2014 Winter Olympics–Coming Soon to a Crater Near You!!   46 comments

Valhalla Basin Galactic Winter Olympics 2014


2014 Winter Olympics – Chelyabinsk Meteor Anniversary

2014-winter-olympics-logoThe 2014 Winter Olympics, officially the XXII Olympic Winter Games (22nd Winter Olympic Games), are set to take place from 7 to 23 February 2014, in Sochi, Russia.                 clip_image001clip_image001[1]

Chelyabinsk meteor Chelyabinsk meteor 2The Chelyabinsk meteor was a Near-Earth asteroid that entered Earth’s atmosphere over Russia on 15 February 2013 exploding in an air burst about 40 km above Korkino, south of central Chelyabinsk Oblast. The explosion created a bright flash, churning out a sizeable quantity of small meteorite fragments and a formidable shock wave.

Lake Chebarkul The meteorite fragments fell in and near to Lake Chebarkul with the largest extracted from the bed of the lake on 16 October 2013. Despite its 654 kg (1,442 lbs.) mass tipping and breaking the scales it was weighed on, it proved very fragile and shattered into three distinct pieces. In the aftermath of the Chelyabinsk meteor event an unofficial market swiftly arose for meteorite fragments.

The anniversary of the Chelyabinsk meteor event will be in Sochi, Russia on 15 February 2014. A total of seven gold medals are available to be won during the anniversary day’s medal events and each will contain fragments of the Chelyabinsk meteorite.

2014 Winter Olympic Medals with meteorite fragmentsFragments of the Chelyabinsk meteorite


Callisto (2014 Valhalla Basin Galactic Winter Olympics)

callisto2In a very interesting to note lol that by some strange cosmic coincidence the 2014 Valhalla Basin Galactic Winter Olympics will be held on Jupiter’s extremely ancient Galilean moon Callisto, the most heavily cratered moon in the Solar System.

Callisto’s impact-battered surface features multi-ring structures, variously shaped impact craters, and chains of craters (catenae). Probably due to the icy nature of its surface Callisto lacks any large mountains. The water that has spread over the surface forming bright rays and rings around the crater is a result of the meteorite impacts puncturing holes in Callisto’s crust.

It is now believed that beneath Callisto’s crust may lie a salty, subsurface ocean of liquid water around 50–200 km deep indicated by studies of the magnetic fields around Jupiter and its moons. This leaves open the option that there could be extra-terrestrial microbial life on Callisto, though conditions are thought to be less conducive to life than on neighbouring Jovian moon Europa.

Callisto in Olympian Mythology

Mount-olympusZeus and CallistoZeus-greek-mythology-god-of-the-godsCallisto is named after one of Zeus – god of the Olympics and Supreme Ruler of Mt Olympus’s many lovers, in Greek mythology. It is said that Callisto herself was a nymph who was associated with the goddess of the hunt, Artemis.

Zeus was held in exceptionally high esteem and power by the Ancient Greeks and once every four years the Olympians held a festival including games to honour their god. Today nations still meet for the Olympic Games but not to honour Zeus, rather the ability of the athletes themselves are considered and rewarded.


Valhalla Basin (2014 Galactic Winter Olympics)

Valhalla Basin_Credit_WikipediaValhalla Basin_Credit NASA_JPLIn another wildly unlikely cosmic coincidence, the main venue of the Galactic Winter Olympics, Valhalla Basin, is also a crater produced by an impacting meteor. (Not the same one as Russia’s! Don’t be silly!) Furthermore it is not only the largest multi-ring impact crater on Callisto but also in the Solar System.

Discovered by the Voyager probes in 1979–80 it is located slightly to the north of the equator on Callisto’s Jupiter-facing hemisphere. Part of an extensive system in the

Valhalla region Valhalla’s bright-floored central basin stretches across a diameter spanning 360 km. It is surrounded by at least eight concentric mountainous ridges, which resemble frozen rings of ‘ghostlike ripples’ extending as far as 1,500 km from the basin’s central point.

Valhalla in Mythology

ValhallaOdinThis huge impact crater is named after Valhalla, Odin’s great hall in Norse mythology.  


Valhalla_was_in_Asgard_Home_of_the_fallen_VikingsValhalla, Hall of the Slain, in Norse mythology is the most beautiful of Asgard’s many great halls. It was here with Odin that the W Door Valhalla Guarded by a Wolfheroes who had been slain in battle – the Einherjar, feasted nightly on the meat of the boar Schrimnir and from the goat Heldrun, mead, whilst preparing for the up and coming battle of Ragnarok. Eight hundred warriors marching shoulder to shoulder will emerge from each one of Valhalla’s five hundred and forty doors when this time comes.

Vast and daunting Valhalla was said to have spears for rafters and golden shields providing roofing thatch, along with a fine array of breast plates, scattered around the Hall.

