in the danger zone so i hate the nuclear world we live in xxjen

    • Cheer up Jen! The new generation of N-reactors are to be built adjacent to the existing ones… so you’d have TWO safe, stable and reassuringly reliable N-power plants melting down….erm…producing clean, safe, renewable energy right there on your doorstep. Nothing to worry about there then….Care to join me in Switzerland??????!! Icy x

      • Yes let’s pack our suitcases, now the Skeletons can find their own
        tent though as the three of us in one tent is definitely wicked enough,
        well we don’t want any stray bones nudging us as we try to sleep lol
        Have an extremely wicked day today Icywolfy of the Icy Realm…

        Androgoth XXx

      • How wicked 😉 Yes…Two Vampires and an Icewolf sharing a tent…well better pass me the garlic toothpaste don’t you think?>! Quickly!! As to the stray bones…this jaw was made for gnawing!

      • How so very Gnawty of you
        Icywolfy of the Icy Realm… lol
        Have a wickedly wicked and
        wicked, wicked, weekend…

        Androgoth XXx

  7. Worrying stuff.
    Where did you get the part about the United States shutting down its radiation monitors? I hadn’t heard that.

    • It was sourced from “Global Research” (.ca) although it’s been mentioned elswhere prior to that, if you happened to be in the right place (not the US presumably…) at the right time as it were 😉

  8. There isn’t much I can add to the comments made here Wolfie, I have enjoyed reading through them all and your Wise replies.. Except that Mankind is on self destruct with the way he is going and Nature has a way of wiping out mistakes.. so all I can say is watch out Man.. My gut intuition tells me more human casualties will be of a kind we as yet haven’t seen within our recorded history will happen.. It remains to be seen if the Human Race will then pick up the pieces and start to work with nature and not interfere with it creating Radioactive waste that lasts for thousands of years.. And start to utilise the things that we understand.. Nuclear power we play with like a ticking Time Bomb! And I fear the Fuse has all but burnt its self out.. Glad I finally got to visit .. Keep Hooooowwwling away .. The People of Fukushima need our thoughts and prayers… But more than that, they need to be Told the TRUTH! As does the rest of the world…… .. All Eyes will watch Japan.. and my heart goes out to all of them.. Dreamwalker

    • Hi Sue, not many Dreams to walk in here sorry to say….I wish all eyes were watching Japan but thanks to world governments and media, both who are intertwined with the nuclear industry in the most interesting ways, if you care to pursue the subject….who are doing their best to ensure all eyes are averted as quickly and thoroughly as possible…not forgetting the fact that the truths about Japan are inconvenient and if thought about, very scary ones, best kept safely out of sight out of mind by the majority of “joe publics”. Far better to focus on phone hacking and the economic crisis…and anything else the world governments would like us to. Japan certainly won’t be told the truth because TEPCO has no intentions of doing so, and the government isn’t any better. Truth is we don’t know nearly enough about nuclear power and we have no idea what to do with the radio active waste. And chucking it all into the sea doesn’t comprise safe storage or disposal! …. Wolfie, howling in the Land of Wolves

      • Yes Wolfie,, Its enough to make me Hoowwl my friend.. They! are all in one another’s pockets IceWolf and the powers that be behind the powers that be are out to destroy! full stop!… The more one understands about the Light and Darkness within this realm the more one understands that the Human population is a means to an end for some.. and we are all expendable..There is always more to meet ones eye than you first see… one has to Dig deep, like you to unearth the Ugly Truth Wolfie.. And you seem to have got a good nose and are onto a good scent my furry friend… I wish this episode with Japan was over- But when I said all eyes will be on Japan.. I mean in the future- for no TV or Newpaper will be able to hide the devastation that these poor people will suffer..

        Keep sniffing and digging my friend! 🙂

  9. It seems to me that the present news about Phone Hacking and The Murdock Empire are taking the media coverage away from things they don’t want us to know about! A good day to bury bad news (quote)

    Suki x

    • Welcome back Suki! Furry Wolfie hugs 🙂 The pack has been hunting high and low for you in your Wildwood!
      Yes…the current news being plugged so enthusiastically is a very convenient way to bury bad news, but wouldn’t do for the British people to start thinking renewable green energy resources might be a good idea and scrapping nuclear an even better one would it now?!! Best to brush N-power and the unfortunate Japanese people under the carpet…after all they are on the other side of the world and the truth of what’s happening there is most unhealthy for the latest governmental plans…. Have a great weekend Suki…prep’ing lots of new blogs to add!!

  10. Hi, thanks for keeping in touch. Still current events we do not yet know all the fallout from this disaster huh. Hope you are well. I guess fb seems to be the hub many are requesting to ad as friend on these days as WL becomes pretty much history.

    • Hey! Good to see you again 🙂 Hope you’re bearing up under the strain….It will likely take years before we know the full extent of the fallout from this disaster…they’re still arguing about Chernobyl 25 years on… and no doubt the disgraceful lies and cover-ups of the truth will continue throughout. I gather Japanese beef cattle have now fallen casualty to the radiation…taking down the already half ruined beef farmers. And so it goes on…. F/bk does seem to be the main hub now, though definately a highly insecure one! I understand Google have brought something similar out, though currently still at the beta testing stage and accessible by invite only for now. So competition for F/bk!! 🙂

    • Blogger itself is very glitchy…hopefully this new Google social network will not be! That said Blogger is a cool blogging site and has some great themes, but WordPress remains my blogging site of choice 🙂 Facebook however…badly needs an alternative for those of us who do not like our personal information compromised!

  11.     ▒░░  ▂▂Π▂▂▂,   ▒
      ░░ ▒░/±±±±±±±±±/ \\░▒ ░
     ░░ ░▒/▂▂▂۩▂▂▂/   ░▒░░
    ░ ▒ ░░▒| [|]  ▓  [|] |   ░▒░▒░
    ¯             ¯“-_       
    Have A Great Day..

    Nicki / Night Lady

  12. Have a nice weekend Wolfie…
    Hugs Nicki

  13. Thanks Nicki, that was so cute ;))))))))
    Wolfie sjunga med det! Jag vill ha en fest kanin!

    Kram Wolfie 🙂

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