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Tail wagging howls and many thanks to everyone who has visited my blog and liked it!

     Wishing you all a wonderful and wolftastic weekend Smile

Open-mouthed smile

Europa’s Icewolf…Howling on the WordPress Blog!!

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75 responses to “Then there were 500!!

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  1. Here’s one more to add to your list Congrats Wolfie
    Cooment -via phone. So short one xx 🙂

    • Thanks Sue 😀
      Congratulations on the great mastery of your phone! xx 😉

      • Yes its fine Wolfie if I dont do too long a reply and as you know a Dreamwalker gets somewhat carried away with her replies LOL.. so often after I press send, the comment disappears as the page is needed to be refreshed… Hence my short comment…
        As you can see I am now back on Laptop and got the runs of verbal whats’its again !!….
        But Congratulations… 🙂 Again … Sue xx

      • You and me both Dreamwalker!! It doesn’t sound like you’re using a smart phone? Or if you are you haven’t got the WordPress App. You need it! It would save you all that refreshing hassle and make your mobile W.P life very simple and easy commenting included…just a question of time 😉 xx

      • Apps !!! havn’t downloaded any!.. I use a Blackberry and some one else said that to me… but Im always 10 yrs behind doing everything… LOL.. I am proud though of mastering connection via my phone LOL… Love and Hugs for the advice, I will have to investigate further 🙂 xxxx

      • You have every reason to be proud if you’ve mastered a Blackberry! I use an HTC touch screen phone on the Android system and after several years of that I now seem to be incapable of pressing buttons anymore 😉 I checked out W/P for Blackberry from my laptop. There is one available for download 🙂 If you type in WordPress for Blackberry on your computer you can download it directly from there onto your Blackberry. That would probably be much easier for you than trying to do it from your phone if you’ve not done it before. Most app’s can be sent to your phone this way. You should have a vastly improved W/P experience from your phone if you get the app,.I couldn’t manage without it now! If you’ve been using the website so far my sympathies, it’s a real pain and I usually give up in disgust! So give it a go and let me know how you get on 🙂 xx

  2. Howling right back at you, Icewolf!
    Yet another milestone is reached! I’m loving all of these coincidences, I am!

    • HooOOOOooooWWWWWWwwwwLLLLLLLLLanks Aquatom!
      It’s actually another quite incredible coincidence that you just happened to be on-line bang on schedule for my posting of this trumpet-blowing post! 😉
      By another strange and quite remarkable coincidence I am about to go hunting 🙂 so you;re timing was impeccable!

  3. Conwolfulations! Heres one more to add to the number. You will be at 1000 before you know it.

  4. Congratulations Timid one. Well done !!! I think I should hail with joy, Sue’s mastery of that most frustrating of gadgets, the unforgiving mobile phone.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend 🙂

    • Thank you Kenny 🙂 Yes…I think you should…Sue’s mastery of her phone is 2nd to none and many a lesson could be learned from her unrivalled skill and patience with what sounds to be for you, a device of torture and frustration! Oh dear 😀
      Timid one…smirking wickedly into her chicken bones 🙂

  5. Okay where did you get my photo……have you been snapping pictures in my back yard 🙂

    • Couldn’t help myself! lol You were just too wolfishly irresistible and charming for my happy, snappy camera paw to ignore:D And I didn’t want to waste all that effort to get my new, long-range telephoto lens to reach from Europa all the way into your backyard now did I? HooooooOOOOOOOWWWWwwwwwWWWLLLLLLLLL! lol 😉

  6. Woo woo woo!!!! Howling congratations at you!

  7. I thought you’d disappeared into the wilds of Siberia or somewhere LOL anyhow nice to see you’re still blogging and many congratulations on your 500 milestone, keep warm X

    • Likewise Arlene lol Lovely to see you here on Icy Europa 😉 Siberia indeed! These social networking sites are a full time job, it’s not easy finding time to get round every one of them on a regular basis…besides, haven’t been leaving any cake out for me recently!! I will be back there very soon so better get a big slice ready for me 🙂 Wolfie hugs xx

  8. Hej Wolfie..Vad roligt att du gillade mina elefanter det gör jag också 🙂 Och den blåa himmlen var mycket fin för vi fick inte se den så många gånger i somras..Nu önskar jag dig en härlig vecka…Kram //Nicki

    • Hej Nicki … ja! Du har rätt om bristen på blå himmel!
      Jag glömde nästan vad de var men jag såg härlig blå himmel till helgen…
      det är tillbaka till mörkgrå himmel och regn nu!
      Jag hoppas allt är bra med dig 🙂
      Kram … Wolfie 🙂

  9. Congratulations! Aroooo! It’s a few more now!

    • Thanks Clowie! Yes…it’s always wolfishly exciting when a few more start popping up to make Wolfie feel terribly important! Thought I’d see what it would be like to blow my own wolfie trumpet…it was very good!!! lol 😉

  10. Von mir auch Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Handy.wieder ein schönes Bild vom heulenden Wolf.Wünsche dir eine liebe glückliche Woche und grüsse dich lieb Gislinde.

