Silence In The Shadows(2),   45 comments

Silence in the Shadows ~ 2

“There should have been life here but there was none. Activity, but the building was sealed, locked in time, its inhabitants long gone, and the silent tracking probes still and lifeless, and on closer inspection corrupted by corrosion. No birds would sing here, no chitter of unseen insect life. No calls. No cries. Just a still, empty silence where there should have been life, and the shivering of the wind….” (Silence in the Shadows ~ 1)

Copyright: Europa’s Icewolf 2013 ~ All Rights Reserved.

  Zone Wolf ImagerZone Wolves

Yelena breathed deeply, the alien night was cool and still, the sky full of strange stars; the magic of the solar-flare, black moon-wolf fired by the alien solstice of another world; the unearthly light of twin satellites rising over an otherworldly nightscape.


Booted and camouflaged Yerik stepped imposingly out of the shadows, the glint of a heavy duty weapon adding to his air of menace.

Yerik_soundless as a sceptre

His unexpected appearance startled her, he seeming to appear soundless as a spectre out of nowhere. She jumped, unnerved, wondering briefly why she hadn’t sensed or heard him. He smiled indulgently, enjoying it, she thought annoyed. He had done it on purpose and his apparent nonchalance didn’t quite cloak the veiled threat. Wolf flashed in her eyes and she growled low and soft, meeting his mocking gaze steadily, refusing to back down, drawing a low, blistering snarl from deep within his throat.


“Where are you going??!!”  She eyed him appraisingly apparently unfazed. “You’re going back to the zone??”  He glared at her as if she had grown two heads. “And how exactly do you expect to get past the check points?!”

“They’ll never know…” she smiled secretively, confident…and in a shimmer of moulton fire she became before his eyes something else… He started, muttering a string of expletives. A glowing black-gold star wolf stood before him in her place, tail wagging gently, head lowered, watching him. When she spoke again it was silently, in his mind – telepathy. “The wolf is more tolerant of the radiation. …if the levels increase and the risks become too great I’ll turn back…”

Yelena_WolfBreed_The ZoneNo you won’t!” he returned drily. “You’ll just decide to hell with it and carry on regardless!!… I could just inform the border guards – Situation critical – Shoot on sight!!”

He was trying to provoke her. She growled challengingly. “What?! Wolf approaching, fire at will?!!”

“Hmm…something like that”  He agreed darkly, his cold, icy smirk leaving her in no doubt he had the authority to do exactly that and to see that the order was carried out if he so wished.

 Yelena_The wolf is more tolerant of the radiationShe was braced to run, heart racing. Biting back further threats he made a conscious effort to relax, knowing that one wrong move now and she would be gone, deep into the radio-active night world. Lost to him. She watched his every move radiating suspicion and a deep-rooted distrust, hackles rising and falling with an acute sense of unease.

Tense and wary_ready for instant flightHe moved slowly, soothing tones rhythmic and lilting reassuring her; “No need to fear wolf-breed… It’s a tracking device; if you run into trouble out there…”

She remained silent but aware of the sense in his words. Tense and wary, ready for instant flight she watched him with lowered head, glaring eyes clocking his every move, lips drawn back as a huntress confronts a hunter. He reached out calmly stroking her fur curiously, still speaking softly, soothingly, hypnotically…

Danger flared_Panicked snarlSomething glinted in his hand – danger flared like a screaming beacon; she leapt backwards and out of his reach with a panicked snarl, glistening fangs bared in stark warning, slashing exposed skin. Cursing under his breath Yerik straightened up an amused but deathly cold gleam in alien eyes.

She eyed him_one last timeYelena eyed him one last time, a sudden wolfish smile playing over lupine features. It struck him she was laughing silently but she was already gone, loping swift and silent through the night toward the check points; fleet and shadowy, a ghost wolf hardly there, seen flickering for a moment…then gone. …”Walk with me in the Land of Wolves”  he muttered infuriated. “Be safe! Try to avoid getting shot!” he called silently, mind to mind. “And you’d better be damned sure you’re back before dawn!”  But she was already gone and only the lonely stance of the night answered his mind call.

Copyright: Europa’s Icewolf 2013 ~ All Rights Reserved.

