London – 1st City to have hosted 3 Olympic Games   51 comments


London -First 3x Olympics Host City!

London 3x Olympic Host City


The 1908 Olympic Games

Games of the IV Olympiad

Olympic_games_1908_LondonOriginally intended to be hosted by Rome this idea was abandoned when the Italians were forced to use the Olympic funds to rebuild Naples after the Mount Vesuvius volcano erupted two years before the Games were due to take place.

London stepped up to the occasion and with only two years left to prepare took on the task of hosting the 1908 Olympic Games – the start of the 4th Olympiad (4 year cycle). They built at a cost of £60,000 and with the capacity to hold 68,000 spectators, the White City Stadium officially opened by King Edward VII at 27 April Opening Ceremony of 1908. It contained a central swimming pool designed for both swimming and diving, a wrestling and gymnastics platform, and a running track that was three laps to them mile. It was considered a technological wonder.

They also held a marathon, 26.2 miles long the distance from Windsor Castle to the Royal Box in the Olympian Stadium.

In 1908 electric trolleys, buses and trains were commonly replacing horse drawn buses and trams.

 1908 British Team1908 Nations at White City stadium (1)



  • 2000 athletes
  • 22 sports and 110 events
  • 23 countries took part
  • 146 medals won by the UK, more than any other country

1908 Nations at White City stadium (2) 1908 William Knightsmith starting 1908 in style1908 Women's Archery

The 1948 Austerity Games

Games of the XIV Olympiad

1948 Austerity OlympicsThanks to WW2 there were no Olympic Games held at all for 12 years. At the end of the war London was awarded the Olympics for the 2nd time and hosted the first Games in 12 years.

1948 Olympic TorchRationing was still in process and the economic situation was far worse than it is today, the country being flat broke after the end of the war. As a result there were no new stadiums built and instead Wembley Stadium was adapted for the purpose. Equipment and materials for the Olympics was also donated by Switzerland, Finland and Canada.

Male athletes were housed in army barracks, female athletes in school classrooms in make-shift dorms, and all athletes were asked to bring their own towels.

British athletes were half-starved and malnourished, with the country rationed to less food to eat in 1948 than it had in 1945. Food parcels from around the world were sent to the Olympics. 1948 Olympic Images (4)

As with transport it was very much a matter of “make do and mend.” Railways and stations had been damaged during the war and much work was involved repairing and replacing making 1948 Games transport very limited…this doesn’t seem to have changed a great deal over the years!!!

1948 Olympic athletes (3)Yet in spite of all this, the 1948 Olympics made a profit of approximately £30,000 of which £9,000 went to the taxman.

  • 4000 athletes
  • 20 sports and 150 events
  • 59 nations represented
  • 23 medals won by the UK

   1948 Olympic Torch and Opening Ceremony_Lighting of the Cauldron1948 Opening Ceremony (4)1948 Opening Ceremony (2)


2012 Olympic Games~Ring of Fire!


2012 Olympics Stadium (6)The 2012 Olympic park covers 2 million square metres, making it one of the largest inner-city parks in Europe for 150 years +. Included are 2,000 trees and 300,000 wetland plants. Situated in East London it is intended that it will drive educational and cultural development, alongside new jobs and opportunities for training.

Transport to the Games includes Rail, Tube, Bus, Over-ground, Docklands Light Railway, Barclays Cycle Hire, Walking and the Emirates Air Line Cable Car. Tube services will be available up to 2.30 am throughout the Olympic Games. 2012 Olympics rings and flame abseiling into Tower of London(Get Ahead of the

  • 10,250 Olympic athletes and 4,000 Paralympic athletes
  • 26 sports and more than 300 events
  • 205 nations represented
  • 56 – 59 medals predicted to be won by Team GB
  • 9 venues within the Olympic Park costing £948 million





Fire Meets Fire!  Long Live Zeus! All Powerful god of the Olympics!!

  2012 Olympics torch lighting at site of ancient olympics 2012 Olympics torch)2012 Olympic torch and David Beckham



51 responses to “London – 1st City to have hosted 3 Olympic Games

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  1. Well, there you go then, I learnt something new today.

