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December 21st 2012...?

Will the world end on December 21st 2012? This seems, depending on which way you are inclined, to be either; a burning question or a foregone conclusion of doom, etched firmly into the minds of the human species. Humans are a strange people, unique in their habit of living in fear that they are to be the last of their kind doomed to destroyed in an cataclysmic ending of time, and at any given time in history through to the present day, there have always been some who believe there is an apocalyptic significance to particular times and dates.

At the end of the World...the Apocalypse

  • Even as early in time as the impending start of the year 1000 A.D. there were those who believed we were doomed to meet our destiny as the world’s end came upon us.
  • Doom and the end of the world hung over our heads once again in the year 2000; with the predicted disaster of the dreaded Y2K. Not quite. We are still here alive and well.
  • We are now approaching the time of an ancient prophecy interpreted by those who wish to view it that way as the approach of the apocalypse – The Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012. This date is considered by the Mayans to be symbolic in that it is the time they expect to welcome the return of their god Kukulkan, the feathered serpent and as such was marked on their calendar over 2,000 years ago.

                                                  Kukulkan the feathered Serpent1Kukulkan the feathered Serpent

“Galactic Alignment” One census of opinion is that a galactic alignment will occur – the lining up of our solar system’s array of planets with the sun and a huge black hole that is the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, Consequently there will be a catastrophic shift in the axes of the Earth, resulting in apocalyptic earthquakes and tidal waves of a size and power that will annihilate the majority of Earth species bringing about the end of life as we know it!

  2012PoleShift_Apocalyptic Tidal Wavesgalactic-alignment2012 Pole Shift_Apocalyptic Earthquakes

There is nothing wrong with preparing for any possible future disasters that might await us, but we each have a comparatively short time on Earth and using it to live in fear is not the best of ways to spend it.

It is not for you to know the times or the dates...

"Galactic Synchronization Beam." Theoretically we will be entering new phase of galactic evolution triggered by a time wave – the Galactic Synchronization Beam. A claim put forward by Professor Jose Arguelles, one of a number of the most popular leaders in the field of modern Mayan calendar predictions who mentions this notion in his book The Mayan Factor.

Galactic Synchronisation Beam

In which case this date is not an end of time… but is in fact a beginning of a new phase, and the Mayans themselves never claimed that 2012 will be the end of time.

  Mayan PriestsMayan TempleMayan Cosmos

“The Long Count Calendar” The "Long Count" calendar developed by the ancient Mayans and the ancient Egyptians was based on their exactingly correct chronicles of the astronomical passage of the stars and planets. 26,000 years, the length of a single “Long Count cycle” is known as the “Great Year” during which time every constellation takes its turn appearing on the horizon at the time of the rising sun. Every 72 years, Earth Precession occurs. This simply means that there is a miniscule one degree shift in the position of the stars. It takes about 2200 years for us to transit from the most recent Age of Pisces to the new Age of Aquarius and this is considered to be the inception of a higher human awareness. The question, which remains perpetually unanswered even with all of today’s technology and science, is “Why would the Mayans go to all the trouble of charting the skies including for thousands of years into the future to such a high degree of accuracy?"

                                  clip_image013Mayan Long Count Calender

There have been many and varied cataclysms to afflict Earth across the centuries, but the truth is, no one really knows what our future here on Earth holds for us. We can hypothesise how it will all end to our heart’s content; but, nothing is written in stone and everything can change in a moment…


Everything can change in a moment...

We should however remember with caution; Real knowledge is the currency of the universe and he who has the knowledge, has the power.

  • Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Chinese were also guided by the stars.
  • The American Indians amongst many other cultures around the world address the incursion of an interval of instability and disarray in the Earth order.
  • Hopi prophecy communicated exact astronomical events, but it does not mention 2012 specifically. One of the most significant events the Hopi prophesied is the return of their “Blue Star- Kachina” (Known also as “Blue sun” and “Nan ga sohu”) Today’s we know it as Sirius – the Dog Star.

Blue Star Kachina

“Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of the Hopi people will cease.” It is said that this is where the changes will begin. A new way of life and the coming of a new world. That if we do not remember the “original teachings” and refuse to return to lives lived in peace we will burn up and destroy ourselves with our cravings and conflicts.


