The aliens are coming to get us! ~ When Aliens Attack   58 comments

The aliens are coming to get us!

*Aliens may be hostile, particularly aliens invading the planet.

Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer with the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California doubts we’ll survive any attack.

“Whoever takes the trouble to come visit us is probably a more aggressive personality. And if they have the technology to come here, the idea that we can take them on is like Napoleon taking on (the) U.S. Air Force. We’re not going to be able to defend ourselves very well.”

That doesn’t mean humans will go down without a good fight, however: Surviving an alien invasion is of paramount importance both for yourself and for the future of the human race. Even if the odds are stacked against us never give up hope. Humanity was almost wiped out about 75,000 years ago and our numbers were reduced down to as few as 15,000 human beings. Today we are over-running our planet!!

Tips (*WikiHowls)

* Hang out with the type of people you think could survive an alien invasion: U.S. Marines, Israeli Police, Pakistani weapon smiths, etc.
* Be prepared. Have a plan. How are you going to find cover? Where’s the best place to get supplies when chaos and panic descend?
* Dress down, think functional. Avoid really bright colours. You just went through an apocalypse, people will think you’re a jerk if you dress too cheery.
* Get a dog—something smart and loyal, like a German Shepherd or a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Pentagon developed And World’s Largest Weapons Manufacturers Weaponry

“To Make The Battle For Earth A Fair Fight.”

Weapons-grade Lasers

Weapons-Grade lasers (Image Credit: DARPA) A futuristic high-powered laser that is light enough to fly on a fighter jet and shoot down flying saucers is under development at the Pentagon>>>

  • Rapid and effective response harnessing light’s speed and power to counter increasing number of threats.
  • The combination of the first module and a second one to be built in this last stage of development will generate 150 kW of power.
  • The laser will then be ground tested against rockets, mortars, and surface-to-air missiles at White Sands Missile Range. It will also undergo simulated air-to-ground offensive missions.

Hypersonic Drones That Fly At Approximately 13,000 Miles Per Hour

Hypersonic Drone

An artist’s illustration of DARPA’s Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2) travelling at 13,000 mph, (Mach 20), during its Aug. 11, 2011 test flight. <<<

The Disc-Rotor A New Hybrid Helicopter-Airplane Combo (High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defence System – HELLADS)

The Disc-Rotor

Capable of performing high-speed flights ~ 300-400 kts, the Disc-Rotor can also accomplish “Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VOTL), “high-efficiency hover,” and has the capacity, when it’s blades, hidden inside the disc are fully retracted, to establish a smooth, flawless shift between these two flight conditions.

DARPA Anti Submarine Warfare (ACTUV) (A surface ship functioning without human operatives able to track even the most unobtrusive and discreet of submarines, should the aliens come from an inside source.)

                           DARPA Anti submarine Warfare (ACTUV) DARPA Anti submarine Warfare (ACTUV) DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency)


The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) aims to bring unstaffed partially immersed submarine-hunting robots to the mix in the form of the Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV).

Watching closely for concealed and immersed enemy submarines The ACTUV would be on long-term location out in the ocean. It would then be tasked with tailing the submarines for organisers of the mission and returning critical intelligence.

  • A varied range of high-tech bullets and armour are another option for preparing us to go into battle with hostile alien invaders.

Somewhat pessimistically Alan Boyle, author of’s Cosmic Log says: “An alien-generated electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, would likely render most of our weapons useless.”

Robotic Space Plane X-37B

Our greatest prospect for the countering of hostile alien invaders could then possibly be the the Pentagon’s secret weapon ~ Robotic Space Plane X-37B. Hypothetically it could be coupled up to “kinetic weapons known as the “rods from God”.

“How fearsome would the Predator look with a depleted-uranium spear from space sticking out of its back?" ~Boyle.

Robotic Space Plane X-37B


NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center image shows on-orbit functions for the reusable X-37B space plane, now under the wing of the U.S. Air Force. <<<

The OTV-2 mission was launched by the Air Force on March 5, 2011, when with an unmanned Atlas 5 rocket launched the robotic X-37B into orbit from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

“Air Force’s secret X-37B a ‘spectacular success’ “

“Robotic space plane nearing 430 days of spaceflight, and military is delighted”

Surviving the Initial Alien Attack

* Find cover and find it quickly! Be familiar with your environment and be prepared to use it to your advantage.

