A Scorched World-Kelper 10B_And Host Star   30 comments

A Scorched World-Kelper-10B And Host Star

Kelper 10b Scorched World    Imagined canyon on Planet Kelper 10b

Scorched And Blistered – The World of Planet Kelper-10B 

Planet Kepler-10b is a scorched blistering world, orbiting at a distance that’s more than 20 times closer to its star than Mercury is to our own Sun and takes less than one Earth day to orbit its star. The daytime temperature’s expected to be more than 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, hotter than lava flows here on Earth, hot enough to melt iron! Intense radiation from the star has kept the planet from holding onto an atmosphere. Flecks of silicates and iron may be boiled off a molten surface and swept away by the stellar radiation, much like a comet’s tail when its orbit brings it close to the Sun.


The Kepler team has determined that Kepler-10b who’s discovery was announced in Jan. 2011 is a rocky planet, with a surface you could stand on, a mass 4.6 times that of Earth, and a diameter 1.4 times that of Earth and an average density of 8.8 grams per cubic centimetre – similar to that of an iron dumbbell. It is the smallest exoplanet – a planet located outside our solar system (dark spot against yellow sun) and the first concrete evidence of a solid rocky planet orbiting a star other than our Sun discovered to date.

 Imagined view from Kelper 10b Kelper 10-b orbiting it's host star Kelper-9

“One day, the oceans we cross will be the galaxy itself, but for now, we imagine the worlds we discover…”

        KeplerArtistConcept_Family Portrait                          

The Kepler-10 star system is located about 560 light-years from our solar system. Planet Kepler-10b orbits one of the 150,000 stars that the Kelper spacecraft is monitoring with a 42 strong array of detectors aimed between the constellations of Cygnus and Lyra and just above the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The star itself (Kelper 9)is very similar to our own sun in temperature, mass and size, but older with an age of over 8 billion years, compared to the 4-and-1/2 billion years of our own sun. . It’s one of the brighter stars that Kepler is monitoring and is a quiet star, slowly spinning with a weak magnetic field and few of the sun spots that characterize our own sun. It was the first star identified as potentially harbouring a very small transiting planet. The transits of the planet were first seen in July of 2009.

Artists concept of Kelper 10- Saturn sized planets



In May 2011, the Kepler team is announced another member of the Kepler-10 family, called Kepler-10c. It’s bigger than Kepler-10b with a radius of 2.2 times that of Earth’s, and it orbits the star every 45 days. Both planets would be blistering hot worlds. The Kepler-10 star system is the first star system found to have multiple transiting planets.

Kelper 10 orbiting its host star

Picture Credits: NASA/Kepler Mission

30 responses to “A Scorched World-Kelper 10B_And Host Star

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  1. Interesting post. Wolfie, Had to open new Facebook account, here is new link, please re invite me

  2. great graphics icey and are you saying ive got big feet lol those are big boats lol xxjen

    • NoooooOOOoooooo! Thought maybe you had little delicate gothic footsies that had slipped out of that giant gotherella shoe…at any rate…lol you surely don’t have footsies of quite such humongous dimensions? 😉

  3. Wow Wicked Graphics Icywolfy of the Icy Realm
    and I will be back later to leave you a much more
    detailed offering… But for now I have to slide on
    the un-polished lid before the sun comes up 🙂 lol

    Have a wonderful Thursday now Icywolfy 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • Sliding “on the un-polished lid….”….uh oh 😉 You find yourself of gotherella’s wicked power-kicking shoe did you?? lol !! 😉

      • Well I was hoping this might prompt you into action Icywolfy
        I have a nice collection of dusters with your name on them 🙂

        I hope you are feeling much better
        now and ready for some wicked hunting? 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

      • I would be up for some wicked hunting…if I could drag myself away from my various online committments long enough to do so! Unfortunately for you lol that nice collection of personalised dusters isn’t doing a very effective job of prompting me into action!! I’m sure a certain gotherella said they were self cleaning lids anyway!! 🙂

  4. Interesting blog and super images Wolfie! Are Saga doing trips there yet! Could do with a bit of warmth! But don’t think I could manage those rocky mountains!

    Take care and don’t get those icy paws burned

    Suki x

    • A few trips to Europa’s neighboring moon, the volcanic world of Io, home of the Firewolves will soon harden you to this toasty planet! I know the thought of abseiling back down the mountains of this sizzling world Kelper-10b will strike such a thrill of excitement into your being that you won’t even notice the climb up there 🙂 Do like Wolfie…lol…take the heavy duty ice packs…great for saving icy paws and Suki feet from planet-burn 😉
      Wolfie hug x

  5. I like this follow up of your last posting Icywolfy and those Graphics are brilliant,
    indeed the first one that is Kelper 10b would look wicked on my Space, well maybe
    inside a new Extra Page then, called… Well, called ‘Planets’ of course, but perhaps a
    trek through that Canyon should be avoided as it looks blisteringly hot on that second
    image that you inserted, mind you those Artists Impressions do show us a very good
    idea of what it would actually look like and I must say you have definitely picked
    out a fine selection to offer us with your wickedly excellent posting Icywolfy, and I am
    now hoping that you are going to be adding further editions of this one, and of course
    many others of the same genre my great friend of the Icy Realm 🙂

