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Launched by NASA aboard an Atlas V 541 rocket on November 26 2011 the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) – Mars Rover ‘Curiosity’ due to land 05:31 GMT (06:31 BST) on clip_image003August 6, 2012, (22:31 PDT August 5,2012) in ‘Gale Crater’- in the region of Mars 5km high Mountain, Aeolis palus (Mount Sharp) having travelled 570 million km (352 million miles) to reach Mars. It’s mission, part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program; managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of California Institute of Technology is expected to last for a minimum of one Martian year (687 Earth days) and will cover an area of 5 x 20 km – larger than any other previous Mars Rover.

clip_image006 AtlasV Rocket Launching_Image Credit: NASA


Curiosity will have four scientific goals and objectives:

  1. Discover if the Martian environment is or was ever capable of supporting life

  2. Martian climate study

Mars Curiosity Rover_Image Credit: JPL-Caltech/NASA-APMars Curiosity_Image Credit: Reuters


Curiosity in its disposable capsule heading for Mars_Google Images

  3.  Study of the Martian geology

  4.  Planning and preparation for a future manned Mars mission

    • Including the measurement of internal spacecraft radiation exposure during flight to Mars

Curiosity’s progress can be followed HERE!>>>

Follow Curiosity Rover on Twitter!Curiosity visits Times Square USA!_Image Credit: <<<And here!! (Times Square USA)


38 responses to “Mars Rover CURIOSITY Is Coming to Town!

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  1. An amazing piece of technology Wolfie… and as always you have put this together excellently.. A great presentation. Lets hope it has a safe landing!,
    Wishing you a Great week to this already AMAZING WEEK for GOLD! for GB.
    Its not often I sit in front of the TV cheering.. but I did last night at our 3 Gold one after the other in Athletics.
    🙂 Sue 🙂 xx

    • HoooOooOWWLLLoooooo Sue! It is indeed an amazing week for golds 🙂 And right in the middle of it all Curiosity has touched down safely and is also it would seem, going for gold 🙂 😀

      • Yes you have to admire those scientists Wolfie 10 years in the planning!.. and perfect touchdown.. amazing stuff.. Wishing you a great week and the Golds still coming.. 🙂 xxx

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing these new images when they are sent back, Icewolf, I find these explorations fascinating!

    • HooOooWWWWLLooooo Aquatom! Olympic greetings from Europa 🙂 Got a very fine view of Curiosity from this icy neighboring moon 😉 Wouldn’t be at all surprised if your mansion turned up on Mars next out of mansionally curiosity 😉 That’d give Curiosity something to phone home about!

  3. Hi Wolfie, all this gadgetry and technology looks wonderful and extremely exciting, but I’m going to be a right old fashioned luddite and sceptic, I don’t think they’ll find evidence of life on Mars, past or present, I think it’s a ll a waste of money in to-day’s hard pressed economy, especially in USA, oh it would be lovely if I were wrong, but I personally feel it’s all just pandering to men’s ego and love of playing with new toys, not forgetting the chance to master whatever is unattainable. sorry, aren’t I an old misery?

    • It is wonderful and exciting Arlene! As is finding your illustrious presence gracing my blog page once more! Lol Lovely to get you back even if only temporarily 🙂 Maybe we won’t find evidence of life, but maybe we will! We are talking microbial life so you never know. And there’s always the unexpected – we might find something totally mind blowing of alien origins far beyond our own scientific understanding too!! Well…curiosity and optimism can achieve wonders!! Curious Olympic hugs … Wolfie 😀

  4. Going to be fascinating to see what it finds. Thanks for all the info

  5. As always another awesome and informative post 🙂

    • 😀 Thanks! 😉 And so Curiosity has landed safe and well having survived the rigours of interplanetary travel. You trained it very well in survival techniques!! Well done! Lol 😉 😀

  6. Exciting stuff – it did land – lots of hugging by blue shirted people on the news – lol

    • HooOoooWWLooooo my wonderful news reporter and bearer of glad tidings lol 🙂 You were my 1st source of news for the day and a great start it was thanks! I watched a vid of the hugging blue shirts 😉 Got they impression they were quite pleased with the events on Mars lol 😀 😉
      Curious Wolfie hugs 🙂

  7. This is going to be fascinating.

    • Yes it is! Very exciting and I’m eagerly awaiting more news of curious activity on Mars 😉 Icewolf homeworld, icy Europa is only a scratchy flea away from Mars 😉 so I think I’ll pad over later and check whether its detected any Martian chicken, or liver cake! We could go together Clowie! Martian chicken, Clowie!! Quite a delicacy!
      Curious Martian hugs 😀

      • I’m convinced! Do I need to bring anything special for the trip? I wonder if Martian chicken tastes like chicken.

      • 😀 Oxygen supply’d be a good starting point Clowie! And high factor suntan lotion since there’s no ozone layer to keep your fluffy white self safe from being irradiated and sunburnt! Martian chicken will be much like top grade, free-range Earth chicken but even tastier!! It will be out of this world! 😉

      • It sounds like I need a space suit. I wonder if they make them in my size. The thought of that chicken is making it difficult to think straight!