* Once you’re there, stay put unless it’s more dangerous than running for other cover. Do not run down the street screaming unless you have a death wish.  Change direction randomly but frequently making yourself as difficult a target as possible for your hostile alien hunters.

* After surviving the initial attack, finding supplies is a priority. Try places that aren’t too obvious. Looting the grocery store does NOT constitute “places that aren’t too obvious."Looting the camping, and ideally the hunting supply store fits this category much more effectively. You’re unlikely to find a gun in the grocery store.

* Link up with the new resistance. If no resistance appears to be in place step up to the mark yourself. Other survivors will be drawn to you as such initiatives breed confidence.

* Our children must be saved. This is a priority. They may well be the ones who will eventually lead what remains of the human race, in the final battle to win back the planet for themselves and for  future generations. And if you have survived that long, yours too.

* In order to avoid total extinction of the human race some serious reproduction will be necessary. So the saving of as many healthy, fertile females of child-bearing age as possible is vitally important. It only takes a small handful of healthy, fertile males to further the cause of human reproduction. The ones who disagree with this will  be the same ones who “loot the grocery store” and who will “run down the street screaming” and therefore will not survive anyway. So they are not a problem worthy of further thought.

* In the event of an alien invasion there is going to be a lot of sophisticated technology and weaponry in play that is not of this Earth and therefore which we will probably never have seen before and have no understanding of whatsoever, beyond that it will be very dangerous and we probably don’t want to have a close encounter with it. So in order to tackle them we need to save the tech guys ~  the all-important engineers.

(–Post Sources Via IEEE and Foreign Policy and *WikiHowls)


58 responses to “The aliens are coming to get us! ~ When Aliens Attack

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  1. Wolfie, if we do not survive Dec 2012 there is unlikely to be of anything of use for them here. If we do,they forgot to mention the harmless to mankind viruses, which always saves the day, and consigns the Aliens to a nasty defeat. lol

    • Actually they didn’t forget to mention the harmless to mankind viruses Rosemary! Wolfie just decided there was enough mentioned on that subject and related ones to make a whole blog post all to itself! lol…sorry about the omission, it’s a very relavent point but I had to be picky about content in the interests of avoiding “the eternal blog post” syndrome setting in 😉 Re Dec 2012, got a post lined up on that subject 🙂 Just needs some “fine tuning ;)” Be very interested in what you had to say on that one too!! 🙂

  2. I will be hiding out on a golf course – the clubroom well stocked with supplies – and possibly young females of child-bearing age – lol.

    • LOL!! The future of the human race is safe and well then and in excellent hands!! lol…and there was me thinking you were going to club the aliens round their skull bones with your mighty golf clubs 😉 thereby saving the human race as well as getting in some great practice at your golfing swings lol Silly Wolfie!!! 😉

  3. Howwwwooooolllllls to you Wolfie for this valued informative post… Just what I need when I next say Hi to my Alien visitor..

    I think if the Aliens with all the reports of UFO’s had any intention of Killing us off, they would have done so by now.. The only Aliens we need to be wary of Wolfie are the Ones running our Various Countries 🙂

    So loved this Post and it make me laugh too reading the To Do List of what to do and not to do in case of an Attack..
    Thank you Wolfie,, I hope you are held up within your Lair and have enough food supplies and water to keep you going until the Aliens fly on home…

    I think we are the Aliens Wolfie… We deffinately have forgotten so Human Instincts over the years!
    Great Post and Love how you have put it all together…

    Ps there are alot of things being kept hidden from our eyes Wolfie which our various Governing bodies are aware off.. Aliens HAVE landed I have no doubts… But will they shoot to KILL..?… only I am sure after we have fired the First shot.. as we cant help ourselfs.. Shoot First Ask Questions Later..
    I hope you had a great weekend… I did.. 🙂 Sue xxxxx

    • That’s very optimistic of you Dreamwalker!! How do you know they’re not just gathering intelligence and lulling us into a false sense of security ahead of a pending a hostile strike and take over of the planet?!! As Rosemary so aptly points out there are many harmless to human viruses lurking here that could easily kill off unwary aliens…perhaps they are busy preparing antidotes to guard against such eventualities when the time comes…time for them will likely be very different than our perception of it so our perception of it may just be a mere moment in time to them 🙂 As to will they shoot to kill? Depending on their plans for us/Earth that may be preferable to the alternatives!!!!

