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The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire (476 A. D)

The Roman Empire clip image

The city of Rome developed over hundreds of years and the passing of numerous wars to be the epicentre of the all-powerful and far-reaching Roman Empire. It grew out of a small Italian town and from the ensuing Empire the English, French and Spanish languages were derived.

Romulus and Remus_She-wolf

The well-known story of Romulus and Remus, dating back to 800 B. C. tells the tale of two brothers initially raised by a she-wolf and later by a shepherd who killed her. After building a city together Remus was killed by his brother Romulus who called the city by the name of Rome.

Ancient Rome was the superpower of its era, recognised for:

  • Military strength
  • Top quality training
  • Greatest financial means
  • Outstanding equipment superior to any other known worldwide at that time

Roman Imperialism

Ancient Rome

Romans embraced their status as masters of the known world. They knew well the art of winning wars and invading territories and retaining power in the colonies created therein by use of political tricks during their years of rule and power.

Romans were known for their:

  • Infrastructure including their Roads (or Via)
  • Engineering feats with bridges and aqua ducts
  • Built primarily to enable for fast movement of their military

Gladitorial Games

The Etruscans – a people of unknown origin from the located to the North of Rome, with their vast army and strange language, were Italy’s first particularly civilized people. Their women had rights of their own, went out in public places and even owned property. The Etruscans were a people skilled in mining, metal working, farming and trading (merchants). Men and women alike took pleasure in both music and dancing and contributed much to the civilization of Rome.

  • Sewage systems
  • Gladiatorial games
  • Arch for bridge building

Roman Soldier clip art

The Romans also realized they would need to win hearts and minds of the peoples and their cultures if they were to excel at the art of winning wars. They did this in a variety of ways including the providing of baths and central heating so that people did not realize they were being lulled into subjugation to their Roman masters.

Achievements of the Roman Empire

Some of the most important emperors who did both great and terrible things all too frequently at the same time:

  • The Great Rhine Wall and an enormous Forum were just two of the many structures built around Rome by Emperor Trajan
  • Emperor Hadrian was responsible for the famous “Hadrian’s Wall” that separates Britain and Scotland
  • Mighty victories were won over German peoples by Emperor Marcus Aurelius, also famous for his writing and known as the “Philosopher- King
  • Famous for bring Christianity to the Roman Empire as the official religion Emperor Constantine also named the Roman Capital, which he moved to Turkey(today), in his own honour, “Constantinople.”

The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire

The Fall of Rome

This occurred primarily due to lack of foresight

Ancient Romans erroneously supposed that the colossal differences in culture, economy and social life could be spanned by compelling the conquered societies, to take up the “roman” way. But ultimately any attempt to create a government or society that does not deal with these crucial aspects of observing the heart and soul of social and cultural backbone, and the spirit of a society, is doomed to meet with failure before it even begins.

“The Pax Romana” This brief period of peace lasted for around 200 years and marked the beginning the slow decline of Rome.

  • The empire grew to such a huge size that it became impossible to allow for effective governing
  • There was serious corruption within the military, at all levels
  • Conflicting political bodies entered into Civil Wars
  • Badly chosen Emperors who were the Head of Government at the time were often weak, incapable leaders who had either inherited the title or gained it through violence.
  • Unemployment amongst the Romans was on the rise due to the increasingly popular practice of using slaves
  • The rich became lazy and complacent regarding the solving of problems within the City of Rome
  • The average poor Roman was both overtaxed and overworked
  • Alongside an increase in prices there was a decrease in trade
  • Inevitably starvation and disease set in, shrinking the size of the population
  • Farm and government management became increasingly difficult and ineffective.
  • The Roman Empire itself also slid into a slow and steady spiral of shrinking

Barbarian Invasions_of_the_Roman_Empire Credit

Despite the Ancient Romans splitting the Roman Empire in half with an emperor for both East and West the Western Roman Empire did not fare well. Instead of protecting their borders Roman soldiers began fighting amongst themselves. This allowed outsiders to invade and overrun Rome.

  • Visigoths, the Huns, the Germans, the Persian, the Slavs, and the Avars.

By late 400s A. D the invaders had taken over and the Roman Empire was no more. By 476 A.D German soldier Odoacer the Barbarian defeated the Roman legions, captured the city of Rome and killed the Roman Emperor. He then went on to name himself king of Italy. This was considered by many historians to be the official date that Rome finally fell.

The East Roman Empire which also contained the capital city of Constantinople in Turkey – Istanbul, was renamed the Byzantine Empire which thrived for another 1000 years.