The western door of Valhalla is guarded by a wolf and hovering high above the door an eagle. Outside the front of the hall is Glasir, a golden tree and on the roof of Valhalla, the green leaves of another tree known as Læraðr – happily munched through by the goat Heldrun and the stag Eikþyrnir.

Asgard Crater Region– Callisto

To the west of Valhalla is another large multi-ring basin—Asgard Crater; the second largest multi-ring structure (impact crater) on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. The crater is named after Asgard, the realm of the gods in Norse mythology,

Asgard in Norse Mythology – Olympic Links

Bifrost and ValhallaThe Norse equivalent to Mount Olympus in Greek mythology, Asgard was the home and stronghold of the Norse gods. Set in the skies the only way to reach it was to cross Bifrost – the rainbow bridge.

Valhalla, the dwelling of Odin was the grandest and most magnificent of the many gold and silver halls to be found in Asgard. Norse mythology stated that Asgard would be destroyed at Ragnarok -"Doom of the powers (gods)," also known as “Gotterdammerung” which in Norse mythology means “the end of the cosmos.” A huge final battle would be fought and the world enveloped in flames; the gods defeated by giants and demons. But a number of the gods will survive, or will be reborn and out of the sea a green and fertile world will emerge.

2014 Valhalla Basin Galactic Winter Olympics!

Coming soon to a Crater Near You!!

Valhalla Basin_Credit NASA_JPL


Viking Mythology : http://www.missgien.net


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  1. Very interesting about one of the moons of Jupiter and how it might support life AND then tied it in with the mythology. Thank you. I truly enjoyed reading this and plan to do more research on my own. Oh-and cool about the gold medals.

    • Well it will be supporting life in 2014 won’t it? lol 😉 The Valhalla Basin Galactic Olympics should be quite a lively affair! lol 😀 Those meteorotic medals are very cool I totally agree…I want one!! 😉

  2. Fabulous reading here, Icewolf. I thought to myself ‘it can’t be time for the Olympics again, yet’ when I realised it was the Winter Olympics you are referring to. Very cosmic, those coincidences, I must say. Who’d have predicted that there would be two Winter Olympics being held in sites affected by meteorites?
    I also love the references to the Greek and Norse mythologies – I know more about the Greek ones, I must admit, but I’m slowly bringing myself up to speed with the Norse ones. I intend to read the Poetic Edda when I get chance. Fascinating Stuff!

    • An amazing coincidence! lol 😉 Truly cosmic…a meteorotic coincidence even 😀 I think most people know more about Greek mythology, it does seem to star at the forefront over and above the Norse. But Norse is fascinating in its own right and the parallels between the two mythologies is decidedly educational. Good luck with the Poetic Edda…I’ve studied bits of it and there’s a lot of of work involved in understanding it all! But as you say…fascinating stuff 😀

  3. Been looking forward to these “games”. The exciting games and “fans” from all over the Universe are preparing right now for these tremendous events! Your photos and story take us right to where the action is! looking forward to more updates. peace, Eddie

    • You’re going to be busy Eddie if you’re to keep up with the goings on at both the Winter and Galactic Winter Olympics! I’d advise holing up in Gale Crater on Mars – the Olympic flame will of course be visiting there as the host world for the 2012 Summer Galactic Olympics, as you may recall! That way you’ll be nicely placed between Russia on Earth and Valhall Basin on Callisto to view events on both worlds simultaneously!! 🙂

      • That’s sounds great! Are you going? (dumb question?) maybe you can find seats nearby so we can catch-up with all the Galactic gossip.

      • Of course I’ll be going Eddie! And I think perhaps we should consider taking part! lol 😉 But we’ll still need to catch up with all the Galactic gossip lol so I’ve booked us seats with a view lol 🙂

  4. Your blog completely rocks it’s socks off yet again! Fascinating, creative and a real visual treat! Thank you~

  5. Is the wolf guarding the western door one of your pack?
    Count me in for the Galactic Winter Olympics – I’m in training!

    • I think you should be involved in the transportation of the Galactic Winter Olympic Flame too! The Winter Olympics sounds like the perfect venue for you, you would fit in very well at Valhalla Basin! If you win, I will ensure you get a gold medal with a piece of frozen Martian Chicken in it!! And it’s quite possible that wolf is one of my pack…after all we do come from a long line of great and powerful wolves!! Then again…you being bred for guarding etc and being on the large and powerful side yourself lol maybe it was you! Or one of your littermates!

