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Ancient Roman Baths

Ancient Roman Bath HouseThe history of the Roman baths began during the height of the Roman Empire and the larger public baths (thermae)were owned and operated by the government. Some large Roman baths could hold up to 3,000 people at any one time so the danger of theft was always a risk. There were no bars such as social and economic status to prevent anyone in Rome enjoying Roman public baths. A small admission fee was charged it but it was well within the means of even the poor people of Rome to visit weekly. The rich enjoyed the luxury of daily usage.

 Meeting with friends 3 balls and 3 people ball game_named TrigonMeaty cafe treats Board games called tabula_A favourite activity Roman baths were a central part of Roman social life busy, noisy and lively.Located in most Roman cities in Ancient Rome they also allowed the Roman citizens access to healthy exercise in the gym where the men enjoyed working out with strength training weights and the throwing of the discus. They also had a library and a café-type food area for treats such as fruit or cakes, oysters, meaty chops and spare ribs.

Men and women used separate bath houses, usually open at different times, as mixed bathing was considered unacceptable and was against bath house rules. Slaves were allowed, when taken by their masters/mistresses, to visit the baths, during which time the slaves servants to carry their towels, oils, and clothing and were expected to help them enjoy their bathing. They also stood guard over their clothes in the dressing rooms. The poor, for a fee could have their clothes watched over by bathhouses attendants. Children were not allowed to use them at all.

Heating the Baths

No exercising "in the niff!" Roman BathsIt is unlikely that the Romans, unlike the Greek men exercised “in the niff” Winking smile though they probably wore only light clothing whilst bathing. They also wore special thick-soled sandals for protection whilst bathing because the floors were heated.

Spring water flowing to BathsThis was achieved by a unique system of heating known as hypocaust, invented by roman engineers. Pillars raised the floor off the ground and wall cavities allowed hot air from the furnace (praefurnium) to circulate through them. Rooms requiring the most heat were placed closest to the furnace, whose heat could be increased by adding more wood. Roman bath houses were a feat of engineering at the time. Drawing on natural hot springs from beneath the ground, a pump system drew water up into the large pool, wherever springs existed. Heaters were also created to maintain warm temperatures in the baths.

Accompanied by a slave carrying their towels, oil flasks and strigils, bathers would progress through rooms of various temperature….. tepid, hot and dry, warm and steamy and a final cold plunge bath in the aptly named frigidarium.

Bathing Rooms

      Tepidarium (Warm Room)    Laconicum (another Hot Room):     Natatio     Apodyterium (Changing Room)     Caldarium (Hot Room)Cold Room (Frigidarium)

In the Tepidarium (Warm room) heated walls and floors and sometimes a pool warmed the water enough for the Romans to sit and relax in and also to rub themselves with olive oil. they would then move onto another hot room, the Laconium. This is a small round steam room acting like a sauna to encourage further sweating. Followed by the Natatio, a long warm water swimming pool served by the Spring. Towels were collected and clothes left in cupboards in the Apodyterium (Changing Rooms). closest to the furnace is the Caldarium (Hot room) consisting of a large tub or small pool full of super-heated hot water and a waist-high fountain (labrum) with cool water to splash on the face and neck. Finally the bather might return to the Tepidarium again before finishing in the Cold room (frigidarium) with a refreshing dip in the cold pool and massage with perfumed oils.

After exercise, bathers would have the dirt, sweat and oil scraped from their bodies with a strigil- a curved metaThe Stabian Baths a relatively small Republican bathousel scraper. They could then enjoy a stroll in the gardens, visit the library, be entertained by performing jugglers and acrobats, listen to a literary recital, or indulge in a well earned bite to eat.

Roman Bathhouse Latrines

Roman Bathhouses also had large public latrines, (‘loos’ for the unenlightened!) Usually consisting of marble seats perched over channels of continually flowing water they were the earliest toilets to be flushable. A shallow water channel At the forefront of the seats, with their on-stick sponges for the use of the Roman bather after use of said latrines there was also a channel of shallow water, presumably for the cleaning of said sponges Winking smile

                                                  The Roman Baths in the City of Bath

The walled town of Aquae Sulis


The splendid temple and bathing facility the Romans built around the only hot spring in Britain, still flows with natural hot water. The mystique of the Baths remains to this day attracting tourists from far and wide, drawn to the times when Roman citizens and centurions bathed in this pool and offered homage to the Minerva goddess of the waters.