    Have a wonderful rest of evening now Icywolfy
    and I hope that your back is much improved 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • Remind me to make sure I’m connected to the ‘net before I try hitting the publish button and lose the reply will you?! GrrrrrRRRRR!
      So glad you enjoyed it 🙂 It was no small feat sorting out my Kelper-16b’s from my Kelper-10b’s, c’s and 9’s but we wouldn’t want hot rocky Kelpers getting mixed up with cold, gassy Kelpers now would we? lol … You’re welcome to help yourself to the graphics if you wish…I’m sure NASA and the Kelper Mission won’t mind 😉 I haven’t seen any sign of anyone chasing furiously after a fleeing Icewolf screaming about breaches of copyright yet! So you should be ok lol…only do be very careful not to get hit on the Gothic headbone by gotherella’s shoe…erm…not to get hit on the Gothic headbone by 98mph double decker bus size lump of satellite URAS debris speeding through space into an atmosphere near you tonight!! 🙂 Probably best to keep the Gothic head down tonight lol 😉

      • Yes I heard about that one on the news but it certainly missed the graveyard by several thousand miles, maybe it just burned up in the atmosphere or something? 🙂 lol Now much more importantly Icywolfy where is that apron of yours, you know the cleaning of the lids apron, and don’t forget to give it lots of extra polishing as it definitely needs a ghoulishly wicked polish, I was considering using a different wording there but as you are too naughty I changed my mind 🙂 lol

        That has happened to me too, sort of forgetting to click on the publishing button and losing the whole comment, and yes Grrrrrrrrrrrr is definitely one of the words I used, but other one’s mentioned are far too blue to be leaving inside your Icy Realm and so I will be very careful with this comment Icywolfy, in fact I will post it right now before I make an error and lose the whole wittering reply 🙂 lol

        Have a lovely Tuesday with lashings of everything that you want 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

      • Very wise of you to be careful with that comment…they have a mind of their own these comments and rarely one that agrees with ours! I don’t doubt your “different” wording was very naughty indeed 😉 Far too naughty to be anything Icewolfie might be thinking of!! It might get even naughtier when I tell you that lots of extra polishing of the ghoulish variety doesn’t sound especially appealing lol 😉 yes the graveyard was happily well missed…I understand it ended up somewhere around Canada! Or the Pacific ocean! (No…not the graveyard…silly vampire…lol…the satellite 🙂 )

        Now do try to be a good vampire this evening please…I know you can’t but nothing wrong with trying!

  6. Good pics and I like that quote: “One day, the oceans we cross will be the galaxy itself, but for now, we imagine the worlds we discover…”

    • Hello 🙂 It was pilfered from Kelper if my toasted memory banks are functioning correctly and haven’t undergone a Planet Kelper-10b type frazzling…it was written on the canyon’s walls 😉

  7. Hi Europa 🙂
    Very nice information about the Kepler..
    The Universe still holds lots of secrets.. I feel that we only discovered 1% of the cosmos.

    Clear skies 😉

  8. Merhaba çok değerli arkadaşım
    Size güzel ve mutlu bir pazar diliyorum
    Kucak dolusu sevgiler…

    • Merhaba 🙂 Güzel bir grafik için teşekkür ederiz
      benim tatlı arkadaşım
      Bu çok özel bir hediye 🙂

      Görmekten mutluluk
      Pazar güneş çok sıcaktı
      buz kurt erimiş!
      Ben büyük bir hafta dilerim

      buz kurt sevgiler ve sarılarak 😉

  9. Hej Wolfie…
    Nej jag älskar inte tapetseringen jag älskar bara när det är klrt…
    Men solen har skinit hela helgen och idag är det också en stor sol och jag får njuta av mitt nya sovrum 🙂
    Ha en bra dag Wolfie..
    KJram Nicki

    • Hej Nicki
      Vår sol var mycket stor också!
      Stora, ljusa och mycket varmt:)
      Jag älskar den här videon …. vackra tack
      Du är en underbar vän Nicki 🙂
      Tack för din vänskap…
      Wolfie puss och en kram;)

  10. Hello marciento! Welcome!
    Thank you for your visit 🙂

    Zapraszamy do lodu wilk świata 🙂

  11. ha i came over here helper skelper lol aww i know bad line as you can tell im fit again hmm aww i wouldnt stick my big clodhoppers up anyones uras lol im a sweet placid gotherella icey hope your backs calming down xxjen

    • I’m pleased to hear your vampy self is back on form lol 😉 Maybe not the big clodhoppers lol but how about the little dainty clodhoppers! Now…a sweet gotherella I don’t doubt you are 🙂 But a placid one??!! Yes…well 😉 lol Wolfie back’s ticking along nicely thanks…so long as I take plenty of breaks from sitting at the laptop…and I’m very bad at that! x Icy

  12. Merhaba Buz Kurt..
    Değerli yorumunuz ve Türkçe yazınız için çok teşekkür ederim
    size güzel ve mutlu yeni bir hafta dilerim..
    iyi geceler tatlı rüyalar…Kucak dolusu sevgiler size

    • Merhaba Secil 🙂
      Değerli gül için teşekkür ederiz
      Arkadaşım 🙂
      Bu hafta yeni ay zamanı
      Buz kurt avı gece!

      Eğer yeni hafta içinde barış ve güzellik diliyorum
      ve güneş parlamaya
      Sana güzel bir gül hafta diliyorum!
      İyi geceler sevgi ve büyük bir kucaklama 🙂

      Space Station Approach_Urban Moon Wolf

  13. WOW! great images of those other worlds… its always good to come over here Wolfie as I learn such a lot from your most interesting posts on planets etc…. I hope you are keeping well now in your Ice-Realms.. and enjoying some of our Late Sept’ Sun… as she shines her warmth into our bones…
    Enjoy the rest of the week now Wolfie… Much love my furry friend xox

    • The late September sun is beginning to convince me I am in fact residing on Kelper-10B given the current temperatures! As to the Icy Realm…it needs defrosting!If you feel like popping over and helping out you’d be very welcome lol….big job defrosting the whole of the Icy Realm!! 🙂

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