Royal Windsor Horse Show 2013 (2of2)   50 comments


Royal Windsor Horse Show 2013

Costume Side Saddle Concours D’Elegance




Judging of Costume Side Saddle is based on the impression of elegance presented by horse and rider and the “way of going” in period costume, at walk, trot, and canter. Historical Side Saddle is judged at the walk. Costume Side Saddle classes also differ in that the costumes and the horse’s tack are not inspected in detail for historical accuracy when the class is lined up. Neither is it necessary to submit any brief resumes about their apparel; but the horse’s tack must be safe.


Appaloosa Horses

In Hand And Ridden



Best known for their colourful leopard spotted coat pattern, spotted horses were seen in cave paintings dating back to pre historic times, and also in Ancient Greek art. They existed in Persia, China and Egypt. Also in Spain and Mexico and North America where they, alongside the American mustang were caught by the Nez Perce Indians who lived by the Palouse River, leading to the breed name “A Palouse.” This progressed to the modern day version Appaloosa. The horses were captured by the US army in 1938 and officially recognised as a breed.

The Appaloosa is both courageous and versatile and yet also of docile temperament. It is used for general riding, ranch work, trail riding, as circus horse and in movies. Today it is one of the most popular horses in the US and was named the “Official State House of Idaho” in 1975.


The Meet Of Hounds

Bloodhounds, Foxhounds and Eton Beagle Packs


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50 responses to “Royal Windsor Horse Show 2013 (2of2)

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  1. More lovely shots – I usually watch them over the TV. Thank you for sharing Wolfie 🙂

  2. They’re all quite beautiful but the Appaloosa are my favorites. Who can look at a polka-dotted pony and not smile?! 🙂

    MisBehaved Woman
  3. I like the romance and elegance of riding side saddle. The Appaloosas are lovely – I like the one that looks like a big Dalmatian!

    • Lol…if we paint a few spots on you Clowie you will make a lovely, if not rather large Dalmatian! I’m sure you could pass off as an Appaloosa too if you found a little biped to ride you in the show ring!
      I totally agree about the side saddle riding…never tried it but would love to give it a go…though I must confess that I have no idea how they stay on their mounts at any kind of speed! 🙂

  4. Oh my word, they are all so spectacularly beautiful. Horses are just amazing creatures and what a treat that you could be there.

    • It was a wonderful treat! I missed it altogether last year and the previous year it rained all day 🙂 Fantastic experience being around the creme de la creme of the equine world 🙂

  5. Was für tolle Fotos bin wieder zurück aus dem Urlaub,dort was es so schön Warm und hier in Köln ist es Kalt und Regnet.ich hoffe das es dir gut geht und wünsche dir eine gute glückliche Woche.Gruß und Freundschaft.Gislinde

    • Willkommen zurück aus dem Urlaub mein guter Freund Gislinde 🙂
      Ich hoffe, Sie hatten eine schöne Zeit im Urlaub.
      Es ist Frühling in Köln von den Klängen der it!
      Eines Tages Frühling ist hier, am nächsten Tag Winter!
      wolfie umarmen 🙂

  6. Great story and photos of my favorite horse! While living in Canada I owned one. The mare was an easy going ride. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories as it was the only time ever I owned a horse. Some good times back then….
    with love, Eddie

  7. Vackra hästar Wolfie och en mycket fin och intressant blogg..
    Ha en fin vecka och sköt om dig..Massor av kramar Nicki

    • Det är en vacker helg här Nicki,
      ännu bättre att det är en helgdag och jag är inte på jobbet 🙂
      Jag hoppas att du har en härlig solig långhelg också 🙂
      Kram Wolfie!

  8. Riding side saddle like that must take some skill…. And the horse and hounds brought back some lovely memories for me.. My Girls school was in the town of Bakewell, our school was on top of the hill overlooking the town… Next to the school were the Kennels of the hounds.. Each day they would be taken out on their run with horses .. They made a huge noise….But each hound was so individual, as we often got to see them and learnt over the years their names from the Kennel workers who would take them out…… Thank you Wolfie for a wonderful post… I am hoping to go to Bakewell Show this year and they always have horse jumping shows… Im hoping it will not rain in August this year when its on… Lovely post Wolfie… sending you smiles across the miles… 🙂

    • It was fun to go into the arena and meet the hounds 🙂 They seemed to enjoy meeting us too…hounds and people all mingling together! I nearly didn’t post those ones to be honest; there are such mixed feelings regarding the subject of hunting and it can raise such high emotion in some people…but whatever individual views, I decided to exercise my right to free speech 🙂 Some may be offended but I don’t think I was promoting hunting, just showing an aspect of a fantastic horse show 🙂 These ones were split into about 5 packs and it has to be said it was quite stirring when the Master of the Hunt used the horn to call the hounds…your experience must have been very thrilling! Hope you make the Bakewell Show! Wolfie hugs x

