ZSL London Zoo Announce Birth of New Tiger Cub   58 comments

*Updated 22.10.13

Welcome to the World! “Hear Me Roar!!”

ZSL London Zoo has announced the birth of their first tiger cub in 17 years!

Five year old Sumatran tiger Melati, gave birth to a single cub at 9:22pm on Sunday 22 September.

sumatran_2689444b_Credit: telegraph.co.uk

“We are simply over-the-moon about the birth of the tiger cub; it’s a momentous occasion for everyone at ZSL London Zoo and a real cause for celebration.” ~ Zookeeper Paul Kybett

“This tiger’s one of the most important births in Europe this year.” ~ Malcolm Fitzpatrick, curator of mammals at the zoo.


“They came from opposite ends of the globe. Melati joined us from Perth at the end of September last year. Jae Jae came from Ohio. When they first saw each other they made the lovely sneezy purr kind of noise that they make. When we introduced them for the first time he trotted up to her and gave her a big head rub so we knew we were going to be getting something quite special.” ~ Senior zookeeper Paul Kybett

The new tiger cub, sex so far unknown, is a direct descendant of the Zoo’s last cub, Hari, who is the father of Melati.

Jae Jae and Melati – Tigers Territory

ZSL London Zoo

Jae Jae (Copyright Europa's Icewolf 2013)

Tigers Territory:

“Jae Jae and Melati’s new habitat, offers lots of space for climbing tall trees, swimming, snoozing, playing and practising hunting. Male tigers can eat up to 6kg of meat a day! A Sumatran tiger has spots on the back of its ears which it uses for signalling. They like to see a long way so there are warm sheltered areas with a little height to let them look across Regent’s Park. Plants in the territory look identical to those in their natural habitat but are actually look-alikes designed to survive our less than tropical climate!

Jae Jae (Copyright Europa's Icewolf 2013)

Tiger breeding:

Breeding is managed globally and Sumatran Tigers (Indonesia) Jae Jae and Melati have been chosen because their genes are under-represented worldwide. The hope is that they’ll have cubs and reinvigorate the gene pool.

Melita (Copyright Europa's Icewolf 2013)


In the wild they are threatened by poaching and habitat loss due to agribusiness operations. ZSL conservationists have set up a wildlife crime unit in Indonesia to tackle the trade in tiger parts and are working with the palm oil industry to help reduce its impact on wildlife and biodiversity.


Jae Jae (Copyright Europa's Icewolf 2013)

Palm Oil:

Huge areas of forest are being cut down to make way for oil palm crops, destroying the territories of tigers in the wild. Palm oil goes into half of all groceries, from chocolate to shampoo. We can help by shopping sustainably.” ~ ZSL London Zoo

*London Zoo’s New-born Sumatran Tiger Cub Update*

 (Report from BBC News – www.bbc.co.uk)

A sad end to a joyful story… London zoo recently confirmed that the first tiger cub to be born there in 17 years has drowned.

London Zoo Tiger Cub_Credit: bubblews.com

‘On Saturday, zookeepers could not see the cub on the den cameras and its body was later discovered on the edge of a pool inside the enclosure.’

“We’re heartbroken by what’s happened. To go from the excitement of the birth to this in three weeks is just devastating. Melati can be a very nervous animal and we didn’t want to risk putting her on edge by changing her surroundings or routines, in case she abandoned or attacked the cub. At the time we thought it was in the best interests of Melati and her cub to allow her continued access to the full enclosure as normal.

“We would do anything to turn back the clock and nobody could be more upset about what’s happened than the keepers who work with the tigers every day. They are devoted to those tigers and are distraught.” ~ London Zoo’s Malcolm Fitzpatrick





ZSL London Zoo



58 responses to “ZSL London Zoo Announce Birth of New Tiger Cub

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  1. Oh how GORGEOUS!!!

  2. The cub is beautiful.
    It’s so sad that the human race will trade in the parts of animals. I’m glad that ZSL is trying to do something positive about the devastation caused by the production of palm oil.