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  1. Wow thank you for this one Icywolfy it makes
    excellent reading my great friend and I noticed
    the mention of Visigoths in there too 🙂

    You have once again produced a worthy posting
    filled with interesting facts and wonderful graphics,
    in short I have thoroughly enjoyed the reading of
    this one and I am looking forward to whatever you
    decide to add next, for whatever that may be I am
    sure that it will be superb 🙂 Wicked…

    Have a lovely rest of evening
    Icywolfy and thank you again 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • I have a feeling that it may not have been exactly what you might have been hoping for – I do have a pretty good idea having studied this subject and related issues for a little while 😉 but in my current frame of mind – which I am working on I must add lol this was the only angle I was prepared to work at it on 🙂

      It is actually a vast subject is it not? It would take several posts to cover it in any kind of real depth, and sorry to say my enthusiam for the subject is not currently that great! However it was an interesting exercise and produced considerably faster than my norm you have to admit!! 😀

      • Though you find it inferior I think it is a really good effort and bearing in mind of the time scale you have done a great job in writing and of course adding it so promptly.

        I think that we all have times where we cannot focus on our work due to personal issues, but for me writing is a way of side stepping the realities of life and so eases the feelings involved. I hope that you are feeling much better soon Icywolfy my great friend 🙂

        Don’t let whatever it is that is troubling you get you down in the dumps, just stand tall and strengthen your resolve, oh yes and be good too 🙂

        Andro xxx

      • Hmm…I wouldn’t say I think it’s inferior exactly, to post something I genuinely felt that way about would to me be disrespectful to those such as yourself who take the time to read my posts and also the anon’ visitors. It’s probably that I usually spend more time on the preparation etc and whilst I’m happy enough with the end result it feels a little bit like cheating – for want of a better word – to prep’, complete and post all within 48 hrs or less! And also in view of the fact that you personally requested this post, I would, when in a more chilled frame of mind, have spent time and effort to tailor it perhaps a little more to your personal interests and humour. But humour in particular is sadly lacking just now! Sorry about that 😉 It will no doubt return in due course 🙂

        And yes, I agree, writing is great way to side step realities for a while and often re-focuses the mind on the positives of life in it’s own unique way 🙂 I am cautiously optimistic things will be ok in the end but I don’t want any nasty shocks because of becoming too complacent 😉 Life has a bad habit of turning round and biting that attitude on the bum!! lol 😉 Now! Call off the Zombies please…they don’t look at all healthy!! 🙂

      • Yes inferior was the wrong choice of wording, but I just meant that it was not your first choice, probably not even your second or third either, and I am grateful that you added that Roman posting for me Icywolfy, requests are not the usual format on blogging and script writing as we prefer to choose our own topics, but you did very well in the short span of time to produce a very nice and interesting piece.

        Now go and grab that Zombies, erm, no don’t, just have a restful sleep and I will see you here again later 🙂

        Andro xxx

  2. Enjoyed this Wolfie

  3. When looking at the size of the Roman Empire on those maps, the wonder is that they maintained it as long as they did.
    Some of the challenges facing them really makes me think that, although the world we live in is very different in some ways, not much has changed at all.

  4. Merhaba benim sevgili ve güzel arkadaşım Buz :))
    senin güzel dostluk için teşekkür ederim
    benim güzel arkadaşım güzel bir gül bende hediye :))
    çok kucak dolusu sevgiler size yolluyorum

  5. Even though I am familiar with this history, it is still a bit unnerving to read how Rome fell and to see the glaring parallels between their mistakes and the ones America is making right now…and it is sad that we really do seem unable to learn from, and condemned to repeat, history all over again. Excellent post…as always! 🙂

    MisBehaved Woman
    • Interesting you should mention the parallels between Rome and USA…there were some really good articles covering those parallels, which I had thought to mention on this post. But then again, specifying the USA in particular could have been construed as an attack on the US in a way that was not intended. In truth it could probably be applied to any one developed country the truth be known. Absorbing reading though non-the-less 🙂

      • Eons ago in my other lifetime as a Navy wife, I read an article in the Navy Times written by a long time officer and historian that highlighted numerous comparisons between the USA and Roman Empire…of course the article was in military-thinking terms but everything he wrote was really interesting and too valid to just disregard. And yes, it could well apply to many developed countries…we just seem the most bloated and most aggressive in the current times. I love my country; the land is really pretty! But…my gov’t and leaders…meh, toss the whole mess of ’em in a garbage bin! 😉

