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Fukushima’s Radio-Active Pacific Marine Life??


No 4 reactor building FukuFollowing the 8.5 tons of radioactive water which has already leaked just recently at Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plant (originally estimated at just a few gallons…yes…well…TEPCO would say that…) when a pipe became detached at reactor Unit 4 and caused a temporary suspension of cooling operations at a spent-fuel pool – (a collapse of its spent fuel cooling pool could cause a worse disaster than the three reactor meltdowns), a further leak at a water reprocessing unit released enough beta rays to cause radiation sickness. TEPCO said no one was injured and after the bolts on a tank were tightened the leak stopped …

<p>This handout picture, taken by Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) shows radioactive water on the floor inside the building of a water treatment facility at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.</p>

Hmm….well of course it did…nothing to worry about then…

But there have been at least 30 other locations within the N-Plant where radio-active leaks have occurred since late January!!

Naturally the official report is that no signs of radioactive water from the leaks have been detected leaking into the ocean surrounding the stricken reactor, but as a precaution problem areas have had sandbag walls built around them…

Well that’s alright then! Everything’s nicely under control…no problem at all…just be VERY careful about what you go fishing for in the Pacific Ocean!! After all…who knows what “hot stuff” you might find lurking down there in the now, decidedly radio-active depths!!

Daiichi Crisis-Worst Disaster since Chernobyl

Threat to Canadian Fish Consumers from Japanese Radiation ?

In the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi crisis, the world’s worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl in 1986, the Canadian government wasted no time reassuring the resident population that they would be safe and sound and there was no danger to their health from Fukushima fallout.

After all there was a nice big ocean for all that escaping Japanese N-plant science-121711-001-617x416radiation to fall into, where it would all be safely watered down and therefore be thoroughly harmless and benign, not in the least bit dangerous.

Nothing to worry about…nothing at all…

Not too surprisingly and contrary to claims by the Canadian government anti-nuclear groups highlight the fact that the government has not exactly drawn attention to the radiation risks from Fukushima, in fact quite the opposite, and neither is it doing much to keep an eye on them either.

“We suspect we’re going to see more cancers, decreased fetal viability, decreased fertility, increased metabolic defects — and we expect them to be generational,” ~Dewar, the executive director of Physicians for Global Survival, a Canadian anti-nuclear group.


Given that the largest source of the world’s fish is in the Pacific Ocean, and if these fish are contaminated by radiation and it’s notably serious consequences for millions of marine life consumers, it is surely a reckless disregard of public health and safety that there has been next to nothing done in the way of oceanic sea life testing in the Pacific.

“Fukushima caused history’s biggest-ever release of radiation into the ocean — 10 to 100 times more than the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.” ~oceanographer Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at the non-profit Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, October 2011

“It’s completely untrue to say this level of radiation is safe or harmless,” said Gordon Edwards, president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. “The reassurances have been completely irresponsible. To say there are no health concerns flies in the face of all scientific evidence. There is no safe level of radiation. They should be making every effort to monitor food.”

Fukushima Daiichi N-Power Station, Japan



But not to worry, even if nobody else is bothering, it would appear that Japan is reassuringly busy thoroughly testing and analysing fish for radiation and is even going so far as to actually report the results in the public arena. It is just rather unfortunate that it saw fit to then go on to sell radiation contaminated food to the Japanese public, who understandably responded with a barrage of criticism.

CFIA stopped doing the tests by CIFA in Having decided, in their great wisdom, June last year, that there was absolutely no need to continue testing, CIFA have agreed to the testing, this year and next, of Pacific salmon and tuna that return to B.C. fishing grounds, but that is all, and this is largely because of the risk of their possible close proximity to Japan.


60 to 80 per cent of Japanese fishing catches each month have consistently tested positive for radioactive Caesium by the Japanese Fisheries Agency. With a half-life of 30 years the most common configuration of radioactive Caesium is a very long-lived radionuclide capable of long term environmental poisoning, topped off with the added bonus of its cancer increasing factor.