  • The Navajo have also given specific warnings that the sacred “Kachina’s” appearance is not a good sign nor is it something to be celebrated.

Whether there is any direct connection between the prophecies of the Hopi and Navajo Nations and the accuracy of the Mayan’s astronomical calendar remains to be seen.

        Urban Apocalypse

Quantum physics has taught us that that there are an infinite number of possibilities that can occur in every moment of every day and that the very act of observation changes the results of an event. We have learned that our collective consciousness has an impact on the final result. Ultimately, we do play a part in our own destiny, for destiny only takes us half way. The rest we have to walk ourselves.


Fearing the future and living with a constant sense of doom and dark gloom hanging over our heads is neither good nor healthy for any of us.

clip_image018Mayan Long Count Calender StoneMayan Temple and Sunbeam2012-World's End?

Ancient Mayan Temple Feature

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  1. I find the alignment fascinating and ponder what effects it will have on the earth. I didn’t know about the Dog Star – they’ve been keeping that a secret!

    • It would put an abrupt stop to biped training that’s for sure! And there might be a shortage of treats!!

      If you’re interested in knowing a little more about the Dog Star, and also it’s connections to Ice wolves there is a post lurking here… https://europasicewolf.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/sirius-the-dog-star/

      The Dog Star was known about long before your calender began Clowie (Many years BC 😉 ) For your benefit and interest, a quote from the blog post… “Sirius has consistently been associated with a celestial dog throughout the classical world; China, identified the star as a “Heavenly wolf.” Ancient Chaldea (present day Iraq), knew it as the “Dog Star that Leads,” / “Star of the Dog.” Assyria, named it “Dog of the Sun” and ancient Akkadia, “Dog Star of the Sun.”

      The Wolf (Skidi) tribe of Nebraska knew it as the “Wolf Star.” Further north, the Alaskans called it “Moon Dog.”
      But don’t tell your bipeds! You don’t want them to know how clever you actually are just yet, or you’ll never get them trained!! 🙂

      • Thank you. It’s such a lovely star, they can’t decide whether it’s me or you!
        I find it fascinating that cultures that are generally dismissed as primitive actually knew so much about the movement of the heavens.

      • Those cultures put modern day ones to shame…look at all our technology, telescopes etc and yet they were able to gain so much knowledge of the heavens without any such appliances. I doubt we could achieve that today!
        Sirius has a companion…Sirius B…strange coincidental world events have occurred when the two are in conjunction…much as when you and I get together!! If you give me a big furry Pyrenean hug I might concede to the idea that you are the lovely Blue Star Kachina…Sirius the Dog Star! But it might involve a very large collection of treats to convince me to be the smaller and less significant Sirius B! 😉

      • We could take it in turns to be the brightest star!
        Not only did they manage to map the heavens so accurately, but they managed to align massive stones in a manner that would present engineers with modern equipment with a real challenge.
        The moving image on the pyramid at Chichen Itza on the equinoxes is a marvel.

      • Seeing as we are both so astoundingly beautiful lol we would light up the solar system like a christmas tree should we share the privilege of being the brightest star 🙂 A wolfishly cool idea Clowie!
        Ah yes…the serpent! Some think it may represent the Mayan’s feathered serpent god Kukalkun. Had to check that out but it was a very interesting educational moment thank you. This is the great thing about comments, there’s so much to learn from others who are willing to share their knowledge 🙂

  2. Enjoyed this Wolfie, The way I look at it is we will all soon know the answer, whether a new period of raised spiritual enlightenment, or Destruction Either way we will not have much choice in the matter.

    • Oh I don’t know…I believe we have control over our own futures if we take the responsibility on board. Big cataclysmic events outside our control are of course another matter, but we can work towards a better future or new period of time if we really want to. I don’t think the world will end this December somehow, simply because “no-one knows the day or the hour….” But then again…I could be oh so wrong! I think your knowledge of such matters is probably far more than mine and I will concede that 🙂 Wolfie End Time Hugs 😉

      • We all do to a certain extent but Karma, and events outside our control do too. lol

  3. Thank you for presenting this interesting material. I am not a stranger to the Mayan civilization or calendar. Ancient civilizations did not have the distractions current in sociey today. They focused entirely on math, astronomy, and astrology. They were precise caculators without the aid of computers. With this knowledge a calender was devoloped that not only determined time “pasted” but distant centuries to come in 10’s of thousands of years. You might ask yourself why did they do this? An answer is so future incarnations would know when the end of the world would come? NO I say! They did it so there would be souls like us interested enough in discovering answers to questions yet unknown!