      • I feel much the same way about our gov’t and leaders 🙂 There’s a lot of them though…we’d need a huge garbage bin you know!! lol 😀

  6. I’m learning more about the Romans and their Empire, Icewolf, so I enjoyed reading this post. I’m particularly interested in the Roman Virtues, and how the everyday folk went about their lives… you’ve given me the push to read up on the again! Thank you! 😀

  7. Very interesting post Wolfie, I love history! Especially when it involves people and how they changed the world. I particlarly loved the TV series ‘I Claudius’ staring Derk Jacobi, now you can really see how those Romans lived and loved. The life (death) and times of Boudica Queen of the Iceni tribe and her defence of the country against the Romans is riverting stuff, all set in East Anglia, well worth a visit to Colchester Castle.

    Love your lay-out and presentation too

    Susan x

    • Thanks! Great to know you enjoyed it 🙂 These sort of posts seem to do very well…unfortunately they’re not really my favourite subjects although my history grades at school etc didn’t reflect that! Very weird and strange 😀 It was an interesting exercise, sometimes request posts prove far more interesting and educational than I anticipate 🙂 Wouldn’t object to a visit to Colchester Castle though…castle’s are cool and help to bring history to life 🙂 Keep up the good work with your great posts btw 🙂 I look forward to them…Wolfie hugs x

  8. Hej Wolfie…
    Tack för besöket Nu blev jag glad..
    Nej skulle aldrig slänga bort wolfie den bästa och finaste och enda varg jag känner..
    Och en av mina bästa vänner här på wordpress ..
    önskar digg nu en lång och skön helg..Massor av pussar och kramar Nicki

    • Det är en stor lättnad min underbara kreativa vän Nicki!
      Jag höll på att bli orolig…
      Varje Wolfie behöver en Nicki i sitt liv!
      Kärlek och kramar och en stor Wolfie kyss på näsan 🙂

  9. Hallo liebe Freundin wieder ein schöner Beitrag ich kann noch richtig was lernen,von den Römern,ich bin immer interessiert an allen was sie schreinen.Wünsche noch einen schönen Tag,und ein glückliches schönes weekend Gruß Gislinde.

    • Guten Abend gute Freundin Gislinde
      Danke für Ihren Besuch wieder 🙂
      Die Geschichte ist nicht mein Lieblingsfach, und weder sind die Römer
      aber dies war eine Anfrage von einem Freund
      so versuchte ich mein Bestes !
      Es ist nicht schlecht ich nehme an!
      Aber ich würde lieber über den Wolf Ich denke schreiben
      Oder fernen Planeten!
      Ich wünsche Ihnen ein schönes Wochenende mit viel Spaß
      Wolfie umarmen 🙂

  10. i always love to watch movies and docu abt the Romans I did not know that the she wolve was killed by a shephers
    Interesting btw I wish u a wonderful cold weekend. We have snow..brbrbrbrr

  11. Hey have you got my invite stuck in between a Roman’s Sandel and a
    Slaves Toga or what? 🙂 lol I have just been getting started with My New
    Space, My Gothic Realm has been deleted so don’t be clicking on any
    of those or you will get lost straight away 😦 lol Now come on Icywolfy it
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    I was thinking that you might have added another
    posting by now but never mind, plenty of time for
    you to add it 🙂 You are probably out partying 🙂 🙂

    Geoff xxx

    • Thank you for accepting my invite Icywolfy 🙂 🙂
      Oh yes and don’t forget to add another posting
      soon, it doesn’t have to be on Philosophy or…
      Or Romans either just pick something of your
      own choosing I don’t mind 🙂 🙂 lol

      Have a fun rest of evening and have fun 🙂

      Geoff xxx

  12. Hi there my favourite wolves. Sorry I’ve been so scarce but we are having a bit of a rough time this side. Wishing you all the best for 2013

  13. Ya see? None of this wouldda happened if they’d just left the wolf alone!

  14. Hej Wolfie..
    Det var en dålig hyresvärd du har som låter dig frysa..Jag tycker du ska bita honom ha ha..
    Idag har vi inte så kallt bara -3 grader men på lördag och söndag ska det bli -17..Men inte mycket vi kan göra åt det..Bara att hoppas att vi snart får vår och sommar..stor kram till dig Wolfie..Nicki

  15. wow a history lesson,never expected that this time! Luckily I like history and learning about the romans, this is lea btw,as poor Kirby might think I was talking about giving him a roman noodle, if he heard me utter the word. tee hee