    • Thank you for taking the time to stop by 🙂 Great to see you here!
      There seems to be quite an appetite for the Olympics at the moment…can’t imagine why! lol 😉 😀 🙂
      Always good to know people have taken away a little “gem of knowledge” lol that they didn’t have before visiting!
      Take care and have a lovely week…Wolfie 🙂

  2. Wow this is absolutely brilliant Icywolfy, and the photograph’s that you have found to enhance this excellent posting are truly exceptional, I like all of those, actually I like the Archery one’s the best, well they do look rather fetching don’y you agree? 🙂 I also like the Zeus mention, oh the Mythology of it all is wicked and thank you for adding that little snippet, the games of 2012 should be very exciting to say the very least and if everything goes to plan it will be a real success, of course if we can win lots of those shiny GOLD medals it will be even better.

    Thank you for offering this one Icywolfy, as usual it is highly
    informative and very nicely offered, oh yes i definitely like this posting 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Always good to know I am pleasing the Great Vampire of th Gothic Realm…reassuring to know that consequently my neck will be vampy-bite free for another day lol 😉 The magic of the Olympic Games is almost upon us and no doubt it will be very exciting and hopefully gold medals will abound! After all the heady eyes of the world are upon us 🙂 All Hail Zeus!! Supreme god of the Games!! 🙂

      • Hey I thought that I had clicked on the ‘Like’
        option on this one Icywolfy as it is a great post
        with lots of exciting snippets of information 🙂 🙂

        I don’t know why it appears as white on white on
        your mobile, that is rather odd so next time that I
        add a post I will keep the font as red and see how
        that shows up, you will have to let me know 🙂

        Have a fun rest of evening and
        thank you for calling into my Space 🙂
        No point in looking around for any
        other postings Icywolfy as they are
        all saved and deleted 🙂 I fancied a
        change and sooooooooooo zap and
        they were gone 🙂 lol

        Androgoth XXx

      • I saw the comment on your blog about the deletions/saves so no problem I didn’t go looking 🙂 Don’t worry too much about changing the font though I appreciate the thought, but I think because of your privacy settings, I can’t comment from the phone app on yours even if I could see it. It’s just handy sometimes to get a preview so I can comment when I get back to a PC as I have to physically visit your site to comment for some reason. It says I don’t have permission to comment otherwise! Thanks for zipping through again and I hope you’re enjoying the Olympics 🙂

  3. The true spirit of the Olympics shone through in 1948.

    • It did indeed! I think the spirit and the magic of the Olympics and the Olympic Fire burned brighter in peace, friendship and the bringing together of the nations then than at any other time….Now! Bring me my Chariot of Fire!!!

      • I guess that spirit is still there for a number of the athletes – it’s just so much harder to see it because of the politics and the glitz.

      • Exactly, and that is why I have found returning to the Ancient Greek Olympics where it all began so refreshing, and treading beyond all the modern politics and glitz back to the how it really was in it’s comparative simplicity is very uplifting …walking in the steps of the gods and understanding what the spirit of the original Olympic Games was all about gives a completely different outlook on the whole affair 🙂

  4. Very interesting post Wolfie, but with all the mistakes reported in the papers, it might end up the last time. If they manage to keep messing it up.

    • Everything will be fine on the day 🙂 The media love to exaggerate the negatives and keep quiet as a.mouse about the positives. If we could pull it off and make it a huge success in 1948 when the country was broke and starving we can most certainly pull it off in the relatively luxury of 2012! We are British and together we will be great!!

  5. Hello! I wish you great week and invite you to look at my new photos.

  6. Interesting tidbits of history that I had no idea about! Thanks for putting this together and with such awesome imagery. I’m not a fan of sports and never watch the Olympics – and yet you still made it interesting! 🙂

    MisBehaved Woman
    • The true heart and spirit of the Olympics is about so much more than just sporting events and meeting the gaze of the eyes of the world watching us so critically. It’s about life and fire and vitality, about the bringing together of the nations in sportsmanship and friendship and about the burning flame of the human spirit…a golden triumphant flame that challenges, overcomes and finally stands proud, burning brighter than the morning sun. 🙂