    • Danke mein schön und freundlich Freund Gislinde
      Obwohl ich glaube, Sie können fünftausend Leuten auf Ihrem Blog haben!
      Aber es macht keinen Schaden zu heulen
      guten Wolfie Nachrichten
      von den Dächern gelegentlich;)
      Es ist sehr gut für Wolfie!
      Genießen Sie die neue Woche, Umarmungen von Wolfie 🙂

  11. Hey you have done really great Icywolfy
    I always knew how popular you were /are
    and so I am not surprised in the least 🙂

    Sooooooooo did you
    enjoy a wolftastic weekend 🙂 😉

    Andro xxx

    • Thank you Sir Gothic Andro! 😀 Though I am sure you and many others have zillions more than that but in Icewolfie terms it’s pretty good going and howling it from the roof tops seemed like a hugely good idea 😉 Yes…I did have a wolftastic weekend thanks, it was lovely and sunny and warm 🙂 Hope you can say the same for you 🙂

      • I stayed in to watch my F1 but to be honest it’s been a tad chilly around here lately and that Autumn sun is not even warm, maybe it is the Vampy blood getting a bit too thin, actually I could do to be a little bit thinner all round to be truthful 🙂 lol I am pleased that you enjoyed a wicked weekend Icywolfy of the Icy and Naughty Realm 🙂 😉

        Andro xxx

  12. A well deserved congradulations Wolfie! All the effort and hard work you put into your posts shows.
    Now you reap the rewards! counting down toward next 500….love, Eddie

    • Thank you Eddie 🙂 I consider myself very lucky to have so many lovely people “like” my blog…I was quite “gob-smacked” about this actually! Hope all is well with you Eddie 🙂

      • I bet you were!!! It is quite an achievement! You worked hard Wolfie…

      • That’s true of everybody on W/P, not least yourself Eddie 🙂 There are many beautiful blogs on here all setting very fine examples for Wolfie to aspire too…one day! Yours for example 🙂

  13. Congratulations! You’ll be at 5,000 before you know it! 🙂

  14. Wünsche dir ein glückliches schönes weekend ein lieber Herzlicher gruss von mir Gislinde.

    • Hallo lieber Freund Gislinde 🙂
      ich habe nicht in der Lage, online zu gehen für ein paar Tage –
      Probleme mit der Verbindung.
      Aber ich hoffe, Sie hatten auch ein gutes Wochenende und dass Sie genießen Sie Ihre Woche.
      Ich hoffe, dass es nicht regnet und Waschen Sie weg!
      Wolfie ist überhaupt nicht glücklich über nassen Pfoten hier im kalten, nassen UK!
      Liebe und Umarmungen … Wolfie 🙂

  15. Hej Wolfie..Ja det har du rätt i vargar och kvinnor använder luktsinnet..Mitt luktsinne fungerar inte alls just nu jag har influensan och känner ingen lukt på någonting så tur att jag inte är en varg..Ha en fin helg nu wolfie..Kram //Nicki

    • Hur hemskt för dig Nicki! Jag har inte kunnat få på nätet för ett par dagar
      men jag hoppas att du mår mycket bättre nu.
      Influensa är mycket obehagligt! Vänligen inte dela med Wolfie 😉
      Healing kramar … Wolfie 🙂

  16. Congratz Nicki And what a way to say tx a lick of the wolfy …Enjoy the weekend and up to 1000 Here we go…zoefffffffffffff

    • Thanks! 1000?!! lol Now let’s not get too excited 😉 But maybe if I leave this post up and add nothing else it will continue to increase my chances! Take care and I hope all is well with you 🙂

  17. That’s awesome!!!! Congrats!!! Love the dog pic. 🙂

  18. I hope that your connection is still okay icywolfy
    and that your hot dog ogling at Asda is something
    of the past 🙂 lol Well you are very naughty you
    know so no more sausages okay? 😉 lol

    Have a wonderful and wicked Tuesday Icywolfy 😉

    Andro xxx

    • Yes it’s cool tonight thanks 🙂 Hot dog ogling lol at Asda is indeed a thing of the past…I don’t normally shop there so I will be ogling at them in Sainsbury’s in future 😀 😉 Much better class of sausage there 🙂 lol Now go and eat those cookies and the cake I left out for you and stop being so very naughty and wicked!! lol 😉 😀

      • I always enjoy cake and cookies Icywolfy
        so thank you very much for those 🙂 🙂 😉