45 responses to “Silence In The Shadows(2),

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  1. Wow you have certainly added something wild and exciting here Icywolfy, so much so
    that I am not about to add any wickedly orientated humour and instead I will just say how
    wonderful your story is progressing 🙂 I also like your choice of graphics, copyrighted to
    you so they hold a significance known only to you my great friend but I certainly like them
    nonetheless 🙂 I am now looking forwards to part three and I hope that this will be sooner
    rather than later Icywolfy of the Icy Realm as you write so wonderfully 🙂

    Have a very nice weekend Icywolfy 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • Thank you for your kind words Sir Andro of the Gothic Realm 😉 I guess I should take you at face value on that on the basis that it is very rare that you fail to add “any wickedly orientated humour” lol 😉 Re the “copyright” – such things mean very little in the online world unless they are officially backed, which of course they are not here on W/P. If people wish to use an image without referencing its source there is little that can be done especially if you don’t trip over it so to speak, in which case you’d never know anyway. Also such watermarks are easily removed with the right editing software. However their significance here really is only in recognition to the time, effort, bloodshed and tears lol not to mention the endless software crashes and freezes that occur lol that have gone into creating them. Beyond that the copyright probably doesn’t hold any genuine significance whatsoever. But I’m pleased they met with your approval and I hope that clears the question of “copyright” significance up for you! Kind of you to suggest you are looking forwards to pt 3 but I think a little break and a change of subject may now be in order 🙂

      • Hey I can wait a little while, no need to rush those paws into action just yet, oh and while we are on the subject of further postings how about something mind bogglingly exciting on the Roman Empire I really like History Icywolfy so instead of something on the lines of Mythology that you are always insisting on, why don’t you cover the rise and fall of their wicked Empire, now that should raise a few eyebrows and a few togas too knowing your wickedness in writing 😉 lol

        Yes I know that you did the earlier one on the naughty Roman bath times and incredibly cheeky it was too but I would still enjoy something on Roman History and you always tell it so well my great Icywolfy friend 🙂 🙂

        Okay there is enough here for you to digest for now but do consider it, I mean sending the Zombies round so early in the year wouldn’t be a nice thing for me to do but then again needs must as it were, especially as there is one naughty Zombie that likes to peep through bathroom doors during shower times 😉 I was just saying 🙂 lol

        Right on with the show and I will catch
        up with you later 🙂 Be good today Icywolfy 😉

        Andro xxx

      • Hmm…lol not sure I think the Roman Empire is “mind bogglingly exciting” for me to post on lol 😉 but I have decided it maybe a good exercise for me to give it a go, and I might even learn something about the subject in the process. Either way probably a good exercise in self discipline and writing outside my comfort zone? Well mabye!

        And what do you mean cheeky goth!! I’M always “insisting” on mythology!! I rather think it is YOU that is always insistently demanding and hassling for an endless supply of mythology postings thank you very much!! lol 😉 Could’ve sworn it’s me not you who’s constantly having to dig their paws in to avoid never writing anything but to please a certain vampy goth lol!!

        I’ve semi prep’d a post on the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, hopefully it should go up tomorrow, otherwise Wednesday. I had to break off to sort out a long-standing overdue email to my family – it took a long time uploading pics. Now I’ve just about got time to take a speedy spin round W/P and not get near twitter tonight! That Zombie you mention would be ill advised to peep through my bathroom door at shower time btw! 🙂

      • I am already looking forward to your Roman History posting, and I am sure that
        you will do exceptionally well with it as all of these themes are brilliantly offered,
        well researched and just downright wicked 🙂 🙂 I will mention what you said about
        the Zombie Peeping Tom but I doubt he will take any notice as he is just tooooo
        creepy for his own good 😦 lol Have a brilliant Tuesday Icywolfy and be good 🙂 lol

        Andro xxx

      • Don’t know about wicked, but definitely had to research it! 🙂 Helps to keep my brain occupied, thinking is best avoided at the moment! 🙂

      • Well you always manage to bring forward
        excellent postings Icywolfy so thank you for
        that my great friend 🙂 🙂

        I hope that you are being good this evening 🙂

        Andro xxx

      • Well that could be a slight exaggeration! lol 😀 But thank you for the compliment 😉

      • Absolutely not I have enjoyed reading this one and so will everyone else too 🙂 You need to broaden your thoughts on what themes to write about, I think that you will be pleasantly surprised at the results 🙂

        Andro xxx

      • Do elaborate kind sir! I would be pleasantly enlightened and truly educated should you feel to further express your thoughts on this subject 🙂

        And I will be back with a serious mind to actually getting beyond my own blog and visiting yours – I know you’ve posted at least a couple, and my other great followers blogs as of tomorrow 🙂 Tonight the Zombies are biting and I am off to recharge the lupine batteries 🙂

      • I think that any theme is worthy of your time, though I do favour history, says me that always writes fiction 🙂 lol Hey have a good rest Icywolfy and be very well 🙂

        Andro xxx

      • Just a cheery last thought for the night…the stat’s tonight favour mythology by a long chalk…I’ve just got my “Best Ever Views of All Time!!” How’s that for a boost for the New Year! lol 😉

      • Hey it is funny that you should mention that, as today I have also had many hits, it must be that bloody Vampy Award that is getting all the attention… Never mind though, it happens or is that with a ‘sh’ in front of it? 🙂

        Be good Icywolfy, nooooo
        be naughty instead 🙂 😉 lol

        Well done on your best ever views 🙂 🙂

        Andro xxx

  2. Excellent work 🙂 I have a recent post over at my blog called Writers What Are You Working On. Why don’t you share with my readers there your plans for turning this into a book. I will be sure to purchase a copy when it is finished.

