The Romanticism of the Hungering   48 comments


The Romanticism of the Hungering….

Glistening fangs worn with gothic beauty, the romanticism of the hungering, and the haunting sense of impossible love,

the sensuality that lingers with the paralyzing terror of intimacy…


The Forbidden Fruit

Why are an ever-increasing number of today’s women, falling into the explosive flames of love at a vampire’s first bite and often before the

mesmerizing captivation of that first bite?


A recent view, notably since the 9/11 attacks suggests women feel less safe and secure in today’s world,

the symbols of strong potentially dangerous males; ie military forces/police replaced by indestructible supernatural beings

that provide us with a healthy coping mechanism.

We are drawn to that which we fear. Vampires give us the absolute, dramatic and fearful thrill.

We find vampires attractive because they live forever, and are not held-back by ethics. They are wise beyond their years and remain forever young and because of their nature we can live in shocking and sensational ways through them, graphically and without inhibitions


Graphic and Unhibited


There is something very attractive about a vampire’s otherworldliness; his riveting intensity and commanding need for closeness to other humans is both compelling and alluring.  And at any point a vampire can lose all control, biting you with electrifying recklessness.


Compelling and alluring   Intense and Commanding


We also love the concept of surrendering to a vampire.  Vampires draw you in to the point where they have you in complete submission.  It is not physical but despite this the vampire is such a powerful, attractive symbol, that he can effortlessly hold a woman in thrall.

Giving yourself to something in this way, allowing something else to take-over so completely, carries its own unique erotic thrill. The yearning to taste of the forbidden fruit, the intense hungering for what we cannot have that consequently we so keenly desire.


Erotic Thrills

“Inappropriate. But something about him felt dark and dangerous. Desirable.

He smiled, showing a hint of fangs."

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48 responses to “The Romanticism of the Hungering

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  1. Dark and frighteningly dangerous to be caught in the deathly
    trance of a gruesome and hungry Vampire on the hunt for fresh blood…

    A nicely written Vampire Script Icywolfy of the Icy Realm 🙂

    Have a Vampy rest of
    Weekend now but watch your neck…

    Androgoth XXx

    • Oooooh I don’t know about that…lol…according to the post being caught in such a dark and frighteningly dangerous deathly trance as the one you describe, should be a truly wonderful and earth-shattering experience!! However I suppose that only applies in certain situations…lol…and it is Icewolfie’s usual stroke of luck NOT to be found in any such “certain situations” so I will continue to spray the garlic body spray and wear the garlic neck tie when I enter the Gothic Realm 🙂

  2. the thrill of the undead is not so thrilling in daylight when a slither of sunlight turns him to dust and the erotic fantasies become realities for all to endure great blog icey xxjen

    • Just for you and your Prince of the Gothic Realm vampy jennygoth! After all you are very patient with my strange galactic ramblings 🙂 Hmm….so the “erotic fantasies become realities” do they?!! Oh good!! Roll on daylight lol 😉 Ooh..that was a little bit wicked and naughty of Icy wasn’t it?! Then again…you know I am a squeaky clean, sweet and innocent and not at all naughty in any way whatsoever don’t you…so nothing to worry about there then…apart from my neck maybe! lol … Icy x

  3. “Strong potentially dangerous males” sounds like a lot of guys I served with. “We are drawn to that which we fear.” sounds like THE BOSS and her Bangy!-Bangy!” skillet 🙂

    • HooooOOOOOOOOooooowWWWWWwwwLLLLLLLLL! Do lead me to these “Strong potentially dangerous males” you served with RM!!! lol 😉 And so now I know…if I wish to attract a hot male into my wolfish presence…lol…I must brandish a very large cast iron skillet! No problem ;))) Thanks for the tip RM!!

  4. I’ve met some of them! Men that turn to dust as soon as you ask them to do anything with a lawn mower or a screw driver! Couldn’t get the garlic to grow this year but found a bat in the porch (not the car or bat mobile) and set it free. Excuse my rambling !

    Suki x

    • Ohhh! Those sort of men! Ah…yes…lol…the always around but never to be found type 😉 That might have been a Gothic Realm bat you set free you know! Best you not venture in there to check given the garlic crop failed this year though! The ‘free and available’ strong and potentially dangerous males are, lol likely to be the throngs of skellies and ghouls therein I suspect!! 😉

  5. if you need a large cast iron skillet Wolfie I just happen to have one here…
    leave it to human imagination; especially one lone wolfie girl
    read your story with interest and curiousity; good job! I was fascinated.
    but may I say this…
    fear stems from doubt or the unknown
    what is your worst fear? conquer it and you can conquer the world (your self)

    • How very thoughtful of you Eddie! The local cast iron skillets just don’t cut it…far too small and weedy to have the desired effect lol! 😉
      Lovely to see you here btw…thanks for dropping in 🙂 And you are absolutely right of course re the unknown and our fears…and what we fear we destroy…wise words Eddie and they have not fallen on deaf ears…Wolfie must be more than a conquerer if she is to survive her darkest fears! Wolfie hugs x 🙂

