Pegasus the Winged Horse ~ The Tale of Pegasus and Bellerophon   35 comments


Pegasus the Winged Horse of Myth and Legend

Pegasus and Bellerophon

There are many amazing horses to be found in the realms of fantasia and mythology. However it would be hard to find one as mysteriously majestic as the mighty winged horse Pegasus. One of the most famous myths in Greek Mythology he is a creature to be found on numerous occasions both in works of art and in poetry.

Pegasus the winged horse of myth and legend

Stunning battle horses the Pegasi were amazing creatures, prized for their speed and eroticity and a fantastic sight to behold awesome both in flight and when resting with beautiful and mysterious wings stretching skywards and spreading as if to capture the air currents, jumpy and edgy as they readied for flight.


Bellerophon riding Pegasus  pegasus_wingsGreek Mythology – Pegasus and Bellerophon

The Flight to Olympus – Home of the Gods

Pegasus was the son of Perseus (in some versions, the sea god, Poseidon) and Medusa, the Queen of the Gorgons. The beautiful winged horse was born from the spilled blood of Medusa, when a fight between her and Perseus broke out, resulting in Perseus severing Medusa’s head, causing droplets of her blood to land in the sea. Frothing, white sea foam mingled with the blood-red droplets and so Pegasus was born gaining from the sea foam, his stunning white colour.

From the same blood droplets shed by Medusa Pegasus’s brother was born. Named Chrysaor he was described as a winged Boar. Both creatures were born in adult form.


athena2Following his capture and taming at the hands of the goddess Athena, Pegasus was presented to the Muses at Mount Parnassus, where he provided help and assistance to the poets. It is said in legend that whenever Pegasus struck the ground with his hoof, a beautiful spring burst into life there. One such spring, at Perseus’s command, appeared on a mountain of the Muses’. Known as Mount Helicon, the Hippocrene meaning "horse spring", it was intended to regulate the growth of the mountain. Likewise at the strike of Pegasus’s hoof another spring burst into life at Troezen.

The Flight To Mount Olympus – Home Of The Gods

As the conquests of Bellerophon a Greek Corinthian hero and monster slayer grew he became ambitious, and was soon determined to seek out the gods on Mt. Olympus. Hearing tales of the winged horse, he set out to track Pegasus down.

                      Mural of winged horse Pegasus


Bellerophon was instructed by Polyeidos to sleep in the temple of Athena, where the goddess visited him in the night and presented him with a golden bridle. He awoke next morning, bridle in hand to discover, Pegasus who was drinking at the Pierian spring. On seeing the magical bridle, he approached Bellerophon and allowed him to ride. His remarkable speed was a of major assistance to Bellerophon who at various points along the way rode Pegasus into battle against both the Amazons and the Chimera, a creature that breathed fire, had a lion’s mane and head, with a goat’s head rising out of its back. It also had the udders of a goat and a serpent’s tail.



Zeus-god-of-the-gods-greek-mythologyBellerophon and Pegasus rode into and survived many battles and in time Bellerophon came to believe he was a son of a god. Driven by this wrongful assumption he set off to try to ride his flying horse Pegasus Mt. Olympus’s highest peak to meet with the Gods as was his ambition. Zeus was highly displeased when he learned of this audacity and sent a horsefly to bite the Pegasus’s hindquarters. In great pain Pegasus reared up, throwing Bellerophon from his back, causing him to tumble helplessly to the earth below. Some say that wise as Pegasus was he knew what awaited Bellerophon at the hands of the gods and consequently deliberately bucked him off.


Pegasus and Eos the goddess of dawn

Pegasus continued alone on his journey until he arrived in Olympus where he found shelter and safety on the sacred mountain. In return he transported the thunderbolts that Cyclops forged for Zeus and was ridden by Eos, the goddess of dawn. Pegasus was allowed to roam freely on Mount Olympus, wandering happily amongst the meadows and springs and mountains.

In later life Pegasus mated with Euippe (or Ocyrrhoe) and so, it is said, Celeris and Melanippe were conceived, forming the constellation Equeus.

On the last day of his life as reward for his faithful service, Zeus immortalized the winged horse by transforming him into a night sky constellation. As he did so it was said that a single feather fell to the earth near the city of Tarsus.