Aquae Sulis (Latin for ‘waters of Sulis’)has three hot springs. The largest natural hot (46° C )Spring located central to the site is considered sacred to the goddess Sulis Minerva. An orange colour skirting the Spring is the a result of many different minerals such as iron dissolving. The spring is said to be a link to the Underworld, somewhere people would come to pray to the goddess Sulis Minerva throwing in gifts of jewellery and money , so the goddess would lookGifts thrown into the Spring for goddess after them and theirs.

Notes (‘curses’) written to the goddess on soft lead were also thrown in to the spring. For example, "To Minerva the goddess of Sulis I have given the thief who has stolen my hooded cloak, whether slave or free, whether man or woman. He is not to buy back this gift unless with his own blood."

Sometimes they were written back-to-front or in mirror-writing to make sure only the goddess could read them because it was believed that if the curse floated, it would spring back on the curse writer rather than the unfortunate victim it was meant for.

Plants and statues in the poolInside the bathsStatues of gods and goddesses stand in the water. Plants grow on the walls and sometimes birds fly through the windows. It seems more like a pool in a wood than a water tank in the town centre. Many ill people visit the baths because they believe they will get better if they swim in the waters of Sulis Minerva. All the rooms are roofed and many have high ceilings. They have colourful painted walls and some have mosaic floor.

Next to the Spring is the temple of the goddess SulisThe Courtyard Minerva.Roman Temple The Temple is in the middle of the open air Temple courtyard. This is where most of the ceremonies take place. In front of the Temple is the great altar where the priests make sacrifices to Sulis Minerva for example; cows, sheep and pigs. The gateway to the building housing the Spring contains at its peak an image of the sun . The adjacent building shows images of the four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

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  1. Wow this is wonderfully informative! The intricacies of other cultures are fascinating. Thank you for sharing this wealth of information!

    • Why Vampire Weather! Fantastic to see you 🙂 And thank you for your kind comment…you are much quicker off the mark than I, when it comes to visiting new blgos, something I must remedy I think! 😉

  2. Fun trying to catch up with you Icey, what did you do sign up for a blog a day?!? ha ha. It’s turned so cold and rainy here now that a bath sounds great, unfortunate situation is no hot water until tomorrow, oh well. Thanks for always the visits, now we’re off too start a good week(“-“)

    • So pleased to know I am entertaining you so well and you are having such fun 😉 Maybe I should increase the quota to 2 or 3 posts/daily?!! Just for you? lol No I haven’t signed up to anything, one of the recent ones was a 2010 repost so I didn’t count that one, The Fukushima Discrimination post was, in my opinion too important not to post, and I don’t agree with people burying their heads in the sand and pretending that ‘uncomfortable’ crisis is not happening and has gone away. It hasn’t. It’s very real. And this one was especially for my lovely vampygoth friend ‘jennygoth’…so I make no apologies for the sudden, temporary increased posting 🙂 Enjoy your bath tomorrow! And have a great week 😉

  3. this is one of your best blogs icey made me laugh we had a bit of a story going on wls once ages ago now we all had a part to play mine was washing the romans underpants yuk and chasing john on a donkey hmm but i won in the end and rode of with my prince on the charriot but you can imagine mr andro bathing his ass or was it bathing his well it was in asses milk anyway he was always loosing his pants too but i think he hid them really so he could prance round in the niff great story icey loved it enjoy your time off xxjen

    • Aww 🙂 I’m so pleased you enjoyed it jen, makes it all worthwhile…I was hoping you wouldn’t be disappointed! That story sounds like an awesomely good laugh…washing the romans underpants??!!! lol Lovely job for you!! And yes 😉 I can most certainly imagine very vividly lol what andro was bathing!!! lol Must agree though…it does seem the most likely conclusion that the losing of the pants was wholly intentional and and the dancing in the nifff was undoubtedly…exhilerating?!! For alll concerned!!!! Well! He is remarkably wicked and naughty at the best of times and has absolutely no idea whatsoever of how to be good!! lol Has he?!! Come on now jen 😉 You know it’s true!! lol 😉 x Icy

    • Hey I saw that, cheeky you are 🙂 😉 lol
      Those were good times babe, in fact that
      script is still on my Space… I think that I
      will have to and have a read of that one 🙂

      Androgoth XXXx

  4. Enjoyed this article Wolfie, they do say only places that Roman conquered are civilized, the others remained savages lol

    • I’d be inclined to agree with that Rosemary!! The all-consuming question is of course, which of those categories do you and I come into??!!! lol 😉
      Hope all is well with you and Walter…and Chloe is behaving herself for a change!! Or is that your computer I should be referencing with that suggestion?!!