      • Hi Wolfie, just catching your paw as I shake it to say hello… Thank you for your visit and comment… Always great to see you my fury friend..
        Yes Hoping to go to the Show in August.. it will be mega busy, but I haven’t been in years and to say I went to school and worked in the town.. We went bank holiday weekend and parking was a nightmare the showground was full! .. Im not for hunting foxes ect.. But its not the hounds fault.. And many poor hounds were destroyed after the hunting ban… I know many go on scent trails now,..The hunters also gathered in my Derbyshire Village next to the Pub of course LOL.. and again the barking of the hounds always brings fond memories… So I am very pleased you posted their photos Wolfie..
        Hope the techno side of things sort themselves out soon for a new posting… and give me a nudge should I blink and miss it.. 🙂 Sending you a Dreamy Hug.. Sue xox

      • Good to find the occasional person who sees it from the hounds side, rather than simply condemning them all as vicious fox murders 🙂 xx

  9. Wünsche dir ein schönes glückliches weekend und einen schönen Tag lieber Gruß Gislinde

    • Es ist ein schönes Wochenende hier lieber Freund Gislinde,
      noch besser, dass es ein Feiertag ist und ich bin nicht bei der Arbeit
      Ich hoffe, Sie haben einen schönen sonnigen langen Wochenende auch
      Wolfie Umarmung 🙂

  10. What incredible creatures….
    Thank you for sharing Wolfie….
    I am trying to catch up…I don’t get notifications on most of the blogs I follow…
    *sigh* I wish people would quit improving and leave the tried and true!
    I will wander more now LOLs..
    Take Care….

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words
    • I have exactly the same problem with notifications 🙂 But it’s lovely to see you, and I think I might actually have seen a notification for yourself somewhere amongst the wilds of W/P lol… 😉

  11. These are such beautiful animals. Wow. Great pics. 🙂

    • It’s one of my favourite events, really classy but people are so down to earth despite the amount of money they must have to afford to own and care for this calibre of horse 🙂 They were very beautiful horses 🙂

  12. Wünsche dir liebe Wölfie eine wunderschöne Woche und alles Liebe von mir Gruß und Freundschaft.Gislinde

  13. Hej Wolfie..
    Ja visst är det lite fö alla dessa olika mors och fars dag..Förr trodde jag att det var samma i hela världen nu vet jag bättre inte samma alls..
    Men internet är underbart man får veta så mycket det är bra.. Fars dag i Sverige är första söndagen i november.. Nej då jag tror inte du glömmer din wolfpappa 🙂

    Stor kram till dig från Nicki

  14. Wünsche dir Morgen einen schönen Feiertag und liebe Grüße und alles Liebe von mir.Gislinde

  15. Beautiful!

  16. Wonderful pictures Wolfie! You are certainly doing well with that camera. Beautiful horses, doing their stuff Wish I had been there


    • HoooOOOOOOOOOoooooWWWWWWLLLLLLLoooooooooooo! Lovely to see you back on Europa! It was well worth the visit, the horses were magnificent 🙂 You’d have had a great time with your camera too and it was sunny and hot so you could have enjoyed strawberries and cream whilst shooting! Followed by champagne to celebrate a successful session!!

      • WOW sounds good to me, the last horsey event I went to was an Essex polo match poured with rain stilettos covered in mud 😉

      • Lol… 😉 Had that problem! Learned the hard way to go prepared for anything…including the extortionate cost of food at these events lol 🙂 I’ve never been to a polo event so that’s an experience you’re one up on me with! xx

      • We didn’t get to see the Polo the guy who was driving got so fed up with the weather he wanted to go to the pub for lunch! The weather cleared up but we were on our way home with no horsey pics

  17. You have certainly captured some excellent photographs Icywolfy,
    and this posting is absolutely brilliant, i have never been to one of
    these but I have seen it on television a few times 🙂

    Hey I hope that you are treating yourself to something wickedly exciting 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Greetings Andro! Good to see you’re still popping into the Icy Realm 🙂 I finally seem to be getting updates for your blog in my w/p reader so hopefully I should be able to visit yours in a slightly more timely fashion soon!
      It was a great show, and you would likely have enjoyed the strawberries and cream and glass of champagne whilst enjoying the equine expertise too!

      • I most certainly would have, oh and of course the show too 🙂 🙂 I do enjoy strawberries and cream, and Champers when I can get it 😉 lol

        Have a wonderful Thursday Icywolfy 🙂

        Andro xxxx

  18. Merhaba benim özel ve güzel arkadaşım Buz 🙂
    Nasılsın ?
    seni özledim
    ziyarettiniz yorumun için çok teşekkür ederim
    Ben neşeli bir hafta sonu diliyorum
    kendine iyi bak benim çok özel arkadaşım
    çok kucak dolusu sevgiler size gelsin 🙂

    • Merhaba benim güzel arkadaşım Seçil 🙂
      Üzgünüm bu kadar uzun cevap almıştır
      Ben okumakta olan
      ve çok fazla boş zaman yok
      hemen şimdi.

