Chernobyl’s Radioactive Wolves   38 comments


Chernobyl’s Radioactive Exclusion Zone Wolves

Hunting in the Land of Wolves

Chernobyl: 26 Year Anniversary…1986 – 2012

Radio active Wolves

“When a radioactive nuclear wasteland is abandoned by humans, wildlife takes over. Wolves now rule this once prosperous farmland claiming buildings as their own personal mansions. With humans out of the picture, there is a new boss in town.”


“Chernobyl…an old river port in the middle of nowhere surrounded by marshes rivalling the everglades…site of a soviet nuclear power plant and history’s  worst manmade nuclear disaster back in 1986. The Chernobyl accident displaced 1/2 million people leaving behind the world’s biggest ghost town and an exclusion zone the size of Rhode Island. Radio active land void of people for 25 years but now a raw wilderness – ruled by wolves.

A team of scientists enters the forbidden  zone to explore the fate of radio active wolves. Why wolves? The wolf is at the end of the food  chain. It’s the peak of the pyramid. The state of a wolf pack says a lot about the state of the entire ecosystem. Radio collaring wolves will help answer essential questions  about the zone’s top predator and thus the rest of it’s wildlife.

Face masks matter now the wolfs fur is almost certainly radio active. Their time in the zone is up now. Boyde can stay. No one will disturb him here….

On the electronic  map the researchers find the wolves GPS  position this morning…the deserted village of Kososelya  If Boyde and Lotta are part of a pack this could be their headquarters.  The tracks in the snow confirm this is the base of a big pack….”

Radioactive_Chernobyl_Wolves(Image Credit:Public Domain)

Wolves in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone which covers a 1,100 square miles reaching into  Ukraine and Belarus, and due to the dangerous levels of radiation is still, 26 years later considered unsafe for human habitation. Scientists with special permits are allowed to visit the zone for short periods to study the effects of radiation on the ecosystem. 

They also study it’s effects on the wildlife’s health although any handling of the animals, including wolves which they also tag, and their pups must be done with gloves on due to the dangerously high levels of radiation in their bones.


Health wise the wildlife is in pretty good shape, all things considered though birth abnormalities are twice the norm, but even these figures remain single ones. Where humans once lived wolves now roam, claiming their territory amongst the abandoned and evacuated buildings.



Hunting In The Land Of Wolves….

Chernobyl: 26 Year Anniversary…1986 – 2012

38 responses to “Chernobyl’s Radioactive Wolves

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  1. It’s nice to think that wildlife had got somewhere that is safe from man’s destructive hands and minds, long my they roam undisturbed, nice post Wolfie, and love the pictures. big licks from the two hairy ones. :-p

    • HOoOOOOOOOoooooWWWWWWWwwwwLLLLLLLooooooo Arlene! Thought you’d absconded to blogger never to set paw back in W/P world! GrRRRRrrreat to see you with my wolfie eye 😉 Yes…it is good to think they have a refuge from man’s destructive ways…once more nature takes care of her own 🙂 Tail wagging Wolfie hugs for you and “the two hairy ones!” lol 😀

  2. i saw this docu a while back. it was very inspiring to see the wolves and other wildlife reclaiming the territory. seems with no ill effects. i hate the use of nuclear power, not because i think its bad in itself, but because man doesnt know enough about it to be messing with it yet. but hey, money before safety, right? i rather live with the wolves. less danger …

  3. Tack Wolfie…
    Ja lite roligt att vara tillbaka men jag kommer inte att skriva lika mycket som förrut jag har inte tid och nu blir det sommar..Men lite då och då ska jag gå hit och säga hej till mina vänner..
    Ha en härlg vecka wolfie..Kram Nicki

    Chernobyl är hemsk hoppas det inte blir fler sådana…

    • Först Chernobyl, nu Japan … Jag tvivlar det kommer att sluta där. Jag undrar bara vilket land som kommer att bli nästa …
      Jag kan förstå varför du föredrar din Blogger sajter 🙂 men det är bra att se dig här också. Jag har börjat besöka bloggare lite mer men det tar tid att besöka alla.
      Tack för ditt besök!
      Kram Wolfie 🙂

