Fire-Wolves of Io (©2010 Revised Re-post)   32 comments

Fire Wolves of Io (Revised Re-post)

Copyright Europa’s Icewolf – All Rights Reserved


Jupiter and moon Io (Copyright Europa's Icewolf)

Silent cosmic explosion of shattered worlds colliding. Volcanic furls of solar fire lighting up the burnt golden worldscape displaying in flaming bursts of moulton gold heralding the birth of the “Fire Wolves of Io.” Melting plumes of moon- fire moulding the dancing array of DNA into burning smouldering embers of life-giving essences, forming and changing in an altered reality, until the birthing cry of the founding Fire Wolf of Io resounded in a wild, agonised shriek through the roaring maelstrom of a world newly and violently born.


FirewolfBurnished gold orbs surveying the smouldering world the first of the Fire Wolves had been brutally and dreadfully born into. Its cindered moon- black mask was in startling eclipse to its sun-bronzed coat, an otherworldly glint caught the astral light, shadowing across the volcanic land forms dotted across the newly formed solar terrain. The air tasted hot and of sulphur, twisting pockets of flames still flaring from the cracks and crevices of the scorched surface ground. Shaking itself tentatively, testing each newly formed limb, tasting the alien atmosphere it was born to with sensitive nose it tensed in its own sense of power, feeling the call of its sun-fired heritage to run and hunt and know the furnace of exhilaration that threatened to explode from deep within its burning, sultry-golden form.

It uttered a strange and involuntary noise – a deep rumbling growl of anticipation. An unfamiliar sound to the new born of Io, before leaping away untouched by the pockets of flames that were an integral part of its Fire Wolf make-up. It moved in moulton luxury feeling the flow of bone and muscle, sliding under glittering cosmic coat, searing wind currents lifting it hotly as the star wolf itself flew on winged paws across red-tinged terrain, caught in the joy of being, of its own wild untamed vitality,untouched and all instinct and wild primal hunter. “FIRE WOLVES OF IO….”

All too often in life we cling with the utmost urgency onto the very thing we cannot keep hold of and even when we know it is lost to us our lives are shaped by that all-consuming longing and the fierce refusal to give ourselves over to the process of adaptation. So it is with those who become like fired moulton rock – they are trapped in an unchanging form. We force ourselves into the form of unyielding moulton rock because we FEAR TO CHANGE.

32 responses to “Fire-Wolves of Io (©2010 Revised Re-post)

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  1. Wow Love this pictures wolfie..and now have a nice weekend hugs xxx Nicki

    • “Fire Wolf” för att hålla dig varm i vinter Nicki!
      Imorgon natt är “Bonfire Night” … “Fire wolves” kommer att dansa i eldslågor:)

      Tack för “Golden piggy vänskap utmärkelse!”
      Så eftertänksamma min underbara vän 🙂
      Ha en härlig helg och tack för den härliga kommentaren
      Kram Wolfie 🙂

  2. Hi Timid one long time no see, as you know I have been absent from wp. for some months now. But things are picking up slowly and I am feeling something like my old self again. I dont think I shall be able to run as fast as the wind ever again But Cherno the fearless is doing great. ok that is it for now, so take care and keep having fun with your wonderfull blog.
    Kenny2dogs x.

    • Hi Kenny…it is with the greatest of pleasure that I discovered you were here 🙂 Your presence almost caused me to drop the shiney new mobile I was viewing you on! I am happy for you that things are picking up gradually…and don’t worry about keeping up with the wind 😉 lol…the wind likes your company too and said it will adjust its speed according to your requirements so that you will always be able to run as fast as the wind!!! Very relieved and pleased to hear the great Cherno the Fearless is back up and running so to speak, and now as the autumn season gets well underway both of you take special care…and I hope Cherno isn’t afflicted with the howling heebie jeebies tomorrow night…the night of loud bangs and scary explosions! Timid one x 🙂

  3. i think at some point in life we all feel trapped icey some more than others always longing and hoping have a great weekend xxjen

    • I’d agree with that jen…and a trapped Icewolf is a very dangerous creature! Then again…a trapped vampygoth doesn’t sound like too healthy a situation either!!
      However for now, I will settle for Hoping you have a great weekend too, and that you have fun on bonfire night tomorrow 🙂 I am sending along K9 earplugs for that occasion! Icy x

  4. In times of transition, changes often leave a longing ache for the way it was – one must be sure not to miss out on the joys moving forward will bring when it’s time, even though sometimes making way for new can seem tough as nails in practice. Have a good weekend(“-“)

    • You are soooo right wise one! Change does not always make sense at the time it is happening either, which makes the transition doubly difficult. 2011 will be forever etched in my memory as the year of deep, profound and very disturbing changes that rocked the very foundations of my Wolfie world…although they were undoubtedly “making way for new” it was a process seeming indeed as “tough as nails.” But you are right…there are joys in moving forward and there are also many lessons to be learnt. And it is surprising how quickly you learn that you are so much stronger and so much more than you thought you were.
      Enjoy the weekend 🙂

  5. I like this one Icywolfy of the Icy Realm, and your unique creativity of the Jupiter and Moon Io
    sets this one into flame my great friend, I think that most peeps hate changes of any kind but
    one has to adapt to the changes and push forever onward, embracing the changes and adding
    one’s own template in order to fulfil the change and of course make the changes positive also 🙂

    Have a really nice rest of evening and a wickedly fine weekend
    just watch out for any guys with forks 🙂 lol Well be good anyway 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • That’s a good way to put it (re setting into flame…) thanks Androgoth!
      We do hate changes of any kind don’t we? Strange really when you think how much we whinge and belly-ache when we feel stuck in a rut with the old war cry “I need a change!” echoing around the confines of our suddenly safe but boring world…perhaps we should be more careful what we wish for! Seems that somtimes we get it…just to teach us a lesson!! But you are right, we do need to “add our own template in order to fulfill the change” though “embracing the changes” is often the hardest part!!