                                   Eos goddess of dawn2











Modern Day Pegasi

pegasus022In modern terminology, the word "Pegasus" (plural "pegasusses" or "pegasi") has come to refer to any winged horse, though the term "pterippus" (meaning winged horse, plural "pterippi") is also used. Part of the horse zebra and unicorn family the Pegasi is the only creature in it’s genus. How they became so spectacularly winged is a mystery that remains to this day.

Although they are native to the Balklands they are now extinct in that region. The only ones that remain and have survived exist far away on their grazing grounds in the highest peaks of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Living in herds and rearing foals in the same fashion as normal horses the Pegasi are now studied by cryptozoologists.

Pegasus_StallionPegasi stallions are larger than thoroughbreds and more often than not boast coats of shimmering white, though they can be varying shades of browns through to pure star black. They compete for up to 5 mares and fight for dominance during the mating season. The Pegasi’s most striking feature, is their huge wings, which can on larger stallions span as wide as 7.3m+. Bulges of muscles around the area of their withers, shoulders and rib cage are the point at which their flight muscles attach to their breast bone.

Pegasi and foal

Pegasi foals do not develop their flying skills until they are around 6 months old although they learn the skill of walking  practically from birth. The first few weeks of life are also utilised with wings flexing and development of muscles necessary for flight, in the same way as young birds would.

Pegasus – The Constellation


The constellation of Pegasus is home to several galaxies and even a bright globular cluster. It is one of the very first of the 48 constellations to be listed, in the 2nd century by the well-known astronomer Ptolemy. It remains one of the 88 constellations that we see today shining brightly in the Northern sky.

In 1995 a planet at least half the size of Jupiter was discovered orbiting the star 51 Pegasus, which is about 40 light-years from the earth; this marked the first time a planet was detected orbiting a sun like star outside the solar system.


Pegasus the flying horse

35 responses to “Pegasus the Winged Horse ~ The Tale of Pegasus and Bellerophon

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  1. Merhaba benim değerli ve özel arkadaş Buz.
    sizi tekrar gördüğüme sevindim
    güzel sözler için teşekkür ederim
    size mutlu ve güzel bir pazar diliyorum
    kendinize çok iyi bakın..
    benim değerli Buz arkadaşım
    çok kucak dolusu sevgiler

    • Merhaba benim sevgili arkadaşına Seçil!
      bugün sana gönderiyorum
      Pazar kış yükseldi
      eşlik etmek sevgi ve kucaklama.
      Seni gördüğüme çok mutluyum 🙂
      ve ben sizin mükemmel sağlık diliyorum
      ve mutlu, memnun bir gün!
      kucaklama… Buz 🙂

  2. The imaginations of those that dreamed up these amazing stories/gods/monsters, must have been stimulated by some very powerful chemicals. But Naturally it’s all an illusion. Great pic’s though.
    Now where can I get a golden bridle, a friend of mine is wild as horses !!!
    Be well Timid one.
    Kenny 🙂

    • A golden bridle to tame your wild friend?! 😉 Hmm…hope no-one dreams up a magic golden muzzle to tame Timid one is all I can say!! Well…if you wish to tame your friend spending the night with Athena – the goddess of wisdom, strategic warfare, and heroism, will be a necessity for you 😉 In her Greek temple no less 🙂 Best get cracking then…your Greek goddess awaits!! 😉
      Timid one 🙂

  3. Wonderful post! I always wanted to ride Pegasus.

    • Always been one of my ambitions too Kirstin 🙂 Interesting imagery…one winged silvery lizard sweeping along on the back of a flying white horse! Or one furry-white alien star-wolf riding high, perched precariously astride the winged,white Pegasus! HoooOOOOoooooWWWWWWLLLLing noisely in Wolfie’s case 😉

  4. Thank you for offering such a well detailed posting Icywolfy
    it is truly amazing and I have just read it again before adding
    my thoughts to it, I especially like the graphics that you have
    chosen as they are all excellent, my favourite being the Blue
    Pegasus Blue Constellation2, Pegasi and Foal and of course
    Pegasus 3 and Pegasus 022 as these offer a wonderful edge
    to your posting. Well I am spoiled with this one as I always do
    enjoy Mythology and your choice of Pegasus is brilliant 🙂