    • Thanks Eddie 🙂 That was both very interesting and enlightening. I was hoping you might stop by with your far greater knowledge and share a few thoughts with us…my knowledge unlike your own is very limited on this subject, though I do feel a little better informed since working on this post! If you feel to add anything else along the way on this subject I would be very interested to read it 🙂

  4. Wünsche einen schönen Abend tolle Fotos keiner weiss was mal kommt die Mayas haben ja nur bis 2012 ihre Zeit Rechnung gemacht ,aber ob die Welt jetzt undergeht oder nicht wer weiss das.Wünsche dir eine gute sonnige Woche mit lieben Grüssen von mir Gislinde.

    • Die Welt endete gestern Abend guter Freund Gislinde …
      Englisch Fußball gegen Italien verlor : (
      Aber vielleicht hatten wir einmal Glück Italien kann uns von einer demütigenden Niederlage gerettet von Deutschland und wir alle denken, Deutschland wird gewinnen 🙂
      Sie haben sehr starke Fußballer!! Jeder hat Angst vor ihnen!
      Italien wird wahrscheinlich leiden eine demütigende Niederlage gegen sie am Dienstag: D Das Ende der Welt kommt wieder!!
      Ende der Welt Wölfe Umarmung 🙂

  5. Hello! Have a beautiful new week. Nice and warm greet!

  6. This is a very well researched posting Icywolfy and thank you for offering
    it to us, it certainly adds food for thought as to what all of our futures may
    hold but we will just have to see what happens next, nobody knows exactly
    what will happen but this post definitely adds to the flavour, I just hope that
    it is a sweet one and not something horrible 😦

    Have a very nice trest of evening icywolfy of the Icy Realm 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr those pesky typos again 😦 lol

      Androgoth XXx

    • We influence our own destinies…we do need to make the right choices though!
      But there will always be those who enjoy indulging in the doom and gloom syndrome won’t there?
      Not good for us to live our lives in fear and if we go round believing “the end is nigh” no one will bother making any effort to work towards a better future will they…
      Happy future Androgoth!! 🙂

  7. Very interesting, Icewolf!
    I’m in two minds about the end of time occurring this December, either it will or it won’t. Either way, I have no control about it, so that stops the worry right there! There’s always something else after an ending anyway!
    The blue star sparked interest, I must say. I’m keeping my eyes on Betelgeuse, Sirius’ ‘neighbour’, maybe I should be watching this star too…
    Great post! 😀

    • Don’t know about the timing of the end of the end of the world lol…but chances are when it happens it will occur in your bathroom!!!! 😀
      The Blue Star is a very interesting one. I did a post on the subject of Sirius the Dog Star that sheds more light on it’s significance value…it’s also known as the “Wolf Star” amongst others 🙂 Haven’t got the link right now, I’ll post it later in case anyone’s interested in discovering a little more about it. Do enlighten me on Betelguese btw…it’s not in your bathroom is it?!! lol 😉

  8. ♫♪♫ It’s the end of the world as we know it…and I feel fine! ♫♪♫

    Excellent post – as always! I think the mysteries of the past are as intriguing as the possibilities of the future. I hope that we are headed toward some changes but obviously, not of the apocalyptic sort. I honestly don’t see how humankind can continue on the present course indefinitely – if we do, we won’t need any kind of galactic event to vanish earth, we’re going to blast it to smithereens ourselves…or make it such a miserable place/existence that we’ll wish for the death of it all.

