2013 in review   56 comments

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 34,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 13 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

56 responses to “2013 in review

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  1. Happy New Year! Hope things are going well with you. 🙂 I wish you the very best in 2014.

    • Great to see you again AirportsMadeSimple! Happy New Year 2014 🙂 It got off to a wild start! Have a fantastic year!

      • Same to you! I was gone a wee bit last summer, and then re-did the website, and working with WordPress re stats, etc… Hope things are going well with you! Happy New Year! 🙂

      • 🙂 You too!

      • Things are going pretty good thanks 🙂 Now if I could just persuade my Icewolfie self that I really don’t need yet another shiny new mobile phone to add to the ever enlarging collection in my possession, which I can’t, because of course I need it don’t I?!! lol…New year treat 😉 This one I have in mind, and which is sold out after 1 day…Grrrr! … is waterproof and will survive very nicely in the Icy Seas of Europa lol and I didn’t make any New Years Resolutions not to get anymore must-have mowbli’s 😉 … and it will be perfect in all the rain and floods we’re getting…so! no reason not to get it really is there?!! 😀


  3. Congrats! You are awesome!

  4. Oh, we whistle while we work; we whistle while we work….
    Congratulations on a most wonderful year Wolfie!
    make 2014 another fantastic fun filled year! with love, Eddie

    • Thanks Eddie 🙂 … I am practising my wolf whistles! lol 😉 I hope we all have a fantastic fun filled 2014 as we share friendships old and new, and a vast array of unique and wonderful blogs together. And we, who first became friends on WLS and have withstood the test of time in our friendships, let that be for many years to come! x

  5. Bloody hell… Timid one, 34.000 views last year. wow 🙂 and I knew you when you were a nobody lol 😉

    • Lol 😀 Thanks Kenny 😉 These results really surprised me – based on “poor attendance” lol and the scarcity of new blog posts last year, due to time consuming coursework and exams I expected to walking the statistical “walk of shame!!” But by far the most important thing is the wonderful new friends I have made from all around the world since discovering the world of blogging and social networking. Even more importantly is you!! If we hadn’t become friend right back in the beginning on WLS and you hadn’t offered your selfless and ongoing friendship and support as I tried painfully at times lol to find my paws in the on-line world, and if you hadn’t been there in friendship helping an overwrought Timid one to pick up the pieces of the many pickles I got myself into along the way 😉 and gain some, at that time none-existent confidence, this blog would most certainly have crashed and burned long before it ever had a chance to get off the ground 🙂 Wuffly Wolfie hugs and many, many thanks “He Who Runs Faster Than The Wind ;)”
      Timid one xx

      • well Timid one, what can I say. But the feeling is mutual. It seems so long ago that I can not for the life of me, remember who found who. Not that it matters now of course 🙂 Yes a lot of water has passed beneath the bridge, but the bridge between you and I i am sure is imperishable.
        Your friend… “Hewhorunsfasterthanthewind ” 🙂 HHHHOOOOWWWWWWeeeeelllllllllll xx

  6. Merhaba benim çok sevgili arkadaşım Buz 🙂
    senin değerli sözlerin için teşekkür ederim
    Yeni yılda size sağlık huzur ve mutluluk getirmesini diliyorum
    çok kucak dolusu sevgilerle 🙂

    • Merhaba benim harika, tatlı arkadaşım Seçil 🙂
      Mutlu Yeni Yıl uluyor!
      Sizin güzel, nazik kalp
      ve güzel blog
      Yeni Yıl mutluluğu bana doldurur,
      ve sana neşeli bir yeni yıl diliyorum.
      Aşk ve sarılmalar… Buz 🙂

  7. All the very best for 2014 🙂

  8. Woolfie, Wolfie Woolfie, clapping my hands here, and saying many, many congratulations. I know I’m a late comer, (probably ‘cos I can’t stand being cold, but I’ve put my Winter drawers on and I feel rosy warmer!! Both sets of cheeks now!! 😉 ) *cough* Hooooooowling right back atcha. and catch up sooner rather than later. Ooooer, almost forget, (belated) Happy New Year wishes to you and yours, my lovely friend. hugs aplenty. xPenx

    • HooOOOOOOooooWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwLLLLLLLLLLLLL wonderful to see you again!! So glad you’ve got your winter drawers on lol 😉 Much too chilly for the skimpy summer wear! lol happy New Year to you too and big thermal Wolfie hugs!! 🙂 x