According to The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, “The majority of exported fish to Canada are caught much farther from the coast of Japan, and the Japanese testing has shown that these fish have not been contaminated with high levels of radionuclides.”

Japan has announced that in April 2012 it will reduce its current limit for radiation in food from 500 Becquerel’s per kilogram to the new limit of 100 Becquerel’s per kilogram. In contrast Canada’s limit is set at 1,000 Becquerel’s per kilogram. Presumably Canadians have a much higher tolerance to the Caesium radionuclide and don’t suffer the effects the same as everybody else…

BUT !!!

In November 2011 of the 1,100 tested Japanese catches one in five have already managed to exceed Japan’s new up and coming reduced lower limit.

Giant radio-active eels in Chernobyl waters....

This included:

  •   18 % of cod,
  •   21 % of eel,
  •   22 % of sole
  •   33 % of seaweed

Fish catches also exceeded the current Japanese limit for radioactive food contamination- 500 Becquerel’s per kilogram stand at approximately 2.7%, a 1% increase from October.

April 2011 food contamination levels climbed to 373 Becquerel’s per kilogram. Although by November the contamination level had reduced it was still up from the 78 Becquerel’s per kilogram average for October.

Not the greatest of results then.


There are hardly any studies into how Fukushima affected marine life.

Of the ones that do one of those studies found that fish and crustaceans caught in the vicinity of Fukushima in late March had:

  •   10,000 times more than so-called safe levels of radiation
  •   Macroalgae had 19,000 times the safe level

Fukushima Nuclear Plant

The results of these studies look even worse when it is taken into account the statistics do not include the later dumping of before 11,000 tonnes into the Pacific in April by TEPCO, nor does it include further hundreds more tonnes of radioactive water released that has also leaked.


October studies indicated Caesium levels in the Pacific had:

  • Shown a shock increase of 45 million times above levels began.

July studies showed: Daiichi N-Plant

  • Caesium levels ceased to decline.
  • Levels persistently at 10,000 times higher than before the Daiichi crisis.

The most likely reason for this are:

  •   Contaminated groundwater still leaking radiation from the Daiichi plant
  •   The possibility of “biomagnification.”
    •   where radiation concentrations are disposed to intensifying the farther up the food chain the species happen to be.

This conclusion seems to be supported by data from the Japanese fisheries. Far from declining, contamination levels in some species did not reduce at all or at best actually rose last autumn. This applied also to Japanese exports to Canada, and included species such as:

  •   Skipjack
  •   Tuna
  •   Cod
  •   Sole
  •   Eel





Some Caesium was found in 16 of 22 species in November, the last full month for which data were available. Caesium was especially prevalent in certain of the species:

  •   73 % of mackerel tested
  •   91 % of the halibut
  •   92 % of the sardines
  •   93 % of the tuna and eel
  •   94 % of the cod and anchovies
  •   100 % of the carp, seaweed, shark and monkfish


Some of the fish were caught in Japanese coastal waters. Other catches were made hundreds of kilometres away in the open ocean.


In mid-December, a year earlier than predicted by scientists and authorities, debris the tsunami swept into the sea has reportedly begun washing on shore along the West Coast.

Exactly what impact on the Pacific the debris will have remains to be seen. The most likely scenario is its joining with the existing garbage floating in the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” of the North Pacific Gyre.

The impact of the debris on the Pacific marine life still has a large question mark hanging over it.