  3. This is a brilliant posting Icywolfy, I was watching this on the
    news last evening and what a really exciting development 🙂
    I am not a fan of a zoo habitat as I believe that all animals on
    our earth should have their freedom but with climate change
    and mans hunger for killing innocent wildlife, zoo’s do have a
    place in our world. These Tigers prove that life can be fruitful
    in captivity and what a delightful cub 🙂 Awesome posting Icy 🙂

    Have a lovely Thursday my sweet and great friend 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Hey thank you Andro! London Zoo is the first zoo I have been anywhere near in many, many years. It was not without grave doubts and great trepidation as to what I would find, visions of grey, cold concrete compounds and pacing, listless animals came to mind. But I was curious. It wasn’t till I got to the gates that I decided to chance it. The entry fee includes a donation to the animals conservation and continued welfare so immediately you get the sense of having contributed to their well-being and their future survival. It really is an amazing place. Hard to believe you’re right in the heart of London once you go inside. It was nothing like I imagined and a huge amount of time and effort had gone into recreating the individual habitats of each different species. Not a cage or concrete compound in sight 🙂 The photos don’t do the setting justice but I was focussing on the animals. It’s set in a huge area of land and I will have to return at some point in order to see the ones I ran out of town to visit. Strongly recommend a visit! It will surprise big time I think 🙂 Regent’s Park is awesome too and that will be getting a return visit too 🙂
      Icewolfie hugs 🙂 xx

      • When you say it is a nice habitat then I believe you my great friend, and the animals need that seclusion to feel safe and somewhat free to roam. I know it’s not the same as in the wild but then there are no predators to kill their cubs either so that is one bonus.

        I like your posting Icywolfy and would welcome an update anytime that you want to post, it is fascinating and knowing that a new cub has been born makes everything worthwhile. The keepers and everyone concerned must be feeling overwhelmed by it all 🙂

        Have a great weekend Icywolfy 😉

        Andro xxxx

      • HoooOOoooooWWWWWWWwwwwLLLLLLLooooo Andro 🙂 No not ideal for them, but could be far worse, and this way we get chance to appreciate these wild creatures when likely we would never see them in the flesh otherwise. Encourages people to work towards conserving them for the future.

        I’m waiting for a new laptop charger currently, the original died last night leaving me high and dry! Being very naughty, risking my laptop’s well being using another one not intended for it right now lol….just hope it doesn’t trash my laptop before Amazon get the new one to me :/ Still it’s charging my battery nicely and keeping me onlne for now 🙂 No flashes or bangs,..yet! lol Just to add insult to injury AFTER I’d shut it down for the night I discovered my phone charger was in a highly dangerous condition and need prompt replacement too! Now waitng on Amazon for that too lol…lucky it’s got a long battery life 🙂 Hope all’s well with you my great friend 🙂 xx

      • What are you doing with these chargers Icywolfy, they need putting away and looking after so try that when the new one’s arrive or else? 😦 lol I must admit Amazon sell some pretty nifty bits and pieces, I am always looking on there but just window shopping, not like you buying the whole place 🙂

        I think that we need some chocolates next, I have some of those Celebrations stashed away so that plastic container could easily be compromised if it is not careful, I am really nifty at opening chocolate containers you know 🙂 lmao

        Have a wicked Friday and I hope that your chargers arrive bon time for the weekend, wow that’s today then, Friday or bust as they say in Zombie land 🙂

        Be Good Icywolfy 😉

        Andro xxxx

      • I haven’t done anything to my laptop charger you cheeky vampy! 😉 It’s 3 years old and been in constant daily use throughout due to the need to conserve the battery. Laptop batteries only last 1 year on average with normal use and as I found out with my netbook around 6 months max with my internet USB connection plugged in regularly! The phone charger is 5 yrs old and is suffering wear and tear from 5 years of the lead being wrapped around the plug – but that happened out of the blue too! lol I take very good care of my electronics lol they cost me an arm and a leg because I don’t like cheap! 😉 But I do love the particular phone who’s charger is damaged – it’s old but it’s loved! lol I’d be heartbroken if I couldn’t use my favourite little “mowbli” anymore just because I couldn’t charge him!