  9. Liebe Grüße von mir und meinen Glückwunsch.Wünsche eine glückliche neue Woche liebe Grüße und Freundschaft.Gislinde

    • Danke Gislinde!
      Der Bericht hat mich überrascht. Ich erwartete eine sehr schlechte bericht!
      Ich hatte nicht in der Lage, viele Artikel hinzuzufügen im Jahr 2013
      und es war ein sehr arbeitsreiches Jahr für das Studium,
      damit ich nicht erwarten, dass dies auch tun 🙂
      Ich wünsche Ihnen eine gute neue Woche … Wolfie umarmen 🙂

  10. This is probably a dumb Vampy question after all our time at WP but how did you get this summary of 2013? I know I have had them in the past but I cannot remember whether they were sent via email or whether we had to retrieve them ourselves, yes I know, the old Vampy must be cracking up or something not to know about this but hey enlighten me or else I might have to send the Zombies round and you know what they are like 😦 lmao Oh and don’t forget to bring me some chocolates and wine gums, I love those 🙂 lol

    Andro xxxx

    • It pops up in your email inbox O Great Vampy One! You should have received an email from W/Press around the end of December. It contains a link to your 2013 summary and from the summary page you can choose whether you want to keep it private or make it public 🙂 Let me know how you get on…you will probably be doing a lot of trawling back in time to track it down by now!!! 😉 xx

    • Email header should read: “WordPress.com Your 2013 Year in Blogging….[your site name] ”
      Mine was dated 31/12/13 if that helps tracking. Good luck!! 😀 xxx

      • Thank you for your kind help Icywo;fy but guess what it isn’t there so maybe it was a no emails for wickedly orientated Vampy’s in 2013? 😦 lol

        Never mind, maybe this year I will get one 🙂 Hey where are my chocolates and wine gums? 🙂 lol Happy Hump Day my dear and sweet friend 😉

        Andro xxxx

      • I think it depends on the amount of activity and such like over the year – how much data they have to play with – this is the first time in 2/3 years it’s been up my other w/p blog managed to warrant a report!! 😉

        You can’t have choccies and wine gums right now…after all that festive munching you did I thought I should put you on a diet for a month or so!!!! 😀 😉

      • On reflection Vampy one….I’m not sure how long you’ve had this latest blog on the go now, but if, as I think is the case, correct me if I’m wrong, you haven’t had it running for a full year yet that would probably explain your lack. As I said earlier probably not enough data for the statistics analysts to play with yet 🙂 Better luck next year!! xxx

      • Yes about eight months but almost 25,000 hits on a Private Space, hmm I think those analysts are getting a tad lazy 😦 lol Never mind I will get over the disappointment 😦 lmao Okay I am over it, now where are my chocolates and wine gums? 🙂 😉

        Andro xxxx

      • That is disappointing especially when you’ve done so well with your blog. But seriously, from experience with my other blog if it’s not been up at least 1 year you won’t get a report because they’ve not got enough material for the analysts to work with effectively. Try to keep this one open this time and you’ll probably be outstripping everyone else by the time you get your report for this year! As to the choccies and wine gums…I put you on a diet lol to see off the festive calories lol but since you’re suffering statistical blues just now I’ll leave a few packs under the Vampy cloak 😉 xxx

      • Hey what are you doing under there at this time, I need to be out biting a few choice necks and replenishing my blood stocks 🙂 😉

        Yes I agree, it needs to be an on-going blog without constant replacements, I will be keeping this one active my sweet Icywolfy and… Hey get out from under my cloak before someone sees you 🙂 lmao

        Oh I see the chocolates now, phew and I was thinking… never mind what I was thinking 🙂 lol

        Andro xxxx VvvV

      • Wouldn’t you like to know!! lol 😉 Oh hang on…you ought to know lol it’s your cloak!! I’m pleased you’re planning to keep your latest excellent blog active, it is doing so well it will surely go a long way 🙂 Well…further than the chocolates that’s for sure!! And much, much further than I plan to venture under your cloak too!! 😀 xxx

      • Wise coices Icywolfy and I too will be enjoying every minute of it, I mean of course the chocolate eating, I think we both like a bit of that 🙂 lmao Have a wicked Thursday with lashings of everything you like the most 😉

        Andro xxxx

      • Ohhhh yes! We both like a bit of that for sure 😀 … I just luuurrrrvvveeeee my chocolate eating 😉 … Wicked Icewolfie hug 🙂 xx