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  1. Looks like Fish is off the Menu then!.. And I just ordered a new batch from my Fish Supplier .. Im not surprised Wolfie, as everything gets dumped in the ocean… No wonder this world is ready to turn itself inside out. ..
    A great post.. I found some of the writing a little hard to read as it went onto the white background, but I tipped up my laptop lol and the ocean waves moved a little Hehe… No its my eyes… they ain’t what they used to be.. LOL.. Hope you wrap up warm in your icy realm Wolfie.. its Snoooooowing!
    Hugs my friend.. ~Dreamwalker xx

    • Hi Dreamwalker…yes I know there’s some issues with the readibility on this one…been battling with it for few days but it doesn’t always show up the same in the browser as it does in the draft version, which complicates matters. Thanks for drawing my attention to it, and connection permitting…incoming snow fronts affecting coverage, I will try to get the issue dealt with tonight 🙂

      • Yes snooowing here now and the wind has picked up too… Icy Winds Blast. and Brrrrrrrr.. Glad I’m indoors today 🙂 xx Dont work too hard on the print… others may read it ok… Ive been having probs focusing lately… lots of dizzy heads.. Energies have been playing havoc I think… Hugs my furry friend.. xx

      • Thanks for popping back in, and as I was also having problems reading it to some extent I’m sure others will too. I’ve made some changes which I think improve readability though it’s far from perfect! I also need to track down some typos/written errors which I know are there somewhere as I was rather horrified to notice yesterday but could I find them today??!!! Paws crossed nobody else notices either!! Little flurry of snow arrived earlier but all gone to sleep now! lol 😉

      • Hi Wolfie, a very well researched post, but a tad over intelligent for my old brain, though I get the gist of it . All I know is that we humans not ‘us’ but the high heid yins who represent us, are making a right bl**dy mess of this planet, and I for one wouldn’t want to come back in 100 years time after I shake this mortal coil. it’s depressing enough as it is. BTW the best way to read the difficult print is to run your cursor over it and highlight it. easy. Thanks for your visits. keep warm XX and shock horror, did you see that Liam Neeson is banned from something or somewhere after admitting to eating a wolf for an upcoming film it was in Sunday’s Mail, I hope it wasn’t one of your relatives. 😦

      • Hi Arlene 🙂 Well….if I blind people with science, lol, hopefully they won’t realise it was just that they couldn’t read the writing properly!!
        “Shake this mortal coil”!?!! Oh no 😉 Definately don’t want to be doing that! Especially not after 100 years!! lol 😉 Good point about highlighting…I do that myself when I get to punching the screen in frustration point 😉 As to Liam Neeson…if that had been one of my relatives he wouldn’t live to be banned from anything!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Hope you’re surviving the big freeze and haven’t been snowballed by Tango and Ruby yet!! 😉 x

  2. Hello! Thank you for nice visit and comment.
    Warm greetings from cold Warsaw!

  3. Oh this is overwhelming, my dear Wolfie. I am not surprised at all, I wondered how long it would take before we began to see the “real after shocks”. This phrase made me gasp, “as a precaution problem areas have had sandbag walls built around them”!!! Isn’t that a bit like a cork over a volcano? LOL
    Great post as always my dear friend.
    Warm feathery,

    • lol…funny you should say that Raven, my thoughts at the time which I almost voiced in the post were that it was like shutting the gate after the horse had already bolted! But I think yours is better…”bit like a cork over a volcano!!!” lol
      Tail wagging furries!!!
      Wolfie 🙂 x

  4. i always thought nuclear (new clear?) power plants were something to avoid. man isnt able to handle much power. not without clean hands and a pure heart. japan was rather uplifted in its own eyes, for all its technical advances, and look what happened. all those innocent people dead or sick, and the damage to the ecosystem, because governments want to play with fire. iran will likely have a similar experience, because of the hautiness of their government. sigh …they never learn …
    thanks for posting yet another truely informative post, reporter icewolf! 🙂

    ps i can mostly see your posts, or if i cant i can highlight. have you tried microsoft’s live writer? its free, and can give you a screen formatted to appear just like your blog design, so you can see how your posts look as you write them. i like it. i use it, rather than the wordpress post writing page.

    • Hmm…clean hands and a pure heart we will never have in this life! So not much hope there. Lot of truth in what you say I believe…and ultimately we simply don’t understand nuclear power anywhere near well enough to be safe let loose with it, and just as importantly we have no idea how to safely dispose of it especially for the long term. But it is one of those things we cannot live with yet we cannot live without it would seem.

