ZSL London Zoo – Working To Achieve Worldwide Conservation   15 comments


ZSL London Zoo – Centre For Conservation



(Photos: Copyright Europa’s Icewolf 2013)

ZSL London Zoo, located on the edge of Regent’s Park, is designed as a sanctuary for animals, a centre for conservation. ZSL – The Zoological Society of London, a specialist charity backing up London Zoo ensures that genetically healthy populations are bred and cared for by specialists as back up for endangered species in the wild. They research diseases that threaten wildlife and rebuild habitats, monitor populations and are also working with worldwide local communities. Consequently the zoo has world-leading enclosures, and the discoveries made at the zoo impact on international community work.

Enthuse the conservationists of tomorrow!

Find out more about helping to achieve worldwide conservation aims at: www.zsl.org


15 responses to “ZSL London Zoo – Working To Achieve Worldwide Conservation

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  1. Okay now I have to go here. How perfectly, perfect! The UK really has lead the way in species and ecosystem conservation. Bravo from an admirer

    • The two tigers, Jae jae – the male featured in the photos and mate Melita have had cubs! Announced on the radio this morning! Filmed on secret camera 🙂 We have baby Samutran tigers in London!! PuuuRRRRrrrrrrrr lol 😉

  2. It was lovely to see the video of the tiger cub being born. I hope it does well.

  3. great photos Wolfie!!!

  4. Our Wild life is in such need of a helping hand.. its good that London Zoo is working towards helping conservation and has a breeding programme to help repopulate…. The Tiger cub is so cute… Love and Hugs Sue xoxox

  5. I couldn’t find where to like or comment on your next post! All these posts are spectacular!

  6. AnElephant is in awe of these majestic beasts.
    Thank you.

  7. I think its great to have breeding programs for these wonderful endangered animals, we really don’t want to loose them! That tiger baby is sooo cute!

    • Tragedy has struck with the tiger baby…no easy way to say it…it drowned – in the Tigers Territory water pool…it’s not clear how it happened as there isn’t a camera on that area but our baby is lost to us…there was also news that the UK’s only female Panda in another zoo has miscarried her cub too…nature is harsh isn’t it…of course these sad incidents also occur in the wild but somehow it feels like our responsibility alone when it happens in captivity…poor little babies…I must update this post but I haven’t got the heart just yet.

  8. Thank you for this one! Humanity’s Insanity tears apart more than what we (humans) perceive as the fabric of nature. And of course nature will take it’s due, Until or even if we “get it right” and live in natural harmony with our fellow living creatures, flora and fauna – As you know, no doubt about it, as it’s happening now! Again thank you for an excellent post!

    Penny, xx

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