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“A New Moon is a brand new doorway to walk through…

Wherever you are in the world, if you will look to the sky, the only light you will see up there, are softly twinkling stars.


The night before New Moon, is known as the night of the balsamic moon.  It is a time that focuses on confidence, creativity and generosity, a time that may bring about a desire for contemplation and preparation. We are here on Earth at this time in history to be agents of change and growth.  Discard what no longer serves your life.  Re-balance yourself.  Know yourself.

Most importantly, remember that we all need our “dark time”— the time we are not visible, where we are softly planning and nurturing our knowledge in a quiet and private space.  The space where intuition grows.

Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you do, it will take you where you need to go, but more important it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey. 
~ John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

You have the chance to explore your sense of self and discover something new about who you are. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Trying to be anyone else is a waste of your beautiful, unique spirit.

This the gift of the dark, balsamic moon. – enjoy!

newMoonThere is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost. 
~ Martha Graham”



The Magic of the Moon song –

When the Moon meets the Sun on a late summer’s night.

Icewolf - When the Moon Meets the SunThe Star-born of Europa_cool embrace of another world

A Polaris moon spun gently in alien star- blue wolf eyes… A galaxy of possibilities swirling around a spinning polarity solarised by the dull orange-gold glow of a fiery, giant sun. Glowing embers of sun-forged fire woke, rotating slowly along the ever spinning lines of polarity. Even a small switch in the bands of polarity would change the outcome for the viewer in a Nano-second, transforming their perception of the universe in the blink of an ice wolf’s eye, exchanging ember-red-giant sun for its exact solar opposite; defined by the red shifts, and the rainbow of possibilities that mirrored the visions of the future, and the “Labyrinth of the Night” (Labyrinthis Noctis) where the black wolves of Mars were born.

Behind her lay the roiling Jovian storm clouds bruised and darkly brooding, driven on by screaming winds and the occasional howl. Ahead, glowing embers of the red-giant sun, its remnants burning red-gold against the skeletal silhouettes of shadowy black tree trunks.

The stars called softly. There was a thrill in the night sky. The Star born of Europa shivered elatedly in glittering, timeless shards of planetary-light pillows in the new moon mist gliding across the regolith. A magical qualitative excited her senses twinkling in darkness and light and the cool embrace of another world, on the rim of the galaxy, cooling the contours of the high-modern architecture.

Soft New moon winds shimmered with elfin light through moon darkened whiskers, tickling her senses with a New moon night’s perception. It created in her an eagerness to step up into the drifting alienness of the night’s cool New moon, mysterious and gothic in the magic of the last nights of late summer’s golden glow and the first hints of early autumn’s onset; the sounds of the night a haunting interstellar music that stirred distant memories; and she gazed into the past and the future, a thousand worlds away.

©Europa’s Icewolf 2013

70 responses to “When the Moon Meets the Sun

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  1. I await your posts with great anticipation and am never disappointed~

  2. Sounds like worlds away right now, yet a very lovely read for the transition.

  3. I want to read more of this. I love the image of the doorway!

    • You can only read such things at the time of the New Moon Clowie!! 😉 Such mysteries do not occur at any other time 😀 The doorway image was a mystery all on its own…I knew it was somewhere buried deep in the heart of my laptop but not THAT well buried!! When I finally tracked it down I forgot to make note of its location and by the following night it was all but lost to me!! Trouble is you can only see it by the non-light of the New Moon!!!! 😉

      • I’m glad you found it in time! Would the real light of Venus help? It’s very bright at dusk now.

      • Absolutely Clowie! What a smart idea 🙂 Now if you could just stand by with Venus and move it in the right direction for me…so it shines in the right place in the murky depths of my laptop!! Brilliant! Thanks Clowie! Oh yes…while I remember…yes! Sirius is nearby Orion 🙂 And as the darker colder nights draw in it should be easier to spot too 🙂

  4. Enjoyed this Wolfie

  5. Well said! You need to know and love your self before you can know and love another

    Susan x

  6. I like that, your soul knows the geography of your destiny! Awesome words!

    • Oh lookee! It’s the mohican-styled Kirby pup! Yes those words were pretty cool 🙂 Shame they’re not my own but a very worthy quote in my Wolfie opinion HoooooooWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwLLLLLLLLL!!

  7. Jag gillar verkligen din nya blogg Wolfie..
    Tummen upp.. Önskar dig nu en underbar helg så ses vi nästa vecka..
    Kramar och pussar Nicki

  8. The darkness and the light emerging as one, your passionate interpretation
    and the wickedly chosen graphics that you have added all make this posting
    a lovely read. It is nice to see you back here and adding such brilliant scripts.