  6. I love the Olympics of which ever season in which ever country or ‘Planet’ LOL, and what a wonderful Medal to win ..:-D.. What a fascinating post as usual dear Wolfie, and you pack such a lot of information in for us to devour… I hope that your fur wasn’t ruffled too much in all of that wind, we were fine where we are, In fact it was a bit of a let down, after all the hype lol Hubby went to trim the bushes lol and secure an old favourite tree which is on the bend… And although we had some windy gusts thankfully the worst of it missed us..
    Loved your post .. And Good Luck in the Run up to the Galactic Games 🙂

    • It’s definitely a cool medal!I must be sure to be there on that day taking part!! Like you I found the storm all a bit of a let down. It didn’t stop all the commuter trains being out of action till 10am today though! It was blowy overnight and we had the usual spell of rain but nothing really different to average. Sounds like most of it hit the west. Sad that people died so we should be grateful to be let off the weather hook really! Thanks for the visit and hope all is well with you 🙂

      • Sending you some Earth vibes as the New Moon settles in… And thanking you for the healing vibes sent my way wolfie.. xox Hugs and Howls sent your way….xx

      • Thanks Sue! Although I think th eonly thing settling in at the moment is the rain which is set for the night by all accounts. Not amused as I’m supposed to be going to a dog show tomorrow and don’t wish to get drowned! Look after yourself and continue to return to full health and fitness! Wolfie hug 🙂

      • Will do, and hope you stay dry tomorrow… sending you thoughts xxxx

  7. Wow what a treat Icywolfy, and I nearly missed it so smacking your paw now for not
    reminding me that you had posted again but I like what you have added, and as always
    you have researched everything so brilliantly 🙂 Hey it is Halloween so how about we
    share some Pumpkin Pie and Muffins, I have never tasted the pie before so it should be
    a treat unless you have any tricks of course? 🙂

    Now getting back to your posting, this
    one deserves a bit of a chat, and the Mythology references are truly awesome, you know
    how much I like reading about such things and you have excelled with this fine offering 🙂
    Eight hundred Warriors times five hundred and forty doors, now that is a big army, and
    one that will nything in its path, you have pushed the boat out with this one Icywolfy with
    lots of facts and figures, graphics and a wicked way of informing everyone here of these
    Galactic Winter Olympics, of which is bound to be fangtastic 🙂

    Those meteorite fragments would be a welcomed treasure to anyone, but to be presented
    with a medal that has the mixed in and precious fragments is a one in a million chance and
    worthy of the athletes that they are presented to 🙂 What a novel idea 🙂

    Have a Very Happy Halloween Icywolfy
    and watch out for those Kissing Vampires 😉 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Good to know you caught up with this one and enjoyed it! I like the sound of Pumpkin Pie…and Muffins? Pumpkin Muffins?? lol !! Pumpkin is good in any form 🙂 Perhaps we can have meteroite flakes to decorated the Muffins? Or failing that you could find some way to get me a medal souviner with the meteorite fragments in it 🙂 That or I will just have to go kiss a Vampire!!! lol lol 🙂 Hope you’re having a very naughty, and generally badly behaved weekend 🙂

  8. Sorry for the typos, I don’t know what happened
    to my comment, it must have been a stinky gremlin
    from WP on the loose again 😦 Grrrrrrr

    Andro xxxx

  9. Sehr Indersand ich wünsche dir ein schönes Halloween liebe Grüße Gislinde

  10. Wünsche dir mal einen wunderschönen Dienstag ich hoffe es geht dir gut lieber Wölfie hab noch eine gute Woche.Grüße und Freundschaft.Gislinde

  11. Entertaining post. Your mind truly does work in delightfully mysterious ways. Your parallels are sans pareil.

  12. Hej Wolfie..
    Ja skogskyrkogården är fantastisk och det var en magisk och spännande kväll..Hoppas du också har haft en magisk kväll..
    Tack för besöket och ha en bra vecka kom snart tillbaka..
    Kram Nicki

  13. very weird two olympics being held where there were meterorites, and those by the way sell for a pretty penny!

  14. Hi Wolfie just dropping by to say thank you for giving a like to Ruby’s coats post. I can’t say that the Olympics switch , too much snow, the only thing Iike watching is the speed skating and I think we’ve dropped out of that one. 😦 I used to love skating as a teenager. the meteor info is way beyond me Wolfie, sorry so will pass on comments or I’ll make a right idiot of myself. I’ll leave that to you clever bods.XX

    • Hi Arlene 🙂 We more or less crossed paths on the comment front! I was kinda heading your way when your comment arrived 🙂 I have now left a comment on your post – the like was as much as I could cope with last night, being full of a cold and a tickly sore throat resulting in a fuzzy, dozy head 😦 Tonight’s an improvement so now I’m finally trying to catch up 🙂 I’ve been enjoying the winter olympics on the big screen down the local bar and it was nice to get our first medal! I think you’d be great at the speed skating events!!! Yes…the meteor info would only appeal to some I must admit, though that said that post has been an unprecedented success for some reason, being the biggest contributor to my “Best Ever Views” stat’s on 10th Feb! Gave me a much needed boost in my state of germ-ridden unwellness! That’s probably it for the year now lol but I’m feeling rather about it if I do say so myself!! Now…I need a nice fleece jacket like Ruby’s to keep me warm and healthy please! I am a very sneezy Icewolf! 🙂 xx

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