  4. Tolle Bilder Grüsse Herzlich und wünsche dir einen schönen Tag Gislinde

  5. It doesn’t seem like twenty six years ago that this terrible accident
    happened Icywolfy of the Icy Realm but I remember it well, and just
    looking at these amazing photographs that you have added brings
    back that awful realisation that the nuclear scar that has torn through
    Chernobyl leaving this upsetting landscape will be with us all for a
    very long time to come…

    The horrors of nuclear power and its failures is a raw reminder of man
    inventing beyond rge realms of his understanding.. And that no matter
    what damage and devestation it holds for mankind and all living things
    upon our planet, it does not stop them from wanting more of the same,
    which is just unbelievably stupid when there are alternative means of
    powering the earths needs…

    A brilliant posting Icywolfy and
    thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Hi! Welcome back! lol…you seem to have been mislaid and missing for a few nights which is very strange and ghoulish 😉 Thought maybe a zombie had sat on you and squashed you under a gothic cake 😀 Thank you for swooping in and leaving your fine comment 😉 Good to see you back…Glad you like the pics…always interesting to get feedback on them 🙂

      It is indeed an upsetting landscape that the nuclear scar has left…the legacy of Chernobyl is a lasting one…the ghost town of Pripyat almost alien in it’s haunting emptiness and the eerie silence that filters through heart, spirit and mind…the sense of walking on another world…where the warnings of the Geiger counter replace the chirruping of the birds…the Chernobyl N-Plant a dark sentinal…watching and waiting…

  6. Sorry for the typos Icy 😦

    Androgoth XXx

    • It was a very tiny hardly there typo that I would never have noticed if you hadn’t suggested it might be lurking out there somewhere 😉 It was so small that I had to get a magnifying glass out and study the comment under a microscope in microscopic detail in order to hunt down what isn’t really a typo at all because it’s just too miniscule and unnoticable!! There 🙂 How’s that for consolation…!

      • Thank you Icywolfy I feel much better
        now after that wonderful vote of confidence 🙂 🙂

        I hope your day is going well 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  7. An excellent post this Wolfie, I remember the Chernobyl disaster.. I heard it on the radio while I worked and within a few days the fall out was blowing across to the coast of Scotland …. We have short memories as children still being born with defects are suffering to costs of Nuclear Power when it goes wrong.. And still Wolfie those in Government still push for Nuclear Power to go ahead.. 26 yrs later and the place is still not fit to live ..
    Our Brothers the Wolves are indeed our teachers as we see that We shouldnt be tampering with Nature .. And that this sad sorry state of affairs is all down to Mans so called progress.. in matters he still hasnt got a clue how to clean up after his mess..

    Thank you for highlighting the plight once again Wolfie.. Love to you my friend xxx ~Sue

    • Thank you Dreamwalker 🙂 Our governments would like us to have short memories! There is still a lot of debate about exactly how many of the health problems occurring are radiation-related…the authorities do like their secrecy and denials don’t they? It’s unfortunate that we discovered too late and after a good deal of human error within the Chernobyl plant that we did not in fact have such a great grasp on nuclear science as we presumably first thought we did. It seemed to offer such a bright future with such a clean new energy source…although in the case of Japan for example you really would think we would know better than to go around building such volatile constructions on active fault lines! We the people are I believe, in general, living and learning on this issue…shame those in charge of our countries aren’t! Wolfie howls xx

      • Yes indeed Wolfie.. I could Hoooowwwl right along with you and shout and bark into the ears of deaf Politicians until I am blue in the face… It seems until such time as we destroy ourselves they will keep making the same mistakes..Science ‘Thinks’ it knows so much Wolfie.. When in fact they are not even out of nappies when it comes to Nuclear Science.. And the Workings of the World.. Arrgh it makes me so cross… But…. I am trying, very hard not to let my light dim.. LOL.. as Im still trying to ‘Shine’ … 🙂 … Keep Howling though my good friend, you never know one dark moonlit night they may hear the peoples Voice!.. Love to you and have a great week.. And I hope too that your Light is now much brighter since the stream was vented from your collar!.. 😉 Hugs my fine friend xxx Dreamwalker xxx

      • They have cloths ears shining one 🙂 Perhaps my howls are too loud and long and eardrum bursting for their delicate disposition!

