Radioactive Material Dumped Dumped In Rivers   54 comments

Radioactive Material Is Being Dumped in Japan’s Rivers…


Japan Inside The Exclusion Zone_Credit_ tumblerThe Japanese newspaper the Asahi Shimbun has recently reported that radioactive water used to wash down contaminated buildings of the settlements close to the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor, which should have been sent through a stringent purification procedure was in fact being drained away into rivers rather than undergoing the intended strict disposal methods along with collected radioactive top soil and leaf debris which should have been securely and meticulously stored. This disposal method was seen to be standard procedure at 13 locations in Naraha, Iitate and Tamura. The allegation, supported by photographs

Many of the N-plant workers, fully aware of the breaching of rules and procedures set in place for the decontamination work claimed they were simply following orders from those above them on the basis that following nuclear waste disposal rules to the letter meant they would never complete the decontamination work. They also claimed that they were ordered as regarded the sites that monitor radiation, to merely sweep up around them and that was to be all they should do.

Fukushima-radiation-could-be-ocean-riskThe government has committed 650 billion yen ($7.4 billion) to clean up the surroundings in contaminated towns and villages. The Environment Ministry engaged Japans most prominent contractors, the Taisei Corp who have a 7.72 billion yen contract in Iitate, and the Maeda Corp who have a contract in Naraha to the value of 18.82 billion yen. Infrastructures, highways and farm land will have radioactive substance sited within 65 feet of their location stripped away, if the objective is realised.

The Japanese government now plans to take tough action on the corrupt practice alleged to be currently in place around the Fukushima nuclear plant, and residents in surrounding areas have secured an apology from Senior Vice Environment Minister Shinji Inoue.


Cleaning Radioactive Water With Graphene

The Rice University of Houston and the Lomonosov Moscow State University has generated exciting new research that suggests that there may be a way to use graphene, to reverse the disastrous environmental impact at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

**Graphene is a substance made of pure carbon. Its atoms are arranged in a similar way to graphite, but in a very light sheet only one-atom in density. It’sgraphene_from_gases_for_new_bendable_electronics_ been suggested that Graphene could also be a highly significant factor in increasing the efficiency of the desalinization process, in flexible semi-conductors, and the improvement of electronics. Processes based on graphene could also be useful in the cleaning up of the natural gas industry, and if this report proves successful, it could play a very important role in the nuclear waste clean-up.

The researchers involved say that when graphene oxide flakes are introduced to contaminated water, the result is the condensing into clusters of the offending radionuclides. They can then be split away and securely disposed of.

"Graphene oxide introduced to simulated wastes coagulated within minutes, quickly clumping the worst toxins," Chemist Stepan Kalmykov.

"It’s too hot. Companies have to ship contaminated water to repository sites around the country at very large expense. The ability to quickly filter out contaminants on-site would save a great deal of money." ~ Chemist James Tour

Thousands of Japanese residents have been forced into homeless and it could take decades to clear all the contamination and complete the clean-up. Even then some towns and villages may have to be abandoned forever.


** Graphene is made by chemically processing graphite — also found in the ‘lead’ of pencils. A sheet of graphene is just a single layer of carbon atoms- one of the most abundant materials on Earth, an individual layer of crystalline graphene_Costas Galiotis_FORTH ICE-HT and Dept Materials Science Uni of  Patrasgraphite -locked together in a strongly-bonded honeycomb pattern.

Flexible, translucent and the most ultrathin material ever made Graphene is also the strongest substance known to mankind — 100-300 times stronger than steel and several times tougher than diamond. The best heat conductor known to man and better at conducting electricity than silicon, with its unique optical properties. Graphene has caused a dramatic surge in research and potential applications for the material.

An inherently sustainable and economical technology, Graphene could lead to roll up behind the ear mobile phones , paper thin HD televisions, and fold away into a tiny square, bendy electronic newspapers. It could transform the medications we use, and replace silicon which is currently used in the creation of the chips in our computers. It is also possible that Graphene being such a bendy substance could replace existing touch-screens materials for devices such as tablets making the likes of the i-pad as out-dated as anything else in ancient history!


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54 responses to “Radioactive Material Dumped Dumped In Rivers

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  1. We all know just where the rivers end up !! in the Sea !! and it is “our” sea. We shall not be hearing the clicking of the Dolphins in our oceans much longer. It will have been replaced with the clicking sound of a radiation detector.