      The original “To Do” list was hilarious, regretable that I felt it necessary edit much of the funniest bits out in the interests of sticking to the main points…maybe in a separate post tho… 😉

      And if there is a hostile alien attack I will be out there leading the resistance! I certainly won’t be holed up in my den if I can help it, not my style! I believe in going down fighting 🙂

      And what did you get up to this weekend then?!! Must’ve been good! lol 😉 The question is…lol…were YOU good????!!!!!! 🙂 xxx

      • 🙂 just saw this reply my wolfie friend.. last weekend I think now.. I had my children over for Sunday Lunch.. a family get together.. We discussed what we would do in the event of an Alien invasion.. And my Son said.. Give them his wife Yorkshire Puds as they would sink a battle ship.. Not nice!… Glad to say my own Yorkshires went down a treat!… along with some of my Red Cabbage recipe… 🙂
        Enjoy this weekend Wolfie.. Keep that Fur dry if you can.. we had some horrid storms today.. Hugs Sue xx

      • Lol…that was very cheeky of your son! You can’t beat mum’s cooking lol but I should think his wife will be going on strike after his comment! 😉

      • Luckily she agrees she isnt the worlds best Cook.. and All is Calm on their Domestic front!.. Have a Brilliant weekend and keep smiling between those showers! xxx 🙂

  4. havent got the energy to fight aliens icey so il just hide in the cupboard with a bar of choccy which ive never had for ages until im found then il pop a pill and go to a better place how sad is that lol great writing hope your well n happy xjen

    • Oh jen!! It’s fine to hide in the cuboard with a choccy bar …or 100 lol 😉 but pop a pill and go to a better place when you’re found? That isn’t ok! Not in the least! I was planning to make you my “right hand vampire” in my resistance movement! One look at those gleaming vampy fangs and any self respecting alien will run away screaming 😉 I will supply you with the biggest pile of choccy bars you could ever hope for and you don’t have to share them!! Anyway…you have the mighty and all-powerful Master Vampire of the Gothic Realm to rescue and protect you in your hour of need,,,he will sweep you away to safety beneath his great cloak…of iniquity lol…so no need for popping that final pill ok?!! Icy 🙂 x

  5. I think you made a valuable point. We don’t need a bunch of stupid people surviving. We need smart, savvy people surviving. Survival of the fittest should again rule the day.

    • Absolutely! That is just the sort of attitude the resistance movement needs! Count yourself in 😉
      …”and any macho chuckle-head who thinks otherwise obviously has very little perspective and will likely have a few moments of realization just before getting vaporized in a very meaningful moment.” 😀

  6. your a sweet icey xjen

  7. you can count on the silvery lizard! cloak of invisibility and relect their rays back at them! (took a hint from that guy that defeated the witch with the snakey hair) 😀

  8. Love this post! My daughter & I have often made jokes about should aliens ever land a majority of the population would likely follow the “Horror Movie Guide to Survival” by doing things like…looting Wal*Mart (after all, one must have a flatscreen TV to view the Armageddon on!), running/driving down the street screaming with no idea where to go…or better yet, running Upstairs to hide in a closet with a really flimsy door on it!

    I would hope that any possible visitors would be coming in peace but wonder if ‘human nature’ is rampant among all species and therefore odds could lean towards visitors landing with intent to conquer just as easily? Either way, I’m set for various disasters – I’ve got everything from my favorite double blade ax all the way to having a gorgeous German Sheppard girl to watch out for me! Let ’em bring it! 😉

    • Yes…lol! Looting Wal*Mart during the Armageddon sure is absolutely a vital part of surviving it 🙂 One is certainly not going to survive it without the flatscreen TV to view it on!! We can watch it whilst we’re hiding in the closet with a really flimsy door on it…that way we’ll know for sure when “they” are coming to get us and we can then do a timely run down the street screaming with no idea where to go! You’re a genius 😀