    I’m lucky to live near and around many Native American people & archaeological/historical sites so there is a large flow of information around me about their teachings and beliefs. Nowhere in any of them is the outright destruction of this planet mentioned. Big changes? Yes. Repeatedly and across the tribal teachings. Our Mama Earth DOES have just cause for giving us a spanking of sorts and maybe even sending back to start all over again as societies have had to do before…perhaps the near future will bring some changes drastic enough to force us to reconsider our behavior without obliterating all of life as we know it..? Those are the ideas that seem most prevalent in all of the teachings of the Elders. And that is my hope or dream for the future…be it in 2012 or 13, 14 or…2050.

    As for fear? Meh, I joke about my ax & I DO see many reasons we should all be slightly apprehensive and concerned about current events and we should all be prepared for a variety of possible disasters, upheavals or what have you…but to live in outright fear of death, destruction, apocalyptic nightmares? Nah…hard to do when flowers bloom, bees buzz and the birds still sing me awake each dawn!

    • Your singing is very melodious! Almost as good as my dulcet howling tones on the Night of the Full Moon!
      You are, as always a MisBehavedwoman after my own MisBehaved Wolfie heart 😉 We see these matters in much the same light I believe. You are very lucky living where you do and there must be a wealth of fascinating and educational gems of knowledge to be harvested there. Very interesting what you had to say there 🙂 I love your positive attitude on this subject and that last sentance summed everything up very nicely indeed! If you think of anything else do feel free to stop by and add it 🙂

  9. Hej Wolfie..
    Ha ha ja du har nog lika mycket regn som oss..Varför jo igår vi vi vårt hemska regn från England tack så mycket wolfie..:-)
    Men nu vill vi inte ha mer så skicka ert väder åt andra hållet istället okay?Hoppas du slipper influensa och hoppas att sverige och england får tillbaka solen snart..Stor kram //Nicki

    Nej vi hoppas inte världen går under den 21.12.2012 för om den gör det så fick vi en skitdålig sista sommea eller hur..

    • Ja, det skulle vara ett fruktansvärt sommaren om det var den sista före utgången av världen! Vilket besvikelse sätt för världen att sluta!

      Jag är så glad att du uppskattade vår gåva av regn 😀
      Vi trodde du skulle njuta av det och det skulle göra dig mycket lycklig i Sverige
      Ju mer fruktansvärda regnet desto bättre vi trodde!
      Vi kan skicka det till Italien nu … utgången av världens inträffade på söndag när England förlorade mot Italien i fotbollen.

      Ledsen Sverige … England hade tur den dagen, men Sverige gjorde det en spännande fotbollsmatch!
      Jag har “fotboll influensan” nu England kommer hem, men vi har räddats från ett förödmjukande nederlag mot Tyskland 😉
      Solen kommer tillbaka när Italien drabbas av en fruktansvärd och förödmjukande nederlag mot tyskarna dock så inte alltför lång tid att vänta nu!

      Slutet av världen kramar, Wolfie 🙂

  10. I dunno if the world will end or not. I’m a dog that lives in the moment.

  11. The world is going to end just before Christmas? That hardly seems fair – still, we better celebrate early this year – just in case…
    How will St Peter cope with the large influx? – god, I hope they have a contingency plan!
    Mind you, I am not thinking I will make it to December…
    How are you Wolfie? Need a scratch and a pat? Yes, I am feeling fairly manic – only one glass of wine – I must be getting old, tired, cynical, crazy…
    Hugs to you anyway. May you live long and well ,and have many pups…
    No drugs, just tired…

    • Merry Christmas Pat!! 😉 We should certainly celebrate early this year…any excuse will do, but the End of the World is as good an excuse as any other 🙂 Now for my christmas present I would like….lol 😉
      I sincerely hope you WILL make it to December!! St Peter isn’t ready for your presence yet! And it’s about time you posted a nice little blog entry for Wolfie’s entertainment isn’t it? Not long till Christmas and then it’s the end of the world so better get your finger out!!
      I do indeed need a scratch and a pat please 🙂 It’s been a long time and I’ve missed you but it’s great to see you now…you have such a way with those pats and scratches…just behind the ears’d be good… 😉 And if I am to live long and well and have many pups lol I shall need many pats and scratches thank you!!! Take care Pat, don’t go over-doing it…I hope you’re ok…I need you to be fit and well for maximumly beneficial scratches/pats!! 🙂 Wolfie hugs 🙂