  7. hi icey great posting but i cant get excited about sport i hate it i think the way the country is it could be spent in a much better way just like the milleneum dome but then its just my opinion it brings lots of people pleasure but not to me now if it was a comp of wolves howling at the moon and snarling at david cameron id be all for it lol xjen

    • The government is very fond of lining its own pockets with our tax money and invading other countries to fight illegal wars in the name of oil and personal greed. Thereby bringing shame on our country. I would rather see it spent on something that will make our country proud. Much the same complaints were made in 1948 with far more reason but despite our athletes having to resort to whale meat for protein and collapsing during training from malnourishment we overcame and we made a profit on the games of nearly £30,000. The Games can bring the nations together as friends and their success will leave a lasting legacy 🙂 Icy x

  8. love the pics of womens archery would like some of those outfits xjen

    • Me too! Lol 😉 I thought it was quite an eye catcher of a photo and its good to see the women of that time were armed and dangerous! And they do have a gothic look to them don’t they? Lol 🙂

  9. Thanks for the breif history on these games. The Olympics are some of the few sports events I do watch simply the people train so very hard and there is such a great variety of events. Anxious for them to get started. Great article and variety of photos. Excellent research here…enjoy the games…Eddie

  10. Wünsche dir einen schönen Abend ja in drei Tagen ist es soweit ich schaue mir aber nur an was mich Interessiert.Wünsche dir Morgen einen schönen sonnigen Donnerstag Grüsse dich ganz lieb von mir Gislinde.

    • Vielen Dank Gislinde 🙂 Und so werden die Spiele haben begonnen! Ich hoffe euch hat genossen die olympische Eröffnungsfeier – wenn es etwas, das Sie interessiert das ist 😉
      Und ein sicheres, glückliches und erfolgreiches Olympia nach Deutschland!
      Olympischen Wölfe umarmt 🙂

  11. Wow Wolfie, you have amazed me yet again with this wonderful post on the Games, and we are nearly ready for the start… Well the womens football did start today…
    Just loved reading Wolfie along with all those old photos, as always you present it so very well Wolfie. I will be glued.. 🙂 xx One TV event I will be watching 🙂 🙂 🙂 xxx

    • Hope you were glued to and enjoyed our fantastic opening ceremony! Was hanging off the roadside yesterday watching the women cyclists road racing and even remembered to press the record button for video footage! Cool that we went on to win silver 😉 x

      • Wow thats great you got to video it Wolfie, Yes I was glued and Watched all except Paul McCartney singing as I went to bed then,. But Ive enjoyed All.. the swimming and Gymnastics Brill…
        Bike riding was also something else.. the stamina is amazing!

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  13. Hej Wolfie…Vad härligt att du också har sol nu..Det har vi förtjänat efter denna dåliga sommar..Såg du när facklan kom och lyckades du att fotografera den?
    Dom visade på tv här igår när den kom fram och människor som fotograferade det är så spännade jag hade velat att se det..Så min kära Wolfie nu får du berätta för mig vad som händer i london närmaste veckorna….
    ha en fin helg jag ska titta ikväll på invigningen i tv…
    Kram och puss //Nicki

    • Hej Nicki 🙂 Jag hoppas du gillade den Olympiska Opening Ceremony!
      Den Olympiska facklan var fantastisk – lågan var vacker och det var stort!
      Det var precis som det ser på bilderna, och det verkade vara vid liv med ett liv alldeles egen
      Den hade en stor välkomstkommitté! 🙂

      Jag älskade det och efter att ha sett det live framför mig var det underbart och extra
      för att se lågan ljus elden vid öppningsceremonin
      när de Olympiska Cauldron tändes 🙂
      Det var också underbart att se den susa nedför Themsen flammande i all sin ära!
      Jag tror att vi alla blev kär i “Flamma!”
      Det är så spännande att ha vara värdstad för de olympiska spelen;) Det finns så många händelser varje dag är det svårt att hänga med!
      Jag önskar Sverige en säker, glad och framgångsrik Olympiska 😀
      Olympiska kram … Wolfie 🙂

  14. The games start now. One hr before the ceremony starts Its interesting to read the first time Londen was hosts.
    We hope that Belgum will bring some medals back home .
    Fingers crossed.
    Enjoy the weekend .