      I did use Live Writer! And look what happened!! It tends to move everything down the page when it posts because of the banner which doesn’t show in the draft version. Sometimes that goes in my favour and makes it much easier to read, other times…well 😉 as you saw here!! Zooming the writing to make it bigger can help though 🙂

  5. It is always the same when these types of disasters take place, it is like out of sight, out of mind and they only worry about things later, much later when all the damage has already been done… It is obvious that there are serious problems ahead, and neglecting to act is just crazy, but the world is a tad crazy Icywolfy, it pushes the boundaries on nuclear energy, instead of using cleaner alternatives. You have added a great posting here Icywolfy, as it shows in great detail the current dangers to the environment, wildlife, the ocean world and of course to man, which created the destruction in the first place, so how ironic is that?

    Only time will tell on the future developing cancers, the abnormalities and bith defects, but will scientists learn from these mistakes? The simplistic answer to that is a big resounding NO… Unfortunately nuclear reactors will increase in numbers and the threat will always be there, just waiting for the next accident to happen…

    Another great posting of yours Icywolfy 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Too often human error lies at the root of these problems. Of course in Japan’s case we couldn’t control or prevent the tsunami, but in the case of the reactor there are a huge number of issues that if they had been attended to as a matter of course, rather than persistently ignored/turned a blind eye to, could have reduced the damage done. Many of the cracks in the pipes for example that have leaked radio-active water were known about by workers before the tsunami ever became an issue. It might help of course if they stopped building nuclear power plants on dangerous faults though….and it would be very nice if they’d stop producing radio-active waste they have absolutely no idea what to do with…

      As to the scientists…the same ones who studied the effects on Chernobyl wild/birdlife are already beginning studies in Japan 🙂

      • I agree, what a dumb place to
        build those nuclear power plants 😦

        Hey where’s that Guestbook? 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

      • I hope to see a GUESTBOOK on here when I return
        Icywolfy of the Icy Realm and don’t be getting up to any
        mischief either because I will be popping in from time
        to time to add whatever I like here in your Icy Realm 🙂

        Did someone mention a GUESTBOOK? 🙂 😉 lol
        Well get on with that one next or else you won’t
        be allowed to do any polishing and I know how
        you adore a good polishing Icywolfy 🙂 😉

        Be Good Now…

        Androgoth XXx

  6. Saw Article yesterday, might explain what happened to seals, not just fish. Was unable to post it as FB playing up last two days, could not post up any articles, as it would not let me. Japan is certainly having a hard time, and it looks like it will get worse.

    • When is dear Facebook not playing up Rosemary? It is remarkably temperamental! Do you have a link to that article? I would be interested to have a read, or have you posted it in the other place? I think it is a foregone conclusion that things will get worse in Japan…look at the recent reports from the Ukraine – we gave the Ukraine Chernobyl, now the Ukraine is taking its deathly revenge wreaking its own brand of havoc with the ice and snow.

  7. Einen schönen Tag wünsche ich dir und eine gute Woche Ja was in Japan passiert ist das ist sehr schlimm für die Menschen so für die Tiere das wirt noch Jahr zehnte dauern bis das anhält.Grüsse dich ganz Herzlich und hoffe das es nicht so Kalt ist .hier in Köln ist es sehr Kalt. Gislinde.

    • Ja … es sieht sehr schlecht für Japan … und nicht so toll für das lokale Leben im Meer auch nicht!
      Ich hoffe Köln wird warm bald wieder. Wir hatten Schnee am Wochenende. Nun ist es eiskalt! Ich hoffe, Sie haben keine Erfrierungen bekommen!

  8. Hi Wolfie, A very enlightening blog, I could read it fine, that cos I read it in my email! ;-). It apalls and worries me what we are doing to our beautiful planet. And the govenments department of health are telling us to eat more fish!! it is so good for us.