      • lol – and good to hear from you. I shall be posting fairly soon no doubt. Off to Seattle in a couple of weeks, which should be really nice in July. 🙂

  12. Well, I don’t know if the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012, but if I have a crappy day, I just say – well %%(%#@!! only 6 months to go…:0

    • 😀 Oh that’s a good one! I must remember that…”In 6 months time none of this will matter anymore!” carries so much more impact and in certain respects, appeal than my usual saying “In 100 years time none of this will matter anymore!”:D

  13. Thanks for all the comments, BTW. I think you should get the AMS “Most Loyal Follower” award! Except I would require nothing of those to who (whom?) it was given. geez….and I’m supposed to be a writer? hahaha

    • Aww 🙂 Thanks! But you have a great blog and EVERYBODY…(yes that does mean all you guys reading this comment! lol 😉 )…should stop by and see for themselves how awesome it is and just what they’re missing 🙂 And I’m sure you have many very loyal followers…airports and cargo-holds full of them even! It’s that sort of cool blog! So come on AirportsMadeSimple! keep up the great work 🙂

  14. Lieber Gruss einfach mal zu um dir einen schönen Tag zu wünschen Gislinde

  15. Tack Wolfie..Du är så snäll..Vi skickar det vidare till Balkan så idag har vi en sol men imorgon regn igen..Jag tror jag måste åka en sväng till California på semester så att hjag får svettas lite ha ha..
    Sen kommer jag hem och svalkar av mig lite..
    Ha en fin helg kram //Nicki

    Hmmm om det är vår sista sommar så borde den verkligen varit bättre..

    • Ja Nicki;) mycket olyckligt vår förra sommaren är inte det!
      Juni har varit den regnigaste en sedan mätningarna började så jag hör.
      Det har varit en mycket blöt helg … och idag regnar igen ….
      Jag tror att ni har haft mage att skicka tillbaka den till oss!
      Ta tillbaka det tack! Omedelbart: D
      Stygga Sverige!

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    • Merhaba benim sevgili arkadaşım Seçil 🙂
      Ben bir harika ve mutlu hafta yaşıyorsanız umuyoruz
      ve hayat güzel…
      benim çok iyi arkadaşım tekrar görmek çok güzel!
      Aşk ve sarılmalar Buz 🙂

  17. while andro is workin out how to type it will take his mind off the end of the world as he knows it lol i never worry about the end of the world when i was a kid i did because i had a lot of living to do now i just concentrate on living each day as it comes fear can set in if we allow it ive done that got the t shirt now times precious and im planning on spending some before we slip into oblivion have a good weekend icey drink heavy sleep naked enjoy life lol xjen

    • I like the sleeping naked part the best 🙂 😉 lmao

      Androgoth XXXx

    • ROTFL 😀 Oh tail wagging wolfie howls! LoL 🙂 That was real good! I was waiting for an indignant response from andro about his typos! but I expect he’s busy wondering about the end of the world as he knows it! lol
      Best way to live jen…I grew up living in fear that I would die in a nuclear war…now I try to focus on sleeping naked (still too hot tho! lol) and enjoying life…but it’s also good to cultivate a “Be prepared” approach too 🙂 The Olympics is coming and so are ground to air missiles on civilian roof tops so I think we need to “Be prepared!!!” x Icy 🙂

  18. Come on Icywolfy let’s have
    another posting and pronto 🙂 😉 lol
    Oh yes and be very naughty this
    weekend, if you want to I mean? 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • Oh yes…I know exactly what you mean lol 😉 And I intend to act on that naughtiness with wolfish intensity and enthusiasm! lol 🙂 You will of course, no doubt be being equally if not even worse on the naughtiness front 😀