    Hey maybe you will be posting something every other day now? Well at least
    you are back so no rush I guess, just get your Icywolfy skates on and produce
    some more of these magical adventures, I know that there are many more than
    just me enjoying your Space 🙂 Have a lovely rest of Friday Icywolfy 😉 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Great that you enjoyed it! But a post every other day? lol 😉 Ever the optimist you are! If only I had the time and inspiration to post so frequently lol but I do plan to produce one or two more than I have managed to date…my record is abysmal this year!! Have a fangtastic weekend Andro and better get those winter woolies out if it’s anything like down here all of a sudden 🙂 xx

      • It is cooler here too but that is how I like it, and Autumn and Winter I always enjoy 🙂 I will look forward to your next offering my great friend as you have a lovely way of portraying the Ice Wolves scripts and the graphics that you choose are always perfect 🙂 Have a very nice and cosy rest of weekend Icywolfy and be good, just like me 😉

        Andro xxxx

      • The weekend’s just got much cosier reading your comment thanks!

  9. Beautifully put together Wolfie, I so enjoyed this piece. The New Moon is heralding in Balance, and with that at times we encounter our darker side as we balance our own duality of light and dark. Positive and Negative Emotions, Good thing our Higher-selves knows in advance our Souls journey Wolfie, and keeps prodding us along our paths 🙂

    Loved what you wrote too in your last paragraphs such descriptive writing Love this line—-
    “”Behind her lay the roiling Jovian storm clouds bruised and darkly brooding, driven on by screaming winds and the occasional howl. Ahead, glowing embers of the red-giant sun, its remnants burning red-gold against the skeletal silhouettes of shadowy black tree trunks.””

    Brilliant my friend, Big Howwwls to you my friend 🙂 And enjoy your weekend, Seems the New Moon brought some much needed rain to our gardens 🙂
    Take care and love and Hugs
    Sue xox

    • Very nice of you to like that line Sue 🙂 Hmm… well something certainly keeps “prodding us along our paths” that’s for sure! The cold weather is prodding me not to go out tonight but to stay here at my laptop nice and cosy and warm lol Alsas it is not to be and in less than 10 minutes I must be gone a-hunting I fear! and neither am I at all keen on this New Moon rain! I left my umbrella at work today and am liable to get a good soaking now!!! 🙂 Wolfie hugs xx

  10. Hallo liebe Wölfie wieder ein schöner Betrag,und aus der Seele geschrieben und Herzen schöne Worte.Ich wünsche ein schönes weekend lieber Gruß und Freundschaft.Gislinde

  11. Beautiful as always, thank you for sharing your knowledge! I just love the new moon… all of the animals here at the ranch are so peaceful and quiet, thankfully that includes the skunk too 😀 It is also the time that baby horses have been born to us, always under the safety of the calm dark night.

  12. Trying to be anyone else is a waste of your beautiful, unique spirit.
    This line is banging in my head. More and more ppl are trying to be some one else To live their lives like the society wants.
    waste of time Indeed.
    cos at the end…..ur still searching.
    full moon is awesome. I Always think of my friends in the east. They celebrate the full moon at the fullest.
    think and be urself,
    Enjoy Wolfy and smile

    • It’s a good line isn’t it? A lot of truth in it too 🙂 It’s so important to be yourself and so many people are determined to be someone else and lose themselves along the way. Such a waste!
      All moon phases are awesome in their own way, but there is a special magic about a calm, dark moon phase in contrast to the glorious blaze of the Full Moon 🙂

  13. I was hoping to see the stars in a fuller ‘bloom’ when I went to SA earlier, but because we weren’t allowed to go out at night, I didn’t !, BUT on the trip over we travelled through the night and I watched the moon rise like I’d never seen it before, though it wasn’t any bigger, I felt we were on the same level, magical, also as an added bonus, sheet lightening sweeping across the night sky somewhere over Egypt I’d reckon. That was the best part of the holiday LOL

    • Hi Arlene 🙂 What an amazing night! One to remember forever 🙂 I would love to see the sky from somewhere like SA, must be so wonderful on a clear night and the moon…to see it like that would so awesome 🙂

  14. A delightful composition of fact and fiction that carries the mind away to lofty places. I loved how you blended them together seamlessly into a story so compelling and thrilling!!
    love this Wolfie!!, Eddie


  16. Ah, Icewolf, the New Moon, a time for new beginnings. I like the doorway, but it’s taken me so long to get here it’s probably almost time for the next doorway to be opened! I think this time I’ll step through, and see what wonderful possibilities await! Never underestimate the Magic of the New Moon, I always say!

    • Most definitely never underestimate the Magic of the New Moon when it happens to be ‘shining’ on the Mansion!
      Yes…the wolf-ways have many doorways…but New Moon magic only occurs periodically! To step through the doorways to worlds is an experience…one that is full of Full Moon possibilities and at the right time the mysterious magic known only at the time of New Moon 🙂 And those doorways are beckoning you…worlds await you beyond the “gateways to worlds!” 🙂 (Just make sure you don’t mistake the door in your cellar for one!!)

    • Yes but you’re not very good at doing that are you?!!! lol 😉 I expect you’ve been back several times already for a little peep 😉 lol!