  8. Hello! I wish you a pleasant and serene weekend!

  9. Its been 26 years now Time goes fast.Im happy that ppl are there to see whats happening with the wildlife. I mean ppl Oke they leave But animals stay.
    I hope that the wolves and every living animal can have a good life.In what we know its a hell.
    Tx for sharing Wolfy.

    • There are still people living in parts of the exclusion zone, those who could not afford to leave and some who returned to the land they had been part of for so many generations…as in Japan some went home to die, preferring to do so on home ground than far away in a strange and unfamiliar place. Children are growing up there and eating the food grown in contaminated ground because they cannot afford to do move away or buy food from outside.
      Wolves and other creatures that live within the Zone are clearly far better equipped to deal with the radiation than rather less hardy and adaptable humans! Interesting too that houses and buildings where humans once lived Wolves now roam and claim as territory…”As it was in the beginning…so shall it be in the end…”

  10. Have a really lovely start to your week Icywolfy of the Icy Realm
    and don’t forget to be working on one of your Mythology postings 🙂
    Yes well I have to keep reminding you otherwise you might forget
    my requests 🙂 😉 lol

    Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your Ghouls 🙂 😉 lol

    Have a wicked Monday Icywolfy 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  11. Hej Wolfie..
    Tack för din kommentar och att du gillar min blogg..
    Vad tråkigt att du har en mörk och tråkig dag..Hoppas verkligen du kan glömma att någon kraschat in i dit hus med bilen..berusade människor som kör bil är fruktansvärt..Och jag önskar att solen alltid får lysa åver dig min fina wolfie..
    Stor puss och kram Nicki

  12. Wünsche eine schöne sonnige Woche und Grüsse Herzlich Gislinde.

  13. Amazing how well wildlife is able to adapt even thought there have been
    changes in the envoriorment sufficent enough to force humans to leave.
    Great article Wolfie but it hurts my heart…
    love, Eddie

    • Hurts my heart too Eddie…to “Walk in the Land of Wolves” is like nothing else in this world…it draws howls from the spirit when the anguish of the land touches and blends with the frailty of the human spirit…words cannot express…suffice to say one “Howls in the Land of Wolves…” and for sure, one never sees the world in the same way again…the overlays…the shadows…it is like a permanent double vision…a haunting reminder that a part of you will always and forever “Howl in the Land of Wolves…” xx

  14. Hej Wolfie..
    Ja har varit lite konstiga saker på wordpress sista veckan eller så har alla människor valt att dom måste godkänna alla kommentarer före publicering..Inte mycket jag kan görs åt saken och jag är nöjd så länge min egen sida fungerar nra he he..
    Och tyvärr wolfie det var inte jag som fick ny dator det var min kompis mathilde..
    Min egen dator fyller 1 år nästa vecka så jag behöver ingen ny ännu..Ha en härlig helg wolfie…Kram Nicki

    • Oj förlåt om datorn förvirring, var jag trött när jag läste. Det visar Jag borde ha väntat tills nästa dag men jag någonsin lyssnar på min kropp … nej! Min dator går är endast ett år också, så du är i gott sällskap 🙂 Jag tror att WordPress blir konstigt varje gång de har en uppdatering. Mycket förvirrande!
      Kram Wolfie 🙂

  15. Wünsche dir von Herzen ein wunderschönes sonniges weekend und einen schönen Tag Gruss Gislinde.

  16. Did someone mention a
    posting on Mythology? 🙂 😉 lol

    Okay Icywolfy anytime soon will
    be fine with me my great friend 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • Hmm…now you mention it…didn’t you say you were planning a series of postings about the adventures of Europan Icewolves in the Gothic Realm? 😉 lol…well I’m sure you’re working on that one even as I type…LOL…just don’t take too long about posting the first installment ok! Don’t want to be waiting for the rest of eternity do I? Lol 🙂

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