      • No I am too sweet and innocent for any of that naughtiness stuff 🙂 lol Enjoy your Wolfiness Icywolfy and be gentle on your slaves 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  19. What a beautifully put together post Wolfie, and right up my street! Lol.. And good advice… no good living in Fear of the Might Happen theory.. There are so many Books etc out there and those that channel.. saying the end is nigh… Yes the end is nigh for everyone given 3 score years and 10 if you’re lucky that is.. The moment we are born we are dying and on our way to exiting this planet..
    I have no doubts that like all things that come in cycles the planets and the Universe is no different.. All things Change.. The thing is Wolfie as you yourself know.. We chose to be here at this time.. And NO ONE really knows for certain just what will happen.. Many speculate … And while we worry we can get knocked over by the Number 10 Bus…
    One thing I do agree upon is that we are all of us connected via the mass consciousness.. As we THINK so we CREATE.. and if we all think Doom and Gloom, then Im sure that is what we create..
    Im just in the middle of reading a Gregg Braden Book, Deep Truth.. now that is written with the assemblance of Fact.. on what is and what has happened in the past and as to what will happen…Who really knows….
    Well I look at life now like this.. Ive lived more than 2 thirds of my 3 score year and 10… and Im not going to worry about something I can do nothing about..
    We each need to live in the MOMENT and enjoy EVERY moment as if it was our last..
    And if we all of us did that.. and loved and cared a little more for our Fellow man and Animal Kingdom.. This world would be in a much better place today…
    Sending you a Weekend Hug Wolfie.. And Loved coming home to read this wonderful post you have created Wolfie… Keep Howwwwlllling my dear friend.. ~Sue xxx 🙂

    • I thought of you when I was sorting this one out 🙂 Wondered what you’d make of it, you being far more knowledgeable than I on this kind of thing. So I’m very pleased it met with your approval! I have tripped over many posts on different sites on this subject but I’m fairly confident I’ve taken a slightly different angle on it to the ones I’ve seen to date. Hopefully anyway 😉 And yes I agree, live in the moment and enjoy every moment 🙂
      Welcome home btw and a big start of new week Wolfie hug 🙂 HoooOOOOOOOooWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! xx 😀

  20. Wünsche dir eine schönen Wochenstart mit Gesundheit und Glück Gruss Gislinde

    • Lieber Freund Gislinde Ich hoffe, Sie sind mit einem sonnigen Start zu die Woche im Cologne 🙂
      Im Gegensatz zu den nassen und kalten England!
      Achten Sie darauf, und können Ihr Herz mit Liebe und Freude gefüllt werden 🙂
      Wolves hugs….Wolfie!

  21. Many signs and wonders, makes me wonder too a little… even though our calender must be off just a bit by now. Have a good week there(“-“)

    • There will always be something to make us wonder, that is the beauty of life 🙂 Our calender is only our own perception of time. The true time scales of our universe may be entirely different to that which we imagine them to be!

  22. Gruss von mir wünsche einen wunderschönen Mittwoch Gislinde

  23. This has me wonder, you know, it does. Yet, whether I wonder or not, I cannot stop it. So I’ll just have to continue to live TODAY.

    I really enjoyed your post.

    • HooOOOWWWWWwwwLLLLoooo! Thanks for taking the time and interest to stop by my blog, lovely to see you 🙂 Enjoy today and tomorrow will take care of itself…

      I visited your great blog via the phone earlier today and spent a lot longer reading it than I should have done at work! I will pop back tomorrow hopefully and leave a comment properly then as time is very much against me now but for now…excellent writing 🙂

  24. Hej wolfie..Ja visst har vi rätt båda två..Jaså har du en facebook vad heter du där då? Jag har ingen twitter lämgre hann inte med den men jag vill nog ha en igen sen..när jag öppnat en ny får du veta det..Har varit sjuk i 2 dagar det har varit jobbigt men känner mig lite bättre nu kram ha en fin helg min vän kram //Nicki

    • Hej Nicki 🙂
      Ledsen att höra att du har varit sjuk, hoppas du är tillbaka till full styrka snart
      Det skulle vara bra att se dig tillbaka på twitter om du ändrar dig i framtiden …
      Jag är “MoonSun Lakota” på Facebook – leta efter en vit varg 🙂
      Var försiktig och få bra snart!
      Kram Wolfie;)

  25. Wolfie när jag söker dig på facebook så säger dom att du inte finns..:-(
    Så kanske kan du finna Nicki istället samma profilbild som på wordpress..
    Kram och puss Nicki