      Double blade ax…GSD…? 😉 You’re in!! Bring on the alien attack!! 🙂

  9. Where can I get one of those space planes? Do I get a discount if I buy more than one lol 🙂

    • Have a little word in the highly secretive “Pentagonial” ear! I’m sure they’ll be happy to oblige…complete with hefty highly secretive discount lol 😉 if you point out that they will need someone to snatch an alien spacecraft AND be able to fly it for them…and it would be very virtuous to have a space plane to practice in ahead of that great achievement you plan to execute! 😀 Just don’t tell them you’ll be flying it for the resistance lol 😉

  10. My bipeds have got a brilliant dog as you advise, so I’m hoping they have the rest of it covered!

    • Oh yes Clowie! Your bipeds have got an awesome dog!! A very confident and none too modest one lol! 😉 but awesome non-the-less!! If they had the great foresight to get you, in anticipation of a hostile alien attack and the onset of Armageddon lol then I am certain they will have everything else you could possibly think of, and quite a lot you can’t lol 110% covered! 🙂 You and your bipeds will of course be joining ranks with the resistance will you not…being such a brilliant dog lol you will be a truly awesome and valuable asset!!

      • I will of course be joining the resistance, where my talents will be very useful. I hate false modesty, but I think it’s something I’ve managed to avoid!

      • Yes there is no shadow of a doubt you have managed to avoid it! lol You’re bipeds must be delighted that you are proving such a confident, well-adjusted and altogether charming…but not at all modest lol “Pyreeeeeeee!” who is so very well aware of her own woofly self-worth! Oh my wolfie paw! You will be putting all those talents and more to such great use with the resistance too!!! Oh howling wolves!! 😉

  11. I have recently acquired a very ‘Bitey’ Cat. Taking the hint from the Ancient Myans/Aztec’s and of course Egyptians. Who knew a thing of two about invasion from god like invaders…. This Blog is a great ‘Hidden in plain view’ example and I have updated my invasion ETA accordingly. Thanks for the hints. I’ll avoid London central as that’ll be the first to be leveled. See you at BCH store- Trowbridge (large yet rural). Bring the Guns.

    • Aye Aye Commander Gore!! Guns at the ready! Standing by at BCH store 🙂 … And thanks for the locational reassurances 😉 I shall bear this small but VERY inconvenient detail in mind when the aliens attack…and head for Trowbridge instead! lol…Look out for further hostile alien invasion hints…it is of paramount importance that you keep your invasion ETA up to date 😉 Bitey Cat will be a fangtastic addition to the ever-growing resistance movement :)… bitey fangs and lethal claws, coupled with his natural clinging and climbing abilities…think razor-sharp fangs, scratchy, ripping claws and… alien “goolies” lol 😀

  12. Wünsche dir einen schönen Tag die Menschen sollten endlich anfangen und lernen und sich respektieren sonst geht das nicht,Man kann von manchen Tier noch was lernen.Wünsche dir eine sonnige Woche und Grüsse dich lieb Gislinde

    • Grüße aus nassen und regnerischen England Gislinde 🙂
      Respekt ist etwas, das sehr spärlich ist auf dem Boden.
      Aber vielleicht werden wir eines Tages lernen…

      Fußball ist im Gange! 😀 England spielte Frankreich heute … wir wahrscheinlich verloren!;)
      Wir in der Regel zu tun! Im Gegensatz zu Deutschland, die in der Regel gewinnen 🙂

      Genießen Sie den Rest des Tages … Liebe und Wölfe Umarmungen … Wolfie 🙂

  13. Merhaba benim sevgili arkadaşım Buz.
    size tekrar gördüğüm için mutlu oldum 🙂
    şiirle ilgili yorumunuz için teşekkür ederim
    size güzel yeni bir hafta diliyorum
    hep sevgi ile kalmınız dileğiyle
    benim güzel ve sevgili arkadaşım Buz 🙂
    çok kucak dolusu sevgiler yolluyorum..