        I definitely need chocolates…I’m going out to watch England – footie in aminute! We all know when England play we need chocolate to console ourselves with lol Correct? lol 😉 😀

        Have a fun and very cheeky Friday, katch ya lata! Icewolfie 🙂 xx

  4. Fantastic photos! Story goes from happy to ugly. Humans have a tendency to destroy natural beauty and bounty
    with love, Eddie

    • Very true Eddie, but that is what makes the people working with these fantastic animals so special themselves. They are dedicated and committed to righting the wrongs done to the species in their care, ensuring they are still around for future generations, and that people are educated about them too. Thank you for your visit! Always great to see you here 🙂

  5. Such a shame it has come to this, that these majestic creatures can’t live and procreate in their own natural environment, all because of the greed and ignorance of some members of the human [?] race. but at least it gives those of us who care, the satisfaction and pleasure of knowing that others are prepared to take the trouble to keep the species going.

    • The staff at London Zoo are very dedicated Arlene, and committed to the cause, and the welfare of their charges always comes first and is their top priority. They work hard to make them as happy and contented as possible and to try to ensure these magnificent animals are still here for future generations to enjoy and admire 🙂

  6. Easy tiger… You’re branching out into big scary cats.
    I used to use palm oil in my cooking – fattening and very staining. But tasty and orange for frying plantain. I haven’t seen it lately.

    • RooOOOoooOOAAAAaaaaRRRRRRR!!! You must stop using Palm oil and not even look for it!! You may however find an acceptable equivalent if we’re talking frying plantain 🙂 And you must be absolutely certain to supply Wolfie with the largest portion of them ok?!! SluuUUUURRRRRRrrrrrPPPPP!! 🙂

  7. Vilken underbar blogg Wolfie jag älskar stora katter Tigern är vacker men mest gillar jag Lejonen för dom är mitt zodiak tecken..
    Ha nu en underbar helg min fina varg vän…Kram Nicki

    • Tack Nicki Lejonhjärta! lejon är mycket speciell, kungarna i djungeln 🙂
      Jag kunde inte få några bra bilder av den manliga lejon när jag besökte – det regnade och han gillade inte att bli blöt! Den lejoninna var vacker, så majestätisk och magnifika!
      Jag tror kanske som sammanfattar dig upp för min underbara vän Nicki!
      Ha en bra helg, och stora Wolfie kram 🙂

  8. Its such a wonderful sight, a baby tiger… Wonderful news Wolfie, and I had only heard via your post, as I have been avoiding the media news this week,,, So thank you for sharing, its such a shame we have to breed in Zoos as the wild tigers become less and less through Man..
    I hope you enjoy your weekend break… Hugs Sue xox

    • It is a shame that we have to breed in zoos, but it’s great that those who are trying to right some of the wrongs are seeing success for their efforts 🙂 Perhaps at some point in the future they will be plentiful and safe enough to breed once more n the wild 🙂 xx

  9. Wünsche dir einen schönen Tag ich fiede es richtig sonst sterben ja diese wunderbaren Tiere aus.Wünsche eine gute neue Woche Gruß und Freundschaft Gislinde

    • Ja, ich glaube, Sie haben Recht mein Freund 🙂
      Und ich wünsche Ihnen eine schöne Woche und ein schönes Wochenende!.
      Ich hoffe, Sie sind gut und das Leben behandelt dich gut.
      wolfie umarmen 🙂

  10. Merhaba benim sevgili arkadaşım Buz 🙂
    senin güzel yorum ve dostluk için teşekkür ederim
    size sevgi dolu güzel bir hafta diliyorum
    çok kucak dolusu sevgilerle 🙂

    • İyi akşamlar benim güzel arkadaşım Seçil 🙂
      Güzel Seni tekrar görmek
      Sonbahar burada geldi ve soğuk ve yağmur
      Türkiye’de ben güneş parlaklık ve sıcak olduğunu temenni!
      Güzel bir hafta var
      Aşk ve sarılmak … Buz 🙂

  11. Hej Wolfie..
    Ja du är en mycket klok varg det vet jag ju redan ska skicka lite kanelbullar till dig sen.. stor kram till dig och kom snart tillbaka till Stockholm där det just nu är en mycket vacker och solig höstdag kram Nicki