    Still snowed in here but appears to be melting

    Suki x

    • Aww! Hello Suki! I should have known I could rely on you to read my blog no problem! Thank you for taking the time to do so 🙂 Of course fish is good for you…fresh from the Pacific…full of all those new and interesting “vitamins” 😉 😦

      You will be getting frostbite of the Suki-paws lol if you’re still snowed in! Ours has gone, we got quite enough the other night…most inconvenient of it to land in Wolfie’s backyard like that! Be sure it’s only the snow that melts…wouldn’t want you melting away with it now would we? lol 😉

      Wolfie hugs x 🙂

  9. Grüsse lieb und einen schönen Tag.Meine Gedanken sind immer bei denn schwachen und leidenden Menschen auf dieser Welt es gibt zu viel Leid.Grüsse dich ganz lieb hab noch einen guten Tag 1000 Grüsse Gislinde.

    • Ja … es gibt viel zu viel Leid und Trauer in dieser Welt …
      aber alles ist nicht verloren, wenn es schöne Menschen wie Sie in die Welt zu,
      bringen das Gleichgewicht in dieser zerbrochenen Welt wir leben.

      Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch und Kommentar willkommen.
      Es ist immer wieder toll zu sehen, du mein süßer Freund
      Wolf Umarmungen

  10. Hello My Friend..

    Fresh air, fresh idea,
    fresh talent, fresh energy,
    I wish u to have a
    special Sunday..
    marvelous Monday,
    tasty Tuesday,
    wonderful Wednesday,
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    friendly Friday,
    successful Saturday,
    *have a great weekend ahead*

    Hugs kisses Nicki

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    umarım iyisindir..
    mutluluk ve barış ile,
    güzel bir hafta sonu diliyorum
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    kendine iyi bak sevgili arkadaşım..

    • Merhaba Çok iyi dostum Seçil
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      İyi sayesinde duyuyorum

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      Harika bir hafta sonu benim güzel arkadaşım 🙂

  12. Wünsche dir ein schönes weeked 1000 Grüsse von mir Gislinde.

  13. So sad that we are hell bent on destroying everything that is beautiful and good on this planet. The nuclear disaster in Japan may seem like a world away from us but with so many reactors and power plants here in the US (and around the world), how could anyone think, “oh, this could never happen in my neighborhood” ??? Here in my state we truck in tons of nuclear waste & store it underground…the NM desert will not likely ever see a tsunami but we DO sit on top of several fault lines so what will happen if/when we have an earthquake? Instead of poisoning the ocean, we’ll poison thousands of miles of earth…and the waste will still end up seeping into our water supplies.

    What a worrisome world we live in!

    • Lovely to see you! And thank you for the comment…very interesting 🙂

      So it wouldn’t be good to bury our heads in the NM desert sand then? Like in Japan – Fukushima Fallout? No problem! Just walk on by!!!!! … Oh dear….the world governments aren’t going to like that….not in the least …wouldn’t do for people to actually THINK for themselves…they might just trip over the truth and that wouldn’t do at all would it? 😉

      The rate things are going we’ll have poisoned the ocean long before the scenario you describe has the misfortune to occur! But nevermind….just walk on by…
      Wolfie hugs 🙂

      • Do you know about the bacteria we poured into the gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill? It was made in a lab and based on e-coli bacteria. We discovered that it grows faster if you ‘feed’ it iron and so we pumped in tons of iron on top of the toxic bacteria so that it would ‘eat’ the oil more quickly. If this bacteria eats oil and metals like iron, what do you suppose it does to our fish and other sea creatures? I’m afraid you are right and that one way or another, we will destroy our oceans long before we manage to wreck all of the land.

