Female Roman Gladiators Stand Victorious!   33 comments

Female Roman Gladiators Stand Victorious!

Female GladiatorAncient Rome frowned on Women gladiators and there is bare minimal mention of them in the writings of the ancient Romans. This ensured they remained very few in number and they were even banned in A.D. 200 by Emperor Septimius Severus. None the less a handful did manage to achieve gladiator status and to fight in the arena.

Fighting for Glory in the Gladiator Arena

Female Roman Athletes vs Female Roman Gladiators

In the world of ancient Rome it was only female athletes that did not perform wholly topless, wearing instead a two-piece bikini like garment.


Roman images of Female AthletesThe occasional flashing of an exposed breast was not unheard of during an athlete’s performance, and indeed it was a feature built into the garments design, but exposing both was totally taboo and utterly unacceptable.


Ancient Roman Ampitheatre


Male Roman Gladiator

Although male gladiators frequently entered the arena topless, wearing only a knee bandage and a loin cloth, female gladiators would usually wear – besides the knee bandage which was common to all gladiators, additional garments.


However the low social standing of a gladiator (often slaves) did mean that should a female choose to enter the arena topless it was not thought of as unacceptable. This was done, possibly, in order to emphasise that they were female gladiators rather than male.


Helmeted Female GladiatorShe would also have worn protective/defensive kit including a shield and a warrior’s helmet, and shin protectors known as greaves. The male gladiators if so inclined would also wear a breastplate. Both male and female gladiators were usually armed with a dagger like sword, a short, curved weapon known as a “sica”

Roman Gladiatorial Eroticism

Armed Male Gladiator

“In a society so militarised as the Roman one, in which weapons were so popular (but exclusive to men), to see a woman in that role, so different to the usual feminine one, wearing the armour of gladiators and showing so much of her anatomy, should also stimulate the imagination and the libido of spectators.”~ Alfonso Manas of the University of Granada

Topless Female Gladiator



Roman writings did not however describe topless female gladiators in an erotic context or using language that would imply this.












Female Gladiator awaits her Opponent...Male or Female

“Women fought in the arena and they fought very fiercely and we were excited to see them.”

Male gladiators also fought Female Gladiators

33 responses to “Female Roman Gladiators Stand Victorious!

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  1. Interesting and unusual Blog Wolfie, did not even realize that they had female Gladiators.

    • They were few and far between and not all Romans took them very seriously…but for the ones who met the challenges placed before them and triumphed victory must have been very sweet and great honour and prestige was attached to a good and capable gladiator! Today’s women should perhaps take a lesson out of their books and stand up and raise their swords of justice and equality! If we all stood victorious against the odds maybe there would be less violence towards women, greater respect for “the fairer sex” and more equality in the workplace…So says the Alpha Female of the Europa Pack!!! HoooOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWwwwwwLLLLLLLL!!! 😉

  2. Some of the original ‘misbehaved women’! How awesome and I had no idea women fought as gladiators, thanks for the interesting history lesson!

  3. But why were there even gladiators in the first place? To arouse crowds of bored aristocrats?

    • The Gladitorial Games were a form of entertainment for the Roman Emperors and the general public in a similar but somewhat more gory way to today’s Olympic Games. They were also thought to please the Roman’s gods. There was great prestige attached to a gladiator who put on a good show and fought well, or even died well and their name would be spread far and wide…a little like yours Rumpydog…on the internet lol 😉

  4. I never realised there were female gladiators either, Icewolf, although there was a TV show years ago called Gladiators that featured both male and females in the roles as gladiators. It’s amazing how your mind can overlook certain facts at times…

    • I think the male mind is very quick to forget the skills of the female when it might challenge their manly role in life!! Especially in this situation where women gladiators would take on male gladiators in combat as well as other females and potentially win!

  5. Ich habe noch nie von weiblichen Gladiatoren gehört aber sie hat es mit sicherlich gegeben,sind sehr Hübsch ansehen und sehr Weiblich. Grüsse Herzlich und eine wundevollen Tag Gislinde.