    • İyi akşamlar benim güzel, nazik ve tatlı arkadaşım Seçil 🙂
      Ben her zaman benim arkadaşım olacağını umuyoruz
      ve senin cömert yorum ve senin güzel kalbini seviyorum Ziyaret ettiğiniz.
      Ben bir harika ve mutlu bir hafta diliyorum sevgili arkadaşım
      Aşk ve sarılmalar… Buz 😉

  14. my dear friend Buz 🙂
    Thank you very much for nice comments 
    you’re always in my heart
    Good night and sweet dreams!
    Hugs and kisesss

  15. hey you never told me that you had posted something wicked and excellent Icywolfy
    and I always like postings on UFO’s and the like 🙂 🙂 Wow what a feast on the graphics
    too, I wonder if Darth Vader is amongst those somewhere? 😉 He would be inside that
    Hypersonic Drone (Yes unmanned usually but this one is with a Darth Vader Robot)
    You certainly know how to please everyone with your galactic offerings Icywolfy and
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this one 🙂 It is almost as wicked as someone that
    polishes lids, did I mention that I have been cleaning those lately? 😉 🙂 lmao

    Have a ghoulishly exciting Wednesday and be as good
    as possible, which of course for you will be Impossible 😉 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • W/P Reader-“Blogs I Follow” would have told you 😉 lol…pleased you enjoyed it…there’s more but trying to sift through it and organise it into a blog post is a major headache 😉 I don’t believe for a minute that you’ve been polishing lids! lol but perhaps you could do a spot of looting for more heavy duty weaponary for the resistance….I’ll put you in charge of polishing the fire power! Try to avoid getting zapped by hostile alien invaders though!! 🙂

      • That seems a naughty job to me Icywolfy, so I will send one of my slaves round, she is a good weapon polisher but saucy is her middle name so watch out for any of her wickedness 🙂 lol

        How do you mean you can’t believe it about the lid polishing? I am top of my class in lid polishing skills but I still need an apprentice 🙂 Well your job is still available should you wish to re-take the test? 🙂 lol

        Have fun tonight Icywolfy of the Icy Realm 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  16. I have just found something that I think you will like
    and soooooooooooooooooooooooooo here it is 🙂 🙂

    Have a wonderful Thursday Icywolfy of the Icy Realm 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Thank you Androgoth…Very thoughtful of you 🙂

      Nothing naughty about that job! lol 🙂 How are you going to survive a hostile alien invasion without firearms? The future of the human race is at stake!! I hope your saucy slave has been briefed on apocolypse survival techniques 😉 Clean shiney weapons are surely going to be more effective than grimy ones don’t you think…lol 😉 If she does a good job I’ll you can re-employ her as your apprentice lid polisher…IF she survives the alien attack lol! 🙂

      • Never mind the slave, it’s your job to clean all the lids so grab your duster and polish pronto 🙂 😉 lol Glad you like the graphic I found Icywolfy 🙂 Oh yes, and those aliens don’t stand a Martian in Hells chance so no problemo, I have a frozen chip launcher and a Zapatron that can splatter an Alien at twenty paces 🙂 They have no hope of winning the battle with all my Zombies and Skeletons around 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  17. Wünsche mal schnell einen schönen Nachmittag Gruss von mir Gislinde

  18. Icewolf, I meant to comment on this post the other day, but due to aliens beyond my control – I mean circumstances beyond my control – I couldn’t leave a comment. These aliens don’t sound at all friendly… I think I’ll hide in my bathroom if they decide to visit…

    • I think you should join the resistance Aquatom…these aliens seem to have been taking over your PC! They aren’t very friendly…they want to take over the planet! But hiding in the bathroom…Oooh….Aquatom! I really don’t think that’s a good idea…your bathroom is a very dangerous place for you! You know what happens when you go in there 😉 I think it maybe an alien stronghold actually…or worse it could itself be an alien!!!

  19. Aliens live next door to me. The government has’t discover them yet. It is just a matter of time.

  20. I hope you are ready for a wicked
    Hump Day Icywolfy of the Icy Realm? 🙂 😉
    Don’t forget to be extra naughty 🙂

    We need another Mythology posting 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  21. Midsummer greetings from Sweden..
    Hugs kisses //Nicki..

  22. Have a great weekend Icywolfy 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  23. I hope the aliens are friendly We cant say that about our Aliens who are busy ruining our planet at this moment.
    tc wolfy and NO
    have a nice weekend
    Cheers on the green guys.

    • I’m not sure we deserve to meet friendly aliens!! And no….definitely NO tattoos for Wolfie 😉 I will settle for using looking at Beck’s tattoos as an excuse for ogling him!! lol 😉

  24. Interested in reading more material on 2012? EverEvolingSoul is a long time friend. Like you Wolfie…

  25. I’ll take their photos and post them……..

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