    • Indeed Kenny! And given the amount of radioactive water that’s escaped from the Daiichi plant into the ocean already – and that’s only what we know about, I should think that this latest radioactive dumping is only a “drop in the ocean” ( 😉 ). There is no shortage of contaminated fish swimming around in the ocean as it is, and the Japanese fishermen are banned from fishing within a good wide area of the reactor, destroying their livelihoods in the process. Food is still contaminated and those that can afford to are importing it from outside the prefecture…shades of Chernobyl, where food is still imported nearly 27 years later…Then there’s the other forms of sea-life mysteriously washing up having died of strange and inexplicable causes…I think I can hear the Geiger Counters a-chittering their death toll already…

  2. You know Wolfie, its so sad that this disaster for the most of the Media systems has been swept under the carpet hoping we can forget what happened.. We forget the horrors that these people have had to endure and now this… It makes you wonder where its going to end… While Japan seems to be very advanced in their technological side… it stills seems people are easily disposed of as not mattering….
    I am sure if I had the choice to have a paper thin TV screen to a clean environment I know which one I would choose…

    Thank you again for keeping us abreast of the situation out there….
    Love and Howwwwwls to you Dreamwalker xox

    • Well…I do try to ensure people don’t forget but twitter generally seems to be a better platform for achieving this end. Wherever it’s going to end we can be sure of one thing – it won’t be for a very long time, and that’s just one place. People aren’t that interested in what’s happening on the other side of the world, and that many of those displaced and fearful (of the radiation) people are suicidal or have already acted on those feelings. If a similar situation was to occur at one of our N-reactors though…hmm…. xx

  3. WOW Wolfie…. just seen your great comment over at Dreamwalker’s thank you my friend… And great minds think alike as I came over to visit you obviously at the same time as you did to me…
    Yes much brighter was up at dawn well almost lol… 6-30 and went for a long walk in the woods until 10am…. then relaxing here on laptop for a while… Breathing in deeply and Howwwwwls back my Great fourlegged 🙂 xxxx

    • Yes we must have had the same idea! I was having a quick whip round before I went out for a couple of hours – the first time in 5 weeks bar work! I’m glad you’re feeling a little more refreshed and ready for the next challenge! We do tend to travel in troughs and peaks don’t we? 🙂 You were up bright and early! But what better way to spend a Sunday morning than enjoying a long walk in the woods 🙂 Hope you continue in good spirits and gaining the positive frame of mind necessary to tackle the next “challenging” situation life decides to throw at you…though if you’re anything like moi right now you’ll feel like life has thrown quite enough of them for now and it’s about time life got it’s act together and threw them at someone else for a change! lol 🙂 Wolfie hugs xx

      • I could have sworn I saw a new post! arrh well…. I have that many emails in my IN Box that it may have been this one I saw again LOL… Such has been my head this week Wolfie…
        Its emptied that much junk that there are now marbles rattling around in there… Loose as anything LOL…. And yes backing by pressing the save button first is always a good idea.. I too have learnt the hard way my friend….
        Enjoy the up and coming Weekend…. and have a great time… Love and Hugs Dreamwalker xox

      • New post?! lol 😉 Haven’t had time to anything about one yet lol 🙂 You’re doing well with your marbles…I lost mine ages ago!

      • LOL…. I must have dreamt it LOL… I had this thing in the back of my head saying dont forget to visit Wolfie, shes done a new post.. haha…. Well those marbles are rattling away, and somedays I think I lose a few more 🙂

        Have A brilliant Weekend Wolfie and have lots of Howwwls 🙂 xxxx Hugs xxx

      • Well maybe you were meant to remind me it has been at least…ooh…let me see now…at least a few days since my last post! lol 😉

      • 🙂 :-).. Hope your weekend was a good one.. We have those snow flakes yet again 🙂

      • Oh yes! They’ve found there way here overnight and been flaking around all day 😉 And its FREEZING!!! Please stop throwing the snowballs at Wolfie dreamy one! They are very real and very cold! Lol 😀

      • Just thought I would share my two yr old granddaughters favourite snowman Wolfie, just to add some warmth to our snow fight..

      • Aww! How cute is that 🙂 Thanks Sue 🙂

  4. Interesting post Wolfie, but not sure if Japan’s nuclear problems are the least of it worries, as the up rise of volcanic activity around the world is increasing rapidly and Japan if in the firing line for its big one, not to mention quite a few other countries. A few super volcano’s are stirring unhappily and would give us all equal problems similar to a nuclear winter. Not sure if it is a case of between the devil, and the deep blue sea.