    • Jag kommer att komma tillbaka till Stokholm just nu!
      Det är kallt och regnar här och det finns inga kanelbullar som finns överallt!
      Det låter vackert i Stokholm 🙂
      Det är inte mycket vackert i min dator! Batteriladdaren är död: (
      Har beställt en ny från Amazon och jag använder ett ersättningsbatteri en från en annan dator …
      Inte att rekommendera! Det skulle kunna göra en hel del skador på min dator men det fungerar just nu, så jag kommer att behöva ta risken.
      Hoppas Amazon skynda med det nya!
      Cinnamon bulle kramar;) Wolfie 🙂

  12. I just love tigers, and really enjoyed this post! I also want to thank you for your comment you left us about Moonlight last week, your caring words really meant so very much to us, and we are so thankful for your friendship. Have a wonderful week 🙂

    • Thank you…great to know you enjoyed it!
      Your post was amazing…both beautiful and heartbreaking . It is my greatest hope that some small ray of sunshine has eased it’s way gently in for a few moments in time amongst the heartache. Wolfie hugs 🙂

  13. Hej Wolfie…
    vad fint att du gillar mina bilder..och ja det finns många platser att besöka överallt.. Och ja du har observerat ett känt fenomen Stockholm eller Sverige i största allmänhet är känt för att det är så välstädat och rent överallt

    Vi har rehållningsarbetare som städar gator och torg dygnet runt och eftersom vi är så vana vid att det är rent så använder vi papperskorgarna det känns fel att slänga skräp på en ren gata om du förstår vad jag menar.. 🙂

    men jag är imponerad över arr du lagt märke till det du är en mycket vaken och observant varg.. Önskar dig en fin helg wolfie och kom snart tillbaka..Kram Nicki

  14. I am just skiving a little this morning and so what better idea than calling into
    your place for a bit of gooey chocolate cake and a few glasses of the red stuff 🙂 😉

    Have a fun Friday Icywolfy and
    I hope that your chargers arrive
    sooner rather than later dear 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Oh yes Andro! I’m certainly having fun alright! New charger arrived this am 🙂 New charger does not work with my laptop however 😦 The connector head is fractionally bigger than the original and it’s not connecting the supply to the computer. So back it will be going! But 🙂 Having padded across the PC World I can claim a new original one on the laptop insurance 🙂 Should be here in 2-5 days, shame I was too impatient to check that out before going on Amazon. The spare charger will be ok temp but not long term – it’s a slightly higher voltage when I checked it more thoroughly but will do for now 🙂 xx

  15. Hallo liebe Wölfie Danke für deinen Besuch schön das du mich gefunden hast,ja den anderen Blog habe ich geschlossen war einfach zu viel.Freue mich das du mich gefunden hast.Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag und ein gutes und schönes week-kend liebe Grüße und Freundschaft.Gislinde

  16. Wishing you a Peaceful if all be it soggy Sunday Wolfie…. sending you a few Howls your way xox Hugs Sue xox

  17. Tack Wolfie…
    Hoppas solen hittat till England nu annars får jag väl skicka den till dig Lol.. Ha en gärlig vecka min fina vän Kram Nicki

  18. It is sad about the cub
    Icywolfy, very sad indeed 😦

    I hope that your week is going very well and that
    you are having some chocolate or marshmallows,
    you know, getting ready for Wombat Day on the
    22nd of October 🙂 🙂

    I will even share my wine
    gums with you if you like? 😉 lol

    Andro xxxx

    • Yes Andro…it is tragic…I now need to update this post but I haven’t had the heart yet. There was also mention of the UK’s only female Panda in a different zoo miscarrying her cub too. There’s a danger of blaming these sad incidents on their being in captivity, I am guilty of this myself hence the mention of it. But of course such tragedies as the tiger cub and cases of miscarriage do of course occur in the wild too and is the more painful side of nature I guess…