  5. Pass me the soap will you ?

    • Yo Simon! Wonderful to see you! Looking very masterful and fine in your profile pic 😉
      That is not however…lol…an excuse to think that Wolfie has developed a sudden desire to be your maidservant and “pass the soap!” lol Nor do I wish to carry your towel!
      It would be far too big and bulky for a dainty-pawed Icewolf like Wolfie considering the size towel required to dry a lion!!!!

  6. Wow how wicked of you Icywolfy of the Icy Realm but what a feast of knowledge you have presented us all with on this awesomely delightful posting, I see that you have added that there were no exercising in the Niff but I have it on good authority that Caligula and Nero often exercised in the Niff at weekends and Julius Caesar who was a fanatic with his grape eating extravaganzas also liked a bit in the Niff, noooooooooo I mean a bit of jogging on the spot 🙂

    Indeed those sandals were literally thrown everywhere during those hot bath nights, well if you don’t believe me just find one of those Eunuchs and ask them how they lost their… Balls were another form of exercise and juggling could be viewed from inside and outside of the Splendid Temples, indeed there is a story where one of the Centurian Guards lost his Toga and had to dress up as a Vestal Virgin but his feet were a giveaway and he was caught trying to get off with Mark Anthony, much to Cleopatras disapproval…

    Anyway I really like your in depth posting Icywolfy, and those little graphics are also very wicked, you have certainly offered one of your finest posts and thank you my great friend it has been a wonderful read 🙂 Actually I will be calling back again for another read of this one just in case I missed out on anything 🙂 lol

    Have a wickedly excellent rest of evening Icywolfy of the Icy Realm 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • LoL…I get the feeling you might be teasing a little here Androgoth! I expect the Centurian Guard who lost his Toga was known as “AndroTogaGoth?!?” And I never knew Julius Ceasar liked a bit in the niff…lol…;) But I suppose jogging on the spot is a pretty hot activity if you’re hard at it for long… lol 😉 Always good to gain some education from the experts though I think I will pass on asking the Eunuchs how they lost their…:) I think the great Andro-fountain-of-Roman-Times-Knowledge will be quite sufficient for me thank you!! I’d have been very interested in reading a version of this post (or similar) from your point of view actually. I am sure you know of things that I have never even heard of before so it would be an enriching experience and an opportunity to expand my comparatively limited knowledge 🙂 And I would seriously love to read that script jen mentioned!!

      • Perhaps I should offer a nonsensical posting about the Romans? 🙂
        Well it might not be so well informed but there will certainly be some
        very questionable moments in there i think? 🙂 lol Of course you are
        probably hoping for the ‘X’ Rated version but as Caligula will be on
        one of his many shopping trips I will have to fall back on the… ‘PG’
        offering but it could still prove to be a riveting read, well maybe? 🙂 lol

        Have a fun packed jolly wicked
        and ghoulish rest of week Icywolfy 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

      • Without a doubt! The sooner the better 😉 And yes…the ‘X’-Rated version would have been most inspiring! lol but no doubt the ‘PG’ version will be an intensely riveting read in its own right! I look forward to this treat!! And now I must make a start on the ever-lengthening list of blogs I have been wicked and naughty enough not to get round to visiting yet 😉 Of course I do have all day tomorrow free but I will be too busy checking for your new post to give them their right and proper attention then!! 🙂

      • Well I haven’t even started it yet Icywolfy 🙂 lol
        But guess what? I am going to be adding that
        one soon, not sure if it will be this week, but it
        should appear before the weekend 🙂

        I do hope that while you are off work lounging
        around and being wicked that you too are busy
        writing another posting? 🙂 Something similar to
        this one will definitely suffice so get your paws
        in action, and pronto 🙂 lol