    • I hear you Rosemary…but I doubt those displaced and deeply traumatised Japanese people directly affected by the N-disaster would see it quite the same way. Many are still homeless and stand every chance of never being able to go home – far more damaging to them in their culture than it would be to us in ours – we aren’t so intimately entwined with the land our homes exist on. Many are suicidal and some have already acted on those feelings. Mothers are terrified for their children and what the future holds for them health wise – cancers can take many tears to show. Children can’t play safely outside anymore because the soil is contaminated and the air they breathe. Food is imported from outside the Fukushima prefecture as far as possible but not everyone can afford to. Livelihoods are destroyed and many have been re-located in shelters far from their families – again very damaging in their culture. And people are simply afraid – very afraid – we have been brought up to fear radiation and for the Japanese Hiroshima should never be forgotten with the horrors it brought with it. For these people life will never be the same again. They live in a contaminated land.

  5. Reblogged this on MisBehaved Woman and commented:
    We humans sure have the ability to act like spoiled children; we don’t want to clean up our mess! It’s hard and it will take too long so let’s just sweep it all under our beds and hide it so that we can run out and play again without having to be bothered with ‘adult’ responsibilities. We can only cram so much mess under the bed before it all bursts out and sweeps us all away…

    • Thanks for the reblog! Cool!
      Yeah! In this case sweep it all into the rivers! And it’s going to be a awful long time before “we can run out and play again” with or without “adult responsibilities.” The rivers will simply burst into the sea. A sea which is already contaminated and the sealife is radioactive, and dying of “strange” and “inexplicable” diseases…this is how we hide our mess…but it keeps on seeping back out!!

      • Thanks so much for putting the info out there…our news sure isn’t saying a word about any of it. It is so…ugh! It is one of the things that makes me feel totally powerless and it’s frustrating. All of the gov’ts and officials that cause or worsen these catastrophes depend on this planet too…can they really be SO blind to notice what they are doing to ALL of us? >.<

      • News moves on so quickly…speeding it’s way towards the next “exciting” catastrophe that will sell. The gov’ts and officials are far from blind to what they are doing…they just don’t care. Power corrupts and all too often takes away the last vestiges of humanitarianism and decency. They can’t stop US putting out there what we know and what we are learning though! We are the PEOPLE!! There’s a lot more of us than there are of them!!

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  7. Modern developments and use of graphene may be the “cat’s meow”. Time will tell won’t it? This substance may prove fully benefical in many areas or have unknown consequences. Thank you for this great info Wolfie to what is coming in our world. with love, Eddie

    • Time certainly will tell Eddie! Let’s hope they will be successful in developing Graphene for long term useage in the clean-up. It would be good to see technology doing good for the environment for a change and maybe then we can reverse some of the terrible effects of human faults and failings. We need desperately to do something to rescue our environment before it is beyond repair. Currently we seem to do little more in effectiveness terms than stand by shaking our heads and watching helplessly as it dies before us, even as we bang yet more nails into the global coffin. If we fail to reverse things then that is one consequence we can be very sure of! x

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  9. Merhaba benim sevgili ve güzel arkadaşım Buz 🙂
    sizin değerli dostluk ve sözleriniz için çok teşekkür ederim
    ben size mutlu ve çok keyifli bir hafta diliyorum
    kendine çok iyi bak benim sevgili arkadaşım Buz
    çokkkkkk kucak dolusu sevgiler yolluyorum 🙂

    • Merhaba benim tatlı ve güzel arkadaşım Seçil 🙂
      Sen her zaman kalbimde büyük neşe getirmek!
      Güzel resim için teşekkürler
      ve dostluk çok özel
      Sen beni çok mutlu 🙂
      Ben güzel bir gün diliyorum
      ve huzur ve mutluluk.
      Aşk ve hugs … Buz 🙂

      • Benim güzel ve sevgili arkadaşım Buz :))
        muhteşem yorumların ve dostluğun için teşekkür ederim
        sende benim her zaman kalbimdesin
        mutluluk ve sevgi olsun
        iyi geceler ve tatlı rüyalar benim güzel arkadaşım
        çokkkk kucak dolusu sevgiler
        öptümmmmmm :))

      • Tekrar görmek harika benim güzel, tatlı arkadaşım Seçil 🙂
        Dönen için teşekkür ederiz!
        Bugün yanımda getirdim sizin için bir hediye.
        Ben bunu beğeneceğinizi umuyoruz 🙂
        çok sarılmalar benim güzel dostum
        Buz öpücükkkkkkkkk! 😉