  17. I wish you a great week!
    Have a look at my new blog entry.

  18. Hej Wolfie…
    Blir lika glad som vanligt att se dig en vargvän är en fin och bra vän.. Ja jag kan tänka mig att dom kör som galningar i London också..
    och nej jag lovar jag är ingen viking bara när jag blir arg lol.. och isbjörnarna finns bara i djurparken ha ha.. och ja vissa människor lever kvar i grottfolkets tid ..Hoppas du har det bra och att du får en härlig vecka wolfie..stor kram Nicki

    • Det är en stor lättnad att veta att du inte är en viking Nicki!
      Jag började bli lite orolig;)
      Jag tror att isbjörnar flydde djurparken och flyttade till Storbritannien!
      Det är kallt nog för att vara Arktis!
      arktiska Ingen-viking kramar … Wolfie 🙂

  19. I will be over later with some fresh cream scones
    with jam and afterwards we can eat cookies 🙂 🙂
    How do you mean will I have time with playing on
    my PS3? Of course I will, I am good at multi-tasks
    and can easily enjoy myself, oh and you will have
    some fun too, don’t worry about that Icywolfy 😉 lol

    Andro xxxx

    • Lol…I’m sure I will have some fun Andro! 😉 Now hurry up with those fresh cream scones with jam and don’t forget those cookies!!! No…you won’t find any in your PS3 so put that Autotheft 5 or whatever the affliction is called lol down!!!! And get your caped self over here pronto ok? 😉 The Alpha Female of the Europa Pack has howled!! And it is the time of the Harvest Full Moon so I am expecting to harvest a good deal of fun under your Vampy cloak…;) I mean scoffing all those awesome fresh cream scones and cookies 🙂 lol 😀 xx

      • How naughty of you Icywolfy I will have
        to watch out for that manoeuvre 😉 🙂 lol
        I hope that your Tuesday has started in
        style and with much wickedness 🙂 Well
        it would have to be with your so naughty
        ways 🙂 Okay don’t forget to bring some
        chocolates over next time you call as I
        always like a nibble of something 🙂 lol

        Andro xxxx

      • Tuesday was very expensive…supplying copious numbers of extra vampishly lavish boxes of Black Magic chocolates to satisfy your insatiable vampire appetite does not come cheap lol 😀

      • No I like lots of those particular chocolates and how did you know that they were my favourites? 🙂 I usually bite right into them using my sharpened fangs to extract all the delicious flavours 🙂 Strawberry is good and of course anything with fudge or toffee in the mix suits me fine 🙂 Hey help yourself to some Icywolfy I’m not that greedy 😉

        Andro xxxx

      • I made sure to help myself thanks! Know what you’re like with such goodies! lol 🙂

      • Yes I am a bit too greedy with things that I like 😉 🙂 But then that is a good thing if you catch my drift 😉 lmao Now where are my chocolates? 🙂 Yes some are for you too Icywolfy 🙂

        Andro xxxx

      • I asked the zombies!! They warned me to watch out at Creepy Halloween time lol they said you get very peckish for such luxuries around that time 😀 And that your fangs become super-sharp and extend somewhat beyond their more usual length!! Now move that fang you have got stuck in the toffee chocolate please!! That one was meant for me!! xx

  20. Beautiful and I just love the “planetary-light pillows “

  21. Hej Wolfie..
    Kul att se dig igen har du haft en bra helg? Hoppas det i alla fall..
    Och ja lärande är väldigt bra och vi lär så länge vi lever..
    Önskar dig nu en underbar vecka..Kram Nicki

  22. simply amazing, wonderful, impressive… speakin’ of moon and sun, if you have some spare time, of course: 🙂
    – – –
    sunny greetings from Toulouse, France, my very best and have a great day! cheers! 🙂 Mélanie

    • HooOOOOOooooWWWWWWLLLLLoooooo Mélanie! Thank you so much for your visit and the lovely comment 🙂 Yes of course I will visit this link thank you 🙂 Enjoy the sun in Toulouse my friend! Send some to the UK please! :We are missing it!! lol 🙂

  23. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    A beautiful blog. Congratulations on the birth of a baby tiger. It will enrich us all.

  24. Awesome! Great post.

  25. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Excellent post!!

  26. This is the best blog. It is full of information and it is beautiful. I am very impressed. Peace, Barbara

  27. I have not visited you in some time. but those doorways do beckon one, don’t they? Have you ever considered why the doorways (dark or light) are there for some and not for others or said in a much better manner why are there those who refuse to see the “open doorways” and others who cannot help but see and experience their vistas? Your posts are beautiful, inspiration and most obviously an extension of your amazing nature! As always a great pleasure to visit, do take care of you!

    Penny, 🙂 xx

    • Thank you for your awesome comment Penny! And a very interesting question…yes…I often consider why with these dorways and now I will spend further time considering! I guess they would lose their magic, as would we as indiviudal personalities, unique and special if we could all see and feel and experience the same thing…. Wolfie hugs! 🙂 xx

  28. Magical words weaving a mysterious smoke screen, New Moon, new beginning, doorways beckoning, Wolfie, and I feel I’ve been through one and lost my way, returning within a time lapse, where have I been?. A dimension away methinks. 🙂 hugs aplenty, now, where to go next? xxPenxx

    • It is wonderful to see you again across the boundaries of time and space 🙂 Whichever dimension you have been traveling through you have been missed in this one and I am very happy to see you here. I hope you’re ok and bearing up and across the dimensions I send you a great big Wolfie hug 😉 xxx

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