        Have a wicked rest of evening now and
        be good… Hmm… As if you ever could be? lol

        Androgoth XXx

      • Well don’t take too long about it ok?!! lol
        My paws are much too cold for keyboard action 😉
        And I have a whole bunch of presentations to prepare
        so you will have to supply paw warmers if you
        want anymore postings appearing this week!
        Ok…being a very wicked Vampire no doubt you are misbehaving already…
        so if you must be wicked all night lol be sure to enjoy it! lol 😉

  7. What an amazing post Wolfie.. sorry its taken me while to get around to commenting, though I did read in my phone part of it.. 🙂 love your graphics too Wolfie. Those Romans and ancients knew a thing or two about heating water and channelling it to where it was needed…In the Village I grew up in we have a small building which we called the Roman Baths.. It wasnt Roman but Roman remains were found but it was fed with a spring which holds the constant temp’ of 63degs even in winter. and so fed the baths..

    Getting back to you post I have seen the Loo’s for myself in Cyprus whereby huge areas were set aside in market places for Latrines.. Amazing builders and History lesson you have given us here Wolfie my furry friend..
    Wishing you an excellent week my friend.. Hugs to you xx Dreamwalker.

    • Hey Dreamy one! Good of you to stop by, don’t worry about the time factor…I appreciate it immensely that you make time to pop in, in the first place and life is often busy for all of us, so it is my privilege that you choose to visit when you do 🙂 We have, by my understanding, got a great deal to thank the Romans for…they were clever people…who knows where we would be today if they hadn’t engineered some of the things they did? 63 deg’s is hot! Very handy to have a spring like that around 😉 This builders and history lesson was an eye-opener for Wolfie too I might add! 🙂

  8. merhaba benim sevgili arkadaşım Buz 🙂
    Güzel dostluk için çok teşekkür ederim
    sizin için harika bir gece ve yeni güzel bir hafta diliyorum
    güzel güller içinde teşekkürler 🙂
    size çok kucak dolusu sevgiler..

    • merhaba tatlı arkadaşı Seçil!
      Ben iyi bir gün geçirdik umuyoruz
      ve havaya çok mutluluk 🙂
      Bu hafta tembel!
      Ben bir hafta tatil var
      Uyumak için çok zaman!
      Güzel bir gül için teşekkür ederiz
      güzel bir dostluğun bir sembolü 🙂
      ben size göndermek
      Buz sarılmak!

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  10. Ist schön schön von einer anderen Kultur und von den Römern Grüsse dich mal lieb und wünsche dir einen guten Nachmittag Gislinde.

    • Das Leben ist sicherlich ein wenig anders heute! Ich stelle mir vor wir würden spielen römischen Thermen auf unserer Wii mit virtuellen Sklaven! Es ist sehr kalt heute Nacht … selbst für einen Ice Wolf! Ich hoffe, Sie sind warm und gemütlich:)

  11. On the top of the mountain sigiriya In Sri lanka there was a kind of swimming pool;..well it seemed to be the bath of the kings at that time
    and the Roman baths and the latrines In Efese in Turki we saw

    watch this and think
    and nowadays there are no decent toilets there Understand who can
    Tx for sharing this Wolfy

    • You have certainly travelled to some interesting places 🙂 Good of you to travel all the way to Europa too!
      Great photo 😉 I would say they are of much better quality than many I have the misfortune to visit in 21st century!!

  12. I was just on my way over here when I tripped over something,
    well it wasn’t one of your new postings that’s for sure but hey I
    know how busy you are with Mr. Portuguese so carry on being
    naughty as usual and I will be good, like always 🙂 Of course if
    you do decide to add another posting similar to this fine offering
    then I will definitely be over here again to read it, so there 🙂 lol

    Have a funtastic weekend Icywolfy of the Icy Realm 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Mr Portuguese and co have all left now…just me and 2 nepalese ladies who are here for 3 weeks. It’s proved a good time to catch and dispatch the resident rats though!! They like it when no-one’s around and all is quiet so the dispatch collection is growing accordingly 😉 I would prefer you didn’t trip over them however lol so look where you’re going in future!!! My postings are much too tidily stashed inside my laptop to be responsible for your Gothic feet tripping you over 🙂