  16. Enjoy your evening Icywolfy 🙂
    Oh and be good too, just in case
    you were thinking of being a bit
    naughty I mean 🙂 lol

    Is it snowing yet where you are? 🙂

    Geoff xxx

  17. Have a wicked
    Friday Icywolfy 🙂 😉
    And don’t be
    slipping and
    sliding either 😦 lol
    Like me I mean…

    Geoff xxx

  18. I hope that whatever is troubling you at the moment
    is swiftly obliterated so that you can come back soon 🙂

    Geoff xxx

  19. Just calling in to see if you are okay Icywolfy 🙂
    I hope that you are not snowbound or working
    too hard… Hey call into my Space and bring a
    duster and polish, nooooo you don’t have to do
    any polishing I can always find a slave for that
    one, unless you really want to of course? 🙂 lol

    Geoff xxx

  20. hi icey hope your ok things can only get better we hope im looking forward to a new year new adventures and my beloved whitby trips who knows what life and new love can bring be well icey xxjen

    • Things worked out exactly as I’d hoped in the end! I am very happy and very relieved 🙂 It was a lot more than I deserved as my things were entirely self-inflicted but all’s well that ends well yeah? 😉 I am now joining you in looking forward to a new year of adventures…and you never know…I might even turn up at the Whitby do one time! Oh wolf!!! 🙂 Hope things are going better for you too 🙂

  21. Just calling in before I watch
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    I have seen it before but it’s a
    good film 🙂 Hey I hope that
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    Call into my Space when you
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    Geoff xxx

  22. Winter greetings to Icey Wolfy,
    Great point in consideration of the backbone, the spirit of society… to me the heart and soul of a great nation are we the people; evidently very clear about that, even with our many differences, challenging as it is, still managing to work and raise the furture generation side by side. Now if only to remember our creator not just in the days of our youth, but beyond as well, especially in the here and now realizing the many great blessings in life.
    I have to agree toward some comments regarding parrelels in an empires downfall; any nation would do wonders taking a good look at all that worked, along with what went wrong, thus heeding the lessons so well proved out in history. Since we have this hindsight think that knowing civilizations would avoid such pitfalls, oh such attention be paid!

    • Winter Wolfie greetings to you too! I hope they find you well and in good health 🙂
      That was a very interesting comment, I enjoyed it 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to pop in and have a look and leaving your valuable and insightful comment 🙂 Hindsight is such a wonderful and elusive thing!

  23. My mothe was born in Italy as were my ancestors for the last 800 years. I lived there for 5 years. I have read do many books on Italy and its history. I love this list because it is really a great “sum up”. Thank you very much for reminding me of my beloved Italy!

    • Wow! “your ancestors for the last 800 years” !! I am impressed! I’m pleased you enjoyed this one, my landlord and his family are Italian so I know how passionate Italians and their relatives born here or in Italy, are about their beautiful country 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment my friend 🙂

      • Sorry for the many typos, was writing from my phone-:) actually we can trace our family back to the 11th century, but only the last 800 were in Italy. -:)

      • I didn’t notice any typos 🙂 But I do have that problem too when I’m using the mobile! Only the last 800 years…lol…not long then! lol 😉 Amazing to be able to trace your family back to the 11th century 🙂 I certainly couldn’t do that!!

  24. As always Wolfie, you go into great detail of our History…being brought up in a village which reports to have its own Roman Baths, and now living near a road which supports the name Roman… Romans have always been a fascination.. We have seen the Rise and Fall of many empires including the British one LOL… A great informative post Wolfie.. and dont know why I didnt spot your update .. 🙂 Sending you a Dreamy Hug.. xox

    • “Great detail….” lol 😉 And I thought I was being short and concise lol given the extent this subject stretches out! Pleased to know it was long enough for you!! Wolfie hugs 🙂

  25. Hallo liebe Freundin wünsche dir einfach mal einen schönen glücklichen Tag.Wir haben es in Deutschland sehr Kalt bei uns in Köln liegt ganz schön viel Schnee,ich hoffe es geht dir gut.Grüße und Freundschaft Gislinde.