    Thank you for adding this
    one Icywolfy of the Icy Realm 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Thank you Androgoth…Yes lol you’re right it is amazing…amazingly long!! And to think the original version was tiny! Only contained about two lines of mythology would you believe! This is what you get for too much digging around and unearthing wierd and wonderful mythological treasures!! I thought Pegasus 3 would probably appeal to you 😉 but I was pleasantly surprised by some of your other pic likes especially considering I didn’t think Pegasus would be altogether what you had in mind when you mentioned mythology…rare though it is that you do of course! lol 😉 Pleased to hear you enjoyed it…now while you are in the Gothic Realm…please TRY just for once to be a good vampire!!! 🙂

      • I am always good you know that icywolfy 🙂
        Hey isn’t it time you added a new Guestbook
        so that I can call by anytime I like and add to
        it? 🙂

        Don’t worry I won’t add any extra polishing
        jobs for you, but I would like you to finish the
        lid it needs a bit of elbow grease me thinks?
        Sooooooooooooooo get on with it Pronto 🙂

        Have a lovely start to
        your week now and be
        good, for a change 😉

        Androgoth XXx

  5. Wunderschön das fliegende Pferd und sehr interessante Bilder. Grüsse dich und wünsche dir eine gute Nacht und noch eine gute Woche Herzlicher Gruss meine Freundin schicke ich dir Gislinde.

  6. Wolfie, what a wonderful informative post this is… now Winged horses are always a favourite, I love to ride my dreamtime with them bareback riding :-).. can be such fun 😉 … no magical bridal for me… Although I would so dislike to meet up with one of those most unusual creatures the Chimera’s what sort of creation is that now… a goats head out of its back with lion head plus serpents tail… I think someone was having a bad day when this one hit the test-tube!.. Hummmmm I would say some of these mystical creatures could well be the mad inventions of some scientific experiment….And it makes me shudder also to think what could possibly being invented within the Tubes of today in the deep wells of secrecy…
    Loved this post Wolfie and love Pegasus …
    Hope you have a Hooooowwwling Day xx Love From a Dreamer..

    • Hi there unbridled one!! Yes there is something very appealing about winged horses, and riding them bareback whilst they are in flight would be wonderfully exhilarating 🙂 Definately a bad test tube day for the Chimera but as to what could be “invented within the Tubes of today in the deep wells of secrecy” I’m sure the Gothic Realm would be able to enlighten you with some stunningly dark examples of the potential horrors!! Just have a quiet word in a certain Vampire’s Gothic Earhole!! 🙂 x

  7. Oh I we love the enchanted story of Pegasus.
    What a great post sweet furry Wolfie!
    I did not know many of details of this story,
    I thought it was sad about poor Bellerophon,
    He needed to get off his high horse not fall to the death.
    Mythology has always been an interest of mine,
    Although it is rather volatile and lots of wierd matings LOL
    Let me add I grew up with one of my own, Melody.
    I find them beautiful creatures and used to imagine she could fly!!!

    • I think you and Pegasus would make an awesome pair winging your ways across the skies! You really must try it sometime 😉 It would have been amazing if Melody could fly…re Bellerophon…there are different versions of what happened to him…some say he fell to his death, others that he fell to Earth and spent the rest of his days as a wanderer, but either way he never got to ride Pegasus again…I left it open on here as I have found no accurate indications as to which is the correct version. The most important thing though is that Pegasus lived on to become an enchanting creature of myth and legend! Wolfie hugs x 🙂

  8. ovely magical blog hows you icey snow here soon might need a winged horse to get around lol eana doing great shes putting weight on these breeders dont feed them enough she follows me everywhere and loves the car so starlight dark dame is she a cousin to ice wolfy xxjen

    • Heard about the possible snow in the North, don’t you dare send it down here if you do get any! I am very jealous of you and “Starlight Dark Dame”!! Thought I’d just mention that 😉 Hope you’re going to post some piccies of her as and when. She’s much too beautiful not to share with us 🙂 I’m very pleased for you, she will be a great healer for you, and although you can never replace those that you lose you can find a new place in your heart coming to life to be filled with the love of a new furry friend 🙂 And yes…it is just possible she might be a cousin to Icewolfie! We share the same pretty and intelligent genes!!!!! lol 😉 x Icy (Europa Light Dame!!!)