      • Sooooooooooooooo an all female affair is it? Well don’t be getting too many late Toga nights going or you will never be up in time for work, and with no Mr. Portuguese’s spying through the bathroom door every time you take a shower or a bath I bet the need for more male house-mates is very high on the agenda, well I know how you like the voyeuristic challenges of those wicked nights in 🙂 lol

        Or was it YOU that were peeping through the keyhole? Yes well we all know who is the naughtiest Icywolfy in Blogland so I guess that is a fair assumption? 🙂 lol Right I will return to my Space now and try not to trip over anything that you have discarded, probably a bunch of banana skins or something knowing you 🙂 lol

        Androgoth XXx

  13. Merhaba benim sevgili arkadaşım Buz 🙂
    sizi çok özledim..
    Harika dostluk için teşekkür ederim.
    size mutlu bir gece ve iyi bir hafta sonu diliyorum
    kendinize çok iyi bakın..
    çok kucak dolusu sevgiler gönderiyorum 🙂

  14. Hi Europa, great information you’ve have here. I guess I’m gonna have a hot Bath soon after leaving my chair 😉
    I love Hot Springs..Here in Oman we’ve got so many..and the famous one I think called “Al-Kasfa Hot Spring” which is located in “Rustaq” town
    Have a look at this link for more info>>

    Have a nice day 🙂

    • Good evening from the Jovian system and the currently famous, newsworthy icy Jovian moon Europa:) -170 deg C and falling tonight and I could really do with a visit to Al-Kasfa Hot Spring!! These Europan lakes everyone in the Terran system is raving about right now are much too cold to harbour life of the Icewolf variety 😉 Yes…even Europan Icewolves with paws of titanium…well! Sounds better than old-fashioned steel don’t you think? lol
      That’s a great post in the blogger link…the springs sound very beautiful…I think I could handle a holiday out there right now! Hot starry skies 🙂

  15. i Wow Wolfie what a wonderful description of Roman Baths, but somehow they sound very similar to today In fact it reminds me of our visit to the Turkish Baths in Turkey where we were stripped naked and had alternate buckets of steaming hot and freezing cold water thrown at us, the masseurs was a weighty ex-wrestler who took a liking to Mr Suki and I nearly lost him, needless to say he did not take a liking to me and the massage was shall we say just a little rough!

    I hear on the news that they have discovered your secret oceans of water under the ice on Europer It won’t belong before they discover life there and we will all be boarding space ships to visit you!

    Tale care my furry friend and the paw warmers are on there way

    Suki x

    • Stripping off in the Turkish baths??!!!! Suki!! Sounds like a pretty dodgy experience both for you and Mr Suki!! lol… 😉 Your massage sounds more like a massacre! 😉 lol I’m sure you both felt very refreshed afterwards…when you were both at a safe distance from the baths!

      I think you’d better weave some waterproofing into those paw warmers btw…my paws are cold AND soggy now!! And it’s -170 deg’s C on Europa!!

      Yes 🙂 Had indeed heard about Europa on the news 🙂 They won’t get to the ocean in a hurry…they need to drill through 10s of km’s of pack ice first to get there 😉 The newly discovered lakes however are much shallower…they’re the ones Wolfie goes fishing in 😉 Just hope any alien invaders don’t go killing my dinner off with their nasty old offworld germs!!

      Wolfie hugs x 🙂

  16. Thanks for the history lesson. I’ve been reading a lot of straight history and historical fiction about Roman times lately. Fascinating.

  17. Hi Ice Wolf…
    Wish you a great weekend…
    Hugs from Sweden…

  18. I hadn’t thought of rules or such things as a flushing latrine in Ancient Bath Houses. Should have known as I believe they were a far more organised than we realise. I knew the Aztecs had good flushing facitlites.
    Public baths have always concerned me as i worry about bacteria spreading. ewwww Even the Japanese bath houses sound interesting but I don’t like the idea of public bathing. I know you must be thinking…”You Raven” I am rather modest. It’s true.
    Theft is always a problem anywhere, sad but true.
    Hope you enjoy the coming weekend Wolfie.
    warm feathery xx

  19. Merhaba sevgili arkadaşım Buz..
    size güzel bir gece ve ,
    Mutlu bir hafta sonu diliyorum..
    kendine iyi bak güzel arkadaşım
    kucak dolusu sevgiler gönderiyorum