  6. I think we are drawn to strong potentially dangerous males as we fear being with weak males we know will never stand up for anything. I have a large cast iron skillet…but a weak male so that doesn’t always work Wolfie!
    I know that my first husband was one of those “potentially” dangerous “Vampire” men; and my second I married for the security…but he is definitely a weak male

    • Hey! Great fellow skillet-wielder!! Awesome to see you here 🙂 You’re just in time for a good bangy bangy whacka whacka session with the big iron skillet!! Nevermind the weak male…lol…nothing a good whacka with an X-large cast iron skillet won’t cure 😉 What doesn’t finish them off, toughens them up yea?!! lol 😉

  7. Now Wolfie this is a good and interesting post you put up here… I too like that term “Strong potentially dangerous males” Oh ya! Ever notice the Harems of Females around those Men in Uniform or the Dark Caped Ones with Fangs? Sorry RM and Andro…no Vampires or Military Men for me…nope! They always seem to be surrounded by the Ladies. I got no tolerance for that kind of competion…move over!!! LOL It is too bad German Shepards aren’t MEN. I love a LOYAL,Strong potentially Dangerous MAN, but one who adores me while quietly sitting by my side as he listens to me and thoroughly enjoys my treats while fetching whatever I throw!!! LOL
    Raven of Whatever

    • “Raven of whatever??!!” lol 😉 Yes…the thought of “Strong potentially dangerous males” does seem to be a popular one amongst us ladies! lol…as to the harems you mention 😉 Wolfie can usually be found right there in the middle of them helplessly enthralled!! lol…well maybe not in the Gothic Realm, too many ghouls, zombies and skellies for comfort to be caught in that condition 🙂 On the other paw…if I could just find ‘a loyal, strong and potentially dangerous’ Alpha Male who ‘adores me’ lol and who ‘sits quietly by my side AND listens to me’ lol AND ‘fetches whatever I throw!’…I wouldn’t be complaining! lol 😉 Wolfie hugs 🙂

  8. Great Post Wolfie… I have been having a lot to do with Vampires of late.. especially as I visit Two Gothic Realms of your acquaintance and I have to say they hold an eerie fascination … Macabre and Dark, Spicy and Bloody.. Hot and tasty… Now I preferred Teen WOLF Myself lol…. These Modern Vampires with Yellow Eyes now hold nothing on Horror as those oldies such as Christopher Lee.. .. I still remember having nightmares for weeks after watching horrors he got up too.. Which are tame by todays standards… But Christopher new how to thrill… 🙂

    Loved your Howls.. and hey Wolfie… watch out for that Werewolf when you next go on the prowl on a Moonlit night.. And thanks for leaving your Hooooowwwwls…. 🙂 xox

    • HoooOOOOOOWWWWWWwwLLLLLL!!I do like a man who knows how to thrill! 🙂 Even more so the Alpha Male who knows how to thrill!! lol 😉 HoooOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWwwwwwLLLLLLLLLL!! The hotter and tastier the better!! But I think that perhaps they only roam in the dreams of a feverish imagination on the night of a Full Moon don’t you Dreamer of Dreams? Always remember though…lol when entering the Gothic Realm as you mention you do…be sure the dream beam is well polished with the garlic beam spray! Also I have discovered it’s always wise to visit the Gothic Realm with a large can of ‘lid’ polish if you don’t want to spend the night being chased around the “Dark Realms” lol by wicked skellies and zombies with rancid dusters and macarbre cans of ‘Mr Sheen!!” lol 😉 And we all know who put them up to that don’t we?!! 😉 🙂

  9. Way out! A different take on the time that we’re in.
    I suppose the special thing about vampires is that they depend on us surviving. No good wiping us out. They need what we can supply.
    I guess it’s what you could call a symbiotic relationship – they get blood, we get shivers and TV series and books.

  10. I’ll have to look out that Dracula outfit I wore last year in Jersey, maybe it will work some magic and attract a ………………………….NO what am I thinking of, i’m scared near witless at the mere thought of ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night. woooooooooooooooooo, light the candle and off to bed G’night

    • But Arlene! lol…this is the time when all those ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night come out to play! So maybe not a good idea to go to bed 😉 Sweet dreams!!!

  11. hi icey thanks for visit lol now you should know better than playing with ghoulies in the night only brings trouble and leaves you with a large bump and that will put you off garlic and make you quite sick now us vamps are parcial to wolfy meat but too large a meal send us into a tazmanian devil mode that would leave his masters coffin in a bit of a mess and your dusters not big enough xxjen

    • What a horrible thought! lol 😉 Maybe I won’t go playing with the ghoulies in the night then! Amongst other things…lol…never wise to enter the Gothic Realm without the garlic toothpaste, chewing gum, neck tie, and well fragranced garlic BO spray 🙂 And wolfie meat is a delicacy I’ll have you know! Only to be consumed in small, delicate and manageable amounts lol…precisely to avoid the tazmanian devil mode occurring!! x Icy 🙂

  12. lol cool icey xxjen

  13. Great post Wolfie, Christopher Lee can bite my neck, any time he wishes. Any thing which is forbidden always has a great attraction for many people. Of course the Ice Wolves. are kin to Werewolves and have a good knowledge of the Gothic realm. Blood, calls to Blood, and all wolves are kin.