        Andro xxx

      • Yes I’m sure you do 😉 I notice Sir Gothic Andro that you are taking great care not to mention sausages all of a sudden lol 😀
        Am I to take this to mean that you are trying to shift your great wickedness and cheeky vampy naughtiness onto the shoulders of Icewolfie? lol 🙂
        Just in case, I will remind you that you are personally responsible for that subject occurring on my blog page lol…and that you wrote a very naughty post that pointed it’s vampy finger in the direction of the great sausage in a round about and very naughty way! Icewolfie is very innocent in all this! lol 😉 😀 🙂

      • Yes I am innocent too you know, I only mentioned sausages and everyone got frisky over it, of course i wasn’t meaning anything naughty, just a little mention and you girls go all wicked over it 🙂 It was only a modest description and before we knew about anything it had become legend 🙂 Well I can honestly say that my mention of sausages is definitely innocent no matter what you were thinking on at the time 😉 🙂 lol Have a lovely sausage, I mean a lovely time tonight 😉 lol

        Andro xxx

      • You and innocent can’t co-exist in the same room lol! And it was a very leading mention of sausages I’ll have you know Sir Gothic Andro 😀 As all your female readers can undoubtedly vouch for you gnawti sausage you!! Lol 😉 😀

  19. yay i added another like

    • You did didn’t you! Awesome! Thank you very much for your thoughtful and kind action 🙂 And also for your visit 😀 Your “like” is greatly appreciated and a very fine addition thanks! 🙂

  20. In the picture of the dog you have portrayed, is that a pink butterfly in it’s mouth ? just a thought.

  21. Hej Wolfie..ja du har verkligen rätt en mycket stygg pojkvän för jag är fortfarande sjuk och nu har jag lessnat på det..Jag får stoppa honom i grytan och koka soppa av honom nu när det blir halloween ha ha..
    Jo vi vick gå ombord på fartyget och ubåten bara för en dag för att visa hur dom arbetar med att rädda människor från skadade ubåtar som ligger på havets botten men vi fick inte se några militära hemligheter..Men det var spännande i alla fall och det händer inte så ofta..Så man får påassa på när dom ger oss chansen..
    Mina blogspot sidor ska vila nu har inte tid med dom alls..Hoppas du mår bra min fina wolfie..Ha en fin vecka kram //Nicki

    • Hej Nicki … fattiga pojkvän! Jag hoppas att han inte läser din sida! : D
      Jag tror att fartyget och ubåten var en mycket spännande upplevelse! Hoppas du inte fick havet sjuka medan du touring dem. 😉
      Jag är också har problem att hitta tid för blogspot … men ingen tvekan om du redan märkt det! Men det finns flera vänner där som inte använder WordPress alls så jag försöker besöka dem minst.
      helgen Wolfie kramar 🙂

  22. hi icey just slinked by to see how you are or maybe i hobbled just now lol trying to get here a bit more often but life gets in the way most times hope your well icey hmm sainsbury sausages must be bigger lol than the average asda one but i wouldnt know i dont eat them lol theres no rude reply from andro on that one i hope xjen

    • Hey i saw that 🙂 lol
      Nooooo Comment 🙂

      Andro xxxx

    • Yes life has an annoying way of doing that 😉 None the less it is very wolfunderful to see you again and I hope you are well also 🙂
      Sainsbury’s sausages are much much bigger lol the average Asda one is comparatively weedy and could do with a timely boost for it to make the grade 😉
      Don’t worry if you’re not overly familiar with the quality of the average sausage…Andro is!!! I mean to say I only know this because of that very wicked and naughty post he added on his blog lol Icy knew no more than you till that educational post appeared in the Gothic Realm blog!!
      I noticed too that there have been no rude replies from the Great Gothic Andro lol…must be trying to pass the blame for this naughtiness onto Icy!! 😉 😀 xx

  23. Har du ingen kvast Wofie..Ingen fara du kan få åka med mig 🙂

    ps Mina blogspotsidor får vila lite..ha en fin helg puss och kram //Nicki

  24. Have a wicked weekend icywolfy 😉 🙂

    Andro xxx

  25. Hey it’s about time you added another posting icywolfy,
    maybe one on Sainsbury’s cuisine or Asda Halloween
    treats for non sausage eaters 🙂 lol

    See I can mention sausages all the time if you like? 😉 lol

    Andro xxx

    • Yea it is about time for a new one but I’ve been busy catching up with the missed ones everyone else has posted. Well…some of them, can’t get to all I’ve missed there’s too many 😉 It seemed somewhat selfish and a little bit cheeky to post a new one myself when I hadnt visited anyone elses for the last day or two. But if you’re very good and not too wicked I might manage a little mythology post 🙂 Maybe… 😉

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