Across The Boundaries Of Time And Space…We Will Remember Them…   34 comments


At The Going Down Of The Sun And In The Morning

We Will Remember Them….

The Cenotaph_London 2013_Europa's Icewolf '13

Lest We Forget…


United Prayer

Living God, by whose love we are united with one another across the boundaries of time and space, we thank you for this day of remembering and reflection.

We remember before you the men and women of all nations who have died as a result of war – those we have known and those whose memory we treasure; those we never knew; and those who have died unknown.

As we remember them, we also remember those families who grieve today and those who suffer still as a result of conflict.

We ask that you would help us to learn how to live in peace with each other.

In the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, we pray. Amen.”

“They shall not grow old…” United across the boundaries of time and space…

“Let us pray that we may be worthy of the sacrifice made on our behalf.”

“They shall grown not old as we that are left grow old;

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them”


34 responses to “Across The Boundaries Of Time And Space…We Will Remember Them…

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  1. beautiful!!

  2. I hope that one day we will have peace throughout the world.

  3. Hallo liebe Wölfie schöner Beitrag und so war ich wünsche dir eine gute neue Woche liebe Grüße und Freundschaft.Gislinde

    • Danke mein guter Freund Gislinde … so viele Leben geopfert wurden
      von allen in diesen Kriegen beteiligt … unabhängig davon, auf welcher Seite sie im Kampf gegen …
      Und so hat es besondere Bedeutung für mich, dass Sie und ich kann erreichen,
      über die Grenzen von Raum und Zeit in der Freundschaft
      und in der Zeit des Friedens.
      Frieden und Freundschaft zu Ihnen, in Köln, Gislinde.
      wolfie umarmen 🙂

  4. Hej Wolfie..
    Ja jag hinner inte heller så mycket nu och min dator bra krånglar jag har fått något fel på den och det fattas filer tjatar den om och jag förstår ingenting..Hoppas din helg var bra och hoppas du inte har ont i rygghen nu.. Kom snart tillbaka och hälsa på mig massor av kramar Nicki

    Gillade den här bloggen den var bra thumbs up..

    • Hej Nicki
      Jag hoppas att din dator har slutat funktionsstörning
      och har fått akt tillsammans!
      Jag var tänkt för att få en ny dator
      men jag har gett upp för nu!
      Ingenting kommer att fungera med Windows 8 och kommer att behöva bytas ut
      och det kommer att kosta en mindre förmögenhet.
      Dessutom måste ersätta internetuppkoppling – aktuell enhet fungerar inte med W8.
      Jag kommer att vänta ett tag!
      Ha en bra icke-funktionsstörning dator helg!
      Kram Wolfie 🙂

  5. A most kind and warm gesture of love for all those who have given their life so that others may live free.
    Thank you for your kind heart Wolfie, Eddie

  6. Peace to you.

  7. Amen to that Wolfie, would that we be worthy of their sacrifice for our future. xxPenxx

  8. May peace on day fill the air
    together we shall share…..
    wonderful post “Wolf”
    vet have a special place in my heart …
    Take Care…You Matter…
    as they shall never grow olde
    their stories will forever be told
    death shall not leave them cold
    for their memories will be of being brave and bold

    as time speeds by so fast
    each day we remember the past
    we know their spirits shall last
    even though they left so young and fast

    once again as the sun sets
    we have no regrets
    nor shall we forget
    they were the best of the best

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words
  9. Önskar dig en underbar helg min vän hoppas den blir solig vacker och fin på alla sätt..
    massor av kramar Nicki

  10. We will remember them Icywolfy.
    I thought that I had already added
    this but no. So I apologise for my
    lateness on this posting Icy 😦

    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend 😉

    Andro xxxx

  11. Wolfie, I am sorry I am a late arrival on this one.. What a beautiful heartfelt prayer … We honour and treasure the memory of all who served and did not come home…
    Thank you for this special tribute 🙂

  12. Mam nadzieję, że kiedyś przyjdzie taki czas, wygasną wszystkie konflikty, a pokój zagości w naszych sercach.

    • Mam również nadzieję, że ten jeden dzień będzie tak. Pomimo całego konfliktu w naszym niespokojnym świecie, kobiety i mężczyźni nadal mają zdolność być kochający i dobrzy dla siebie. Może pewnego dnia będziemy żyć będziemy żyć tylko w pokoju, miłości i dobroci. Pokój jest tak cenny dar.

  13. Wünsche dir eine gute und glückliche Woche und alles liebe von mir.Gruß und Freundschaft.Gislinde

    • Grüße in Freundschaft auf diesem dunklen Winternacht!
      Mein Radio ist glücklich mich zu informieren,
      wie wunderbar es wäre für mich, Urlaub in Deutschland 🙂
      Da es eiskalt ist hier denke ich, es könnte ein sehr gute Idee!
      Ich wünschen Ihnen eine schöne und glückliche Woche in Köln mein Freund 🙂
      Wolfie Umarmung.

  14. amazing… magnifique… my very best, Mélanie

  15. Hej Wolfie…
    Tack för attt du var och besökte mig alltid lika toligt och spännande att få besök av sin vargvän..
    Hoppas resten av din vecka blir fin..Stor kram Nicki

  16. I am just calling by with a box of Milk Tray chocolates, some wicked wine gums and a fresh batch of scrumptious pancakes with maple syrup 🙂 How do you mean what are they all for? Well because I figured you deserved a treat for a change 🙂 😉 have a lovely rest of Hump Day Icywolfy and try to be good, I know how difficult that is for you but try anyway 😉 lmao

    Andro xxxx

    • Thank you Andro! How wonderfully thoughtful and very generous of you 🙂 I’m certainly in need of a treat lol in fact I would love a treat and this one sounds awesome 🙂 Big maple syrup pancake hugs with choccies and winegums on top lol 😉

  17. Praying for no war with Iran over here…enough with this BS!

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