      • Me too let’s have a lot more of that 😉 🙂 lol

        Andro xxxx

      • The more the better Vampy Andro!!! 😀 😉 🙂

  11. Hey and I noticed that I was your top commenter last year,
    sooooo I will be calling in as often as I like to keep my super
    Icywolfy status for this year 🙂 I think 71 visits can be beaten
    easily don’t you my dear friend? 🙂 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Yes! You should definitely be able to beat 71 visits Vampy Andro! You’re off to a good start so no slacking lol Keep up the good work! I like that you are my top commentator and I hope to have more material for you to scrutinise in 2014 though maybe easier said than done since I haven’t started back on my planned courses for 2014 yet…coursework is so time consuming…I think I may need a glass of the red to hold my concentration! xxxx

      • I will bring the whole crate, with your demanding shedule we don’t want to miss out on the wine tasting 🙂 Red of course, let the blood flow, I mean the wine 😉 lol

        Andro xxxx

      • Whole crate?!! Oh Wolf! Bring it on! 😉 My demanding schedule demands that I wine taste the Red with immediate and prompt effect lol 😉 xx

      • Great, let’s crack open a few bottles to be getting on with, that should get rid of my stinking cold 😦 booooo

        Happy Monday Icywolfy 😉 🙂

        Andro xxxx

      • Oh dear! Cloaked one has a cold? A stinking one at that?!! Icewolfie is no better…got myself a nasty old fang infection involving heavy duty antibiotics and the prospect of drilling through the crown encasing it for one of those nasty old root canal fillings 😦 There will be a huge bill too if it doesn’t work and a fang implant is necessary to replace it! Boooo!!! I think we shall need a few extra bottles if we are both to be rid of our most terrible of ailments!! Or we could do a swap?!! 😉
        Get well soon Vampy Cloaked one!! 🙂 xxx

  12. Hej Wolfie..
    Nej definitivt ingen vit jul grön och regnig..
    men vet du vad nu har vi fått SNÖ .-) Yipeee idag skiner en stor sol det snöar det ser ut som det snöar glittrande silverpengar i solen och det är bara -3 grader.. så nu hoppas jag att du har samma väder just idag wolfie..Stor kram och puss på nosen Nicki

    • Hej Nicki 🙂
      Din SNÖ låter vackert och fantastiskt! Solen skiner också … vackra 🙂 Vi har inte något av detta … vi har regn , regn och mer regn ! En liten paus för iskall solen skina och inget regn sedan bort det dags igen lol 😉 I morse hade vi dimma och jag kunde inte se arbetsplatsen , men det var borta vid lunchtid och det var varmt i fem minuter i solen ! Inte säker på vad varmt och soligt är nu men jag tror att det är vad som var på himlen utanför 😉 Vi hade en härlig klar natthimlen i natt … Jag fick en vacker utsikt över planeten Mars … tyvärr jag stannade upp för sen titta på det – det såg ut som en orange 😉 och var sen till jobbet nästa dag !
      Regn kyss på näsan från Wolfie 🙂

  13. Great figures there, Icewolf! Happy New Year once again. I have said it before, haven’t I?

    • No problem! You can say it as often as you like 🙂 Always welcome! All things considered I think they were pretty good results…surprising but cool! But then again you did great yourself!

  14. Heeeey! 13 sold out performances at the Sydney Opera, bravo Wolfie!!!! 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I figured I’d be lucky to get one sold out performance! After all I haven’t posted much at all or been able to be on WordPress as much as I’d like to have been so not all bad! Thank you for your visit, it’s always great to see you here on Europa! 🙂

  15. Hello! Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog.
    Warm Greetings from cold and snowy Poland.

  16. Congratulations for your wonderful blog! My heart always beats faster when I visit and absorb all the powerful images and the lovely mix of colors.
    Happy New Year, may it be another colorful one! (sorry I’m a bit late with my wishes, was out of picture for over a month… just enjoying life 🙂 . xox

    • Happy New Year to you too! It’s never too late for such wishes 😉 Thank you for your lovely comment, it’s great to know you enjoy this blog! I had noticed you’d not been around for some time but we all need time out from blogging world from time to time and I cannot think of a better reason than “just enjoying life” 🙂 None the less it is fantastic to be able to welcome you back 🙂 xx

  17. What a wonderful and interesting blog ! I have always loved Russian Fairy Stories even
    though they can be quite cruel. Also the pictures are fabulous
    Susan x

    • Lovely to see you again! You have been gone for a very long time! I hope all is well with you 🙂 Wolfie hugs x

    • Thank you! And it’s lovely to see you again, it’s been a long time! I hope all is well with you and you are having a hoOOOoooOOWWWWwwwwLLLLLiiingly good New Year 2014 🙂 I trust you are not being washed away in the torrential rain and floods! Wolfie hugs 🙂 x

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