      Just got my new laptop charger from the insurance tonight so at least there won’t be any immediate computer mishaps…I’m still trying to sort out purchasing an ultrabook…complicated since connection won’t work with W8 and I’ve yet to decide on what version of MS Office to go with…so yes! I will be needing choc’s and m.mallows on Wombat Day very urgently! I think you should definately share your wine gums with me too…celebrate the arrival of my last certificate from The British Computer Society – Database Software (Access) and my “Certificate in Puppy Ownership Pt 1” from The Animal Care College 🙂 Passed complete with a Credit! Feeling very qualified lol and in need of your goodies whilst I wait for the results of the 2nd submission 🙂

      Hope you’re ghoulishly, wickedly well!
      Chomping, slurping marshmallowed Icewolfie 🙂 xx

      • Yes well add an update when you feel alright about it, it is very sad as I said but without zoos, of which I am not really a fan of we could see a lot of our precious wild animals disappearing forever as hunters kill off groups of animals for their own sick trends. Humans are the worst species for killing innocent animals in their own habitats, after all if we wander into the jungle or swim in the oceans what can we expect other than to be attacked by the wildlife and predators of this world.

        Sharks are hunted for their fins and bears mistreated and cruelly harvested for bile, tigers and such for their teeth and skins, and the list goes on. It is a sick and twisted world where nothing seems to matter. Okay time for some wine gums and marshmallows, we can throw in some hefty boxes of chocolates too after reading what I just added 😦 Have a lovely start to your week and good luck with the results of your second submission, I am sure that it will be brilliant 🙂

        Andro xxxx

  19. Thank you liebe Wölfie für deinen lieben Besuch ich wünsche dir ein schönes glückliches wee-kend und liebe Grüße von mir und Freundschaft.Gislinde

    • Danke Gislinde 🙂
      Hatte eine Erkältung an diesem Wochenende: (
      Wohlfühlen heute aber das Wochenende war schrecklich!
      Ich hoffe, Sie sind mit einer guten Woche
      und es gibt Sonnenschein in Köln 🙂
      wolfie umarmen 🙂

  20. Autumn greetings from Poland.

  21. Hej Wolfie..
    Ja visst måste vi sakta ner ibland det gör jag idag sitter i lugn och ro vid min dator och pratar med er mina vänner,..
    Hoppas allt bra med dig wolfie massor av kramar Nicki

    • Jag är mycket glad över att någon sitter lugnt på sin dator!
      Jag skulle vilja veta hur man ska uppnå den fina konsten!
      Åtminstone jag har en ny laddare till min dator batteri nu
      så ju högre spänning laddaren jag använde
      samtidigt väntar för byte
      kommer inte spränga … Jag hoppas!
      Wolfie kramar 🙂

  22. That is very sad news.

  23. Fantastic. Thank you so much.

  24. They are just so precious. I would love to actually pet a baby one someday! 🙂

  25. I was so sorry to read the Sad update Wolfie, I had not even heard it via the news… Its hard after so much Joy at the birth that this accident should have happened…
    My thoughts are sent out to all tigers everywhere, I hope their numbers increase as I also pray for their protection and the abolishment of tiger parts for sale…
    Much love sent Wolfie, and hope you can wind down in your weekend
    Love Sue xoxox

    • Hi Sue 🙂 Hopefully one day we will have another cub born here and that time will be a cause of celebration…and the taking of great care!
      Have a beautiful weekend and look out for the storm they’re predicting from Sunday onwards! x

  26. They are magnificent creatures. I’m so sorry for what happened to the cub…that really is sad.

    • Hi Kev 🙂 Great to see you! I guess these sad events take place in the wild too especially with all the predators but when the species is so endangered and breeding is so important it’s a big blow…and such a cute little tiger cub too. Maybe one day there’ll be another chance 🙂

  27. Beautiful story with a tragic ending, seems like the animal kingdom struggles in our need to control
    I understand the zoo’s purpose, but I have such a hard time taking my grandkids…I want a perfect world where they are free to be as meant to be
    and we respect and honor the gift Gaia has given us within them….
    I don’t think I will see it in my lifetime…
    Beautiful and heartbreaking…
    I put a photo(2) of my Maya(wolf) on my blog…stop by and visit her if you have time…
    Take Care…You Matter…

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

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