        And noooooo! You’d never want to bury your head in New Mexico sand!! We still have atomic glass all over the place from the original nuclear tests…even if the drums of nuclear waste never leak or break open, I’m sure we’re already dangerously toxic. Oh but wait – the military officials invited the people of our town to come out and watch the 1st bomb tests and said it was safe…so I’m surely just paranoid, everything is fine and good and …nothing to see or think about at all…!! Everyone can just go back to sleep and not worry at all, right? 😦

      • Well my little gem of environmental knowledge 😉 I didn’t know the details and I wish I had your knowledge of such issues, but besides the horrors you mention here there is also the question of all those cannisters of nuclear waste lying around at the bottom of the ocean in danger of being corroded and leaking their delightful radio-active contents into the already contaminated ocean!! 😦

        Yes…I’m sure you are just being paranoid and everything will be absolutely fine and dandy 😉 😦 Not to worry if those unfortunate people of your town were invited to watch the 1st bomb tests because those nice friendly military officials, did in fact want lots of guinea pigs to test results of the test on…just like “Semy” when the Soviets detonated hundreds of bombs in Kazakhstan, poisoning the land and people… deary me…how very naughty and silly of me to consider such wildly unlikely conspiracy theories…yes completely ridiculous…everything will be absolutely fine and of course everyone “can just go back to sleep and not worry at all”!!!! Nothing at all to worry about 😦

  14. i never believe reports first hand what you have written icey will probably be even worse because we are liedto by those who rule us all the time they always try to paint a rosier picture but people like you know what the real truth is they are ruining our world food supply and we will all suffer from more disasters like this they always say learn from the mistakes but they never have yet ive just gone right off tuna but if im going to be harmed then it will happen ive eaten lots of tuna great post icey maybe il come back to read next post with five eyes xxjen

    • Very wise jen! But the truth is out there!!! It’s just a question of where, and exactly how much to post before you draw the wrong kind of attention, because as you say those who rule us will consistently lie to us and they most certainly won’t learn from their mistakes. They being the all-knowing great I-ams to us mere mortals…in their minds anyway! Five eyes?!! lol…Hmm… better switch to choccie bars 🙂 Now…what’s that strange 3rd arm doing growing out of your shoulder jen?!! xx Icy 🙂

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    • Merhaba sevgili tatlı arkadaşım Seçil 🙂
      Seni tekrar görmek çok mutluyum
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      Güzel ve değerli hediye için teşekkür ederiz
      Bu çok özeldir.
      Senin için diliyorum
      mutluluk güzel bir hafta
      Aşk ve Buz gelen sarılma 🙂

  16. My relations on the east coast of Ireland eschewed bottom feeding fish caught in the Irish Sea because of radiation leaks from Windscale/Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in Cumbria – but then the Irish sea is smaller and the link nearer. I’d hope the pacific was big enough to dilute most threats.

    • Ah yes…the Windscale/Sellafield plant…another nuclear nightmare…
      The Pacific being big enough to dilute all those tonnes of radio-active seawater from the Daiichi plant is just what Japan is hoping for of course but with some of the ridiculous half-lives of the material being pumped into the Pacific, this does seem an awfully optimistic notion…and at the rate things are going and the damage already done to Marine life it makes you wonder if there will be any life left by the time this supposed dilution takes place… 😦

  17. >> BREAKING NEWS <> TOKYO — THE TEMPERATURE OF A REACTOR AT JAPAN’S STRICKEN FUKUSHIMA NO. 1 NUCLEAR PLANT rose again Monday, prompting fears it may be reheating. Thermometer readings from the facility’s No. 2 reactor reached 201 degrees Fahrenheit (93.7 degrees Celsius) Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said, according to Kyodo News. The temperature was well above Japan’s 176F (80C) safety standard but below the 212F (100C) level that the government says is needed to maintain the safe state of “cold shutdown.” It was the first time the reactor had exceeded 194F (90C) since it achieved “cold shutdown” in December, the news agency reported.

    TEPCO maintained that there was no immediate danger and said it was likely that the thermometer was malfunctioning. He (Michael Friedlander, a former senior operator at U.S. nuclear power plants) said the greatest risks the reactors now pose are to the environment, and that any threats to the surrounding area pale in comparison to the devastation already delivered. “The biggest real risk is that a pipe breaks and that hundreds of thousands of gallons of highly radioactive water ends up underground or ends up leeching back into the ocean or something like that. That’s the real bottom line.”