  9. Merhaba benim sevgili arkadaşım Buz
    sizin güzel dostluk için teşekkür ederim
    mutlu ve huzur dolu güzel bir hafta sonu diliyorum
    kendinize çok iyi bakın..
    benim değerli arkadaşım
    çok kucak dolusu sevgiler gönderiyorum..

    • Merhaba benim güzel arkadaşım Seçil 🙂
      Ziyaretiniz için teşekkür ederiz
      Seni görmek her zaman harika
      sen nasılsın?
      Ben çok iyi olacağını umuyorum
      ve yaşam harika!
      Aşk ve buz kucaklama 🙂

  10. Loved this post Wolfie, only just got reading it now. A lot of it I never knew

    • I thought of you Rosemary when I was galloping through this one 😉 lol…had to dig deep as it were to unearth the majority of it…original post consisted of around two lines on the mythology side of things! Ah well…from little acorns lol 😉

  11. Halloj Wolfie..
    Ja du har fattat bumeranglagen helt rätt så nu kommer kramen tillbaka..Hoppas du inte fryser för nu är det en kall vinter lite försent men bättre sent än aldrig..Puss på nosen från Nicki
    kommer den tillbaka tro

    ps..Vilken vacker pegasus 😀

  12. The white horse with wings
    Years ago i wrote abt it .Not as wonderful and detailed as u do here
    I enjjoyed reading icewolfy
    lots of love

  13. Tack för kramen wolfie..
    Du är den snällaste varg jag känner eller föresten den enda varg jag känner he he..Ha en härlig helg kram tillbaka Nicki

    • Alltid bra att veta jag är unik och speciell bland vargar!
      Ja … bumerang lag skickar Wolfie kramar tillbaka till dig 😉
      Wolfie är mycket kallt … det är Sibirien i Storbritannien … var är den brinnande solen??!! 🙂

  14. Das weisse Fferd mit Flügeln so schön geschrieben,grüsse dich mal wieder aus Köln um dir einen schönen Tag zu wünschen ich hoffe es gut dir gut hab noch einen schönenTag 1000 Grüsse Gislinde.

    • Guten Tag Gislinde 🙂
      Es ist schön, dich wiederzusehen meine süße Freundin aus Köln!
      Es ist eiskalt hier! Aber auch so schön
      Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen heißen Tag in Köln!
      Liebe und Umarmung … Wolfie 🙂

  15. Have a lovely Friday Icywolfy of the Icy Realm
    and don’t forget to add another Guestbook okay 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  16. Hej Wolfie..ja min dator tar mig runt hela världen bekvämt och bra jag slipper jobbiga flygplatser tråkiga flygresor långa köer och vänta vänta överallt hurra för min dator..ha en fin helg wolfie här i stokholm är det vinter idag..Kram Nicki

    • Och ingen behöva oroa hela kroppen scannar på flygplatsen heller! Det är vinter här i Storbritannien också … snön på grund i helgen … så se upp för snöbollar som flyger till Stokholm! Jag älskar videon tack 🙂 Ha en underbar vinter helg i din dator! Kram Wolfie 🙂

  17. Having been both a writer and a fan of Pegasus most of my life, I have to admit that while the story was good, you hit upon one subject that rankles: plurality. You do NOT change a proper noun, in this case the name, when you pluralize it, Pegasi is incorrect, it should be ONLY Pegasus’ or Pegasuses. While you have the Greek idea of words that end in ‘us’ on the right track, such rules do not apply to proper nouns and, as you pointed out, this is a NAME, not the correct label (which is winged horse or pterippus).
    Now while many may argue that the term Pegasus has come to encompass all pterippti, the fact is that the name is still a name and a proper noun that should not be changed. You would not make two men with the name Brutus into Bruti, nor Gregorius into Gregori if there were two. No, you would say Gregoriuses. or more appropriate, ‘ the two men named Gregorious’ and avoid the awkward sounding plural.

    • Very sorry to have caused such ranklement to your day Shari 😉 That was most inconsiderate of me 🙂 However! Thank you for your visit and your comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome as it can be very educational and help us to learn for the future 🙂 I stand corrected on the issue you mention and I’m sure others who view these comments will, like I, also benefit from understanding and learning about this subject of plurals.Thank you for your time and interest in this post…and I hope you are having a very fine rankle-free day 🙂

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