      • Ummmmm! It is having a very curious effect on my Wolfie thinking too…chicken…juicy succulent chicken…oh Wolfie chicken feathers! Ask NASA nicely and I’m sure they’ll supply a space suit of the correct dimensions 😉 You’ll feel much lighter in the lower gravity too so don’t jump too far to grab your chicken…who knows where you’ll end up landing!

      • NASA are not being very helpful, but I’ll keep trying because I’m keen to get some of that chicken.

      • Nevermind…just take a deep breath and don’t breathe again till you get back to Earth! You should be fine 😉

  8. Great article and timely too! You provide useful information and helpful links in one place.
    This is appreciated….. and the photos are excellent!! Thanks Wolfie.

    • Thanks Eddie! I did get a little confused with my time zones though 😉 Initially I thought Curiosity had already landed but not a word could I find about this phantom touch-down! Even Curiosity itself wasn’t tweeting of its success 😉 Well it did say 05:31 Aug 5 so what was a Wolfie supposed to deduce?!! Curiously slow on the uptake this Wolfie, must be Olympic fever taking its toll on the brain cell 😀

  9. Hallo liebe Freundin es ist toll heute habe ich die Bilder von Mars gesehen hatt acht Monate gebraucht. mal sehen was die kleine Roboter so alles kann vieleicht findet sie ja was?Wasser was mal war oder Mikroorganismen oder so was wer weiss. lasse mich mal überraschen.Wünsche dir eine schöne glückliche Woche Grüsse Herzlich Gislinde.

    • Hallo, mein spezieller Freund Gislinde 🙂
      Es ist sehr aufregend!
      Vielleicht finden wir nicht das, was wir auf dem Mars suchen
      aber vielleicht finden wir etwas noch besser!
      Wir müssen warten ungeduldig auf der Erde
      und sehen, was als nächstes passiert 😉
      Mars Wölfe Umarmung 😀

  10. I like this one Icywolfy, and Mars is always
    a fascinating theme whether it is fact or fiction 🙂
    Once again you have added some excellent
    graphics along with an array of wicked info 🙂
    Thank you Icywolfy and now onto the Romans,
    Greeks or anything else with Mythology within
    its lines 🙂 Well I only said 😉 🙂 lol

    I hope you are enjoying your week so far 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • I think you have had more than your fair share of mythology with Zeus etc over the past few weeks young Androgoth 🙂 Greek and Roman mythology is much the same other than the Romans changed the names of the gods to suit themselves. However if you’re that desperate for a Roman’s/myth’ orientated post here’s one you may have missed –

      • Thank you for the link I have enjoyed reading that one,
        of course I have no idea how I missed it, so if that happens
        again let me know sooner okay? 😉 🙂

        Now onto your next posting 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

      • You wouldn’t have missed it if you were paying proper due care and attention to my blog! 😉 Actually it did occur to me that you might have viewed it and not liked the idea that men weren’t the only ones to make gladiator status or something! Well you never know do you! That could have led to a consequential no comment 😉 Then again it was handy to have in reserve to keep you quiet for a day or two as regards mythology and related posts!! So on reflection lol if you’re careless enough not to pay enough attention to the Icy Realm blog posts in future I might just keep quiet about it lol 😀

      • Hey do you know what I rarely get reminders even though
        I am following your Space, this is because I have all those
        settings for e mails set to ‘Not send Them’ as a preference
        it works really well but sometimes postings slip by me, my
        visits to your Space and everyone else’s is random so I’m
        not always aware of new postings, however since WP have
        added the drop down new postings thingy I have been back
        in the know, and without having to change any settings so
        to cut a long and boringly creeping comment short I might
        not be missing any future offerings (So is this creeping in
        and around Icywolfy’s Icy Realm working or not? 🙂 😉 lol)

        But as a bonus I have enjoyed reading this posting, as I do
        with all of your posts Icywolfy, so any other Mythology one’s
        will be gratefully received 🙂 Hmm… Adding naughty Roman
        Gladiators of the lady kind was a wicked idea but guess what?
        I like them a lot 🙂 Hope your evening is ghoulishly sweet 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

      • That wasn’t a bad little creep as a matter of fact 🙂 It was good enough for me to bask in and get quite a decent suntan in the process 😉 I think you should do it more often…practice makes perfect!! lol 😉 Keep up the good work! lol 😉

      • I rarely creep anywhere, actually I prefer to fly
        flapping my bat wings and hoping the washing
        line is attached firmly, there is nothing worse
        than landing in a cross wind and finding that
        something has snagged, noooooooo get your
        Wolfy self out of the gutter, I meant my Cape 🙂 lol

        Have a great sleep Icywolfy and be good 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

      • Not sure which is worse lol…being in the gutter or being in your cape!! 😉

  11. Hej Wolfie..
    Tack för ditt besök och din långa svar på min blogg..
    Nu är os över för oss alla så hoppas du haft en trevlig tid i London..
    Igår var jag så trött för jag tittade på hela os avslutningen på tv..
    Men idag är jag pigg igen..

    Nästa vecka börjar alla skolor i Sverige så då känns det som om sommaren är slut för den här gåmgen lite trist eftersom det blev mycket dåligt väder den här sommaren hoppas vi får bättre nästa år..ha en bra vecka nu min fina vän..Kram //Nicki

  12. I saw the picture it took of itself (it was curious! Pun intended). :).

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