    The disaster displaced more than 100,000 people as faraway as 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the plant. The levels of radiation in the area closest to the plant are still dangerously high. <<

    (Last updated: 08:44 Feb 13 2012)
    (Sourced from: New York Post and CNN)

  18. Hej Wolfie..
    ja det är inte lätt att vara sjuk när en läkare inte tror på dig..Kanske borde jag gå till en vetrinär istället för dom är ju vana att leta efter fel för djuren kan ju inte prata..Ja så får det bli en veterinär för nicki jag är ju ett lejon:-)
    Ha det bra wolfie

    • Gå till veterinären!! 😉 Men det är en underbar idé min underbara vän Shalima Lion-heart!
      Jag är säker på den stackars olyckliga veterinären som kommer att skaka i hans veterinär skorna vid åsynen av din magnifika rytande personen 😉 kommer bli mycket glad för att leta efter fel i dig!
      Han kommer att vara för rädd för att göra något annat! Men Nicki … Lejonet … du får inte äta upp honom!…Kram Wolfie 😉

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  20. Ein lieber Gruss und einen schönen Valentinstag wünsche ich dir mach dir einen schönen Tag 1000 Grüsse von mir Gislinde.

  21. I’M BACK! No surprise about the ever increasing extent of contamination from this disaster. I really didn’t believe the authorities were telling the whole truth about the seriousness of the situation and still believe it will be years, if ever before we learn the whole truth.

    • Yes I know you’re back my lovely little Redneck!! It is awesome to have you back and you are doing a wonderful job of catching up with the 1000s of blogs you missed whilst semi-comotose! lol 😉 This one being, of course, of paramount importance and well worthy of being one of your first ports of call!!! Yes…well…lol 😉

      Hmm….I’m quite sure and certain the authorities are not telling the whole truth about the seriousness of the situation. They aren’t telling us anything more than the bare minimum and even that is exceptionally well hidden and has to be dug hard and deep for, and is likely to be wholly inaccurate and understated!!

  22. Warning that Fukushima is far from over. “More than 1,500 fuel rods dangerously exposed to the open atmosphere at Unit Four alone. The waste problem has gone nationwide, the storage capacities of the spent fuel pools at the nation’s nuclear power plants are reaching their limits,” ~ Tama University Professor Hiroshi Tasaka

    And without a final resolution to the ongoing horrors at Fukushima, the entire planet, from Tokyo to Alaska to Georgia and beyond, remains at serious radioactive risk. ~ ZNet

  23. Hmm… Still no Guestbook? 😦
    Maybe when I call in again your
    new GB will be here? Hope so 🙂

    Be good over the weekend
    Icywolfy of the Icy Realm 🙂

    Or Else? 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  24. Grüsse dich mal einfach so um dir einen schönen Sonntag zu wünschen 1000 Grüsse an dich Gislinde.

    • Grüße aus Wolfie
      mit dem Frost gebissen Pfote!
      Es ist klirrend kalten Gislinde
      Ich bin sicher, Sie muss viel heißer in Cologne!
      Möchten Sie mit mir tauschen?
      Ich hoffe, Sie hatten ein gutes Wochenende und es gab dir einen Grund zu lächeln 🙂
      Schüttelfrost Wölfe umarmt 🙂

  25. Wünsche dir eine schöne Woche und einen lieben Gruss Gislinde.

  26. NEWS UPDATE!! : TEPCO to cement 73,000 sq meters of seabed off Fukushima Daiichi plant on the nation’s northeast coast, in a bid to halt the spread of radiation ~ Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO).

  27. Wünsche dir meine liebe Freundin ein wunderschönes weeken liebe Grüsse von mir Gislinde.

  28. Wünsche dir meinen lieben Freundin ein wunderschönes weekend Grüsse dich 1000 mal Gislinde.

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