    • Join the back of the queue Rosmary! It goes all the way out of the Icy Realm and half way to the Volcanic neighboring moon of Io!
      “good knowledge of the Gothic realm…” hmm 😉 certainly I am very knowledgeable in the art of running like a “bat out of hell” lol for the exit armed with copious supplies of garlic vampire repellant spray and hotly pursued by the ghosts and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night! lol 😉 Mind you…that’s usually when I’ve forgotten to polish certain “lids” on my through the darkness and shadows of the Gothic Realm…but we’ll keep that point very very quiet cos we don’t want the wrong ears hearing and then figuring out just how long it actually is since the last “lid” polish! 🙂

      • That was about six or seven months ago Icywolfy, there are cobwebs and
        Zombie Bits stuck to the lids now, and you will need some extra polishing
        cloths, not to mention all the slime on the tombstones, maybe some Astro
        Zombie vanishing spray will get shut of it? 🙂 lol

        Hurry up Icywolfy and get your cleaning kit out… lol

        Androgoth XXx

    • I told you not to shout it from the roof tops Rosemary! Now look what’s happened! lol…
      Don’t worry about those rancid old lids Androgoth…lol…I threw them out for the zombies months ago and replaced them with self-cleaning and auto-polishing lids so no problem 🙂

  14. Fantasy keeps us alive. Enjoy every day!

  15. hi icey hope your havin a good bank hol you will have time on your hands now you have auto cleaning lol maybe roaming those iceyplains looking for your he wolf or maybe your just down town on the hunt lol whatever your doing have fun because your auto cleaning machines just broke down and something gruesomes seeping from andro s lid lol xxjen

  16. maybe hes fell asleep and dribbling lol hope he hasnt eaten sprouts or your in more danger xxjen

  17. Ha en bra deag wolfie…
    Kram Nicki

  18. Icywolfy where is your GB and new posting? I have just called in to make a comment on it
    and zap it is gone, but what I read in the updates, it was a really good posting on birds of prey…
    I do hope that you will re-add that one soon my great friend? 🙂

    Be good now Icywolfy of the Icy Realm 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  19. Hi Wolfie, I’m not really into vampires and stuff, and can’t think of anything interesting to add to your post, sorry, I’ll leave that to your ‘other wordly’ friends who understand these thing, but I did want to say thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my rather more huim drum posts, still luvsya though. so do Tango and Ruby.

    • Don’t worry Arlene 🙂 WLS weren’t into vampires and stuff either when I posted it in spaces live somewhere in the dim and distant past…it lasted 48 hrs before it became necessary to remove it or be shut down! W/P seems to be a little more understanding of the oddities of Wolfie 😉 You and I have a long-standing on-line history that goes back a long way now…and you’re comments are never not interesting…and dare anybody try to disagree with me!!!
      Wolfie hugs to you, Tango and Ruby 🙂

  20. hi icey thanks for visit wheres your gb you cleaned up too well hope you have a good thurs im sure your kisses are sweet as honey to a man lol not me aww im in the black hole your gb went into now xxjen

  21. Sweet heart is a special word for (Love)
    Love is a special word for (Care)
    Care is a special word for (Friend)
    Friend is a special word only for u.

    Have a nice weekend…
    ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´¸Nicki¸.·´¯`·

  22. Oh Wolfy ur changing from cold ice stuff to the scary items??
    can i say something Wolfy….I cant read what u write …the white and blue backgrounds.
    can i find ur text without these colours????
    advise me pls
    before u sneek out to bite ladies…lol

    • No 😉 Just a momentary change of scene…posted this in Spaces at one point and had to remove it 48 hours later, so figured they might be more sensible on W/P. After all it’s just a bit of fun not to be taken too seriously…trouble is there are those that do and cause Wolfie to get complaints! And yes I know you can’t read the text…then again how many do anyway??!! lol I think it partly depends on your screen and the contrast on it. However if you subscribe by email and read the posts in your email box that takes out the background altogether. But if it’s white on white maybe not work!! Alternatively you could try viewing them in Google Reader if you prefer… Failing that I can email you plain copies of them if you’re really really keen!! lol 😉

  23. Icywolfy where is your Guestbook? Have you gone gaga or something
    and where is that new posting on the Birds of Prey that I wanted to read,
    I think that I will have to send the Zombies round next as you need some
    prompting… lol Don’t worry that isn’t anything naughty you know? 🙂 lol

    Hey and get your Guestbook back on too or else? 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  24. We don’t hear much about this event, but prayers are still needed. Love and peace to all.

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