      Ben iyi olacağını umuyorum –
      Türkiye düzenli olarak haber olmuştur son zamanlarda
      ve sık sık seni düşünüyorum
      Kendine iyi bak benim güzel arkadaşım
      Aşk ve sarılmak … buz 🙂

  19. hi icey long time since ive been here thanks for messages im now a single woman but so wish I wasn’t xjen

    • Don’t lose heart Jen 😉 Things can change in a moment…it’s never too late to turn your life around and frog march it in the direction you want to go! Icy hugs 🙂 xx

  20. Hej Wolfie..
    Ja jag hade en härlig lång och skön Nationaldag Jag fotograferade faktiskt ingenting i år men jag har så mycket foton att ta hand om så det gör ingenting alls..

    Önskar dig nu en fin helg Wolfie och hoppas du har en stor sol för i Stockholm idag så är det en grå dag utan sol och det regnar så mycket..Kram nicki

    • Hej Nicki
      Äntligen får jag runt för att svara!
      Mycket upptagen studerar nyligen
      Men jag har ett par minuter skona nu 🙂
      även om jag måste träffa vänner i 15 minuter så inte många minuter!

      Det är fars dag här i dag
      Är det samma dag i Sverige eller ett annat datum?
      Jag tror att du fortfarande återhämtar sig från nationaldagen!
      Grått och trist här i dag också …
      Jag misstänker att jag snart att bli väldigt blöt!
      Kram Wolfie 🙂

  21. Hej Wolfie…
    Tack för att du höll mig sällskap..
    Nej jag tror inte dom gamla missilerna är farliga längre det finns nog ingenting inuti dom det har dom plockat bort..J a det ät bara för dekoration ha ha.. Jag det finns så mycket att fotografera i världen gäller bara att hitta det.. nu önskar jag dig en lång och skön helg och om du springer förbi Sverige så får du fira midsommar.. massor av kramar Wolfe..//Nicki

    Vilka vackra bilder du har här i bloggen wolfie dom är helt underbara..

    • Hej Nicki …
      Alltid bra att dela ditt företag på dessa fotografiska dagar!
      Var försiktig runt de tomma missiler! Just i fallet …
      Studera har tagit över detta förra veckan så idag hade jag en dag borta 🙂
      Jag besökte London Zoo … massor av bilder … bra eller dåliga återstår att se!
      Jag hörde Varesig om midsommarfirande här …
      Jag hade glömt … det har varit mer som vinter de senaste dagarna!
      Ha en härlig helg och jag kommer att se dig på din blogg i morgon 🙂
      Kram Wolfie: D

      Tack för härliga kommentarer om min bilder 🙂 Det var härliga för dig att säga så. Jag är mycket glad Wolfie nu 🙂

  22. Tack Wolfie..
    Ja jag hade en fin midsommar 2 dagar med fint väder och en grå och tråkig men midsommar var så solig och fin härligt.. jag är så nyfiken på ert Stonehenge jag skulle verkligen vilja se det..

    Jag såg den stora månen kändes spöklikt spännande och vackert..
    och månen ja jag är född i lejonets tecken därför är solen min planet jag är solens dotter men månen är min syster..:-)
    Kyss på nosen till dig min vackra varg kramar från Nicki

  23. Hej Wolfte underbart att du gillar alla mina bloggar för dt betyer ju att det är mig du gillar.. jag får uppdateringar till mailen men loggar sällan in på mina Hotmail sen windows live spaces försvann..
    Jag har börjat ned att jag svarar när jag har tid eller lust helt enkelt jag hinner inte sitta vid datorn varje dag just nu men det vikriga är ju att man svarar när man kan sen gör det inget om det tar lite tid..
    Men du är en fin gammal vän wolfie stor kram och puss på nosen kram Nicki

    • Hej Nicki …
      Ledsen för det långa dröjsmålet med att besvara.
      Jag förstår helt där du kommer från med tiden
      Jag har samma problem
      och som du, inte kan sitta vid datorn hela dagen

      Jag blev inte använder hotmail mycket heller
      men med wordpress läsaren inte fungerar bra
      det är det enda sättet att få regelbundna meddelanden om nya blogginlägg.

      Jag har nu 6 veckor att slutföra en 3 månaders dator kurs
      innan regeringen dra tillbaka finansieringen för all vuxenutbildning
      där jag bor, så jag inte kommer att ha så mycket tid som jag skulle vilja
      att sitta vid datorn antingen!

      Kram Wolfie 🙂

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