  20. just came for another bath and might as well wash my knickers while here that roman master of mine is still wearing his so some poor slave going to get that job lol hope you have a lovely bubbly bath and pamper yourself over the weekend looks like my old job in the letrines and scrub hose are back those romans were a dirty lot icey underpants like tatey sacks xxjen

  21. Mein liebster Freund Grüsse dich und wünsche dir einen schönen 1 Advent lieber GrussGislinde

  22. Hard disk drive failure!
    Sorry but I cannot visit your blogs at this time.
    Back Monday when I have found a new computer – hopefully!
    Wolfie hugs to all 🙂

    Sabit disk sürücü hatası!
    Üzgünüz ama şu anda bloglar ziyaret edemez.
    Ben hafta sonu yeni bir bilgisayar için – umarım!
    Pazartesi Geri – umarım!!
    Buz sarılmak benim güzel arkadaşı Seçil 🙂

  23. Festplatten ausfallen!
    Traurig, aber ich kann nicht besuchen Ihre Standort zu diesem Zeitpunkt.
    Zurück Montag, wenn ich einen neuen Computer gefunden haben – hoffentlich!
    Wolfie Umarmungen an alle:)

  24. Günaydın benim sevgili arkadaşım Buz..
    Size mutlu ve güzel bir pazar diliyorum
    tekrar görüşmek umuduyla
    çok kucak dolusu sevgiler gönderiyorum

    • Merhaba sevgili arkadaşı Seçil 🙂
      Benim bilgisayar
      tamir dükkanı olmuştur bir süre için
      ama çok yakında ziyaret edecek
      Teknoloji, bir kabus olabilir!!
      Buz sarılmak benim tatlı arkadaşım:)

  25. have you slipped on the soap icey where are you been away from here myself the wicked cold fairy came and left me her sneezes xxjen

  26. Hey have you got lost or something
    Iywolfy of the Icy Realm, where are you? 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  27. Back asap…laptop’s been thrown an 11th hour lifeline and is currently in the repair centre. Been there since Sunday, waiting for phone call re collecting it, but haven’t got date so could be a few more days or so. Also data will need restoring so bear with me! It’s snowing in my mobile so I guess it’s winter on W/P again! Very pretty 🙂 Wolfie hugs to y’all, see y’all soon 🙂

  28. I have just been reading this one again and looking at all the wicked pictures you added, surely there were a few of the opposite sex that you could have added? 🙂 lol But never mind one can easily get the picture by skimming through these offerings I guess? lol Hey I hope that laptop is holding out Icywolfy, actually I think it is high time that you invested in another one and pronto 🙂 We don’t want it packing up at the wrong time now do we? 🙂 Right get your skates on Icy and add another posting… How do you mean you just did? 🙂 Well add another one 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • Androgoth! Lovely to see you 🙂 I thought you might have got fed-up with waiting and abandoned Icewolfie during my enforced absence, for more active sites…I am very happy to know that I was wrong!
      Lol…. 😉 I did find a few pics of a nature that would probably have appealed to your wicked gothic self lol but they were very naughty! lol
      Laptop’s doing great thanks 🙂 The nice man at Curry’s/PC World repaired it and worked various other wonders on it for a very generous £50 instead of the usual £230 and has returned it to me in full working order with new hardware and cool new software it didn’t have when I first got it! O thought I’d have no choice but to replace it which was not good, it’s only 2years old and cost £600 at the time of purchase, so not in any rush to replace it just yet 😉 Will add another post asap but recent days have been taken up with endless back-ups, new system recovery disks to be made, and long hours spent sifting through 2years worth of back-ups, some of which proved unreadable before starting the restoration process…! And right now my Icewolfie pillows are calling very loudly!! 🙂

  29. merry xmas icey hope you have a lovely time plannedhopefully santas calling to me il be with my new grandaughter playing with her toys lol can t wait xxjen

    • Santa’s calling long and loud to you jen! I can hear him all the way to Europa lol I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful christmas with your beautiful new grandaughter. Seeing children full of christmas excitement and playing with their toys makes christmas magical! Hope you enjoy every happy moment with her 🙂 x Icy

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