    • Der Winter ist noch mit uns liebe Freundin Gislinde!
      Heute war Eis und sehr kalt, aber ich genoss Ausgehen in der Sonne
      Ich hoffe, es ist ein warmer Wochenende für Sie und nicht zu kalt und schneit!
      Wolfie umarmen 🙂

  26. Morning would be great if it didn’t come so early in the day.
    Have a great day hugs Nicki

  27. Hej Wolfie..
    Roligt att du är tillbaka jag har saknat dig..
    Hoppas att du inte längre har en hemsk månad och hoppas du känner dig bättre nu..Härligt att du har en hög IQ wolfie och ja visskt är du an alfa tik
    Ja visst är den tunna boken om vad män vet om kvinnor bra jag håller med om det till 100%
    Önskar dig nu en underbar helg min fina fän..
    Kram Nicki

    • Hej Nicki 🙂
      Tack … det nya februari månad för med sig mycket lättnad och tack nöje! Jag är nu att få på med livet igen och leva livet fullt ut … Jag har även varit ute i frysning men solig dag idag 🙂 Första gången på fem veckor 🙂 Jag hoppas att du också har en glad och uppfriskande ny månad och helgen går bra för dig! Kram Wolfie 🙂

  28. Hej igen Wolfie..
    Ja Stockholm är en värd av kontraster mycket gammalt och mycket nytt..Jag har aldrig varit i London men skulle gärna vilja åka dit..Och ja alla städer påminner om varandra och samtidigt så är dom helt olika men det är inte så konstigt det är ju olika platser och olika länder men alla platser i världen har sin egen charm därför är jorden en härlig plats att utforska..Stor kram till dig nu min vackra engelska varg Kram Nicki

    • Nåväl nu min vackra svenska Nicki!
      Jag förstår Sverige… Stokholm i synnerhet;) är en mycket vacker och underbar plats att vara och jag skulle älska att besöka och utforska sevärdheterna i din awesome land för mig själv … vad en upplevelse för en allt nyfiken engelsk Wolfie!
      Kram Wolfie 🙂

  29. Hallo liebe Freundin danke dir für deinen Besuch,ich wünsche dir von Herzen einen schönen Tag,und ein glückliches schönes weekend.Gruß und Freundschaft Gislinde.

  30. Merhaba,
    Benim sevgili ve çok özel arkadaşım Buz 🙂
    Şiirle ilgili yorumların ve ziyarettin için teşekkür ederim
    Aşkı güzel ifadelerle anlatmış
    yazarın emeğine sağlık ve Türkiye,nin en ünlü şairlerinde bir tanesi
    senin için mutlu bir gece ve güzel yarınlar dilerim
    kendine iyi bak benim özel arkadaşım 🙂
    çok kucak dolusu sevgiler yolluyorum

    • İyi akşamlar sevgili ve değerli arkadaşım Seçil 🙂
      Türkiye’de bazı büyük şairler vardır!
      Onlar ünlü olmayı hak.
      Sen de ayrıca aşk hakkında çok güzel ifade yazmak
      benim güzel arkadaşım Seçil.
      Aşk ve hugs … Buz 🙂

  31. Great summary of the Roman Empire!! I love to read anything Roman and I also think it’s pretty ironic that I just compared the US to Rome without even knowing you made this post. A history teacher I had back in 1990, my freshman year of high school, pointed out the similarities of the decline of the Roman Empire and the “Cracks” beginning to form in our nation. That was my first wake up call, I was fascinated with Rome ever since. As they say history repeats itself. I wish more people would subscribe to that fact instead of the mighty dollar.

    • Lol…yes I did think about that post when you first mentioned the Roman Empire! I wondered at the time whether it might appeal to you in some shape or form 😉 History only repeats itself because we are hopeless at learning from it!! I didn’t know to be honest, about the similarities between Ancient Rome and todays nations. But it was very interesting learning about it and I thought it was a worthwhile slant on the Roman Empire that until researching it, I hadn’t heard of before 🙂 It’s great to know you enjoyed it!

  32. Your articlesa are very interesting! Nick

    • Thank you Nick 🙂
      Your excellent and professional articles
      set a very fine example for me to follow!

      Благодарим Ви, че Ник 🙂
      Вашите отлично и професионални статии
      задайте много хубав пример за мен да следват!

  33. I’m a bit of a Roman history enthusiast – and this was an interesting write up that highlighted some aspects.. Thank you Wolfie, Eric 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by Eric 🙂 I’m sure you would have made a much better job of this post than moi 🙂 It was based on a request rather than something I would have chosen to focus on personally and I’m inclined to think it shows…but it was a good exercise in the necessary discipline to write about something outside my choice of immediate interest 🙂

  34. My take on the collapse of the Roman Empire was that they ran out of money.. their whole scene was raiding their neighbours and stealing their money..(and of course it was a slave-economy .. how to you loose money on that?.. ;o).. anyway as soon as they stopped expanding (stealing).. they collapsed.. (fascists.. yes there were the first ones!.. ;o)

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