    • God kväll Nicki 🙂
      Du var där i vänförfrågan sektionen
      och jag accepterade det i morse…
      så Facebook har en dum dag!
      Jag kommer pad över och ta en titt på dig senare 🙂
      Dumma Facebook!
      Kram Wolfie 🙂

  26. Hej igen tror att jag hittade dig nu..Du ser väl om jag hittade rätt person…Puss //Nicki

    • Hej 🙂 ja du hittade rätt personen! Grattis;)
      F / bok kan vara mycket dumt ibland;)
      Jag måste visa dem mitt Wolfie fang oftare
      att påminna dem att uppföra sig!
      Kram Wolfie 🙂

  27. Wündche euch von Herzen ein schönes glückliches Wuchenende und grüsse ganz lieb Gislinde

  28. Its interesting 12 21 2012 probably at 12 minuts past 12 or so. It has to do with number,
    It has nothing to do with the Maya culture but did u ever read Nostradamus?? Believer or not but a lot of things happened.what u can read in the book.
    And Nostradamus worked with numbers also.
    Will see.
    have a wonderful weekend Wolfy

    • Yes…and on 12 22 2012 we will all still be here and drinking to another year ahead!! You’re right I think, numbers are the key.
      No, not read Nostradamus but will do now you’ve mentioned it here thanks 😉 You have a great weekend too 🙂

  29. Just making sure that you hadn’t posted a stealthy posting
    while I wasn’t looking Icywolfy of the Icy Realm 🙂 🙂 Mind you
    now that I have mentioned it how about another juicy Space
    posting, or dare I mention it, another one on Mythology? 🙂 😉

    Well I Only Asked Icywolfy 😉 lol
    Have a wicked rest of weekend
    and don’t forget to be naughty 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    Androgoth XXx

    • Hey is there a Parrot in here? 😉 lmao

      Androgoth XXx

    • HooOOOOWWwwwLLLLooooooo Androgoth XXx
      Androgoth XXx lol 😉 Just back from getting my Icewolfie coat clipped 😉 – It’s summer here today, though it was winter earlier on 😀 Dare I mention that I’m actually weighing up another mythology posting as we “speak?” 🙂 Only because I’m a wolfie’s paw short of alternative ideas at the mo’ and another “space” one might be pushing my luck on the interest front, much more tempting though it is! Got a !st draft writing deadline to meet so time is of the essence. Hopefully I will have the post up by tonight else I won’t have time to get it up for a while yet, so standby!!
      Have you posted anything new yet? I will check later but no notifications for yours in case you have and I’ve not been over yet. Ok…Exiting W/P…now!! Katch ya lata 😀

  30. I enjoyed this…
    I love information not surrounded in Fear or blinded by light so to speak…
    I had forgotten about the Dog Star….
    Thank you…I appreciate a good read, and this was excellant…
    Take Care..

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words
    • Lovely of you to stop by and I’m pleased you enjoyed this one.
      Thank you for your kind comments and the “like” 🙂
      It’s taken some time to get back to everyone’s posts recently
      between chasing the Olympic Torch across town lol
      and battling to meet a writing deadline
      but I haven’t forgotten anyone 🙂

  31. Love this Wolfie nearly missed this, due to problems with FB and wordpress, Well we will soon see who was right, end of world or a period of enlightenment for the Human Race. Neither option worries me, but given a choice I would prefer no 2
    PS Is it not time for a quick visit to Europa, with a quick visit to the Fire wolves of Lo

  32. A quick visit to Europa and the Fire wolves of Io is long overdue! Especially if it is to be fitted in before the end of the world or before we enter the period of enlightenment! Trouble is with all the cloud cover on Earth i haven’t been able to see the guidance system into the Jovian worlds recently! I did have a fantastic surprise view of Venus and Jupiter together in the morning sky the other day (03:30! Couldn’t sleep) I can’t remember having seen them that enormous before! Still too cloudy to see Europa or Io though…that or they were dazzled out by the motherworld! The Firewolves are more popular than the Icewolves on W/P at the mo, I can only assume this relates to the olympic fire and the torch 🙂

  33. I can answer this question!! Please don’t ask me anymore questions though or I could not!! LOL! Love your blog~

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