  6. Trust Wolfie for filling us in with those little unknown details of life. interesting story, pictures…I had no idea…
    with love, Eddie

  7. My knowledge of this subject is Nil Wolfie, so I bow to your own enlightened knowledge.. Brings a whole new meaning to Warrior Princess..
    Wishing you a great Weekend Wolfie and loved the pictures you have found to add to your post.. Hugs Sue xx

    • Certainly does! lol…gives a nice boost to the Alpha Female Wolfieeeeee image too! And we should never forget our feline sisters the Warrior Princess Lionesses who are the sure and certain huntresses of the pride while the males lounge around assuming they will be well fed by their gladiatorial females of the species! But today’s Warrior Princesses should definitely not take that attitude lol… the wolf pack scenario is far more conducive to gladiatorial equality between male and female! 🙂 x

  8. Hey how did you sneak this one by me Icywolfy of the Icy Realm? 😦
    However now that you have pointed this one out to me I must say how
    wickedly exciting it is to learn of these Gladitorial Naughty Girls, wow
    it’s a wonder any of those Gladiator guys could fight with such wicked
    distractions, mind you at least we can now understand the stances of
    some of those that fought in the arena, being that some adopted the
    all too common Gladiator Stoop as it was termed in those times 🙂 lol

    I will definitely be reading up on this one Icywolfy and thank you for a
    nudge in the right direction, and maybe I will offer up a nonsensical
    offering to compliment this finely tuned example of your Roman post,
    of which I have enjoyed reading, oh and of course the graphics were
    to my liking also, funny that 🙂 😉 lol Hey be good Icywolfy or else? 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • I’d have been surprised if you DIDN’T like the graphics lol 😉 You were at the back of my mind when I picked certain ones! I wonder why? lol 😉 Wicked Vamp!! And I would be most interested to see what you would post on this subject! I’m sure you’re version would be fascinating and very gnawti!! 🙂

      • Yes I was thinking of a nonsensical posting
        that would / could add a sense of wickedness
        to it, mind you I would need to follow in your
        paw prints if I was to add a naughty one, as
        I am far too innocent as you know? 🙂 lol

        Are you having fun this evening Icywolfy? 😉

        Androgoth XXx

      • You? Innocent? Innocent my Icewolfie paw!! Having read some of the posts you have on offer I can catergorically say there is absolutely nothing remotely innocent about you whatsoever!!!! Therefore I am quite sure and certain you would have no trouble at all and a great deal of fun adding a post with a huge sense of major gnawtiness and great wickedness! lol 😉 😀
        I’m having fun reading your comments thanks! Sadly 05:00 alarm call tomorrow for work means my fun must now end prematurely for tonight…but nobody said I couldn’t have fun dreaming of alluringly handsome vampires and 50 Shades of Gray!!! 😉 😀

      • Well don’t be dreaming too long Icywolfy or your alarm
        clock will be working overtime trying to wake you up 🙂
        Mind you with your excellent hearing you can whack it
        with your paw and snooze ten minutes while you try and
        remember what went on in your dream of wickedness 🙂
        Your fantasies are getting worse, I think it is a Wolf thingy
        or something 🙂 lol Hey get to sleep or you will never get
        to work on time…

        05:00 oh no, no way that is far too early for me 🙂 lol

        Androgoth XXx

      • Too early for me too though I was awake and up ahead of it today 😉 spent the remainder of the day after work at Stratford. Went to see the Olympic Park-no…no naked gladiators sorry to say 😉 and nearly spent the night in the Westfield Centre which is huge and there was no escaping once it had you trapped inside lol 😉 Got back just in time to see the awesome Team Jamaica win the relay final,break the world record AND take the gold 🙂 Now earth shatteringly exhausted-Olympic fever is very debilitating!! So further w/pressing will have to be resumed tomorrow, Icewolfie desperately needs some sleep right now! 🙂

      • Yes the Jamaican team are doing really well, bolting to the finish as per usual and with a wicked style all of their own, and excellently achieved 🙂

        Get some sleep Icywolfy
        it’s the marathon in the morning 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

      • “Bolting” to the finish! lol 😉

  9. There have always been female combatants – sometimes disguised as men – but I wasn’t aware of the women gladiators. Or were they ever called gladiatrixes?

  10. a very happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year’s wish to you sweet friend, with much love, Eddie

  11. Fascinating!

  12. Woah!.. I had to google this one.. didn’t believe it.. but you are right.. harsh!.. I wouldn’t want to meet a female gladiator.. ;o)

    • Yes…lol… a painful nugget of info for the male population! Worse still…lol…male Roman gladiators didn’t get any choice in the matter whereas female Roman gladiators fought most willingly and because they wanted to not because they had to! Oh Wolf! The joys of being an Alpha Female!! lol 😉

  13. Very interesting. You’ll see my fascination with the art of war:



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