  15. Hi Europa 🙂 Great post, didn’t know that London is hosting the 3rd Olympic game! Hope you’re enjoying there, if you have extra tickets please send it 😉
    Please be careful over there, some people say that the logo spells as Zion and not 2012.. and Illuminati are behind it with their evil plans!! God knows best
    keep as posted with pictures 🙂
    I’ll be back shortly
    Clear Olympics Skies :))

    • Hi Mundhir 🙂 I did hear something about “Satanic” plans etc re the logo but didn’t actually read it…as you say, God knows best. But I do pray for a safe, happy and successful Olympics for all 🙂

      Spare tickets have just gone on sale, so if I bag a load I’ll send some on lol 😉 Working on the pics! So far I’ve managed to NOT press the record button on my phone’s video, pressed it but taken video upside down lol and got one vid recorded and right way up!! And that was all in the space of time it took for the women cyclists to fly past! Still at least pic’s rotate to the right way round…vid’s don’t!

      Firey Olympic Skies!! 😀

  16. iyi geceler ve tatlı rüyalar
    samimi içten gerçek dostluk adına teşekkür ederim
    benim güzel arkadaşım Buz 🙂
    size mutlu ve güzel yeni bir hafta diliyorum
    size çok kucak dolusu sevgiler yolluyorum 🙂

  17. Hej Wolfie
    Håller med dig..Antagligen är den lustfyllda så kallade lkärleken vanligare än den romantiska..Sorgligt det bore vara tvärtom..
    Men känna igen den i alla dess former ja det gör man verkligen..

    Vad härligt det låter att se os på nära håll..Sverige har väl ingen medalj ännu alla deras bästa är hemma och skadade tyvärr bara att hoppas dom får nånting och inte hamnar på 0..

    Ja jag tittar på os lite ibland men inte allt jag är inte så intresserad av sport..Men invigningen så jag hela den var så bra..Ha en härlig os vecka wolfie..Kram på dig Nicki

    • Hej Nicki 🙂 Sverige har en silvermedalj nu! Det är underbara nyheter för dig!
      Sara Algotsson Ostholt rida WEGA i ridsportsevenemang – Personlig fälttävlan Team fälttävlan
      Grattis Sverige! Vår första medalj var silvermedalj också. Nu har vi båda behöver en guld en 🙂
      Sverige och Storbritannien att gå för guld! Vänligen Team Sweden och Team GB! Så snart som möjligt tack 😉
      Någon idrott kommer att bli bra men vi båda behöver en guldmedalj tack!
      Olympic varg krama och kyssa..Wolfie 🙂

  18. Einfach mal einen schönen ersten August wünschen und einen schönen Tag Gruss Gislinde

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    benim güzel arkadaşım Buz :))

  20. Hi Icewolf! Great post – I just love how it illustrates how people can come together at times when it is really needed! ‘Bring your own towel’ made me smile! And the archery outfits should be worn today… the Olympics should hold some traditions, shouldn’t they? Although I’m a bit round to fit in one, and my aim is a bit off.
    I thought we were doing quite well, medals wise, this year, until I saw the 1908 medal count. You think you find something really good, and then something even better comes along doesn’t it?

    • Good evening young Aquatom! I take it you are safely back in your 21st Century Mansion and not roaming around through Mansions of other times! I agree! The Archery outfits should be worn today they are very cool! It’s interesting how that photo’s captured quite a few imaginations because it grabbed my attention too and I’m quite pleased others have also been drawn to it 🙂 I liked the one with the Top hat too! I think we should bring those back as well!! Run the 400m against Usain Bolt a few times lol and you should have no trouble fitting into one of the Archery outfits…not sure it’d do your aim much good though! 1908 was a good medal year indeed! They just don’t make Olympic athletes like they used to do they young Aquatom?!! I was a bit worried earlier when our medal count read 6 of each…666 the number of the beast!!! 🙂

  21. Einen lieben Gruss und ein schönes weekend und noch viel spass beim Olympia schaun Grüsse lieb Gislinde

  22. Hey where are you Icywolfy? 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

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