    • Thank you for the vote of confidence 🙂 Publishing the finished item would be cool but strikes me that having to market it yourself will be a lot of very hard work! I could do with an agent if I ever get to that point lol 😉

  3. Merhaba benim güzel arkadaşım Buz :))
    güzel dostluk ve yorumların için teşekkür ederim
    size huzur dolu mutlu bir pazar diliyorum
    kendine iyi bak benim sevgili arkadaşım Buz :))
    çok kucak dolusu sevgilerle…

  4. Great choice of graphics. I especially like the wolf one, quite quite cool!

    • Aww! Thanks! Very kind of you to stop by considering my poor show at your end of late 😉 I haven’t forgotten my mini wolf pack, just been rather bogged down one way or the other and I’m hopelessly behind with everybody just now…could do better if tried harder! lol 😉 This is proving a difficult month, but I should, paws crossed, be up and running properly by the beginning of February so bear with me 🙂
      Wolfie hugs to my mini wolf pack!

  5. Hallo liebe Wollfe eine sehr schöne Spanende Geschichte, und tolle Bilder dazu,und wie schön du das beschrieben hast mit dem Knurren und und wie der Wolf dort steht sehr schön.Ich wünsche dir einen glücklichen schönen Tag und Danke für deinen Besuch. Grüsse und Freundschaft Gislinde.

    • Guten Morgen lieber Freund Gislinde!
      Das war ein schöner Kommentar danke 🙂
      Und ich danke Ihnen für die Zeit nehmen, diese zu lesen –
      Ich war besorgt, niemand würde verstehen
      was ich rede 😉
      aber jetzt viele von euch lieben Freunden
      wie es und ich bin sehr glücklich 🙂
      Vielen Dank für Ihre schöne Freundschaft
      Liebe und Umarmungen … Wolfie!

  6. On reading this, I was looking forward to the next part but I see you say you feel like a change of subject. Maybe you’ll return to this later? I particularly like that image of the wolf with the highlights in her fur!!

    • Hey Clowie! Welcome back! Your hikes have taken you many light years from Europa and I have missed your fluffy Pyreeee hugs and your humourous and enlightening barks across the blog pages! How are you? Are you wolfishly well my beautiful furry snow friend? And are your bipeds behaving themselves?!!

      Thank you for such a reassuring and encouraging comment Clowie 🙂 I actually don’t think a change of subject will do any harm, this kind of post won’t necessarily hold universal appeal in the same way as more “normal” posts perhaps do. And had it not been for the sudden and very rewarding influx of new likes/comments I was set to call time on it altogether and maybe try it on a different blog…what doesn’t work on one often works wonderfully on another. Depends on the readerships choice. I would like to return to this later, and I am reconsidering abandoning ship on it now, but I suspect some, if not many will wonder what on earth I’m rattling on about and not know what to make of it! Which is fair enough and I expect that. But I have now to weigh up potential future appeal – or not, before I decide whether to take it any further, here or not 🙂

      • I am wolfishly well, thank you, I hope you are too! I’ve been having a great time in the mountains with my bipeds. They’re behaving as well as one can expect from them!
        Do you have another blog? Or are you thinking of starting another?

      • I have a 2nd one on here, and one elsewhere, but neither get much attention since I’m always on here! I am working on it though 🙂 The other W/P one might hold some interest for you actually, but at this point I’m not active enough on it to make it worth your while checking out :)You should be superfit after all that time in the mountains…don’t know about the state of your bipeds though!! Either they’re superfit too or they’re totally wiped out!! lol 😉

      • I’d like the link if you do decide to post again on it.
        I do my best to keep them fit. I suppose they do quite well, considering they’re only bipeds – but there’s room for improvement!

      • It is never easy keeping bipeds fit!!