      I trust there will be many fireworks and big bangs in the Gothic Realm tonight….exploding zombies perhaps….or possibly zombies blowing their noses if they still all have colds! Enjoy the night 🙂

      • Yes those Zombies are always blowing it out of something? 🙂 lol
        Actually there are a lot of fireworks going off around here this evening
        and a lot of banging too… Hey I meant of the explosive kind cheeky 🙂
        I hope that you are going to be adding some more Astronomy and of
        course more on the Mythology theme too as I like to read about that
        subject 🙂 I need to be catching up on everyone’s postings as lately I
        have been lacking in the commenting department, I guess that could
        be with answering peeps on my own Space, so I sort of have to do it
        all twice, but you also reply to comments on yours so you will know
        what I mean on that one 🙂 Right I will return to my Space and see
        what, if anything is going on there? 🙂 lol

        Maybe it will be more of those
        farting… I mean sneezing Zombies? 🙂 lol

        Androgoth XXx

      • I know what you mean re comments remember….it is much much much lol more blessed to give than it is to receive 🙂 It’s all part of the fun of posting as I’m sure you’d agree and it would be pretty boring with no lovely delightful commentors! Yes…well we do tend to hope that when we’re indulging in a lot of banging…lol…that it will be of the explosive kind!!! And that there will be a plentiful supply of fireworks 😉
        See…you thought I meant something else entirely more naughty and hopelessly wicked didn’t you? 🙂 So we’re temporarily even on the wickedness front now…though you of course are many many times more wicked than Icewolfie could ever dream of being, being of the pure and innocent leaning!

      • You Innocent? 🙂 lol now I have heard it all Icywolfy of the Icy Realm
        you have always been the worst for wickedness on WordPress and
        was even worse on WLS ask anyone? 🙂 And as for fireworks, yes I
        agree what is the point of an all night quest if there are no fireworks
        before, during and after the event… I mean… what kind of fireworks
        display would that be without those bangers and sparklers? 🙂 lol

        Right I will return to my Space and see if there has been any idiots
        calling by, well you never know on WordPress as there is always one
        that thinks he is Mr. Perfect, of course it could be just another Zombie
        on weed but they have to be checked out and thrown out if you catch
        my meaning? 🙂 lol In the meantime try not to be so wickedly naughty,
        well I know that will be almost impossible for you but try anyway 🙂 lol

        Have a lovely start to your
        week now and be good too 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

      • It would be no firework display whatsoever without unmentionable numbers of bangers and sparklers! 😉
        As I am sure you know perfectly well 😉 lol…being remarkably wicked and naughty…and that’s just when you’re trying to be good!
        You should learn to follow Icewolfie’s example of great innocence and purity of heart 🙂 lol…the fact that I am so shiney and snowy shaded proves that point beyond all doubt don’t you think? lol 😉

      • Icywolfy are you ever going to
        add your Guestbook back on here?
        Well I think it needs re-adding but
        it is up to you of course? 🙂 😉

        Have a lovely Wednesday now 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

      • It’s useage didn’t justify its presence…most people prefer to comment on the posts and there are plenty of other pages up there providing slightly more private spaces for those who wish for it…comments on pages show up in my updates just the same as on the posts 🙂

        This is a very fleeting run-through tonight and I know you’ve posted, so I will be along to visit asap 😉 but between “IE can’t display this (or any other, to add to the fun, it would seem) page” warnings and a heavy “take home” work load I’ve hardly had any online time. I will no doubt pay for these issues in terms of catch-up tomorrow night!!!! Be a good goth 😉 and try not to be too wicked now the longer and darker evenings are here! 🙂

  6. enjoy your night icey im in with heidi but i dont mind she comes first be safe and enjoy xxjen

    • Best place to be 🙂 I’m sure Heidi’s glad of your company…not a good time for man and woman’s best friend is it? Icy is in too, despite best intentions to not be…people have a bad habit of throwing fireworks at ya round here and behaving like idiots so better safe than sorry. Icy x 🙂

  7. Change can be difficult, but this revision shows we can do so wonderfully. Enjoy every day!

  8. Enjoyed this Wolfie, and you have a moral to it as well, this is the first I was able to comment on it.

    • I’m very glad it let you comment on it Rosemary and thank you for persevering 😉 You are a true friend! Make the most of the moral in it lol…likely it will be the only one this year!! Love your profile pics by the way 😉 Very impressed! Wolfie hugs 😉

  9. Der Wolf ist ein wunderschönes Tier Grüsse dich mein Freund wünsche dir eine gute Nacht lieber Grus Gislinde.

  10. Hej Wolfie..Ja Wolfie kanske farligt farligt att tala om för någon att du älskar honom men det är också härligt härligt..
    Love you wolfie…Kram Nicki

    ps.. Love the picture you have in this blog 🙂

  11. what a foto. Tx for ur swet comment Wolfy..
    And maybe there are ice squirrels. U never know
    Enjoy the week.and cya

  12. “Burnished gold orbs surveying the smouldering world”

    This is nothing short of epic and immensely beautiful! I love it! I must read it again now…

    • Wow!! I am honoured Vampire Weather! Thank you 🙂 This one along with others I have re-posted were unreadable after the transfer from Windows Live Spaces for reasons best known to W/P! Hence it’s appearance in the here and now 😉 Still…not all bad if it attracts the attention of a skilled writer with fascinating and memorable depths of expression, such as yourself 🙂

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