  10. hi icey so pleased to hear from you and to hear you have sorted your private probs out so have i and feel more possitive now ive learned an expensive and vital lesson never be taken in by the internet and who you trust been ages since we first met on first the other place and now here your a valued friend icey the world needs us lol xxjen

    • Hi jen 🙂 It’s really great to know that you too have sorted out your prob’s and we can both move forward towards a more positive future hopefully. I think we’ve both “learned an expensive and vital lesson” in our different ways, the challenging bit will be to stand by what we’ve learned and to ensure we don’t go down the same road again I guess! You’re a lovely and valued friend yourself and it’s great to know our friendship has lasted the test of time 🙂 Here’s to a continuing long and enduring friendship! Icy hugs 🙂 xx Icy

  11. Hallo liebe Wolfie ja das ist schlimm was passiert ist aber man muß vorwärts schauen,vieleich wirt die Zukunft hoffentlich mal besser.Die Menschen müssen noch viel lernen.Ich wünsche dir einen glücklichenTag.Grüße und Freundschaft .Gislinde

    • Ja, du hast Recht mein weiser Freund Gislinde 🙂
      Wir müssen nach vorne schauen, aber auch nicht vergessen,
      damit wir lernen,
      und nicht die gleichen Fehler machen wieder … und wieder …
      Ich mag deine positiven Ausblick!
      Ich hoffe, dass Ihre Woche hat auch einen positiven Ausblick
      und dass Sie sich gut anfühlt!
      Umarmungen … Wolfie 🙂

  12. Contaminated water is a real worry and yet there has been so little in the press since the initial panic about the reactors.

    • Hmm…lack of info seems to be a commonly expressed problem. The media have no desire to dwell on “yesterday’s news” have they? But the Japanese people affected desperately need the world not to forget them. For them the nightmare continues with no obvious end and it is shameful the way they get brushed under the carpet in preference for more “palatable” news and profit making media reporting.

      • I haven’t seen anything about the people suffering from radiation in the press – I was given a link to a blog about it.
        The profit making media don’t appear to have many true journalists left – they seem to spend most of their time ‘copying and pasting’ each others articles. A lot of what appears in the popular press is thinly-disguised advertisements dressed up as articles, and press releases from agents for celebrities.

      • I do tend to find it’s necessary to hunt far and wide in some very obscure places to find anything at all! There’s info around but it takes some finding 🙂

  13. Do not wait for the big happiness, so you miss the little ..
    Wishing you a lovely day ..
    Hug Nicki

  14. Very interesting!

  15. Just terrible about the nuclear waste dumping. Unbelievable what people will do to this planet. This one is extremely interesting to me as my husband and I have a company dealing with hazardous waste, as we have a process which chemically changes the structure of the waste into something completely inert (we can go up to nuclear level – although haven’t personally tried it yet). The graphene sounds extremely interesting and I must go and do some research on that. Thanks for a brilliant post (as always).

    • How interesting! With a company like that you must have a pretty good understanding of these matters, probably far greater than myself 🙂 Always great to hear about people doing positive things for the environment, it’s all too rare a quality!

  16. Merhaba benim sevgili Buz arkadaşım :))
    güzel sözlerin için teşekkür ederim
    ben mutlu bir gün diliyorum
    kendine iyi bak benim sevgili arkadaşım
    çok çok kucak dolusu sevgilerle
    öptümmmm :))

    • Benim güzel arkadaşım Seçil Merhaba
      Gül güzel
      çok özel!
      teşekkür ederim 🙂
      Ben güzel bir hafta sonu diliyorum
      ve bunu Türkiye’de kar yağışı değil umut!
      Sevgi ve kucaklama…Buz!
      Buz öpücükkkkkkkkk! 😉

  17. Hallo liebe Wölfe ich wünsche dir ein schönes glückliches weekend Gesundheit und Glück.Gruß und Freundschaft Gislinde

  18. Imagine if all the governments and all the world leaders actually cared about the earth and all her beautiful living things instead of only financial gains…. imagine no GMO foods, no harmful chemicals in and on our bodies, no toxic waste in the oceans, no pollution in the skies. It is a world I dream to live in, and a world I feel that I am entitled to. It will never happen, and the sad part is that it IS possible, if only our leaders cared at all.

  19. Excellent and informative post. Most important and quite concerning!

  20. I love your site – its style, & your purpose.


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