  7. Exciting thrillings in every word and picture! A good read for a dark and lonely night… it will put punch into the pudding!
    love, Eddie

    • Thank you as ever for your kind and thoughtful words my good friend Eddie 🙂 I was set to abandon further postings of this one but such encouragement gives me hope that it may perhaps be worth reconsidering that choice…maybe!! lol 😉 We will see…but I love your choice of words here 🙂 Paints a wonderful and inspiring picture in my mind!! lol 😉 I hope you are well Eddie and the Great Spirit watches ever over you … Wolfie xx

  8. Wolfie I am enjoying this wonderful story,.. and love the creation also of your graphics well done… Sending you a Big Hug to ruffle your ears and shake a paw in the New Year Wolfie… With Lots and Lots of Bright Blessings sent your way xox Love Sue xox

    • HooOOOoooWWWWwwwwLLLLooooooo my lovely friend of the Dreamy Realm! I am finding this quite strange tonight…earlier today I’d pretty much decided that this was not many people’s “cup of tea” and although I’d much appreciated the comments and likes it and the earlier one received it was probably best dropped – on this blog at least…now, viewing my notifications with considerable surprise, lol I find several new comments and even a few more likes! Your comment and of course the additional ones are most encouraging thank you 🙂 I guess I will be thinking on the wisdom of continuing with it, a little longer than I had first anticipated lol 😉 Love and hugs to you this Tuesday eve 🙂 xx

      • You underestimate your readers tastes LOL… and I find it a light relief to read a story of fiction based in such a far-away world… 🙂 Loving it… so keep on keeping on… Hugs back

      • No I don’t! (underestimate my readers tastes! 🙂 ) You’d be surprised how some posts taken down on this blog due to lack of reader appeal have really taken off on another one simply because it fitted with the readers tastes better. Whereas successful ones on here frequently crash and burn when posted elsewhere because they’re just not those readers cup of tea so to speak 🙂 It’s not an issue, but it is interesting, and with new material not posted previously online it’s always a bit touch and go which way it’ll go with people. To illustrate my point, the post on here “Moon Wolf Watching” even after a revision and repost has struggled to get aprox 500 views. In the same timespan on a different blog that same post has just crossed the 10,000 views mark! And I make no apologies for mentioning figures 😉 I am very proud of that post and nothing else I’ve done has ever come anywhere near that rating and probably won’t – it’s been way ahead of it’s nearest rival on that blog and certainly this one since the stat’s page for that blog came into being 🙂 So it all depends on the readers tastes 🙂 x

      • Huuummmmmmm!!!! sounds like you got it all covered 🙂 Wolfie and no I dont think you are making a tasty meal out of your stats. Be proud of them…. 🙂 love and Hugs and wishing you every success where ever you post them xxx

      • I’m very proud of certain ones! Yes I know…I’m blowing my own trumpet outrageously and self praise is no praise lol 😉 But does no harm every now and again lol 😀 Wolfie hugs 🙂

  9. Even more intriguing, Icewolf… are they werewolves or shapeshifters? From Earth, Europa or elsewhere? I’m sure I’ll find out as time goes on.
    I love your writing style!

    • I wondered how long it would take for that question to come up! lol 🙂 Well I won’t spoil your fun lol…time will tell..both on those points and on whether I take it any further on here or not 🙂 But your thoughts are greatly appreciated and your enthusiasm very encouraging thank you young Aquatom 😀 I posted these, 2 so far, by way of experimental curiosity to test their potential a little. So obviously I’m open to both success and failure in equal measures. But this is the first time I’ve posted anything I normally keep private so of course I do feel there’s a degree of risk in sharing it with the world in general!! 🙂

      • But most definitely worth the risk! And once again, if you could be so kind… 😉 😀

      • Lol…:D … What am I going to do with you Aquatom! 😉 You are the most inspirational of friends you know!

        I think it is about time I started devoting some quality time to visiting yours and all the other great blogs I follow and haven’t got anywhere near tonight! I shall apply myself to this most important of tasks asap…tomorrow! Night night!! 🙂

  10. Beautiful but scary. I hope updates will come so we know how things went. I had chills down my back reading this.

  11. AaaaawwwwwwoooooooooHHHHH!.. ;o)

  12. As soon as Yerik stepped forward with his heavy duty weapon, well, I was on my guard, *cough* and sort of hooked at the same time. 😉 Icewolfie, which makes for a very confusing mix, but I shall cope. 🙂 Loving the follow up and now off to read part 3 xPenx (still dot-less)

    • Yes… I quite like that bit too… lol! 😀 It’s very interesting actually, to discover a little of what impacts on some level from the reader’s viewpoint.Thank you for your generous words and the time you are expending on these posts! I, by the way, have become even more dotty since you involved me in the anti-dottinness!!;)

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